Future Music April 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 13-03-2019
Future Music April 2019
Turning simple musical ideas into full tracks can sometimes be harder than it looks. While dance music structures can sometimes seem simple on paper, nailing those perfect builds, drops and breakdowns can take real skill.

That’s where our Club Construction cover feature comes in. Across nine pages of tutorials, tips and guides, we’ll show you how to turn those basic loops into full, club-ready arrangements packed full of excitement and drama.

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Future Music’s bumper Make Better Music issue is here to help. From sound design ideas to mixing skills and artist advice, we’ve got plenty of fresh techniques for you to try, with loads of videos, samples and audio demos to help you along.
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For a track to sound at its best on a club sound system, it needs to sound tight at certain key frequencies. You need powerful bass that avoids being muddy and overblown, you need highs that will cut through without sounding tinny. In this issue’s Mixing For The Club cover feature, we’ll help you get your tracks club-ready. We’ll look at how to make sure they’ll sound great on any system, and how to prepare your creations to slot perfectly into a DJ set.
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In an age when production software is more powerful than ever, there’s still something to be said for shutting down the computer and going full hardware with your music making. From the tactile feel of twisting dials and bashing buttons, to the sonic unpredictability that comes from running sound through an elaborate audio chain, there’s something about working with ‘real’ instruments and effects that you just can’t recreate with software and controllers. 
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Soft / Music Magazines 12-03-2018
There’s an often repeated cliche that mastering is a kind of ‘dark art’ – a deep and impenetrable science that is beyond the capabilities of mere mortals. However, given the amount of tutorials, courses and mass-market plugins out there, all designed to tackle the mastering process, this is clearly nonsense. 

That’s not to say that the process doesn’t require a fair amount of skill and expertise, but given the power of modern DAWs and plugins, these are now techniques that even the most cash-strapped producer can get to grips with at home. In this issue’s cover feature, we’ll introduce you to the tools, theory and essential skills you’ll need to get to grips with mastering in your DAW.