Musical Inventions: DIY Instruments to Toot, Tap, Crank, Strum, Pluck, and Switch On Musical Inventions: DIY Instruments to Toot, Tap, Crank, Strum, Pluck, and Switch On
Soft / Music Magazines Yesterday, 18:12
People have been playing music on homemade instruments for thousands of years. But creating new instruments is much more than an art form. When you want to make a note sound higher or lower, you have to change the sound waves coming out of the instrument. That's science! When you explore the way different materials produce different sounds, that's engineering. When you speed up or slow down a song, you're counting beats – using math. And technology makes electronic instruments and devices to record and play back music possible.

Soundcheck - September 2017 Soundcheck - September 2017
Soft / Music Magazines Yesterday, 18:10
In der aktuellen Ausgabe der SOUNDCHECK räumen wir mal gehörig auf. Und zwar in euren Mixes. In unserem Workshop über die Frequenzoptimierung mit dem Equalizer, erfahrt ihr alles über dessen Einsatz. Ganz Genau nehmen wir es im weiteren Workshop, in dem wir uns dem Thema des Übens mit dem Metronom widmen. Wer rhythmisch sattelfest werden möchte, kommt um diese Art des Übens nicht herum. Im Interview haben wir dieses Mal die Belgier von Triggerfinger. Sie erzählen uns so einiges über die Arbeit an ihrem aktuellen Album in Kalifornien. Neben unserem großen Gewinnspiel haben wir auch wieder einiges an Equipment für euch getestet.

Your Training Notebook On Pop Music Special Chord Progressions Your Training Notebook On Pop Music Special Chord Progressions
Soft / Music Magazines Yesterday, 18:09
★ Carefully Selected Songs, Understand The Uniqueness 
Well-chosen 7 classic domestic and international pop music songs with unique chord progressions

★ Viewing From Pop Music Aspects, Easy To Learn And Use 
Complete sum-ups of harmony techniques in pop music applications and convenient to look-up upon compositions and arrangements.
Computer Music - October 2017 Computer Music - October 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 13-08-2017
Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.
Guitar Techniques - September 2017 Guitar Techniques - September 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 13-08-2017

Guitar Techniques is music magazine especially for Guitars, from choosing right model guitar to tuning , for noobs to pro everything is covered and explained in simple manner. hot lessons too.
Bass Player - September 2017 Bass Player - September 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 10-08-2017
Bass Player is the deepest source of inspiration, information, and instruction for players seeking mastery of the low end. In print, online, and in person at Bass Player LIVE!, Bass Player is at the core of a dynamic and diverse musicians community.
SCORE A Film Music Documentary The Interviews SCORE A Film Music Documentary The Interviews
Soft / Music Magazines 10-08-2017
The world's finest film composers uncover the secrets behind film music, from crafting emotions and making it in Hollywood, to the tricks of giving an audience goosebumps.

Composers Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception), Quincy Jones (The Color Purple, The Pawnbroker, In Cold Blood), Randy Newman (Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Natural), Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Seven), Trent Reznor (The Social Network, Gone Girl, Nine Inch Nails), Tom Holkenborg (Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v. Superman) and more. Plus, hear rare insight from director James Cameron and the legacy of James Horner, along with one of the final interviews conducted with legendary director Garry Marshall. 

Keyboard Recording Home-Studio Hors Série No.5 - Été 2017 Keyboard Recording Home-Studio Hors Série No.5 - Été 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 7-08-2017
KR Keyboard Recording Home Studio - le magazine de la création musicale ! Suivre l'évolution du matériel et des techniques d'enregistrement, découvrir des conseils et astuces pour progresser vite et bien (quelque soit le niveau, le style de musique ou l'équipement) : cest la promesse de KR! 
Beat Magazin - September 2017 Beat Magazin - September 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 3-08-2017
Bässe bilden das Fundament eines jeden Tracks. Im großen Spezial „Bass" zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie böse, druckvolle und lebendige Basslines für verschiedenste Genres programmieren und Ihren Produktionen ein voluminöses und definiertes Low-End verleihen. Ebenso erklärt Beat, wie Sie die frisch erzeugten Bassläufe in den Mix integrieren. Das Highlight der DVD ist zweifelsohne „Autotonic SE", ein intelligentes Noten-Filter, mit dem sich im Handumdrehen und spielerisch musikalisch sinnvolle Skalen und Phrasen finden lassen, auch ohne musikalische Vorkenntnisse und Notenlesen. Abgerundet wird der Silberling durch das Synthese-Kraftwerk Shepherd SE, 740 MB Best-of von Pioneers Vorzeige-Synth Toraiz AS-1 sowie 2,9 GB Sounds & Samples für House, Dance & Tech. Im Test: Avalon Bassline, Arturia AudioFuse, Eve SC208, Cyclone TT-606/TT-78, Denon SC5000, Motu 624 AVB, Pioneer DJM-450, Berlin Orchestra Inspire u.v.m.
Mix Magazine - August 2017 Mix Magazine - August 2017
Soft / Music Magazines 1-08-2017
Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology.

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