ADSR Build A Track Entirely In Absynth TUTORIAL ADSR Build A Track Entirely In Absynth TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons Yesterday, 15:11
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I’m excited to announce that we are going to make a track entirely in Absynth 5, welcome to the first part where we design a pad sound!

To kick things off in our "Make A Track Entirely In Absynth” series, we are going to make a pad sound. This will be the foundation of our song. The chords and the "vibe” of the song are very important here, so spend some time on this!

ADSR Deep House in FL Studio 12 TUTORIAL ADSR Deep House in FL Studio 12 TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons Yesterday, 15:11
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Deep house is a popular genre right now, both in the mainstream and underground of electronic music. Using the latest version of Image Line’s FL Studio, we show you how to create a deep house track from scratch. Everything is covered, from drum production, to synth work, as well as mixing and mastering.

We start off by briefly covering some of the differences between FL Studio 12 and its predecessors, before using Drumaxx to create a simple house beat. Using the built-in synths of FL Studio, we show you how to create percussion, sound effects and sweepers, as well as using them for basslines, leads and pad sounds. We also cover the arrangement of the track, before detailing the processes of subtractive and additive mixing.

For the purposes of this course, it is recommended that you have the producer version of FL Studio, with all of its related plugins, like Harmor, PoiZone and Harmless, as these will be used throughout the course.

ADSR Intro to Maschine MK2 TUTORiAL ADSR Intro to Maschine MK2 TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons Yesterday, 15:11
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In this 14 part miniseries we discuss how to navigate through your Maschine Mk2, from browsing samples and presets to finalizing a project inside of Maschine.

Bluezone Corporation Dark Movies Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects WAV Bluezone Corporation Dark Movies Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects WAV

'Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects' features over 780MB of dark cinematic elements, designed atmospheres, disturbing drones, terrific evolving textures, industrial background ambiences and impacts. These sound design elements in WAV format have been created specifically for film / TV composers and game music composers. This sample pack is 100% Royalty Free.

This new Bluezone Corporation sound collection features 154 pristine audio samples and offers a large choice of tortured metal sounds, massive hits, dark stylized vocal ambiences, cinematic sound effects, evolving soundbeds and many more created with new mysterious treatments. The library's contents are provided as 24 bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files. Now available for instant download, this sample pack is also great for futuristic fantasy and science fiction sound ambiences.

'Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences and Sound Effects' Contents:

• Textured Ambiences / Atmospheres • Sound Effects / Impacts

Technical Specifications :

• 795 MB Data / 160 Files • Format : WAV • Instant Download • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack • Suitable for use in all major sequencers • Royalty-Free with no extra cost • Ready to use in commercial production
Producers Vault Cumbia Latinoamericana MULTiFORMAT Producers Vault Cumbia Latinoamericana MULTiFORMAT
Producers Vault brings you Cumbia Beats Volumen 2 Cumbia Latino Americana which covers all the different modern fusions of this classic genre.

We’ve studied the genre from the past 4 decades a came out with Cumbia Latinoamericana with grooves heard in styles from Mexico, Central America Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia.

The perfect tool for composers, songwriters, producers, DJs or remixers looking to create or remix in the Cumbia type productions or backing tracks for live performers.

The Loops

Weather you are composing a full song with or making a fusion of styles you will find our full line of Cumbia Beats really flexible for your productions.

This loops were played by live musicians and recorded in the highest quality include full ensemble already pre-mixed to perfection and also in single instrument stems for more flexibility in the mixing process.

We have also included Urban Style loops sampled from different sources or created in our sound design facilities with a Vintage Old School feel excellent for Urban Styles of Cumbia Rap Styles and Remixes.
ZenSound Avant Koncept Chromaphone Soundset ZenSound Avant Koncept Chromaphone Soundset
Avant Koncept is a new soundset, a critical tool conceived for electronic music producers wanting a cutting edge and versatile sound.

Comprises a wide variety of patches from edgy and sinister to relaxing and ethereal.
Avant Koncept is conceived with the multi genre idea in mind; this is a state of the art soundset for the modern electronic musician.

Avant Koncept delivers composite mallets, bells and synth keyboards, ethereal and lush leads, frictional and rusty textures, stiff and deep percussions as well as heavy distorted and harsh industrial percussions, speaker blowing basses, mystical soundscapes, atmospheres and cinematic SFX.

Comprised with a variety of styles like avant garde, ambient, industrial, analog electronica and cinematic this soundset is ideal for all kinds of electronic music.

Avant Koncept takes advantage of Chromaphone resonators to make sounds that aren’t possible in the reality or quite difficult to obtain.

There is plenty of expressibility on all the 128 patches and each patch as a unique response to velocity, pitch and modwheel.

As a plus this soundset comprises percussion kits, this allows to play different sounds with the same patch when touching different keys on the keyboard.

Grimm Audio BeatRig LevelView v1.7.516 CE-V.R Grimm Audio BeatRig LevelView v1.7.516 CE-V.R
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 15:10
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LevelView is a highly innovative real time loudness meter. Its ‘Rainbow meter’, based upon the ‘Bendy Meter’ concept of BBC Research, gives the user continuous insight in recent loudness levels of the program material. The arces of the rainbow all have different integration times: the outer ring shows loudness of the last 3s, every step inward triples the time span. This technique has proven to offer a very convenient monitor view during a mix process.

Outside of the rainbow meter, a faster ‘Momentary loudness’ meter is shown. It is modeled on vintage light spot meters that offer a display with continuous brightness, which is less fatiguing for the eye than the rapidly changing light intensity of a bar graph meter. Next to the Rainbow the ‘Integrated loudness’ is shown in large digits. It can be used to aim for the target loudness of your program. Below this number, a table with all EBU loudness descriptors can be found. And on the left side of the meter a large histogram with Loudness Range indication completes this versatile plugin.

LevelView runs as a plugin in most DAW’s on both Mac and PC. It follows the transport automatically and in selected DAW’s the ‘Link’ mode even memorizes all levels of the time line so when you update a mix, the results are updated instantaneously. In the package there’s also a standalone application that directly connects to your sound card. Last but not least, LevelView features a unique ‘master’ and ‘slave’ function, where slave units monitor the measurement data of a master unit via a LAN or even the internet!
Xenos Soundworks Alternate Realities Chromaphone Soundset Xenos Soundworks Alternate Realities Chromaphone Soundset
'Alternate Realities' contains 64 fantasy musical instruments, ambient pads and exotic synth sounds, perfect for your ambient, chillout and filmscore productions.

Chromaphone - Alternate Realities Patch List:

BA Drawbar Bass
BA Electric Bass
BA Hammered Bass
BA Physmod Sub
BA Synth Bass
BA Throaty Hits
BL Deep Reeds
BL Metallic Chiffs
BL Mystic Flute
BW Bowed Drone
BW Reedy Cello
BW Violinccordion
DR Big Tamborine
DR Chromatic Cymbols
DR Fizzy Gong
DR Jury Rigged Bongos
DR Sacrificial Ritual
DR Stonehenge
DR Water Drums
FX Distant Memory
FX Dub Scrapes
FX Krakken's Groan
FX Primal Fear
FX Radiation Zone
FX Rastafari Visions
FX Underwater Cave
The Unfinished ZebraHZ Humankind Patches for ZebraHZ The Unfinished ZebraHZ Humankind Patches for ZebraHZ
Humankind is a collection of four smaller soundsets that were originally released individually back in 2013. They were limited edition collections, only released for a short period of time, and in aid of Oxfam.

In ZebraHZ Humankind there are 64 sounds for ZebraHZ. The patches are designed for a variety of uses and genres, although with a focus on the cinematic; all with the quality and dexterity you’d expect from The Unfinished sounds.

Zapz Lion Order MiDi Zapz Lion Order MiDi
53 Midi Files x Chords x Melodies x HiHats Etc ENJOY !
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