KORG AudioGate v4.0.1 Incl Keygen-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 17-12-2015
KORG AudioGate v4.0.1 Incl Keygen-R2R
AudioGate 4 now includes the ability to create high-resolution audio recordings. Simply install AudioGate 4 on your PC, and then connect it to the KORG DS-DAC-10R using a single USB cable. The DS-DAC-10R supports the 5.6 MHz and 2.8 MHz DSD format—for playback and recording—as well as PCM formats up to 192 kHz/24-bit. What had been the foremost high-resolution audio playback system has evolved to provide the effective system for creating high-resolution audio recordings. (*1) - See more at: http://www.korg.com/us/products/audio/audiogate4/index.php#sthash.1dyUPy5R.dpuf

Now you no longer have to wait for your favorite music as a high-resolution release; create DSD-recordings of your own sources and listen to great sound—anywhere, anytime you like. 

*1. DSD recording is supported in conjunction with DS-DAC series units equipped with an AD converter (currently, only the DS-DAC-10R). Previous models of the DS-DAC series do not support recording functionality. 

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MixVibes Cross DJ 3.3.11 MAC OSX MixVibes Cross DJ 3.3.11 MAC OSX
Soft / Audio Soft 8-12-2015
Cross is a digital vinyl and MIDI DJ software for Windows and MAC platforms. MixVibes drew from its experience in audio engine and vinyl control design to deliver a new pro-DJ product that brings more efficiency and simplicity to the mix.

Cross delivers the best of MixVibes' know how in DJ software in a solid and back to basics package! This software will satisfy the expectations of professional DJs who need a powerful and reliable DJ tool.

Get access to all these professional DJ features:

-Perfect mix including the 100% optimal BPM analysis and synchronization technology
-Automix playlist
-High quality effects: Flanger, Reverb, Low-Pass with ultra-knob control
-2 colored DJ decks plus a preview player
-Intuitive Mac Laptop / Desktop keyboard shortcuts
-6 precise Cue-points to set and store up
-Smart music and playlist management with artwork browsing
-Instant mix recording in low, mid, high quality format
-more than 35 pre-mapped class industry DJ controllers such as Pioneer, Numark, Hercules, Vestax, etc.
-Advanced MIDI Learn
-AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC audio file support
-Compatible with any external audio interface (USB, Firewire, etc.) for high resolution sound quality.

Version 3.3.11:

-Bug fix
-Persistent analysis after relocate
-Recording includes the limiter if active
-Added MIDI mappings for « Hercules DJ Control Wave » & « Pioneer XDJ R1 »
BitPerfect 3.0 MAC OSX BitPerfect 3.0 MAC OSX
Soft / Audio Soft 26-11-2015
BitPerfect is an App that runs alongside iTunes and provides capabilities to improve its playback of high quality audio files. When you use BitPerfect, iTunes is still your main interface to your music collection. You still use iTunes to create, store, and manage your music collection, to build playlists, and to decide what you want to play and when you want to play it. BitPerfect just sits in the background, doing nothing, until you ask iTunes to play a track; then BitPerfect steps in and takes over the playback. However, you won’t see anything to visually indicate that anything is different, because iTunes still thinks it is playing the music – the track position indicator moves along as normal, and the volume control slider ramps the volume up and down. But all of your instructions to iTunes are intercepted by BitPerfect, which implements any playback actions you have just initiated.

So why use BitPerfect? There are three primary reasons. First, and foremost, BitPerfect is designed to squeeze the best possible audio quality from your sound system using your Mac as a music server. Second, BitPerfect supports playback in the native file format, even if that format changes from track to track. Third, from version 2.0 onwards, BitPerfect can seamlessly play back DSD files, through the use of Hybrid-DSD files which you can import into your iTunes Library. You will need to purchase DSD Master from the App Store to create Hybrid-DSD files.

Audiophile Sound Quality

The driving force behind BitPerfect, and the core attribute of the BitPerfect philosophy, is a desire to extract the best possible sound quality from your Mac when used as a music server for an audiophile-grade sound system. 

We began by examining how a computer manages audio playback, and focused on the concept of ‘bit perfect’ playback. This term refers to the idea that all a computer has to do is deliver the exact data contained in the audio file to the DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), a device which turns the data into actual music. Many Audio Player applications exist which ensure that ‘bit perfect’ data is indeed delivered to the DAC, but it was a surprise to us to find that despite this, they all sounded different. Our research showed us that there are two contributors to these audible differences – the server software and the operating system. And we found that Mac’s OS X operating system consistently provided superior results when compared to Windows – even when we ran both OS X and Windows on the same piece of Mac hardware (dual-booting into one or other operating system). 

We then chose to focus on the server software’s contribution to sound quality, and established, by trial and error, a number of basic principles. How and why these principles can affect what is always ‘bit perfect’ audio playback remains a matter of speculation and, in some quarters, outright skepticism. Be that as it may, we created BitPerfect as a vehicle that encapsulates nearly everything we know about optimizing the sound quality of audio playback on the Mac platform. Of course, iTunes itself is also capable of delivering ‘bit perfect’ audio playback. But it is our contention that BitPerfect provides a significant improvement in sound quality over native iTunes. So, cue up your favorite tracks, get comfortable in your favorite listening chair, and find out for yourself.

Back in 2012, we put our money where our mouth is. We paid out over $3,000 in order to exhibit at Montreal’s SSI, a high-end audio show. We prevailed upon our friends in the industry to lend us the most sophisticated, cutting-edge, audiophile-grade playback gear we could get hold of, in order to demonstrate as convincingly as possible the capabilities of BitPerfect. Our DAC was the Da Vinci, by Light Harmonic, an incredible device which alone retails for $20,000! Our amplifiers were the CP-800 and CA-2300 models from Classe Audio, which together retail for $12,000. The loudspeakers were Wilson Audio Sophia 3, which, although they retail for $16,900, are the "entry level” model in the Wilson range. Speaker cables were Cardas Golden Cross, which alone retail for $5,800. Quite an impressive collection! Read what Michael Lavorgna of AudioStream had to say about it:

Seamless playback of different audio formats

Not to be confused with different file formats, which are merely different ways of storing the same digital music data, the music itself can be represented digitally in fundamentally different ways. Here we shall concern ourselves only with so-called ‘PCM’ formats.

The music signal we want to store and subsequently re-create is an electrical waveform whose oscillations represent the actual sound waves. In PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), the analog music signal is sampled at a regular fixed rate, which is called the Sample Rate. Each time the music signal is sampled, the magnitude of the signal at that particular instant is stored as a digital value. The precision with which this digital value is stored is called the Bit Depth. The first wide-spread digital music format, the Compact Disc, adopted a PCM format which has become a standard to this day, and is often referred to as ‘Red Book’. The CD format uses a Sample Rate of 44.1kHz and a bit depth of 16 bits.

However, many experts in both the recording and playback fields acknowledge that superior sound quality can be obtained by increasing the bit depth, and also by increasing the sampling rate. 24-bit bit depth is now an acknowledged standard for ‘high-resolution’ files, as well as various sample rates based on multiples of either CD’s 44.1kHz or DVD’s 48kHz. These different formats include ‘24/96’ (which means 24-bit 96kHz), and include sample rates up to 384kHz and even beyond. Many music sources now offer downloads of "Studio Master” quality music in one or other of the high resolution formats, and equipment for amateur recording enthusiasts is cheaply available which can produce high-resolution recordings (your everyday Mac laptop can do this). As a result, many music collectors now include tracks in various high-resolution formats in their music collections.

Under Apple's OS/X operating system, when iTunes plays back a music track, it looks at the format of the track itself, and then looks at the settings of the output device. If the settings do not match, iTunes will automatically convert the file from its own ‘native’ format to the format which the output device has been set to. Most audio experts agree that this process inevitably results in some degradation of the sound quality. Your only recourse, if your music collection contains tracks with different music formats, is to go into the Audio Midi utility and manually change the output settings each time the format of the music file changes. Most users find this to be an annoyance.

When BitPerfect handles the playback, it automatically re-configures the output device to the format of the music track being played. It does this instantly, so that tracks of different formats can be played seamlessly, one after the other. You no longer need to keep track of what the music format is, BitPerfect handles all of that in the background. For the modern computer-based music collector, this is a critical advantage.

BitPerfect can Play DSD files

DSD is the name of the music format used by SACDs. DSD represents music in a radically different way to PCM, and many audiophiles have come to the opinion that DSD sounds more "musical" - more like analog - than does PCM. Although SACD as a format never caught on, the DSD format itself is making a dramatic comeback, and downloadable DSD files can now be purchased from several sources.

Starting with version 2.0, BitPerfect can play back DSD files. However, you cannot import DSD files directly into iTunes. BitPerfect has developed a solution for this, which we call the "Hybrid-DSD" file. A Hybrid-DSD file looks and behaves like an ordinary Apple Lossless file, but also contains the original DSD content which BitPerfect can play back, provided your audio output device supports DSD. At the time of writing, only a limited number of highly specialized devices support DSD playback, but new products are appearing on the market at an accelerating pace, and at ever lower price points. It is necessary to purchase DSD Master from the App Store in order to convert ordinary DSD files into Hybrid-DSD files.
Minimal System Instruments Mastering Limiter (Studio Mastering 32-bit) Hy2ro Minimal System Instruments Mastering Limiter (Studio Mastering 32-bit) Hy2ro
Soft / Audio Soft 22-09-2015
The Mastering Limiter from Minimal System is a high end audio processing advanced peak limiter designed to maximize both the level of the digital signal and the resolution of your final rendered file.

The Mastering Limiter's lookahead peak limiter algorithm provides the mixing and mastering engineer with the capability to increase resolution and production master levels with precise control. Specifically designed for mastering, digital editing, multimedia, and any application that requires limiting of the digital signal with highest quality; the Mastering Limiter is perfect addition to your mixing and mastering tool set.

In order to ensure the maximum possible resolution of a processed signal, it is very highly recommended that the Mastering Limiter be used last in the processing chain.

System Requirements

PC running a Windows operating system. VST compatible DAW or VST hosting software.
This plugin is 32bit but can be run on 64bit systems using jBridge.
This plugin also operates within the 64bit version of Reaper (using Reaper's inbuilt bridging).

It is recommended that you always try out the demo before purchases to ensure that the plugin is compatible with your system.
MAGIX Music Movie Maker Score Edition PROPER MAGIX Music Movie Maker Score Edition PROPER
Soft / Audio Soft 11-09-2015
Movie scores that give you goose bumps. Create amazing hair-raising soundtracks, even if you're a beginner. High-quality virtual instruments, simple controls and a huge selection of sounds, loops and effects.

High-resolution sounds for high-resolution images: From quiet sound collages to dynamic orchestral melodies — with MAGIX Music Maker Movie Score Edition, your creativity knows no boundaries.

The most important features: Easy handling More than 1500 professional sounds & loops Mix on up to 64 tracks Vita Instrument: Soundtrack Percussion Song Maker 2: Create new songs automatically BeatBox 2: Unique beats, rhythms and loops Vintage Effects Suite: Thrilling effect sounds Share your music on Facebook and SoundCloud
Joey Sturgis Tones Pixelator v1.0.4 Hy2ro Joey Sturgis Tones Pixelator v1.0.4 Hy2ro
Soft / Audio Soft 11-09-2015
Audio resolution manipulator for sound design and destruction. This plugin was created with producers, sound designers, and musicians in mind and allows you to create low resolution audio and bit crushed sound through a variety of modes each with different sonic characteristics. 
Acoustica Premium Edition 6.0 Build 19 Incl.Keygen + PORTABLE Acoustica Premium Edition 6.0 Build 19 Incl.Keygen + PORTABLE
Soft / Audio Soft 3-09-2015
Acoustica is a comprehensive solution for professional audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The intuitive user interface was designed with speed, accuracy and ease-of-use in mind and gives access to a large set of powerful tools to make your recordings sound the best. The consistent workflow simplifies your production work all the way from recording, editing, batch processing, sound design and audio restoration to Red Book compatible CD burning.

Acoustica 6 is available in three editions – the free Basic Edition, the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition which supports 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround and includes extended processing tools and the same audio restoration algorithms as found in our Restoration Suite.

Ultimate Audio Quality

Acoustica offers support for state-of-the-art audio resolutions up to 32 bit and sampling rates up to 384 kHz, ensuring that all of your work comes across at the highest quality. Acoustica Premium Edition even supports multichannel audio recording and editing such as 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound.

Audio Restoration

Integrated audio restoration tools help you get the most out of recordings impaired by background noise, clicks, crackle, clipping or missing high frequency content. The Premium Edition contains the same set of professional tools as our Restoration Suite.

Multitrack Editing

New in Acoustica 6 is the ability to edit multitrack audio. Both the Standard and the Premium Edition allows you to mix audio from different tracks in real-time, add audio effects to tracks or easily create cross-fades. You can even loop or time stretch clips directly from the multitrack timeline.

Processing Tools

High quality audio tools and effects are integrated such as dynamic processing, limiter, equalizing, reverb, convolution reverb, chorus and flanger. You can also modify tempo and key of your recordings independently using the superb quality time stretching and transpose tools.

Effect Chains and Plug-In Support

You can create complete chains of processing tools, including external plug-ins, and save them along with all the parameter settings for later use. VST and DirectX plug-in support allows you to access a vast number of both free and commercial third party audio processing plug-ins directly from Acoustica.

Analysis Tools

Powerful offline analysis tools are available, including spectrum, spectrogram and wavelet analysis. Real-time analyzers such as K-System level meters, phase correlation meters and spectrum analyzers allow you to monitor your audio output visually in real time during playback.