SamplingLabo has released a new set of Massive Presets titled "TSUBAKI." "TSUBAKI," our most recent work, brings you a good balance of Beautiful and Bright sounds that have been conceived on the theme of Camellias.

It follows our last work, "TOKYO," which was enthusiastically received. "TSUBAKI" contains 100 presets--the largest number we have offered to date.

We hope you will experience "TSUBAKI," presets that are sure to add distinctive color to the sounds you create for all kinds of situations.

......:::::: About MIDI Files ::::::......
• After opening a MIDI file, you can replay a demo song without the drum or effects data by opening and replaying the preset file with the same name as the Midi file in Massive. 

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: Presets (.NMSV)
• 100 Presets For Native Instruments Massive
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Requirements: Native Instruments Massive 1.5.1+ or higher.
Groove3 SUBSTANCE Explained TUTORiAL Groove3 SUBSTANCE Explained TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 27-09-2016
Output has done it again! This time they've created the ultimate bass synth machine for your DAW, and Eli Krantzberg buckles up his miners helmet and take you deep into this low frequency beast.

Eli covers it all from in-depth overviews, to comprehensive explanations of loading and saving presets, using the Edit Page, EQ Page, Filter Page, and FX pages for total sonic control of your low end.

You also explore Modulation with LFOs, Step Sequence Modulation, Flux Modulation, creating cool parts with the built-in Arpeggiator, working with Macro Sliders and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're ready to take your productions down low, watch "SUBSTANCE Explained" today! 

Tropical Deep - Serum & Massive is the next level of sun soaked and colorful sounds for Xfer Serum & NI Massive. The team behind Surge Sounds is proud to present an entirely fresh collection of gorgeous sounds that will enhance your creativity.

This cutting edge collection is packed with 250 sun-kissed patches that falls between a perfect blend of Tropical and Deep House. 150 presets were carefully designed for Xfer Serum and 100 presets for NI Massive, all ready to inspire you for your next chart-topping production.

You`ll also discover a ton of bonus additions like MIDI Chords and Drum Samples inside this pack. The concept behind this soundbank was inspired by Tropical and Deep House legends like KYGO, EDX, Thomas Jack and was enhanced to compete with the current trends.

Check out this Video to see the presets in action.

With 8 macros for NI Massive and 4 macros for Xfer Serum assigned on every preset you can always stay in your creative zone while tweaking to match your artistic sound.

We included 15 engaging MIDI Chords in all 12 keys all ready to be dropped in your next production. Thats a total of 180 MIDI Chords! You`ll also discover 30 Kicks, 35 Snares, 30 Claps and 25 Hats for you. 120 Bonus Drum Samples all processed with cutting-edge studio techniques.

We are confident this release will get your creative juices flowing and will be a remarkable addition to your collection!

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......

• Format: Presets (.NMSV/FXP)
• 100 Presets For Native Instruments Massive:
• 031 x Leads
• 016 x Synths
• 031 x Plucks
• 020 x Basses
• 001 x Donk
• 8 Macros On Every Preset
• 150 Presets For Xfer Records Serum:
• 045 x Leads
• 029 x Synths
• 036 x Plucks
• 033 x Basses
• 004 x Pads
• 003 x Donks
• 4 Macros On Every Preset
• (Bonus Items): (12 Keys Kit): 180 Tropical Deep MIDI Chords With The Bass Note
• (Bonus Items): 120 One-Shots Drum Samples (30 x Claps, 25 x Hi-Hats, 30 x Kicks, 35 x Snares)
• Multi-Genre
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
Computer Music 188 March 2013 Disk Content Computer Music 188 March 2013 Disk Content
Soft / Music Magazines 27-09-2016
PDF + Cover DVD Contents

Warm up your mixes, FREE Curve 2 CM synth, DJ Assault VIP Series samples and MORE!

• Turn up the heat and bring those flat, digital mixes in from the cold! Follow our huge tutorial guide to learn how to get a warm, smooth sound in software.

• Curve 2 CM – Awesome soft synth plugin for PC and Mac from Cableguys, and it's yours free with CM this month!

• VIP Series: DJ Assault- 800 booty-bangin' beats, vocals, basslines, FX and more!

• 15 tutorial videos: Expert video walkthroughs to accompany selected tutorial articles

Undertone Tools Vol.3 Northern Deep Dub Techno ACID WAV Undertone Tools Vol.3 Northern Deep Dub Techno ACID WAV
We are proud to announce our 3rd release - "UNDERTONE TOOLS Vol.3 Northern Deep Dub Techno by Shigeru Tanabu" UNDERTONE RECORDINGS manager. Shigeru has dropped real deep dub techno kits inspired by Basic Channel and Echocord deep sound, each of the 4 tracks have an addictive groove and atmosphere, a great addition for your DJ or Live Set. 

If you like Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, Quadrant, Brendon Moeller, Echospace, Intrusion, Marcel Dettmann, Scuba, 2562, you should check the deep vibes this pack has. Within this Deep Dub Techno pack you will find 4 Full evolving Deep tracks at 24 Bit high quality sample rate, each stem carefully crafted into 16+ bar loops, perfect for you Traktor users!

As well as the Full mix you will find Drum and Bass Loops, Percussion Loops, Hat Loops, Synth Loops and SFX. This pack is Ableton Live compatible and 100% Royalty Free ready to drop straight in your mix!
Perfect for Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live and many other great DJ softwares.
What are you waiting for, play it, record it, release it as your DJ set or Live set.
Shigeru Tanabu Profile
From the North part of Japan based in Sapporo Japanese DJ/Producer Shigeru Tanabu is also the manager at UNDERTONE RECORDINGS.
Newly arrived in NYC to look for his new start, he had met Brendon Moeller and immediately started to play guitar on "Beat Pharmacy". After 1st Beat Pharmacy album released, he started to produce music and put out several tracks on one of top dance music labels to this date such as Wave Music and Apt. International. Now he is working on several new projects under his moniker "Solid State Soul" for dubstep based and "Manaboo" to produce unique jazzy tech dub disco with Brendon Moeller, and "AZZXSSS" which is the dubstep project with hiphop producer AZZURRO.
Atom Hub Harmogeddon KONTAKT Atom Hub Harmogeddon KONTAKT
After some time, Atom Hub is back with a new instrument - Harmogeddon ! 
Well, I certainly hope that the result is not as disastrous, as it may sound :)
From time to time I stumble upon some of my long time forgotten instruments to suddenly find the way to be used in a creative way, which is often not an easy task when using it live. Due its own flaws, or your own inability to use the instrument properly - you know it, you can play certain instruments very well, some to a certain point and some are better not to be touched - they are simply not your cup of tea. And this is the case with this one also - like my mandolin, which eventually ended like the "Old Mandolin" some of you may know, this one has been put away in a drawer for a long time. Not of the best quality, with me not being the best player.

Anyway, it is a musical instrument and thanks to a software like Kontakt and others, it can be reincarnated in a digital domain to demonstrate its potential in another way. Its non-perfect sound can be used to build something, where flaws and imperfections mean certain character, or where you don?t actually need to use it the way where these flaws are spoiling the intention. And with Harmogeddon I have intended to make something with metallic, stringy character usable in an ambient context. Something lazy, misty, dreamy, "maritime" sounding, where you can combine classic harmonica sounds with more extravagant colors and flavours based on those harmonica samples. To be able to come up with something interesting by combining them all together and to have simply fun with using the instrument in a slightly different way.

Sample Magic Soulful Vocals 3 WAV Sample Magic Soulful Vocals 3 WAV
By popular demand we’re proud to present the third instalment of our Soulful Vocals series. We’ve teamed up with another A-list vocalist to create a rich, warm and emotive collection of full-song royalty-free vocal construction kits packed with verses, choruses, bridges, ad-libs and double-tracked stems ideal for use in house, nu-disco or pop productions.

Pulling on a rich heritage of gospel, soul and R&B influences, this authentic collection of beautifully written and stunningly performed vocal tracks has been recorded at SM HQ using our extensive range of mics and high-end outboard processing to ensure rich, warm vocal stems that will slot into any mix. 

In total, there are 310 files across 10 full-song kits packed with verses, chorus, harmonies, bridges, double-tracked stems and ad libs. Each kit is key-labeled (a variety of keys are included across the pack) and tempo-sycned at 120bpm for total production ease.

As always all kit stems are presented free from additional FX processing - beyond subtle EQ and compression - in order to give you total creative freedom in your own tracks.

Served at 120bpm, these vocal tracks are prefect for use in almost any electronic music genre, from deep house and nu-disco through to pop, electronica and beyond.

Please note: this pack contains vocal samples only. All musical backings used in the demos are taken from Raw Analogue Funk and Bloq.

Singomakers Emotional Piano Theme 3 WAV Singomakers Emotional Piano Theme 3 WAV
Singomakers are back with Vol 3 of the ultra-inspirational and bestselling product "Emotional Piano Themes” sample pack!

This sample collection contains 20 Wav and 35 Midi Emotional Piano Loops with durations from 0:40 to 1:50.

Emotional Piano Themes Vol. 3 is extremely useful for any producer who wants to add some emotions to their tracks, and fits perfectly in Film Productions, Ambient, Chill Out, Hip Hop, Dubstep and a lot more!

This Collection is produced by Alexandr Antonovsky, author of bestselling Singomakers collections "Epic Movie Themes” and previous "Emotional Piano Themes” releases.

Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Peter Ilich Chajkovskij, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Franz Peter Schubert, Mihail Glinka, Robert Schumann, Frederic Chopin, Sergej Rahmaninov, Ferenc Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Giuseppe Verdi.

Don’t miss this great collection and sample Singomakers "Emotional Piano Themes Vol 3” today!

Sample Tweakers Top 100 Future Deep Patches Massive and SPiRE Sample Tweakers Top 100 Future Deep Patches Massive and SPiRE

Sample Tweakers are back with another collection of Deep & Future House Superstar patches.

50 amazing patches for NI Massive & 50 Patches for Spire!

Inspired by HiLo, Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, twoloud, Pep & Rush and more!

VSL Vienna Suite v1.1 RTAS VST CE-V.R VSL Vienna Suite v1.1 RTAS VST CE-V.R
Soft / VST Instruments 27-09-2016
This bundle includes eleven advanced, yet easy to use plug-ins for mixing and mastering. For optimum precision, they offer full 64-bit audio processing on all major 64-bit and 32-bit host platforms. Supporting VST/VST3/AU/AAX Native/RTAS (OS X, Windows 7/Vista/XP), Vienna Suite is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to shape a mix using high-end audio tools. Though it integrates beautifully with any host program or DAW, not just for users of Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Instruments, Vienna users may take advantage of over 500 included expert presets tailor-made for Vienna Instruments. 

So whichever sequencer or host you’re using, download the demo version (same as full version with 30 day trial) and test-drive Vienna Suite yourself! Be sure to watch our Video Tutorials on the "Video" tab that explain the features and innovations of all Vienna Suite plug-ins in detail.

Vienna Suite includes eleven plug-ins:

Glow feature for Goniometer and Correlation Meter facilitates controlling a mix without constant observation.
Integrated Correlation Meter to check mono-compatibility, unwanted phase-shifts and polarity inversions.
Use as a constant controlling device for your mixes, with low CPU demand.
Oversampling allow for precise signal interpretation.
Formats: AAX, AU, VST, RTAS.
Hybrid Reverb
Combines natural convolution impulses (early reflections of up to 1 sec.) with rich algorithmic reverb tails.
The best of both worlds for a homogeneous and dense sound, meeting today’s most professional mixing standards.
Easy to use graphical interface.
Browse View with intuitive parameter access and Hybrid Overview Display.
Edit View with separate convolution and algorithmic sections providing extremely flexible editing options.
Real-time envelope and graphical equalizer display.
Great variety of presets in the categories of room, chamber, church, hall, plate, scoring.
Full 64-bit audio processing.
Formats: AAX, AU, VST, RTAS.
Convolution Reverb
Full 64-bit "True Stereo" 4 channel processing of impulse responses.
Includes impulse responses of 5 halls of the Vienna Konzerthaus, 3 ORF sound stages, and selected acoustic spaces by Inspired Acoustics and Numerical Sound.
Unique impulse response decorrelation algorithm allows for rich, lush and spacious atmospheres.
Advanced impulse response manipulation.
Zero latency processing.
Non-destructive envelopes for impulse response volume, pan, decorrelation, highpass and lowpass.
High-quality impulse sample rate conversion.
High-quality impulse equalizer.
Reverse impulse response.
Pre-delay (0–500 ms).
Time stretch (25–400%).
Auto gain (compensates impulse volume).
Reads WAV, FLAC, VCI formats.
Sample rates up to 96 kHz.
Formats: AAX, AU, VST, RTAS.
Equalizer for silky smooth highs and deep and powerful lows – includes an integrated 120 band spectrum analyzer. Extremely low CPU usage.
Master Equalizer provides 3 filter types on 5 bands and additional high and low shelf filters with 2 filter types. The use of 4x oversampling makes internal calculations extremely precise. The weapon of choice for delicate sonic mastering tasks.
Limiter with real-time input/output waveform display and auto-mode for transparent maximization.
Compressor – featuring modern and vintage algorithms and a real-time input/output waveform display.
Multiband Limiter – offering 4 bands with transparent crossover filters and an additional full-range brickwall limiter at the final output stage.
PowerPan for powerful stage positioning of instruments, featuring real-time audio angular analysis.
Exciter – offering 4x oversampling, tone-color sliders for mixing odd and even harmonics, and a high frequency FFT spectrum analyzer.
Analyzer – featuring a 120 band analog modeled spectrum analyzer, a fast and accurate display of bass frequencies, an auto mode for automatic range management, and a loudest frequency note display.

just install

Team V.R

know issue:
factory preset not work because encrypted :( - load user presets - they are the same
convolution lib not work because encrypted :( - load third party impules