Sonicsmiths The Foundry KONTAKT Sonicsmiths The Foundry KONTAKT
Sonicsmiths presents a new tool for composers and sound designers. Based in the Native-Instrument’s Kontakt engine, The Foundry is a sound design creation tool, drawing from over 15 thousand samples, 19+GB of sample content (12+gb compressed), and trillions of ways to manipulate and combine the sounds. Never settle for presets again; The Foundry creates ORIGINAL patches using the a ground breaking algorithm called AARE.


AARE – Adjective Assignable Randomizer Engine. Instead of having thousands of presets and having to search through each one for a specific sound, we have designed a randomizing engine that creates a new patch for you based on simple adjectives. For example, if you want a Dark, Pulsing, Mysterious sound, select these adjectives and press a randomizing button and The Foundry will generate new patches based on the parameters you select.

3-Mode Step Sequencer: Depending on use – Rhythmics and FX sound sets, can create unique and quickly designable rhythms OR along with tonal beds/textures can amazing lead lines and creative chordal patters.

4 different Groups to select from ranging from Non-pitched and Pitched and Simple to Complex: Beds and Pads (tonal sustained layers), Textures (a-Tonal, moving material), FX (Single One-Shot Hits, FX, and Short Articulated Instruments), and Rhythmics (Sonic "Kits”).

Template Mode: Use to make any sound Pulse, create Drops/Rises or instantly put Foundry into other modes such as long release, hard attack, etc.

4-way Morphing Engine: You can load up to 4 different "core” sounds into The Foundry. Each of these sounds has independent processing, manipulation, and can be morphed via X-Y pad designer, key range, velocity or CC.

X-Y Pad Designer: Create, Save and Sync Playback to your own modulatable pathways using the X-Y pad.

Body Designer. With over 60 different body types, you can manipulate each of the "core” sounds by sending them through different material types, such as tubes, bricks, glass, dog bodies, and More!

6 assignable modulators to Filters, Pitch, Amplitude, and surround panning allow for a wide range of stuttering, pulsing, frequency modulation, and many standard synthesis techniques.

Graining Synthesis: You can take most of the patches in the library and add the granular synthesis effect, stretching, panning and many other ways of manipulating the sound.

Surround Mode: Set all Four sounds to go out different channels as well as pan in surround

Unique reverb selections: including Swaps, Churches, Studios, etc.

Fully adjustable Filters, Distortion, Compressors, Delays, Panning Rotators, Surround Routing Abilities, and many more creative tools.


The Foundry is a third-party library, based in Native-Instruments Kontakt Engine. In general, whatever is listed on NI’s Kontakt website for the current version will be the machine requirements for The Foundry. We can give recommendations, but are ultimately bound by the system requirements of Kontakt Player Engine. We highly recommend running the Foundry on a PC with SSD drives for optimal performance.
Zulu Records Zulu Records Samples Vol.2 Etienne Ozborne Montreal Grooves WAV Zulu Records Zulu Records Samples Vol.2 Etienne Ozborne Montreal Grooves WAV
After the success of Zulu Records Samples Vol.1, we just had to follow it up. Etienne Ozborne has put together a house pack that really encompasses the Zulu sound! It's full of cutting edge synth, music, bass, vocal and drum loops!

Everything you need to inspire you to write the next BIG record!!


• 20 Music & Synth Loops 
• 14 Bass Loops 
• 24 No Kick Loops 
• 24 Full Loops 
• 16 Top Loops 
• 12 FX Samples 
• 11 Vocal Loops

Singomakers Soulful Glitch Hop Vol.2 WAV MiDi REX2 Singomakers Soulful Glitch Hop Vol.2 WAV MiDi REX2
This is Volume 2 of the bestselling, inspirational collection from Singomakers – Soulful Glitch Hop!

If you find inspiration in tracks from the likes of Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Enigma, UNKLE, Radiohead and Faithless – then this pack is 100% for you! Now even more experimental and inspiring!

A must have collection of unusual & fresh Soulful Glitch Hop samples! With Tempo’s at 70 and 100 Bpm this sample pack is essential for any Glitch Hop, Chill Out and Ambient producer! Professionally mixed and mastered this glitch hop sample pack packs a big punch and is designed to help you get that polished sound with ease.

In Detail expect to find a Huge 1,02 Gb collection of samples, including 30 Fat Bass Loops, 90 Glitched Click Loops, 55 Wicked Beats, 40 Drone Loops, 60 Melody Loops, 90 experimental Drum shots, 90 Midi Loops and 275 REX2 files. Each sample is available in 24 bit 44100 kHz High Quality.
Singomakers Future Groove House Vol.2 WAV REX2 Singomakers Future Groove House Vol.2 WAV REX2
Fresh, Groovy, Unique and Powerful are just a few words to describe this collection of NU School Tech House, Modern Deep House and Jacking House Samples! Expect a huge set of Experimental Percussions and Effected Loops for Modern House music with a great selection of Punchy One Shots, Bass and Melody Loops!

Expect no less than 800 mb of HQ 24 Bit wav samples, including: 265 Punchy Drum Hits, 60 Percussion Loops, 40 Groovy Drum Loops, 40 Hat Loops, 20 Experimental Background Loops, 30 Tom Loops, 35 Bass Loops, 40 Effected Drum Loops, 50 Sound FX, 20 Melody Loops and 245 REX FILES!

Future Groove House Vol 2 is THE perfect Tool kit of distinctive grooves and melodic parts aimed at producers looking for fresh inspiration in a wide variety of House Genres, Inspired by Kenny Larkin, Anja Schneider, My Digital Enemy, Prok & Fitch, Sebastien Leger, Timo Garcia, Kolombo, Sergio Fernandez, John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Carl Cox, Riva Starr, Chus & Ceballos, Guy Gerber, Tube & Berger, Maya Jane Coles and Stealth Record, Defected, Get Physical, SKINT, Crosstown Rebels, Toolroom, LoudBit, Stereo Productions.
Zulu Records Uplifting Bass House WAV Zulu Records Uplifting Bass House WAV
The latest instalment of the Zulu sample series focuses on the uber cool sound of Uplifting Bass House that is sweeping the global house scene. 

Think dirty basslines, skippy garage influenced percussion and some seriously uplifting synth and piano melodies to take your sound to the next level. 

The pack weighs in at 285MB's unzipped with 86MB's of synth & lead loops, 47MB's of bass loops, 85MB's of drum loops, 50MB's of FX samples & 15MB's of vocal loops!

*Other genres that this package may be useful in: 

• House
• Progressive House
• Tech House
• Deep House
• Future House

SampleTraxx Electronic Drain KONTAKT SampleTraxx Electronic Drain KONTAKT
Electricity, magnetic fields, sparks, fuse burning, electromagnetism.

Electronic Drain is a collection of electric and electronic sources specifically designed for movies, audio logos and trailers. The library includes new and experimental sound material generated using the most cutting-edge digital signal processing techniques.

Providing digital, organic, raw and designed sounds Electronic Drain delivers a rich sonic complexity and a wide range of possible variations.
The sounds have been mapped out into 11 Kontakt 5 instruments and have been further processed and looped (where appropriate) to offer a larger number of possible combinations, presented with all the FX & filter sections to further treat & enhance the samples.

Electronic Drain comes with 1.1 Gb and 300 Wav files 96/24 + 11 Kontakt instruments.
Sampletraxx FantaFlute KONTAKT Sampletraxx FantaFlute KONTAKT
FantaFlute is a collection of designed flute Phrases and Beds made with a couple of six-hole Bamboo Flutes.
The idea was to enrich the sound of raw flute and create a designed collection to add a meditative and exotic touch to music tracks and sound design projects.
The flutes used for the recording are in Key of "E” and the whole sound pack is in "E” and relative tuning.

During the recording and designing sessions a particular attention has been kept on the air noise that is fundamental to define a solid flute sound that perfectly cut through every mix.

The flute has been recorded first playing phrases with a single one and then playing two flutes at the same time to enrich the frequency spectrum and create complex and articulated phrases and sequences.

Sampletraxx - FantaFlute KONTAKT

FantaFlute is structured in 3 categories:

55 High Pitch Melodic Phrases which work great in complex music arrangements
38 Low Pitch Melodic Phrases for intros, outros and to set the mood of a track

13 Flute Beds evolving beds that range between 27 to 110 seconds in lenght


1.2 Gb content

106 Wav samples 96/24 with Metadata

4 Kontakt Instruments (Kontakt 5.5 full version required)
Skifonix Sounds Big Room Grooves WAV MiDi Ni Massive Presets Skifonix Sounds Big Room Grooves WAV MiDi Ni Massive Presets
Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Big Room Grooves’. 

Our biggest ever pack with all the sounds and tools to help you create high energy, rolling festival tracks. 

The pack contains 6 fully reconstructable kits including the insert chains used to recreate the sounds exactly as heard in the demo. 

As well as this, the pack has plenty of Massive presets, melody sequences, drop riffs, drum loops, drum hits and MIDI files to keep you inspired. 

This is the only kit you’ll need to make big, grooving EDM tracks. 

Pack includes: 

• 364 Total audio files (24 bit wav, 44.1kHz) 
• 6 Full construction kits (including insert chains) 
• 90 Drum Hits (30 Kicks, 20 Hats, 30 Clap/snare combos, 10 Percussion Hits) 
• 20 Drop Riffs (+ MIDI) 
• 5 Drum Loops (40 in total) 
• 71 total Massive presets 
• 10 Melody sequences (39 in total + MIDI) 
• 75 total MIDI files

Elephorm Apprendre le Design Sonore TUTORIAL (FRENCH) Elephorm Apprendre le Design Sonore TUTORIAL (FRENCH)
Soft / Video Lessons Today, 14:34
Cette formation s’appuie principalement sur le logiciel Ableton Live, particulièrement utilisé dans l’art de la mise en scène du son. Lors de ce cours vidéo, vous apprenez à maîtriser tout un panel de techniques vous permettant de créer vos propres sons. Vous bénéficiez des précieux conseils de Xavier Collet pour que vos réalisations sonores soient les plus originales possibles. Vous utilisez notamment des techniques analogiques, pour certaines héritées de la musique concrète.

Après une définition du Design Sonore, Xavier Collet vous forme à la théorie du son. Il vous explique notamment ce qu’est un son ou encore comment le numériser. Il vous apprend ensuite à utiliser un enregistreur numérique et des générateurs de sons comme un Sampler ou un synthétiseur.

Vous passez également en revue plusieurs types de synthèses qui permettent de générer des signaux sonores : la synthèse soustractive, la synthèse à table d’onde, la synthèse par modulation de fréquence, la synthèse granulaire et pour finir la synthèse par modèle physique.
W. A. Production - What About EDM Construction Kits WAV MiDi Sylenth1 and SPiRE Presets W. A. Production - What About EDM Construction Kits WAV MiDi Sylenth1 and SPiRE Presets
Featuring 12 Construction Kits and more than 500 Loops, Presets, MIDIs & Samples, "What about: EDM Construction Kits" by W. A. Production is a mammoth pack that brings the world famous Construction Kits to Splice. 

Inside you will find only the best and the biggest sounds and melodies created by the W. A. Production team for all EDM freaks out there. Let these kits inspire you and use them anyway you like!

Product includes:

•12 Construction Kits
•MIDI Provided
•Sylenth1 & Spire Presets
•15 Bonus Drum Loops
•100% Royalty Free
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