All You Need To Know About Music Business 10th Edition EPUB All You Need To Know About Music Business 10th Edition EPUB
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Donald Passman, "All You Need To Know About Music Busines, 10th Edition"

All You Need to Know About the Music Business by veteran music lawyer Don Passman - dubbed "the industry bible” by the Los Angeles Times - is now updated to address the biggest transformation of the music industry yet: streaming.

For more than twenty-five years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its tenth edition, Donald Passman leads novices and experts alike through what has been the most profound change in the music business since the days of wax cylinders and piano rolls. For the first time in history, music is no longer monetized by selling something - it's monetized by how many times listeners stream a song. And that completely changes the ecosystem of the business, as Passman explains in detail.
MusicTech Focus Series - March 2020 MusicTech Focus Series - March 2020
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MusicTech is the world's leading magazine at the intersection of music and technology. Every issue comes packed with in-depth features on music recording and production, including interviews with visionaries, gear reviews, buyer's guides, and easy-to-follow tutorials - all written by our team of industry experts and musicians.
Sound & Recording März 2020 Sound & Recording März 2020
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Studioreport Kanada +++ TEST: Heritage Audio Successor +++ TEST: Clavia Nord Wave 2 +++ KULT: Vintage Park Aelita – Der beste Sowjet-Synth? +++ Korg Wavestate: Wave Sequencing Synthesizer +++ Niklas Paschburg: Ideen aus dem dunklen Eis +++

Crosstalk – Kolumne von Hans-Martin Buff
Headline oder klein Gedrucktes – Kolumne von Peter Walsh
Future Music May 2020 Future Music May 2020
Soft / Music Magazines 3-04-2020
The supergroup invite us into their extraordinarily well-appointed studio to divulge more about new LP, A Situation

Tim Green
Computer Music May 2020 Computer Music May 2020
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The Orb
Ambient godfather, Alex Paterson, returns with a
surprising new album. Alongside the chilled anthems,
you’ll hear arms-aloft house and even a touch of drum&bass
Rapthology: Lessons in Life and Lyrics Rapthology: Lessons in Life and Lyrics
Soft / Music Magazines 23-03-2020
What makes a song work? What element causes us to stop, to listen, to listen again? Is it a melody? Is it a beat? Is it the words that are sung, or spoken? Is it what they speak to in us? Is it a combination of all of the above?

Wretch 32 is one of the most influential musicians at work in Britain today. He is also a lyricist of unparalleled ability, and an advocate of music as a tool to educate as well as to entertain. In an age of unprecedented social and political change, Wretch's music stands as a medium of protest and of progress, helping to explain and shape a new era.
The Integrated String Player : Embodied Vibration The Integrated String Player : Embodied Vibration
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Pedro de Alcantara's The Integrated String Player: Embodied Vibration is a practical guide for all string players: violinists and violists, cellists and bassists, but also gamba players and anyone who makes music drawing a bow across a string. Dozens of exercises, supported by a dedicated website with 80 video clips, cover all the basics of string playing, including left-hand articulation, vibrato, changes of position, double-stopping, sound production, string crossings, and many other techniques. Each exercise, however simple or complex, can become a meditation with the goal of integrating the musical, technical, and metaphysical aspects of a player's practice.
The Future of Music: Towards a Computational Musical Theory of Everything The Future of Music: Towards a Computational Musical Theory of Everything
Soft / Music Magazines 22-03-2020
The idea of this monograph is to present an overview of decisive theoretical, computational, technological, aesthetical, artistic, economical, and sociological directions to create future music. It features a unique insight into dominant scientific and artistic new directions, which are guaranteed by the authors` prominent publications in books, software, musical, and dance productions.
MusicTech April 2020 MusicTech April 2020
Soft / Music Magazines 19-03-2020
In this issue: expert guidance on how to start composing for film and TV, including practical tutorials, industry insight and buyer's guides.

This issue we’re heading to the pictures – or, rather, your music is. The film and television industries have never been as prominent a part of contemporary culture as they are today, and with each new Netflix must-watch and binge-worthy drama comes a need for an equally killer soundtrack. That’s where you come in.

There are many methods of making music for film and TV, and millions of projects going on around the world at any one time, so though it might seem a daunting prospect, the truth is that today, regardless of your preferred genre, your music will more than likely marry perfectly with at least one director’s vision.
Electronic Sound Issue 63 2020 Electronic Sound Issue 63 2020
Soft / Music Magazines 18-03-2020
It’s been a long ride with the ever-pulsating brain at the centre of the Ultraworld we know as The Orb. Alex Paterson has steered his cosmic vehicle through several decades of sound, so much so that their ineffable mix of influences has become a genre unto itself.

Well versed in the atmospheres and moods evoked by the ambient music created by Brian Eno, Patterson shaped that calming music into a framework of Jamaican dub, a downtempo mutation of acid house and whatever else was passing at the time. The result was ideal for the post-club experience, music that filled the room, but didn’t require any athletics from its energy depleted listeners. They could drift away as The Orb’s reassuring soundscapes swaddled them in cosy pillows and little fluffy clouds. They called it chill out.
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