Splice Sounds KARRA DAW Presets For Nectar Splice Sounds KARRA DAW Presets For Nectar
KARRA shares her custom iZotope Nectar presets featuring her signature pop vocals. Find dry loops ranging from bright to heavy in the style of rap, pop, and more. Plus, tons of FX loops with delay, reverb, lo-fi vibes, plus plenty of leads. These vocal presets for iZotope's leading vocal production software act as excellent song-starters, inspirational hits, or that extra shine for a finishing touch on your track.
Irish Acts Studio SAM 02 Planetary Expansion DAW Presets Irish Acts Studio SAM 02 Planetary Expansion DAW Presets
Planetary transports you to a completely new level. Into the world of futuristic, dreamy, relaxing, newage, ambient and otherworldly sounds. A place where endless inspiration comes from even the simplest sound.

To install this expansion you simply need to copy the "SAM 02 - Planetary.mse” to the correct folder on your computer where you have your Infinity v2.0 VST located.
Halfway Supreme Library Vol.1 Loop Kit with Stems WAV Halfway Supreme Library Vol.1 Loop Kit with Stems WAV
15 Samples created from scratch with stems. (Over 45 Individual Stems / 400MB folder)

+ Compatible With Any DAW (Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, etc)
+ Original And Unique Compositions, Ready To Be Looped, Chopped & Processed.
+ Audio Stems For Each Composition Are Included
+ Master Clearance Guaranteed (Read License)
+ Comes In Stereo WAV 16/44 Formatting
Image Sounds Acoustic Guitar 07 WAV Image Sounds Acoustic Guitar 07 WAV
The library is based on 15 acoustic guitar samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 4 and 8 bars long plus a separate end. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genres range from pop, r&b, rock, chill out to country.
Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.3.1 / v6.2.2 WiN MacOSX Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.3.1 / v6.2.2 WiN MacOSX
VST Instruments / Audio Soft Today, 16:23
With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.

What's new?
Over two decades, KONTAKT has become a highly-developed engine for creating and playing sampled instruments. KONTAKT 6 offers more for players and builders alike:
Strezov Sampling MINImalism KONTAKT Strezov Sampling MINImalism KONTAKT
Inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, Terry Riley and John Cage, MINImalism is an electroacoustic virtual instrument for adding rhythmic motion and interest to your music.

"MINImalism” is a Kontakt based library which was recorded in the Sofia Session Studio with multiple microphones, which were later summed into three microphone positions. We recorded two pianos and a marimba, all playing perfect fifths in unison in order to achieve that distinctive percussive and mellow sound of the library.
Ask Video Elektron 109 Cycles Explored TUTORiAL Ask Video Elektron 109 Cycles Explored TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons Today, 16:23
Elektron's Model:Cycles is an FM-based instrument that offers maximum sound-sculpting possibilities at an affordable price. Discover all about this powerful digital groovebox in this course by synth expert Rishabh Rajan!

FM synthesis is perfect for creating various types of percussive and melodic sounds. Based on the Digitone FM engine, Model:Cycles offers six different "machines": Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone, and Chord. Combine all that with Elektron's powerful sequencer, and you have a fantastic and versatile groovebox, perfect for minimal and experimental electronic music. This in-depth course by artist and trainer Rishabh Rajan shows you all you need to know about this mighty instrument.
Production Master Drip Sauce MULTiFORMAT Production Master Drip Sauce MULTiFORMAT
'Drip Sauce' by Production Master is a Trap bank fusing lit melodies with tight and punchy drums inspired by artists like Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, Iann Dior, Lil Yachty, Smokepurpp, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and many more. 'Drip Sauce' will transform any beat into an unavoidable number one hit.

Saucy Melodies:
Brace yourselves for an astronomical selection of the hottest melody loops. Combining breathtaking flutes, mesmerizing bells, rocking guitars, state-of-the-art synthesizers, and solid pianos, this one of a kind sound library fits your every need and will instantly get your creative vibe going.
Black Octopus Sound Amy Kirkpatrick Mystic WAV Black Octopus Sound Amy Kirkpatrick Mystic WAV
'Amy Kirkpatrick - Mystic' by Black Octopus Sound is a pack full of uplifting, inspiring, deep and meaningful messages that will take you on a journey through philosophical lyrics and beautiful tones. Platinum award winning songwriter Amy Kirkpatrick is proud to present 'Mystic' on Black Octopus Sound.

This pack is organized by key and its associated Chakra, helping you make music that carries very specific emotional qualities. Inside you will find ancient and contemporary Mantras, power phrases, a spoken word section, soothing vocal atmosphere effects, and studio produced Crystal Singing Bowl recordings to help establish inner peace. When you open the library you will see the user friendly organization that can help you get straight to the heart of the type of song you want to write. Whether it is heart felt, soulful, powerful, or peaceful.
Strezov Sampling The Muted Seiler KONTAKT Strezov Sampling The Muted Seiler KONTAKT
Your new secret weapon: "The Muted Seiler" - Experimental Hybrid Piano library with unique sound-design features and powerful Arpeggiator.

What started off as a game, here in the Sofia Session Studio's hallways, blossomed into an experimental library with instruments never sampled before. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "The Muted Seiler" !

Featuring a heavily damped and muted old Eduard Seiler piano (with 128 pairs of earplugs and a tiny bit of paper) with one goal - to achieve the distinctive percussive and punchy sound the library offers all its users.
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