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Bonfante - Back From Finisterre [3000074] Bonfante - Back From Finisterre [3000074]
Techno / Electronic 17-10-2019

Artist: Bonfante
Title: Back From Finisterre
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: 3000 Grad Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Bonfante - Back From Finisterre (Original Mix)
Bonfante - Back From Finisterre (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Bonfante - Clockwise (Original Mix)
Bonfante - Clockwise (Arutani Remix)
Bonfante - Fluchtpunkt (Original Mix)
Armonica feat. Oluhle - Thatha [SVT261] Armonica feat. Oluhle - Thatha [SVT261]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: Armonica feat. Oluhle
Title: Thatha
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Stil Vor Talent
Quality: 320 kbps

Armonica feat. Oluhle - Thatha (Original Mix)
Armonica feat. Oluhle - Thatha (Santiago Garcia Remix)
Armonica - Zama (Original Mix)
Armonica - Zama (Cioz Remix)
Uzaka - Ghost [GR207] Uzaka - Ghost [GR207]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: Uzaka
Title: Ghost
Genre: Techno
Label: Gain Recrds
Quality: 320 kbps

Uzaka - Ghost (Original Mix)
Uzaka - Ghost (Greg Denbosa Remix)
Uzaka - Ghost (Kai Pattenberg Remix)
Uzaka - Ghost (Pablo Santos Remix)
Obscure Sense - Alpha [UT080] Obscure Sense - Alpha [UT080]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: Obscure Sense
Title: Alpha
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Us & Them Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Obscure Sense - Alpha (Original Mix) 7:10
Obscure Sense - Echo Star (Original Mix) 7:00
VA - Nomads Secret [TNT017] VA - Nomads Secret [TNT017]
Techno / Progressive House 17-10-2019

Artist: VA
Title: Nomads Secret
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House
Label: Tale & Tone
Quality: 320 kbps

Dee Montero - Lakota 08:21
Noraj Cue - Into The Woods 08:07
Alfa State & Mystic District ft Meghan Tascano - Let Go 07:02
Gadi Mitrani - Ethereal 08:41
Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor - Bamboo 07:47
Kevin Di Serna - Eulogy 05:14
Hokori - Progressive System [DM151] Hokori - Progressive System [DM151]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: Hokori
Title: Progressive System
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Dog & Man
Quality: 320 kbps

Hokori - Progressive System (Original Mix)
Hokori - Progressive System (Art Object Remix)
Marco Bailey & Blake Baxter - Submit Yourself To Me [MBE163] [FLAC] Marco Bailey & Blake Baxter - Submit Yourself To Me [MBE163] [FLAC]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: Marco Bailey & Blake Baxter
Title: Submit Yourself To Me
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Mb Elektronics
Quality: FLAC

Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter, Buraki – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Buraki Remix) 6:03
Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Original Mix) 6:03
Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Blake Baxter Edit) 5:48
Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter, Zzino, Guss Carver – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Zzino & Guss Carver Accelerator Remix) 6:12
Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Electro Mix) 8:37
Marco Bailey, Blake Baxter – Submit Yourself To Me feat. Blake Baxter (Electro Instrumental Mix) 8:37

Artist: VA
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Nu Disco / Disco, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House, Indie Dance, Melodic House & Techno, Drum & Bass, House, Afro House
Quality: 320 kbps

SIS – Nesrib (Archie Hamilton’s Nose Rub) 7:37
Rebuke – Rattle (Original Mix) 6:49
Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers – Bappi (Original Mix) 5:54
The Deepshakerz – Blue Marimba (Seb Zito Remix) 7:14
Soma Soul – Eclipse Feat. Ed Begley (Frederick Stone Remix) 7:25
Sharam, Bengle – The Rain (New York Extended Mix) 8:32
Younger Than Me – No Regrets (Curses Remix) 8:19
iO (Mulen) – Double Cable (Original Mix) 8:27
Andromeda Orchestra – Don’t Stop (Ray Mang Special Extended Mix) 9:17
Dusty Kid – Rage 3 (Original Mix) 6:30
Philippe Petit – When We Meet (Original Mix) 6:59
Lee Curtiss, Steingold – Talk (Original Mix) 6:19
Mirko & Meex, – Like This (Extended Mix) 5:16
D-Formation, Davide Randazzo, GRAZZE – Ago (Einmusik Remix) 7:45
Raumakustik, Andrew Meller – The Funk (Original Mix) 7:10
Reform (IT) – Stranger (Original Mix) 6:29
Matador – Dynamite (Original Mix) 7:00
Scuba – Expectations (Original Mix) 6:13
ASKE – Invisible Touch [DKB011] ASKE – Invisible Touch [DKB011]
Music / Techno 17-10-2019

Artist: ASKE
Title: Invisible Touch
Genre: Techno
Label: Donker Band
Quality: 320 kbps

ASKE – Friction (Original Mix) (6:06)
ASKE – Invisible Touch (Original Mix) (7:00)
ASKE – Before We Disappear (Original Mix) (6:05)
ASKE – Organic (Original Mix) (5:45)

VA – Take Away ADE Sampler ’19 [TAWY047] VA – Take Away ADE Sampler ’19 [TAWY047]

Artist: VA
Title: Take Away ADE Sampler ’19
Genre: Electronica, Deep House, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Take Away
Quality: 320 kbps

Reface – Drown (Original Mix) (8:10)
Mirida – Violet Sky (Original Mix) (7:01)
Eduardo De La Calle, Joolz – The Stand (Uner Remix) (6:27)
Ki.Mi. – The First Snow (Original Mix) (6:33)
Soulfeed – Do You Like It (Original Mix) (8:00)
Joal – Ezgi (Stas Drive Remix) (8:31)
Kleiber – We Were Promised Fusion Reactors (Original Mix) (8:09)
Peter Makto, Gregory S – Hide and Seek (Markus Homm Remix) (7:31)
De Pikles – Cumbia Al Palo (Timboletti Remix) (7:33)

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Our internet portal has the latest releases of good Techno music. Here you can find the most popular and famous soundtracks in this style and get lost in the atmosphere of rave party.

This style of music originated in the early 1980s in the working city of Detroit. Its main feature is artificiality of the sound with an accent on the mechanic rhythms, which are repeated over and over again. This style is the main genre of music played on the rave dance parties.

Techno music is described as a fusion of American p-funk style and European synthesizer music. It is very often divided into techno electronic and techno club music. The main feature of this style is polymetry (combination of rhythmic patterns) that creates an atmosphere of groove. Techno is syncopated music where the triplets are often placed on quarter notes. The instruments used in Techno music are drum-machine with the hi-hat, bass drum and also slow and harmonious solo of the synthesizer.

Thanks to its simplicity, this style of music became popular all over the world. It is the main music on the rave parties, festivals, dedicated to electronic music (KaZantip). Techno music helps get lost for a little in the atmosphere of groove, relaxation and trance.

Techno dance music on Techdeephouse!

The most famous and recognized artists of this style are: Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Derrick May made a substantial contribution to the development of this style of music by experimenting with rhythms and melodies, taken from the other styles and adapting them to Techno Music.

At our web-site you will find the best tracks in Techno style. They will be perfect for private as well as for group listening. If you’re an organizer of a big party for techno music lovers — out internet-portal is always ready to offer you music of the highest quality.