KCNcrew Pack 15.08.2017 MacOSX KCNcrew Pack 15.08.2017 MacOSX
Soft / Audio Soft Today, 13:00
KCNcrew Pack - This is a huge collection of serial numbers for software under MacOS X with a convenient cover for browsing and searching. There is a very long time and is periodically updated! Base serial numbers KCNcrew project as of April2016. Unlike Serial Box, no readers are required.

Just open the dmg file, drag and drop the app where you like. However, there is no way to view what serials, cracks and patches are new in this issue as compared to the previous. Thanks to all contributors and supporters!
HairerSoft Amadeus LITE v2.4.1 Patched MAC-Kleen HairerSoft Amadeus LITE v2.4.1 Patched MAC-Kleen
Soft / Audio Soft 15-08-2017
Amadeus Lite is an intuitive and powerful wave editor supporting a variety of sound formats including AIFF, Wave, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, and many others. Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a larger version of it.

Wave Editor
Amadeus Lite is a fully featured wave editor featuring smart editing, automatically preventing the appearance of cracks when performing editing operations. It also allows to paste a sound "over" an existing sound, performing a mix and has extensive built-in support for markers, facilitating the navigation in large documents.
SoundMate v3.3.2 MacOSX Retail-CORE SoundMate v3.3.2 MacOSX Retail-CORE
Soft / Audio Soft 15-08-2017
Desktop client for SoundCloud. No more 'trying to find in which tab is SoundCloud running, close the window and your music keeps playing in the background. SoundMate is built on to of the same SoundCloud website, you already know and love so it is easy to use.

QMidi Pro 2.6.2 MAC OSX QMidi Pro 2.6.2 MAC OSX
Soft / Audio Soft 15-08-2017
QMidi is the ultimate multimedia karaoke player for the Macintosh. It can organize and play many types of media files, including movies and .CDG files, and allows easy text and chords editing/synchronization. It features real time pitch shifting, time stretching and the ability to display karaoke and movie content in full screen mode, even on a second monitor.
MiGiC v1.0.0 Standalone VST WiN MiGiC v1.0.0 Standalone VST WiN
Soft / Audio Soft 15-08-2017
MiGiC 1.0 is now released! It includes multiple cool features that will make your music experience even better. With every download we now include a standalone version with integrated synthesizers. This means that with MiGiC 1.0 you only need a computer to start creating your own music! 
Zynaptiq WORMHOLE v1.0.2-R2R Zynaptiq WORMHOLE v1.0.2-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 15-08-2017
From beautifully shimmering detuned guitar widening and glassy ambient octave-shift tails, to surreal ambiences, starship drones, alien, monster, and robot voices — WORMHOLE is the new indispensable multi-effects powerhouse for sound designers, music producers and film composers alike. Combining ultra-clean pitch/frequency shifting, eccentric spectral warping, dual lush reverbs, and unique dry/wet morphing, WORMHOLE delivers sounds so unearthly you’ll swear they’re from a parallel universe.
Dotec-Audio Plugins Bundle v2017.08 Incl Keygen-R2R Dotec-Audio Plugins Bundle v2017.08 Incl Keygen-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 14-08-2017
* DeeComp v2.1.3 
* DeeEQ v1.0.3 
* DeeFat v2.0.0 
* DeeFX v1.1.1 
* DeeGain v1.1.0 
* DeeGate v1.1.1 
Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio v8.1.405 Multilingual Incl.Keymaker-CORE Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio v8.1.405 Multilingual Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Soft / Audio Soft 14-08-2017
The ultimate software tool for pro-level mixing and mastering! With 6 additional virtual instruments and 28 additional effects, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio features over $1250 worth of plug-ins - the complete package for "record-ready" productions with incredibly realistic instruments and superlative audio processing capabilities. For a list of all instruments and effects, view the comparison chart below. 
Audiofile Engineering Spectre v1.9.2 MacOSX-Shark Audiofile Engineering Spectre v1.9.2 MacOSX-Shark
Soft / Audio Soft 14-08-2017
The power of a real-time metering suite

Spectre is the leading multi-instrument, real-time audio analyzer for OS X, packed with 20 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters including Level, VU, Spectrograph, Oscilloscope and Spectrogram.
DVD Audio Extractor v7.5.0-LAXiTY DVD Audio Extractor v7.5.0-LAXiTY
Soft / Audio Soft 13-08-2017
DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful software DVD audio extracting / ripping tool. It can help you to extract audio streams from your favorite Blu-ray, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. DVD Audio Extractor can also demux audio streams directly to mlp, pcm, mpa, ac3 or dts files. The unique CD Image creating feature allows you to convert DVD to Audio CD or DTS-CD in one step.

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