Plogue Daisy Voice Bank v1.000-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 15-09-2015
Plogue Daisy Voice Bank v1.000-R2R
When you use ARIA Engine by R2R, you cannot use offical package due to the signature protection scheme. See another AlterEgo release to see how to install. 
You need : AlterEgo by R2R, ARIA Engine by R2R
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Plogue ARIA Engine v1.839 Incl.Patched and Keygen-R2R Plogue ARIA Engine v1.839 Incl.Patched and Keygen-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 15-09-2015
The ARIA Engine is a 64-bit Sample/Synthesis Engine, developed by Plogue Art et Technologie Inc in collaboration with Garritan Corp.

It is based on the SFZ 1.0 / SFZ 2.0 open file formats for instrument programming and the Scala open file format to define scales and temperaments.

The first software instrument in the ARIA engine was the Garritan Authorized Steinway Virtual Model D Piano Library, endorsed by and in cooperation with Steinway & Sons. Today, the ARIA Engine can be found in various software from Garritan, Plogue, AKAI, Sony, Microsoft and MakeMusic.
NCH Software Voxal Voice Changer Plus v1.25 Beta-PH NCH Software Voxal Voice Changer Plus v1.25 Beta-PH
Soft / Audio Soft 14-09-2015
Powerful, real-time voice changing software

Modify, change and disguise your voice in any application or game that uses a microphone to add another dimension of creativity. From ‘Girl’ to ‘Alien’, the voice changing options are limitless.

Create voices for online video games, avatars and podcasts
Voice disguiser for anonymity over the radio or internet
Change voices for voiceovers and other audio projects
Small download installs in seconds

Voxal works behind the scenes intercepting audio from your microphone before it goes to your applications, so you don't need to change any configurations or settings in other programs. Simply install and start creating voice distortions in minutes.

Voice Changing Features

Effects can be applied to existing files
Apply effects in real time to an audio input (e.g., microphone)
Load and save effect chains for voice modification
Vocal effect library includes robot, girl, boy, alien, ethereal, echo and many more
Create unlimited, custom voice effects
Works with all existing applications and games
Output the changed audio to speakers to hear the effects live
Low CPU usage will not interfere with other running applications
Simple and intuitive interface
Plogue Alter Ego v1.039 Plogue Alter Ego v1.039
Soft / Audio Soft 13-09-2015
Alter/Ego is based on the award winning technology featured in chipspeech but instead of targeting Vintage voice technology, it focuses on more ‘modern’ (1990+) singing synthesis algorithms and research.
It is specially tailored for musical needs – simply type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. It’s a true synthesizer, the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances. 

PC: Windows XP® or higher
Mac®: OS X 10.6.8 or higher
CPU: Intel®/AMD® dual core or more
RAM: 1GB or more
Disk Space: 10 MB
Converted patches in omnisphere2 Converted patches in omnisphere2
Soft / Audio Soft 18-07-2016
Now you can easily install lots of patches collections which were in omnisphere1 format inside omnisphere2. All patches collections have been converted in omnisphere2 format so that's much more easier to install.

Here is the package content:

- 39 patches collections converted in omnisphere2 format (look at the list below for details)
- 3 patches collections already in omnisphere2 format (look at the list below for details)
- pdf file to explain how to install

Don't forget that in few of the collections you'll have presets (for envelope, arpegiattor or rack fx) that you can install (optional). (see the pdf file to know how to do it)

Audiority Dancesphere
Audiority Driving Force
Audiority Omniscapes
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic II
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic III
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic IV
Audiority Omnisphere Collection Vol 1
Audiority Omnisphere Modern EDM
Audiority Trapsphere
Colarium Sounds - Cosmic Arpeggiators
ILIO Ascension
ILIO EDM Eclipse Lunar
ILIO EDM Eclipse Solar
ILIO EDM Ignition
Movie Music Omnisphere Edition
Mr_Amine Hollysphere
Omnisphere Horizon
Plughugger - JP8K Legends
Plughugger - UltraVirus
Plughugger Bassphere Complete
Plughugger Deity
Plughugger Deity VA
Plughugger Lounge Electro
Plughugger The Coil
Plughugger World of Sin
PlugInGuru OmniChill
PlugInGuru OmniPulse
PlugInGuru Omniverse 1
PlugInGuru Omniverse 2
PlugInGuru TOXIC Omnisphere
PULSE Melodic
PULSE Percussion
Spheres Of Destiny
Uneek Sounds - Dark and Dirty
Uneek Sounds Synthetic For Omnisphere
Waveformless Encompass

Plughugger Atari Avalon
PlugInGuru Airwave V101
Sonic Charge Permut8 v1.1 MacOSX-PiTcHsHiFTeR Sonic Charge Permut8 v1.1 MacOSX-PiTcHsHiFTeR
Soft / Audio Soft 26-08-2015
Permut8 is an effect plug-in that embraces the sounds of primitive signal processing hardware. At its core is a 12-bit digital delay with variable sample rate from 0 to 352 khz. The delay is controlled by a programmable processor that allows you to change and modulate the delay time with various "operators". The input and output stages offers virtual analog components for saturation, limiting and filtering. The sound of Permut8 is raw and complex but noisy and warm at the same time

Modulate, Manipulate and Mangle
Permut8 is shipped with 11 "program banks" equalling a total of 320 presets covering a wide range of effects from traditional delays and flangers to beat-repeaters, bit-crushers and yet unheard of circuit bent madness. Use the player on the right to try some of the programs on top of a simple Microtonic beat.

Alternative Firmwares
Permut8 can be expanded with new functionality through so called "alternative firmwares". These firmwares are pieces of computer code that you load into Permut8 to extend or replace its signal processing algorithms. No complicated steps are necessary to "install" these firmwares. Simply load a special type of Permut8 Bank file into the plug-in and it will automatically activate the new signal processing code.

—Install Permut8 v1.1
—Copy ked files to default dır’
—Have FUN!!
P i T c H s H i F T e R
Dotec-Audio DeeComp v1.0.1 Incl.Keygen-R2R Dotec-Audio DeeComp v1.0.1 Incl.Keygen-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 19-08-2015
Not by tubes, nor by transistors, DeeComp realizes an ideal dynamics solution from software calculations.

DeeComp brings you a wide variety of sound-making, including some specific sound that famous simulated/emulated comp VSTs or even hardware comps can never create. You can process any kind of sound sources to best result.

DeeComp features

Ultra quality sound from high speed algorithms with state-of-art technology.
Super-fast operation ensured by multi-core enabled processing engine.
Tuned up to meet with various musical scenes.
Side Chain feature, a must have for EDM producers/writers.
WIDE parameter makes sound wider.
WET parameter can easily determine the balance of dry/wet sounds.
Equipped with Limiter feature which prevents signal clipping.

We don't admit this type of protection.
Read included text for the more information about this shit.