Xclusive Audio New Era 808 & Bass Module v1.0 MacOSX
Soft / Audio Soft 2-12-2015
Xclusive Audio New Era 808 & Bass Module v1.0 MacOSX
Have you ever listened to your favorite producers beat and get envious over the sound of their 808 kick drums? You probably say to yourself "where do they get their 808′s from?” or "How do they make their 808 sound like that?”. The New Era 808 & Bass Module plugin solves this problem with ease and offers alot more than just 808 kick drums.

You will having access to some of the hardest hitting sounds on the market, already expertly crafted to give you that sound your looking for!

Who Is This Plugin For?
New Era 808 & Bass Module Plugin is for Trap, Hip-Hop and EDM producers or anyone looking for professionally designed sounds for there productions. The sounds are so versatile they can be used in a variety of genres.
All though these sounds are ready to go, if your the type of producer who likes to customize your 808’s and bass, there are a tone of essential bass tones that will help you accomplish this. We also include a helpful Tutorial video with tips on how to process your sounds.

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Metric Halo Thump v2 WiN MAC Metric Halo Thump v2 WiN MAC
Soft / Audio Soft 10-11-2015
Thump2 by Metric Halo is a new effect plugin that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to any sound or to generate a completely new sound. Briefly explained, here is how it works: Thump2 looks at the pitch and dynamics of the audio input to control its oscillators. The low end accents are generated by two independent envelope driven oscillators, each with its attack and sustain frequency knobs. You can enable/disable and mix the oscillators. Also, there’s a wet/dry control for mixing synthesized sound with the source, as well as a detailed metering.

In this way, you can add low end to drums (for example beef up a kick drum), augment a bass or even create synthetic drones. Thump2 allows you to add melodic lows to your drums, especially kick drums and toms, also you can create kettledrums from drum loops, or recreate the melodic TR-808 bass drum found in trap music productions
Audio Assault BassGrinder WIN/MAC PROPER-BEAT Audio Assault BassGrinder WIN/MAC PROPER-BEAT
Soft / Audio Soft 27-10-2015
Assault Introduces Bass Grinder

Bass Grinder is the ultimate metal bass machine.
No need to tweak, just plug Bass Grinder into your bass guitar track and enjoy instant mix ready tones that cut through your mix effortlessly and give you that powerful aggressive
low end you were always looking for.

Bass Grinder keeps it simple, using any of it's 12 amplifiers and 20 cabinets it gives you over 240 kick-ass sounding rig variations, leaving you to focus on the songwriting process and save time on your mix.

High quality sound, ultra-low CPU usage and a simple to use interface make Grind Machine one of the most useful tools for Metal songwriters, musicians and producers everywhere, and best of all... Bass Grinder is only $29.99!
AudioThing Vinyl Strip v1.1.1 WiN/MAC-UNION AudioThing Vinyl Strip v1.1.1 WiN/MAC-UNION
Soft / Audio Soft 12-10-2015
Vinyl Strip is a multi-effect plugin featuring 6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb, and Vinylizer. The modules can be arranged in any combination by simple drag-n-drop. Vinyl Strip will add life and an old school touch to your samples and tracks, and achieve that classic vinyl record sound in your digital environment. The plugin is optimised to be lightweight on the CPU.


6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb, and Vinylizer
All modules can be arranged by drag-n-drop
Lightweight on CPU
Preset system with randomizer
Formats: VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
Platforms: OSX, Windows

2015/10/07: v1.1.1
– Fixed samplerate problem with Sampler module
Native Instruments Maschine 2.3.1 UNLOCKED Native Instruments Maschine 2.3.1 UNLOCKED
Soft / Audio Soft 21-09-2015
I don't use it personally, but decided to make the audioz NI collection complete.

MASCHINE lets you effortlessly produce beats, melodies, and harmonies with powerful drum synths, premium sounds, an integrated sampler, and more ֠cutting-edge software meets intuitive hardware for ultra-smooth workflow.

New in Maschine 2.3.1:
- Presets can now be marked and filtered as favorites
- Option to always use latest version of NI plugins added to preferences

Bugfixes in Maschine 2.3.1:
- Fixed an issue where incorrect key colours could be shown for Polyplex on the
Komplete Kontrol S Series keyboards
- Fixed an issue where the wrong item could be deleted from the browser when
using the delete key
- Fixed an issue where parameters could disappear / change appearance when
holding HW buttons
- Fixed an issue with unclear labels on the Maschine Mk2 Mixer screen
- Fixed an issue where samples could be deleted when using "save samples as"
over the original sample
- Fixed an issue where the old group/sound name could be displayed when loading a
new group/sound
- Fixed an issue with inconsistent parameters in the filter module
- Fixed an issue where Maschine could crash on exit if certain projects were loaded
- Fixed an issue where aux send routings were not correctly imported from
- Fixed an issue with unclear labels on the Maschine Mikro nav page when no
parameter pages were available
- Fixed an issue where undocked plugin windows could still be shown after undoing
plugin loading
Beatskillz That Thing v1.0 WiN/MAC-UNION Beatskillz That Thing v1.0 WiN/MAC-UNION
Soft / Audio Soft 20-09-2015
There was something about older drum machines and synths that made them sound punchier and more pleasing than today’s clinically perfect sounds.

"That Thing” is a multi effects processor that was designed to get you "That Thing” missing from digitally perfect tracks today. It features a beautiful wide and deep chorus section great to thicken anything from synths, vocals, bass, pads drums and other sounds. The soundscape generator features 50 samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radio, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiences etc. These ad to your sound with an envelop follower, so the sounds add in only when signal is present and move, and pan with the level of the signal. Easily change the pitch of the soundscape to make it work with any audio you pass through it. The plugin features a bit crusher and distortion that emulates the sound of vintage drum machines giving you a choice of 8/12/16 and 24 bit audio. There is also an analog Low Cut and High Cut filter section designed to shape your sounds further. A wet and dry fader is included to blend in the effects with your original audio.


Multi Effects Plugin- Customize your tracks to sound different.
Bit Crusher – Emulate Vintage Drum Machines.
Analog Modelled Chorus – For wide, thick & rich sounds.
Soundscape Generator: Vinyl, Tape, Tube & Nature – 50 included.
Analog Modelled Filters – Low Cut and High Cut Filters.
Great on Drums, Synths, Vocals, Bass, Pads and other sounds.
Joey Sturgis Tones Pixelator v1.0.4 Hy2ro Joey Sturgis Tones Pixelator v1.0.4 Hy2ro
Soft / Audio Soft 11-09-2015
Audio resolution manipulator for sound design and destruction. This plugin was created with producers, sound designers, and musicians in mind and allows you to create low resolution audio and bit crushed sound through a variety of modes each with different sonic characteristics.