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Patrice Baumel April Chart 2017 Patrice Baumel April Chart 2017
Artist: VA
Title: Patrice Baumel April Chart 2017
Genre: Techno, Leftfield House & Techno, Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Clark – Butterfly Prowler (Original Mix) (04:27) 131bpm A#min Warp Records
02. Tobias. – Eyes In The Center (Original Mix) (05:09) 124bpm Dmin Ostgut Ton
03. Damian Lazarus, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – I Found You (Patrice Baumel Remix) (07:32) 122bpm A#min Crosstown Rebels
04. Klangstof – Hostage (Sasha Remix) (09:50) 124bpm Cmaj Mind of a Genius/Warner Bros.
05. Barker & Baumecker – Noctural (Original Mix) (08:59) 128bpm Cmin Ostgut Ton
06. Masaya (CH) – Borderline (Patrice Baumel Edition) (07:04) 124bpm Gmin Chapter 24 Records
07. Forest Drive West – Scanners (Original Mix) (07:26) 127bpm Gmin Livity Sound Recordings
08. Tiefschwarz, Ruede Hagelstein – Jetlag (Original Mix) (09:04) 123bpm Gmin Bedrock Records
09. nthng – Touches (Original Mix) (06:08) 152bpm Amin Lobster Theremin
10. Khen – Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix) (07:19) 124bpm Dmin Lost & Found
Gene Farris In My Zone Chart 2017 Gene Farris In My Zone Chart 2017
Tech House / Dj Charts 25-04-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Gene Farris In My Zone Chart 2017
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Mihalis Safras, Gene Farris – My Zone (Original Mix) (06:26) 124bpm Bmin Relief
02. Mihalis Safras, Gene Farris – Aliens (Original Mix) (06:54) 125bpm Amin Relief
03. Gene Farris – Feel What I Feel (Original Mix) (06:52) 124bpm Amaj Farris Wheel Recordings
04. Gene Farris – Higher Ground (Latmun Remix) (06:27) 124bpm Dmaj Material
05. Leftwing, Kody – Malinke (Original Mix) (06:25) 126bpm F#min Relief
06. CamelPhat – Hangin Out With Charlie (Original Mix) (06:22) 123bpm Amin Relief
07. Dennis Cruz – Mad (Original Mix) (06:35) 123bpm Amin Stereo Productions
08. Sonny Fodera – Set Me Free (Original Mix) (05:32) 124bpm Amin AARRIVAL
09. Anthony Attalla – Junoverse (06:35) 124bpm Dmaj Twisted Fusion
10. Mark Knight, Rene Amesz, Green Velvet – Live Stream (Original Mix) (06:42) 122bpm F#min Toolroom
Francesca Lombardo EXO Chart 2017 Francesca Lombardo EXO Chart 2017
Tech House / Techno / Minimal / House / Dj Charts 25-04-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Francesca Lombardo EXO Chart 2017
Genre: House, Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Leftfield House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Lawrence – Clouds&arrows (Roman Flugel Remix) (07:54) 125bpm Fmaj Mule Musiq
02. Francesca Lombardo – Remembrance (Cassy Remix) (08:15) 125bpm Amin Echoe
03. Livio & Roby – Electricity Reshape (Original Mix) (08:00) 128bpm Dmin Vakant
04. Santorini – Back from the Middle (Original Mix) (07:29) 123bpm Dmin Global Ritmico Sessions
05. The Mekanism – What (Original Mix) (05:40) 124bpm Gmin Play It Say It
06. Masomenos – Chemtrails (Original Mix) (07:45) 115bpm A#min Welcome To Masomenos (WTM)
07. M.A.N.D.Y. – Put Put Put (John Tejada Remix) (05:20) 128bpm Bmin City Noises
08. Isolee – Pisco (Original Mix) (07:45) 120bpm Fmaj Maeve
09. Alen Sforzina, Pig&Dan – Rhinoceros (Remix) (09:21) 130bpm Cmaj Dmom
10. Aquarell – Roots & Culture (Jackie Misfit Remix) (07:52) 124bpm Dmaj Echolette Records
VA - Black & Purple: Miami WMC 2K17 VA - Black & Purple: Miami WMC 2K17
Tech House / Minimal 25-04-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Black & Purple: Miami WMC 2K17
Genre: Minimal / Tech House
Label: Black & Purple Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Oscar L – Mother Funker
02. Lissat & Voltaxx – Hold Me Close
03. David Herrero – What (Juan Ddd remix)
04. Lutzenkirchen – Round & Juicy (Alessan Main remix)
05. Zenbi – Kubwa (Ron Costa remix)
06. Seeward – Musica (Hassio (COL) Raw remix)
07. DJ PP & Alone – Nitnelav
08. Dave Sanz – El Espanol
09. DJ Fronter – Hipnotic (Siwark & Hassio remix)
10. Enzo Tucci – Thirty Two
11. Mike Ivy & Dave Rose – Everybody
12. Corvin Dalek – Asyl For The Truth
13. Stefano Kosa – Rules
14. Fat Cat – Seven 7
15. Spartaque – Borderline
16. Enzo Tucci – Somebody
17. Sandro Beninati – Alemana
18. Francesco Dinoia – Filter Rack
19. Matt McLarrie – African Drum Machine
20. Skymate, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. – Underground Sound
Get Physical Presents Rewind 2017, Pt. 1 [GPMCD170] Get Physical Presents Rewind 2017, Pt. 1 [GPMCD170]
Deep House / Tech House 25-04-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Get Physical Presents Rewind 2017, Pt. 1
Genre: Tech House/Deep House
Label: Get Physical Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Aero Manyelo - Mooki (Original Mix)
Andre Salata - Magnetism (Original Mix)
DJ T., Lazarusman, DJ T. & Lazarusman - Wake up (Original Mix)
Louie Fresco, Gabriel Sordo - JusLa (Original Mix)
M.A.N.D.Y. - Whisper feat. BAM (Dubspeeka Version)
Nick Maurer, German Brigante - Next Level (Original Mix)
Reboot - Pollo Al Sillao (ANNA Remix)
reno wurzbacher - house is...
Roland Clark - What the Fk (Santé Remix)
Roland Leesker - Bones (Lessnoise Remix)
Ryan Murgatroyd - Kanna
WhoMadeWho - Hi & Low (Maook Remix)

Textures & Layes Vol. 1 [MLD064] Textures & Layes Vol. 1 [MLD064]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno 25-04-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Textures & Layes Vol. 1 
Genre: Deep Tech / Tech House / Techno
Label: My Little Dog
Quality: 320 kbps

5prite - 1989 (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax Club Mix)
CL-ljud - Microbiological
Daniele Kama - Coca Negra
Dj Vitto - Drop It Down Low
Own.Way - Everybody

Disaia - Posedis EP [KST060] Disaia - Posedis EP [KST060]
Music / Tech House 25-04-2017

Artist: Disaia
Title: Posedis EP 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Kassette Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Disaia - Five Hours (Original Mix)
Disaia - Posedis (Original Mix)
Die Vogelperspektive - Penguins in the Park EP [WHHA130] Die Vogelperspektive - Penguins in the Park EP [WHHA130]
Music / Tech House 25-04-2017

Artist: Die Vogelperspektive 
Title: Penguins in the Park EP
Genre: Tech House 
Label: What Happens
Quality: 320 kbps

Die Vogelperspektive - Penguins in the Park (Original Mix)
Die Vogelperspektive - Polar Gangster (Original Mix)

Lexlay - Peak a Boo [EAB017] Lexlay - Peak a Boo [EAB017]
Music / Tech House 25-04-2017

Artist: Lexlay 
Title: Peak a Boo 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Eat and Beat
Quality: 320 kbps

Lexlay - Fist Up (Original Mix)
Lexlay - Peak a Boo (Original Mix)

Roland Clark, Simion - Chicago [SNATCH085] Roland Clark, Simion - Chicago [SNATCH085]
Music / Tech House 25-04-2017

Artist: Roland Clark, Simion 
Title: Chicago
Genre: Tech House 
Label: Snatch! Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Roland Clark, Simion - Chicago (Latmun Remix)
Roland Clark, Simion - Chicago (Original Mix)

Tech house Music, sometimes just Tech, is a subgenre of dance music that emerged in the mid 1990s. As we can see it from the name, this music trend combines elements of Techno and House. You can download and play the compositions and hits in Tech house music style on our internet-portal for free.

Peculiarities of Tech music

In general, Tech House is characterized by deep rhythmic sound, “dull” basses and harmonious “metal” beat (usually it’s 125 and 135 beats per minute). The playback speed is a bit higher, than in traditional House style, but slower, than in the most Techno styles. Here we can see some similarity with Progressive style with its “soulful” deep-beat and techno elements.

Origin of Tech House, as a genre of music, is connected to the dance tech-floors of Detroit and Great Britain. This style gained its main features in the mid 1990s in the night-clubs of England, under the patronage of such famous DJs and producers as Mr.C, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Charles Webster.

In the early 2004 in the sets of European, more often German DJs, this style started to evolve to Pumping House and Electroclash. However, thanks to some special magazines that took such experiments in good part, Tech House described itself as a genre that could fuse smoothly with other trends of electronic music and save the whole industry from stagnation.

One of the milestones in the history of Tech House is, of course, remix by D.Ramirez of the composition “Yeah Yeah”, Bodyrox, in 2006. This remix achieved success by winning Music Awards “Best Audio Mix” and getting to the second place in music charts of Great Britain. The main popularizer of Tech House are also Derrick Carter and Stacey Pullen, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Ian Pooley and DJ Ramteam.