Cockos REAPER 5.34 Incl.Keygen Cockos REAPER 5.34 Incl.Keygen
Soft / Audio Soft Today, 11:39
Exhaustive and powerful audio editor, processor, recorder, renderer, arranger and mastering solution for multi-track waveform audio content. REAPER has been designed with compatibility with almost all types of hardware in mind, making it simple to use with a huge amount of software solutions and dedicated audio plug-ins of all sorts.

Do Anything
REAPER's full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have found a home wherever digital audio is used: commercial and home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and more.
EZ CD Audio Converter Ultimate EZ CD Audio Converter Ultimate
Soft / Audio Soft Today, 11:38
EZ CD Audio Converter is CD Ripper, Audio Converter, Metadata Editor and Disc Burner. Rip audio CDs, make copies of discs, convert mp3, convert audio files, and burn audio CDs, MP3 CDs, and data discs. EZ CD Audio Converter is easy to use, fast, and has best audio quality.

Key Features:
- Easy to use
- Optimized for best audio quality
- Accurate audio CD ripping with error detection
- Convert between audio formats with metadata preservation
- Burn audio CDs, mp3 discs, and data discs
- Automatic updates (free lifetime updates included)
- Automatic high-quality cover art downloads
- Features ReplayGain, normalization, silence removal
- Convert audio from video files
- Makes 1:1 copies of CDs and DVDs
Output Movement v1.0.3 MacOSX Output Movement v1.0.3 MacOSX
Soft / Audio Soft Today, 11:38
Transform any instrument, synth,
raw sound or full track in real time.

Movement is an exciting FX plugin that adds powerful RHYTHMS to any input in real-time. Built equally for the studio or stage, use the engine to breathe life into any track or live performance.

Movement is an exciting FX plugin that adds powerful RHYTHMS to any input in real-time. Built equally for the studio or stage, use the engine to breathe life into any track or live performance.

4 rhythm engines utilizing Sidechains, Output’s proprietary Flux mode, LFO’s, Step Sequencers and Macros, blended seamlessly for a clean experience.
AudioThing The Orb CM WIN MAC AudioThing The Orb CM WIN MAC
Soft / Audio Soft 23-02-2017
With a whole raft of innovative virtual instruments and effects plugins under their belt, DSP whizzkids AudioThing have proven themselves to be one of the most prolific and reliable software developers around today. They’ve already provided readers with the hotter-than-hot ValveFilter CM, and the chiptune-tastic miniBit CM synth, and now it’s time for a third excellent AudioThing plugin.

Enter The Orb CM, an other-worldly filter effect (VST, AU) that’s totally different to
your run-of-the-mill low- or high-pass filter. The plugin uses a bank of three band-pass filters to emulate the unique sonic resonances (ie, formants) imparted by the human mouth and vocal tract. By dragging the centre dot around the plugin’s main central ‘orb’, and dividing it into five different vowel settings, you can make any signal ‘talk’ in a distinctive, synthetic way – perfect for anything from subtle modulation and motion through to creative sound design. Check out our tutorial and watch the accompanying video to get to grips with this futuristic filter.

Sound Burst Ethnosphere VSTi-TZ7iSO Sound Burst Ethnosphere VSTi-TZ7iSO
Soft / Audio Soft 23-02-2017
Ethnosphere is the rich source of ethnic sounds every musician has been waiting for. No more hassle looking through dozens of CD-ROMs looking for sounds the way you would with an ordinary soft sampler.

Ethnosphere comes with over 300 pristine quality sound banks and every sound is always instantly retrievable and perfectly accessible. Ethnosphere includes several kinds of Buzouki, Sitar, Koto Shamisen, Santur, Dulcimer, Psaltry, Harp, Zither, Saz, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Pipe, Ethnic Orchestral Ensemble, Accordion, Musette as well as tons of percussion instruments and loops.

Ethnosphere can generate up to 64 voices of polyphony
(CPU dependent) at 24 BIT/96Khz quality and it really works magically thanks to 32 bit internal processing.

It just doesn't get any better than this! Ethnosphere, along with your VST midi sequencer, is all you'll ever need to inject a convincing ethnic flavour into your tracks.

Computer Music April 2017 COMPLETE CONTENT Computer Music April 2017 COMPLETE CONTENT
Video Lessons / Audio Soft 23-02-2017
Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.


- AudioThing The Orb CM
Apple Logic Pro X v10.3.1 macOS-TNT Apple Logic Pro X v10.3.1 macOS-TNT
Soft / Audio Soft 22-02-2017
Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that's designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it's needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

Logic Pro X for Mac has been updated to version 10.3, introducing new features, a refreshed interface, and Touch Bar support, allowing the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro to be used for music editing. The Touch Bar features quick access to navigation tools and Smart Controls, plus it can be used for playing and recording instruments using a piano keyboard or drum pads.

A new Track Alternatives feature lets users create and switch between different playlists of regions and edits, and Selection-based Processing lets users apply Logic or third-party plug-ins onto one or more audio region.
Waldorf Largo v1.7.0 Incl Keygen REPACK-R2R Waldorf Largo v1.7.0 Incl Keygen REPACK-R2R
Soft / Audio Soft 22-02-2017

Many producers and synthesizer enthusiasts asked for a full-blown Waldorf Synthesizer for their virtual rack. We listened, and now we proudly present Largo. Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. And again – it is the cutting edge sound that makes the big difference. 

No wonder, as Largo mirrors the technology used in Blofeld and Q hardware synthesizers. As for every Waldorf instrument, ergonomics are a core feature on screen as well. Your eyes will be pleased with a clearly structured, graphical user interface that supports your workflow intuitively.

Largo offers three fat oscillators, two of them with sub oscillators. These oscillators include models of classic analog waveforms as well as a selection of waves from the PPG and Waldorf Wave stored in two Wavetables. All these run through two Waldorf multimode filters with steep cutoff, resonance up to self-oscillation and a drive stage to add even more punch and grainyness to the sound. Ultra-fast envelope generators and flexible LFOs as well as an easy to understand, yet extremely versatile modulation matrix make for a sound designer's dream.
Waves Complete V9.6 (February 16th, 2017) MAC Waves Complete V9.6 (February 16th, 2017) MAC
Soft / Audio Soft 21-02-2017
Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Waves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power. From the industry's most popular equalizers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, and surround sound tools, Waves offers the world’s largest selection of professional audio plugins. From essentials like reverb, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to modeled analog hardware, surround and post production tools, artist signature collections and beyond, Waves Bundles feature the best of Waves GRAMMY® award-winning plugins.

February 16th, 2017

SoundGrid Driver – Fixed installation issues on Windows.
SoundGrid Driver – Fixed installation issues (user directory name can now differ from computer name).
SoundGrid Driver – Fixed ASIO 4 All issues with SoundGrid Connect.
SoundGrid Driver – Fixed built-in Mac audio device in SoundGrid Connect.
SoundGrid Studio – Fixed sample rate changes in HDX systems.
eMotion ST and StudioRack – Fixed crash upon quit when third-party plugin GUI is open.
SoundGrid Servers – Firmware update and bug fixes.
All SoundGrid I/Os – Bug fixes.

Rogue Amoeba SoundSource 3.0.1 MAC OSX Rogue Amoeba SoundSource 3.0.1 MAC OSX
Soft / Audio Soft 21-02-2017
Adjust your Input, Output and Sound Effects devices and volume settings in mere moments, right from the menu bar. Enable soft play-thru of input devices to your desired output, so you can hear sound coming in through any microphone or other source. With SoundSource, you get fast access to your Mac's most important audio settings.

Instant Audio Device Switching

With just two clicks, you can switch the audio devices your Mac is using for Input, Output, and even Sound Effects.

Fast Volume Control

SoundSource provides easy access to the volume controls for your audio devices as well.
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