Country Weekly 30 November 2015
Soft / Mobile Applications 29-11-2015
Country Weekly 30 November 2015
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Hauptwerk Mac Basic and Advanced Edition HCRK Hauptwerk Mac Basic and Advanced Edition HCRK
Hauptwerk includes a 30 stop English symphonic organ recorded from St. Anne's, Moseley in Birmingham, England. This instrument contains several advanced features to demonstrate the power of Hauptwerk, including expression, tremulants, crescendo, bass and melody couplers as well as a fully working combination system identical to the original organ. Multiple console display pages offer various stop jamb layouts and access to even more controls including a crescendo pedal and tutti piston programmer board.

Description: This is Hauptwerk for Mac OS X without evaluation timed chime when used in Basic and Advanced Edition.
- Download latest version as of 10/2015 from
- Unrar, open the .dmg image file and drag and drop folder to Applications, overwriting previous installation.
- Optional step: If you already installed Hauptwerk and used any organs in Basic or Advanced Edition (with chimes), erase /Hauptwerk/HauptwerkInternalWorkingFiles/Config0-OrganCaches (1,2,3).

Serial Box 10.2015 MacOSX Serial Box 10.2015 MacOSX
Database project serial numbers iSerial as of October 2015. It contains information on how to activate (serial number, information about other methods of activation) as the software platform for PowerPC, and Intel. The base is quite heavy and is updated regularly, so you surely will find in it what they are looking for!

The installation procedure:
1 - Mount iSerial Reader 2.0.17, rewritten iSerial Reader folder to any convenient location.
Start iSerial Reader and install base Serial Box 10-2015.sb2 (go to the program settings in the menu, select the tab Serial Box 
2 - Install Now, get the rope to the base of serial numbers)
Sound und Recording Praxismagazin für Musiker Oktober No 10 2015 Sound und Recording Praxismagazin für Musiker Oktober No 10 2015
Soft / Mobile Applications 28-09-2015
Analog vs Plug in, E-Gitarren-Recording, Neue Wege der Audiobearbeitung mit Sonible Freiraum, Studiostory Blur, Slate Digital Vmr, Motu Ultralite Avb


Studiostory: Blur − exklusiver Blick in die Produktion des aktuellen Albums der Supergroup
Cellorazade − Looper-Performance mit Cellos


MOTU UltraLite AVB − USB-Audio-Interface mit Netzwerkfähigkeiten
Sonible frei:raum − EQ mit drei Bearbeitungsebenen
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 − Software-Instrument
Zoom SSH-6 − Stereo-Richtrohr-Mikrofonaufsatz
Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle − Plug-in-Module für Slate Digital VMR
AudioBro LA Drama Drums − Cinematic Percussion-Library für Kontakt
Auphonic Multitrack − Podcast- und Postproduction-Software


De/constructed − Dr. Dre: Talk About It
Beat-Programming − Martin Eyerer: (Tech-)House mit Ableton Live
Sounds like ... Roxette − Legendäre Gitarrensounds mit NI Guitar Rig nachgebaut
Studiotipps − Kniffe, die die Welt verbessern
Ehrenfeld Sessions (3) − Ein Film über die Kölner alternative Musikszene


Love The Machines − Roland SH-3A (*1974) − Monofoner Synthesizer
Virtual DJ Studio 2015 7.2.01 Virtual DJ Studio 2015 7.2.01
Soft / Mobile Applications 26-09-2015
Virtual DJ Studio in an easy to use application that gives you a mixer-board interface in which you can practice karaoke. Virtual DJ Studio (VDJ) is an MP3 Mixer for live DJ performances. VDJ also contains a full 10-band Graphic Equalizer, full support for Audio Plugins, a Spectrum Analyzer, and many more tools for DJs.

Feature-Filled DJ & Karaoke Software
Virtual DJ Studio is not like all of the other DJ programs out there. While other programs limit you to two players with a Cross-Fader, Virtual DJ Studio provides you with an entire studio.

Virtual DJ Studio gives you a mixer-board interface. Each line offers things you would expect from a typical mixer -- volume fader, mute, crossfader assignment, etc. Additionally, each line contains an MP3/WAV/Karaoke player, with all of the controls you might expect -- including a Pitch/Tempo control. If you have two or more sound cards/audio devices, you can route any line to your secondary device, for headphone preview or beat-matching. Alternatively, you might use this feature to simply allow more control with your external mixer.

Full Karaoke Support
The days of hunting down a Karaoke CD, finding the right track, and having only one or two singers queue'd up are gone! With a Laptop, you can replace not only your CD players; you can eliminate the need for cases of CDs, and take up less space than you ever imagined!

Supported Karaoke Formats
You can either play an MP3 that has a corresponding .CDG file, or you can play directly from a ZIP file. VDJ does this directly, with no need to create temporary files (like most other programs do). VDJ is the only Karaoke system that lets you seek while directly playing a ZIP or MP3 file, without ever losing sync!

Singers List
Even though VDJ looks different from other Karaoke programs, it still contains a Singer's List feature. When enabled, you can queue up any number of songs, along with the name of the person who wishes to sing it. From there, you can drag a song into a line in VDJ, or simply double-click to launch the file in the first line. VDJ will also display a list of singers/songs in the CDG window when no karaoke file is being played (for example, if your CDG window is connected to a second monitor, television, or multiple TVs, your patrons will know who's up next, and when their song will be up).

Easy to Use
Don't be intimidated by the number of buttons you see in the picture. If you have a knack for audio equipment, you will quickly pick up on VDJs use. VDJ comes with a complete Help file, including a Getting Started guide that will have you mixing MP3s in no time!

Headphone Support
VDJ allows you to use an extra sound card for CUEing, or Previewing, a sound file. You can use this feature to assist with beat-mixing (fading two songs together on-beat), or for simply previewing a song before playing it live. Many DJs use their laptop's built-in sound for previewing (since the quality of the internal sound chip is often lacking), and an external USB audio device for their main mix. This configuration allows you the flexibility you are used to with dual CD decks and an external mixer; just like a real mixer, enabling the CUE button routes that line to the headphone output (eg, to your Secondary Sound Card).

Plugin Support
VDJ now offers Plugin support. Third parties can contribute audio processing plugins that can be used within VDJ's Plugin Manager. VDJ comes with a few Plugins as well, including a Compressor/Limiter, a Low-Pass Filter, and Stereo Expansion.

OS : Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
Language : English
Music Tech Focus Issue 40. Ableton Live 9 2015/16 Music Tech Focus Issue 40. Ableton Live 9 2015/16
Soft / Mobile Applications 12-09-2015
MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 9 2015/16 is packed with workshops and features especially for you, whatever your experience with Live. If you are coming to the software from another DAW – as I did recently – we have just the feature on p6 where we look at some of the key differences and the parts of Live that might confuse you on first inspection.

But if you are a more seasoned user, there’s plenty in this special issue too, including the final parts of Live expert Martin Delaney’s mammoth Ultimate Guide To Ableton Live where he looks at everything from adding effects right through to the mixing and mastering processes.

Adding to what is officially the most amount of workshops we’ve had in one issue, there are also specific gear, software and accessory reviews – so you can add to your Live set-ups – plus features to help take your music making to the next level as we look at what it takes to run a pro studio and how to collaborate with like-minded musicians across the globe.

So 40-odd pages of Live workshops will have you powering to music making, and there’s plenty more to help you progress once your productions are done.