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Pepe Mateos, Davirus - Know How [FML029A] Pepe Mateos, Davirus - Know How [FML029A]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Pepe Mateos, Davirus
Title: Know How 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Flow Musique Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Pepe Mateos, Davirus - Honest Flow (Original Mix)
Pepe Mateos, Davirus - Know How (Original Mix)

Heartlybeats - Shine Like That EP [APD159] Heartlybeats - Shine Like That EP [APD159]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Heartlybeats
Title: Shine Like That EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Audiophile Deep
Quality: 320 kbps

Heartlybeats - Like That (Original Mix)
Heartlybeats - Sun Dance (Original Mix)

Esef - The Resistance EP [MT171A] Esef - The Resistance EP [MT171A]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Esef 
Title: The Resistance EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Maintain Replay Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Esef - Bruadar (Original Mix)
Esef - Cymatica (Original Mix)
Esef - Knock Knock (Original Mix)
Esef - The Resistance (Original Mix)
Esef - Vimana (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan - Namaste [WHISTLE004] Bruno Furlan - Namaste [WHISTLE004]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Bruno Furlan 
Title: Namaste 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Whistle
Quality: 320 kbps

Bruno Furlan - Namaste (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan - Rolling (Original Mix)
Elias C - Repeat EP [MFZ044] Elias C - Repeat EP [MFZ044]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Elias C 
Title: Repeat EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: MuthaFunkerZ Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Elias C - Repeat (Dany Deep Remix)
Elias C - Repeat (Original Mix)

Steno - Moon Landing EP [CH055] Steno - Moon Landing EP [CH055]
Music / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Steno 
Title: Moon Landing EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: CrackHouse Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Steno - Mad Slides (Original Mix)
Steno - Moon Landing (Original Mix)
Mij Mack – Love Affair EP [HIP020] Mij Mack – Love Affair EP [HIP020]
Deep House / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: Mij Mack
Title: Love Affair EP
Genre: Tech House/Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Mij Mack – All These Things (Original Mix) 
Mij Mack – Love Affair (Flow & Zeo Remix) 
Mij Mack – Love Affair (Original Mix) 
Mij Mack – Toe Jam (Original Mix) 
VA - Amsterdam 2017 Sampler [EX032] VA - Amsterdam 2017 Sampler [EX032]
Tech House / Techno 20-10-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Amsterdam 2017 Sampler
Genre: Tech House/Techno
Label: Exit 32
Quality: 320 kbps

Alixander Raczkowski – Too Many Times (Original Mix) 
Armand Tillett – Mind (Original Mix) 
Eddie M – Gate 4 (Original Mix)
FGTN Toys – That Way (Alex Fogo Remix)
Jay Dean – Don’t Fall Asleep (Original Mix) 
Luca M – Game Over (Original Mix)
Nu Sky – Amazoni (Original Mix)
Oscar Mula – Greenwich 88 (Original Mix) 
Oz Romita – Aruba (Original Mix) 
V.I.O – Give It 2 Them (Original Mix) 
VA - Faze DJ Set #67 Solee [DJS145INT] VA - Faze DJ Set #67 Solee [DJS145INT]
Deep House / Tech House 20-10-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Faze DJ Set #67 Solee
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
Label: dig dis! Series
Quality: 320 kbps

Aaryon – Ineffable Skies (Aemes Remix) 06:32
Aguizi & Fahim – Walking Vertical 09:07
Alyne – Ni kuanza 08:53
Beckers – Summer Lights (Ruede Hagelstein’s Late Summer Mix) 09:54
Boss Axis – Spike (Hidden Empire Remix) 06:59
Darlyn Vlys – Discovery (David Granha Remix) 06:20
Davide Randazzo – Dipping 06:54
Guy Mantzur – Blooming Fields 08:13
Jonathan Kaspar – Khaya 07:33
Musumeci – Lotus 09:26
Nikolas Noam – Thestral 06:58
Olderic – Pyramid 07:09
Solee – Amore (Solee Remix) 08:12
Solee – Infinidad 08:48
Solee – Jima (Solee Remix) 08:48
Supacooks – Aftermath 06:08
The Second Sense – Scales 11:53
Township Rebellion – Mercury 08:39
Ubbah – Fluctus 07:52
Solee – Faze DJ-Set 67 (Continuous DJ Mix) 120:31
VA - 4 To The Floor Volume 01 [FTTF001D] VA - 4 To The Floor Volume 01 [FTTF001D]
Deep House / Tech House / House 20-10-2017

Artist: VA
Title: 4 To The Floor Volume 01
Genre: House, Classic House, Deep House, Soulful House, Tech House
Label: 4 To The Floor Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance 08:33 120bpm 
After Hours – Waterfalls (3 AM mix) 05:58 120bpm 
Amira – Walk (Mousse T’s Full vocal) 08:06 123bpm 
Ben Westbeech – Falling (Deetron Paradise vocal remix) 07:44 124bpm 
Black Magic – Dance Do That Thing) (MAW mix) 07:53 125bpm 
Black Riot – A Day In The Life (Club mix) 05:31 120bpm 
Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton – Sing-A-Song (Masters At Work’s High vocal mix) 06:56 123bpm 
Cassio The Cassmaster – Getting Hot (The Newark Brick City mix) 05:59 121bpm 
Chez Damier – Can You Feel It (Steve Bug Re-dub) 07:17 125bpm 
Classixx – Into The Valley (feat Karl Dixon – Julio Bashmore remix) 05:50 123bpm 
Code 718 – Equinox (Henrik Schwarz remix) 06:08 122bpm 
Crookers – A Place In My Heart (feat Kym Mazelle) 05:18 123bpm 
Deep Zone – It’s Gonna Be Alright Help Is On The Way (feat Ceybil Jeffries – Farley & Heller’s Fire Island vocal) 10:08 124bpm 
Dennis Ferrer – How Do I Let Go (feat KT Brooks – Charles Webster Deep mix) 08:23 124bpm 
DJ Gregory – Attend 1 05:55 127bpm 
DJ Pierre – Love Trax/Love Izz 06:46 120bpm 
Eddie Fowlkes – That’s What I Think About 06:34 123bpm 
Eddie Leader & Tom Lawson – Feel For You (Boris Dlugosch remix) 07:14 120bpm 
Eli Escobar – Can’t Stop Dancing (feat Nomi Ruiz) 05:58 126bpm 
Essence – Just A Touch (Jazz Element mix) 08:23 122bpm 
Fallout – The Morning After (Sunrise mix) 08:30 121bpm 
Fonda Rae – Living In Ecstasy (The Groove mix) 07:11 123bpm 
Guti – El Solitario (Carl Craig remix) 06:15 126bpm 
Hardrive – Sindae (feat LG – Kenlou dub) 05:31 123bpm 
Ilija Rudman – In Her Eyes (feat Andre Espeut) 05:10 115bpm 
IsolA©e – Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Parts I & II) 10:38 128bpm 
Jazz-N-Groove – Keep Givin’ Me Love (Marc’s Tribe Of Lunch Pail mix) 06:18 122bpm 
Josh One – Contemplation (King Britt Funke remix) 10:10 130bpm 
Julien Jabre – Voodance 07:29 123bpm 
Lego – El Ritmo De Verdad (extended) 06:28 124bpm 
Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee – Diamond Life (feat Julie McKnight – Dance Ritual mix) 08:52 124bpm 
Michel Cleis – La Mezcla (feat Tota La Momposina – Paul Kalkbrenner remix) 09:59 123bpm 
Mike Dunn & RC Groove Project – Do You Believe (feat Ron Carroll – Dunn’s Believe U Me mix) 06:39 125bpm 
Mr G – Precious Cargo (feat Blondewearingblack – Mr G’s Out dub) 08:09 124bpm 
Mystic Bill – U Won’t C Me 07:53 120bpm 
Nick Curly – Wake Me Up (Fingers Ambient Deep mix) 10:55 120bpm 
Phuture – Inside Out (Pierre Wild Pitch mix) 08:34 125bpm 
Pipes – Crooked Love (Trevino dub) 06:30 123bpm 
Playgroup – Front 2 Back (feat KC Flightt – Todd Terry Remix Re-edit) 06:25 127bpm 
Quentin Harris – Haunted (feat Sly Scott) 07:52 125bpm 
Rachel McFarlane & Nick Hussey – Let Nothing 05:29 123bpm 
Rachel Row – Follow The Step (KiNK Beat mix) 06:02 122bpm 
Roy Davis Jr – About Love (Eats Everything Rework) 07:57 121bpm 
Sandy Rivera – Come Into My Room (feat LT Brown – Take It Back mix) 07:45 125bpm 
Seven Davis Jr – One (live edit) 06:51 127bpm 
SIS – Wurlitzer In Me 08:37 123bpm 
Soul Vision – Don’t Stop (remix) 08:07 125bpm 
Terrence Parker – Spiritual Warfare 07:20 124bpm 
The Believers – Who Dares To Believe In Me? 08:10 120bpm 
The DangerFeel Newbies – What Am I Here For? (NDATL vocal – Danny Krivit edit) 08:39 124bpm 
The Return – New Day 07:24 127bpm 
Tim Deluxe – Tryin’ Find A Way (Club mix) 07:06 124bpm 
Tom Middleton – Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles remix) 06:24 123bpm

Tech house Music, sometimes just Tech, is a subgenre of dance music that emerged in the mid 1990s. As we can see it from the name, this music trend combines elements of Techno and House. You can download and play the compositions and hits in Tech house music style on our internet-portal for free.

Peculiarities of Tech music

In general, Tech House is characterized by deep rhythmic sound, “dull” basses and harmonious “metal” beat (usually it’s 125 and 135 beats per minute). The playback speed is a bit higher, than in traditional House style, but slower, than in the most Techno styles. Here we can see some similarity with Progressive style with its “soulful” deep-beat and techno elements.

Origin of Tech House, as a genre of music, is connected to the dance tech-floors of Detroit and Great Britain. This style gained its main features in the mid 1990s in the night-clubs of England, under the patronage of such famous DJs and producers as Mr.C, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Charles Webster.

In the early 2004 in the sets of European, more often German DJs, this style started to evolve to Pumping House and Electroclash. However, thanks to some special magazines that took such experiments in good part, Tech House described itself as a genre that could fuse smoothly with other trends of electronic music and save the whole industry from stagnation.

One of the milestones in the history of Tech House is, of course, remix by D.Ramirez of the composition “Yeah Yeah”, Bodyrox, in 2006. This remix achieved success by winning Music Awards “Best Audio Mix” and getting to the second place in music charts of Great Britain. The main popularizer of Tech House are also Derrick Carter and Stacey Pullen, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Ian Pooley and DJ Ramteam.