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VA - Superlative [TIEFLTD52] VA - Superlative [TIEFLTD52]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / Minimal Yesterday, 11:05

Artist: VA
Title: Superlative
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Tief Ltd
Quality: 320 kbps

Alessandra Ricci – Easy Going 07:37
Alessandra Ricci – Plasticised 08:11
CL-ljud – Voice 07:16
Twofalls – Consciousness 06:17
Niko Freij – Sunny Sky 07:27
Monotalk – Tacuba Seduction 06:50
David’S – Heisenberg 06:42
Hen Greca – Jetzt & Hier 07:01
CL-ljud – Novel 06:21
Redrum – Brus 05:54
Mauro Diaz – Fill Solution 07:02
C Minor, Angelo Mele – Claves 08:41
Kon Up – M-nos 07:07
Eden Caabe, Eugene Korso – Des maux 06:16
Barrows – Money Back 06:14
Giacomo De Falco, Gianluca Rattalino – Crazy Shake 07:00
Enzo Sorrentino – Blonde (Joshua Puerta Synth Version) 06:30
Background, CL-ljud – Equivalent 08:15
Luca Pizzarotti – Tooth Fair 06:50
Pangea (Italy) – High Expansion (Low Mode Remix) 06:43
Nacho Padilla – Too Cold 06:34

VA - Artistique Music, Vol. 28 [VOLTCOMP677] VA - Artistique Music, Vol. 28 [VOLTCOMP677]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 11:04

Artist: VA
Title: Artistique Music, Vol. 28
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Pablo Bolívar – All Clear 06:39
Innellea – Apate 08:37
Nela – Ageto 05:52
Bookwood – Follow (Original Mix) 07:36
Marcus Sur – Synergism 06:34
Noir, Richard Judge – Keep Up (Few Nolder Remix) 05:40
Marcelo Cura & Origins Of Time – Ouhou 06:00
Ezikiel – Save The Children 06:57
M.A.N.D.Y., Red Eye – Rhythm & Soul (Tiger Stripes Remix) 06:40
Doctor Dru – Corner Ball 06:27
Dave Aju – Strang Theory 07:23
Nico Cabeza – Hermes 06:32
Severin Su – Substance (Version) 06:56
Mario Neha – More Dubs N Whiskey Coke 07:12
Moses Mehdi – Flawless Believe 07:08
VA - Organic Underground Issue 27 [VOLTCOMP678] VA - Organic Underground Issue 27 [VOLTCOMP678]
Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 11:03

Artist: VA
Title: Organic Underground Issue 27
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Robert Babicz – Morning Bass 08:38
Yousef – Eight 07:34
Gunnar Stiller – Sentinel 07:07
Paul Ursin – This Agio 06:50
Anna – Face Your Fears 06:32
Kristian Heikkila – Bionic Boogie 06:40
Onno, Lauhaus – Highball (Warehouse Edit) 07:08
Hybrasil – Flexo 06:43
Fac3Off – Open Eyes 07:44
Ilija Djokovic – Blue Eyes 06:07
Julio Navas – Organic (Alex Stein Remix) 06:58
Loco & Jam – Argentina 06:59
Sly Faux – Violence Is Too Damn Hard 08:40
Elia De Biase – Tabasco 07:37
Genny Effe, Richard Cleber – T65 06:52
VA - Straight & Unique Issue 29 [VOLTCOMP679] VA - Straight & Unique Issue 29 [VOLTCOMP679]
Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 11:03

Artist: VA
Title: Straight & Unique Issue 29
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Latmun – Irritated Susan 06:26
Riaz Dhanani – The Music 05:47
Sub Dose – Reflexio 06:38
Strickland – Play The Game 06:47
Matt Sassari, Clio – Mango 07:54
Alex Mine – Solar 07:41
Thomas Schumacher – Fangbanger (Victor Ruiz Remix) 08:13
Clint Stewart – Breathe 06:50
Indieveed – Ecliptic 07:55
K.A.L.I.L. – Maskerade 06:47
Elia De Biase – Last Minute (Jean Aita Remix) 07:14
Leo & Mikel – Oh Steve (Elia Perrone Remix) 06:50
Fernando Tessis, Alan Hash – From Poa To Bsas 07:48
Elio Kenza, Kostha – Kainek 07:17
Bazlight – Leviathan (Sub Dose Remix) 07:56
Djeep Rhythms – Friends 07:21
Christian Smith Endurance Chart Christian Smith Endurance Chart
Techno / Dj Charts Yesterday, 09:18

Artist: VA
Title: Christian Smith Endurance Chart
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Christian Smith, 2pole - Endurance (303 Mix)
Ferhat Albayrak - Sundrowler (Original Mix)
Eric Sneo - Technojunkies (Original Mix)
LAAT - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Sonate - Switch Mind (Original Mix)
The Southern, About130 - The Vibe (Original Mix)
Loco & Jam - Lucy (Original Mix)
Ilija Djokovic - Venom (Original Mix)
Mattia Saviolo - Lost Ritual (Original Mix)
Robert Junior, Tony Di Angelis - South Side (Original Mix)
Noir Artist Of The Week Noir Artist Of The Week
Techno / Dj Charts Yesterday, 09:17

Artist: VA
Title: Noir Artist Of The Week
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Noir - Eruption (Original Mix)
Arjun Vagale - Modmatrix (Petter B Remix)
Patrick Siech - Bubbli (Original Mix)
Mark Groot - Plan D (Original Mix)
Alignment - New World (Original Mix)
Ignacio Arfeli - Love Disorder (Gaston Zani Remix)
Viers - Let My Mind Breathe (Original)
Thomas Hoffknecht - Vektor (Original Mix)
Alex Bau, Mikael Jonasson - Und3rjord (Original Mix)
Noir - Disruption (Original Mix)
Dino Lenny I still feel Stereo Dino Lenny I still feel Stereo

Artist: VA
Title: Dino Lenny I still feel Stereo
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Minimal / Deep Tech, Leftfield House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Dino Lenny - I Feel Stereo (Red Axes Remix)
Peggy Gou - Han Jan (Original Mix)
Black Mami - Industria Con Vista (Original Mix)
Yovav - Railroad Track (Original Mix)
Arkady Antsyrev - Little Helpers 321-1 (Original Mix)
Art Department - 721 (Queen St) (Original Mix)
Core - Proxima B (Original Mix)
ANNA - Into the Void (Original Mix)
ABSOLUTE. - Not Tonight (Original Mix)
Dino Lenny, ARTBAT - Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)
Der Dritte Raum – Morgenland [HHDDR0074] Der Dritte Raum – Morgenland [HHDDR0074]
Music / Techno 24-04-2018

Artist: Der Dritte Raum
Title: Morgenland
Genre: Techno
Label: Harthouse
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Der Dritte Raum – Mokka (Original Mix) (6:04)
2. Der Dritte Raum – Morgenland (Original Mix) (5:58)
3. Der Dritte Raum – Pole Position (Original Mix) (6:35)
4. Der Dritte Raum – Tara (Original Mix) (6:47)
5. Der Dritte Raum – Fata Morgana (Original Mix) (5:39)
6. Der Dritte Raum – Tanz der Schlaraffen (Original Mix) (5:10)
7. Der Dritte Raum – Himmel (Original Mix) (6:31)
8. Der Dritte Raum – Doppeldecker (Original Mix) (5:52)
9. Der Dritte Raum – Schneeland (Original Mix) (6:25)
10. Der Dritte Raum – Derwisch (Original Mix) (6:01)
11. Der Dritte Raum – Stirling (Original Mix) (7:44)
12. Der Dritte Raum – Dschinn (Original Mix) (5:34)
13. Der Dritte Raum – Docks (Original Mix) (3:45)

Innellea – Taschendieb EP [UY131] Innellea – Taschendieb EP [UY131]
Music / Techno 24-04-2018

Artist: Innellea
Title: Taschendieb EP
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Upon You Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Innellea – Erlkonig (Original Mix) (5:56)
Innellea – Goldschmied (Original Mix) (8:37)
Innellea – Taschendieb (Original Mix) (5:56)
Exercise One – Prism EP [PALINOIA002] Exercise One – Prism EP [PALINOIA002]
Music / Techno 24-04-2018

Artist: Exercise One
Title: Prism EP
Genre: Techno
Label: Palinoia
Quality: 320 kbps

Exercise One – Heptagon (Original Mix) (5:28)
Exercise One – Prism (Original Mix) (7:10)
Exercise One – Nitrogen (Original Mix) (6:04)
Exercise One – Thirty Four (Original Mix) (5:27)

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Our internet portal has the latest releases of good Techno music. Here you can find the most popular and famous soundtracks in this style and get lost in the atmosphere of rave party.

This style of music originated in the early 1980s in the working city of Detroit. Its main feature is artificiality of the sound with an accent on the mechanic rhythms, which are repeated over and over again. This style is the main genre of music played on the rave dance parties.

Techno music is described as a fusion of American p-funk style and European synthesizer music. It is very often divided into techno electronic and techno club music. The main feature of this style is polymetry (combination of rhythmic patterns) that creates an atmosphere of groove. Techno is syncopated music where the triplets are often placed on quarter notes. The instruments used in Techno music are drum-machine with the hi-hat, bass drum and also slow and harmonious solo of the synthesizer.

Thanks to its simplicity, this style of music became popular all over the world. It is the main music on the rave parties, festivals, dedicated to electronic music (KaZantip). Techno music helps get lost for a little in the atmosphere of groove, relaxation and trance.

Techno dance music on Techdeephouse!

The most famous and recognized artists of this style are: Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Derrick May made a substantial contribution to the development of this style of music by experimenting with rhythms and melodies, taken from the other styles and adapting them to Techno Music.

At our web-site you will find the best tracks in Techno style. They will be perfect for private as well as for group listening. If you’re an organizer of a big party for techno music lovers — out internet-portal is always ready to offer you music of the highest quality.