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VA - Strght Ibiza 2018 [STRGHT009] VA - Strght Ibiza 2018 [STRGHT009]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / House 13-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Strght Ibiza 2018
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Karl Kirschmayer – Dance Me (Marc Spieler Remix) 07:17 124bpm Dmin
Heinrich & Heine – Emerald Green (Remixes) (Ming) (GER) Remix) 07:39 124bpm Amin
Ming (GER) – B – Side You (Original Mix) 09:31 123bpm Cmin
Discoschorle – Tunne (Original Mix) 07:03 123bpm Dmin
Nana K. – Move Up (Original Mix) 06:40 120bpm Dmin
Wehrle & Voigt – You Be (Original Mix) 06:12 125bpm Amin
Diesen – How I Feel (Kindred Spirits) (GER) Remix) 06:06 123bpm Gmin
Zauberakustik – Black Beauty (Original Mix) 07:36 123bpm C#min
Phaedon, Konye – Kalliope (Stereophonie Remix) 06:16 123bpm Cmaj
Swynce – Wolke 17 (Original Mix) 07:18 127bpm Fmin
Kindred Spirits (GER) – Asia (Stefan Lindenthal Remix) 05:54 122bpm Fmaj
Sergio Sanchez – Here I Am (Original Mix) 10:20 121bpm Dmin
KRBO – Bicefala (Original Mix) 05:54 122bpm Fmaj
Phable – Filter Games (Original Mix) 06:14 123bpm F#min
Twenty Pound – Machine (Original Mix) 07:44 120bpm Dmaj
Wall Brown – Break Me (Original Mix) 06:47 121bpm Amaj
Jason Philips – Believe (Original Mix) 06:03 124bpm A#min
Matthias Pippert – Don’t Want to Loose (Original Mix) 05:56 122bpm F#min
Hannes Matthiessen – Ultrafunk (Original Mix) 07:50 124bpm Dmin
Sierra Romeo – Flatcream (Original Mix) 04:56 128bpm Fmaj
VA - Underground Zone [A241] VA - Underground Zone [A241]
Tech House / Minimal / House 13-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Underground Zone
Genre: House, Afro House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Mycrazything Entertainment
Quality: 320 kbps

Alan De Laniere – Jazzy Space (Lady of Victory Mix) 05:48 124bpm Dmaj
Afro Carrib – JFK (Languez Remix) 06:11 124bpm Dmaj
Steff Corner – Hindi Techno (Original Mix) 06:43 124bpm C#min
Tribalizer – Cosmic Advice (Original Mix) 06:15 123bpm Dmin
Trax Machine – Conflict (Original Mix) 06:58 120bpm Cmaj
VA - Capital Heaven Record Box, Vol. 4 [CHLP016] VA - Capital Heaven Record Box, Vol. 4 [CHLP016]

Artist: VA
Title: Capital Heaven Record Box, Vol. 4
Genre: Progressive House, Afro House, Tech House, Techno
Label: Capital Heaven
Quality: 320 kbps

Arturo – Spacebirds (Original Mix) 07:38 125bpm D#maj
Avesalom – The Secret Doctrine (Original Mix) 06:55 123bpm Fmaj
Balance Shaker – Soul (Original Mix) 07:26 122bpm Fmin
CoMIT – Atom (Original Mix) 07:36 124bpm Dmaj
D’ Razumov – Afloat (Original Mix) 07:12 120bpm Dmin
Denny Loco – Ribbon (Espen Remix) 06:56 120bpm Dmin
Digital Mess – Fractal (Original Mix) 06:27 124bpm Dmaj
Digital Mess – Limitrophe (Original Mix) 07:28 122bpm F#min
Digital Mess – Save Me (Dario Dea & Sev Dub) 07:20 122bpm Dmin
Dole & Kom – Rekon (Echo Babylon Remix) 08:33 122bpm Gmaj
Dre’ – Balkan (Original Mix) 06:59 124bpm D#min
Dre’ – Ghar Lapsi (Original Mix) 07:42 122bpm F#min
Drug4u – Juliette (Original Mix) 07:44 124bpm Emaj
Echo Babylon – Twisted Sister (Denny Loco Remix) 07:40 123bpm D#maj
Framewerk – Da Bull (Original Mix) 07:27 125bpm G#min
Framewerk – Robot Funk (Phuture Phunk Remix) 08:21 124bpm Amin
GC System – Flames and the Storm (Original Mix) 08:23 122bpm Emaj
Jorgio Kioris – Gambol (Original Mix) 07:56 122bpm Cmin
Miguel A.F. – Hidden Trees (Original Mix) 08:56 120bpm Dmaj
Nick Lampos – Enlightened (Original Mix) 05:38 120bpm Fmaj
nofilter – Sacramentum (Original Mix) 07:13 124bpm Emaj
Nous – Molem (Original Mix) 08:19 120bpm Emin
Owlman – Wake Up (Original Mix) 08:11 125bpm Amin
Parovoy – You Say (Original Mix) 07:20 122bpm D#maj
Reyul Mather – Always Climb Up (Original Mix) 07:26 122bpm Emaj
Romrez – Acid Sun (Framewerk Remix) 07:25 121bpm Gmin
Teiko Yume – Earthlings (Original Mix) 07:54 122bpm Dmaj
Vily Vinilo – One Tear (Original Mix) 06:27 124bpm Gmin
VISION-D – Aghast (Original Mix) 07:21 122bpm Amin
Willscape – Soma (Original Mix) 08:04 121bpm Fmin
VA - Ibiza Underground 2018 [VAMSAMP076] VA - Ibiza Underground 2018 [VAMSAMP076]
Tech House / House 13-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza Underground 2018
Genre: House, Tech House
Label: Vamos Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Jeremy Bass – Los Chicos Del Coro (Dvit Bousa & Rio Dela Duna Remix) 06:41 125bpm Bmin
Diego Broggio, Gaty Lopez, Castaman – You Got It (Original Mix) 04:58 124bpm Amin
Roby Loco – Underground (Original Mix) 04:59 123bpm Dmin
Ozzie London – Albricias feat. Brijow (Dj Burlak Remix) 06:35 122bpm Cmin
Walter Vooys – Harlem House Folks (Original Mix) 05:42 124bpm G#min
Raul Soto, SilverFox – El Fuego (Original Mix) 05:41 123bpm Dmaj
Haipa – My Body (Original Mix) 04:45 124bpm Amaj
Roondabit – Get Enough (Original Mix) 05:48 123bpm Gmin
Coqui Selection – The Greatest (Original Mix) 08:26 125bpm D#maj
The B!tchbusters – Porky College (Original Mix) 05:09 126bpm C#min
Popof, Stefano Kosa – Synaptic [DPE1505] Popof, Stefano Kosa – Synaptic [DPE1505]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist: Popof, Stefano Kosa
Title: Synaptic
Genre: Tech House
Label: Deeperfect Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Popof, Stefano Kosa – Synaptic (Original Mix) (7:28)
Popof, Stefano Kosa – Mobile Beats (Original Mix) (6:20)
Kreature – Marbles EP [MHD042] Kreature – Marbles EP [MHD042]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist: Kreature
Title: Marbles EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Moon Harbour Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Kreature – Marbles (Original Mix) (5:23)
Kreature – Floot (Original Mix) (6:27), Gunman – The Voice / The Groove [MFFMUSIC042], Gunman – The Voice / The Groove [MFFMUSIC042]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist:, Gunman
Title: The Voice / The Groove
Genre: Tech House
Label: My Favourite Freaks Music
Quality: 320 kbps, Gunman – The Voice (Original Mix) (6:13), Gunman – The Groove (Original Mix) (8:55)
Ben Remember – Bubieno EP [TOOL70301Z] Ben Remember – Bubieno EP [TOOL70301Z]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist: Ben Remember
Title: Bubieno EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Toolroom
Quality: 320 kbps

Ben Remember – Bubieno (Original Mix) (6:19)
Ben Remember – Mino (Original Mix) (6:25)
Leigh Taurean – Sound On [SLEAZYG067] Leigh Taurean – Sound On [SLEAZYG067]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist: Leigh Taurean
Title: Sound On
Genre: House, Tech House
Label: Sleazy G
Quality: 320 kbps

Leigh Taurean – Sound On (Original Mix) (5:26)
Leigh Taurean – Sound On (Gvrl Remix) (6:33)
Latmun – Utopia EP [RPM037] Latmun – Utopia EP [RPM037]
Music / Tech House 12-08-2018

Artist: Latmun
Title: Utopia EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Repopulate Mar
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Latmun – Utopia (Original Mix) (5:58)
2. Latmun – Passion (Original Mix) (5:42)
3. Latmun – Summer Starter (Original Mix) (6:24)

Tech house Music, sometimes just Tech, is a subgenre of dance music that emerged in the mid 1990s. As we can see it from the name, this music trend combines elements of Techno and House. You can download and play the compositions and hits in Tech house music style on our internet-portal for free.

Peculiarities of Tech music

In general, Tech House is characterized by deep rhythmic sound, “dull” basses and harmonious “metal” beat (usually it’s 125 and 135 beats per minute). The playback speed is a bit higher, than in traditional House style, but slower, than in the most Techno styles. Here we can see some similarity with Progressive style with its “soulful” deep-beat and techno elements.

Origin of Tech House, as a genre of music, is connected to the dance tech-floors of Detroit and Great Britain. This style gained its main features in the mid 1990s in the night-clubs of England, under the patronage of such famous DJs and producers as Mr.C, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Charles Webster.

In the early 2004 in the sets of European, more often German DJs, this style started to evolve to Pumping House and Electroclash. However, thanks to some special magazines that took such experiments in good part, Tech House described itself as a genre that could fuse smoothly with other trends of electronic music and save the whole industry from stagnation.

One of the milestones in the history of Tech House is, of course, remix by D.Ramirez of the composition “Yeah Yeah”, Bodyrox, in 2006. This remix achieved success by winning Music Awards “Best Audio Mix” and getting to the second place in music charts of Great Britain. The main popularizer of Tech House are also Derrick Carter and Stacey Pullen, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Ian Pooley and DJ Ramteam.