unEarthed Sampling The Derelict Kit KONTAKT unEarthed Sampling The Derelict Kit KONTAKT
Once upon a time, the area near Ennis Montana was ripe with copper and silver mining sites. These areas have since dried up leaving behind tons of old mining tools and equipment.

Long derelict and out of commission, we decided to bang on a handful of these pieces of mining history turning them into an action packed, tension filled, or horrific metallic percussion Kontakt instrument.
Alecto Azimuth (Loop Kit) WAV Alecto Azimuth (Loop Kit) WAV
15 Loops/Melodies/Samples made by ALECTO of SaucierSquad


The best beats will be played at studio sessions & sent out for major placements.
TopSounds Night Drive (MIDI Loop Kit) MiDi TopSounds Night Drive (MIDI Loop Kit) MiDi
This MIDI Loop Kit Has Everything You Need For Melodies That You Like To Edit & Change. This Drag & Drop MIDI Loop Kit is loaded with 25-MIDI Loops, and is guranteed to solidify you as a producer!

25-Custom MIDI Melody Loops
King Loops Loco Vol.1 WAV MiDi King Loops Loco Vol.1 WAV MiDi
'Loco Vol 1' by King Loops is the first in a series of Latin oriented Hip Hop inspired by artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Quavo, Drake, and more. Featuring five radio-ready Construction Kits, this pack features everything you need in order to produce the next street anthem, hood banger or club hit.

You will find trunk-rattling melody patterns, pumping kicks, crisp snares and claps, ground-shaking 808s, tailor-made FX samples, custom-processed pluck and synth samples, custom-processed leads, filtered synths, gated basslines, hard-hitting drums and vintage leads.
Native Instruments Maschine 2 v2.9.2 / v2.9.1 WiN MacOSX Native Instruments Maschine 2 v2.9.2 / v2.9.1 WiN MacOSX
Soft / VST Instruments Yesterday, 18:10
Maschine 2 is a next-generation of powerful beat-production workstation with sampling, loop slicing, built‑in drum sequencing, improved browsing, arranging, new mixer, plug-in strip, and exclusive drum synths. With Maschine 2 you will get the most responsive, fluid, and musical beatmaking experience ever.

Native Instruments Maschine 2 GUI
Maschine 2 is built on an intelligent combination of timeless groove box and drum machine workflows, systematically refined and expanded to take advantage of the best aspects of computer technology. It brings together flexible step sequencing and real-time polyphonic recording in a forward-thinking pattern-based arrangement concept that makes it easy to jam out ideas, and turn them into full-blown songs in a way that is efficient, effortless and fun.
Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ v3.0 KONTAKT Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ v3.0 KONTAKT
The Lakeside Pipe Organ is a Rodgers steel and wooden pipe-electric hybrid organ recorded at the Lakeside Temple Of Practical Christianity in Oakland, California, with organist Don Sears. This large pipe organ produces its sound by driving compressed air through 850 resonant steel pipes and wooden reeds, arranged in 15 ranks. We captured 6 primary stops to span a wide tonal and dynamic range: Wooden flute stops 1 & 2, Steel Pipe stops 3, 4 & 5 and the bass foot pedal board
Soundiron Granada 49 v1.0 KONTAKT Soundiron Granada 49 v1.0 KONTAKT
GRANADA 49 faithfully captures a rare 1970's-era portable analog synthesizer by the now defunct Italian synth-maker Fesma. The instrument's classic wood-accented body echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and its fat, warm analog sound cuts through the mix. We've sampled its 9 stock waveform presets and included tons of custom FX patches and sound-designed ambient synth pads created from the source to make this compact library extraordinarily playable and versatile. Whether you're looking to recreate an old 8-bit videogame sound, fat synth bass tones or razer-sharp lead lines, the Granada 49 library can do it!
WA Production Future Bass Monkey WAV MiDi Synth Presets DAW Templates WA Production Future Bass Monkey WAV MiDi Synth Presets DAW Templates
the fundamentals of Future Bass tracks. We want to give you as many recourses as possible to make you a better Future music producer and have fun doing it! Future Bass Monkey is a full Construction Kit (and Ableton Template) that comes in the key of "Bm” and a 150 BPM tempo.

In this template you get the Stems of the track we created, the Presets used in the project (for this one we used Serum), the MIDI for at the stems so you can create your own version of the project with your own sounds, and an Ableton Project so you can see exactly how it was created with the mixer and master channels.
u-he The Dark Zebra v2.8.0 Regged WiN MacOSX u-he The Dark Zebra v2.8.0 Regged WiN MacOSX
A bank of over 400 presets, a collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr. Practically all Zebra sounds in the The Dark Knight as well as The Dark Knight Rises soundtracks are included, plus several more that didn't quite fit into the scores. The pack also includes Hans' custom built update from a licensed Zebra2.x to the version you can see in this video, ZebraHZ. Several of the more recent patches make use of the extra features available in ZebraHZ.
Voxengo r8brain PRO v2.6 WiN Voxengo r8brain PRO v2.6 WiN
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 18:10
r8brain PRO is a professional sample rate converter tool software designed to deliver an unprecedented sample rate conversion (SRC) quality. Unlike other existing SRC algorithms available on the market, r8brain PRO implements sample rate conversion processing in its full potential: interpolation and decimation steps without exploiting any kind of simplifications; the signal is resampled in a multi-step manner using a series of least common multiple sample rates which makes conversion perfect – both in signal-to-noise and timing precision aspects. Such whole number-factored SRC can be considered a golden standard in sample rate conversion as it is not subject to jitter and timing errors.
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