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Green Velvet & Riva Starr – False Claim [SNATCH115] Green Velvet & Riva Starr – False Claim [SNATCH115]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 13:29

Artist: Green Velvet & Riva Starr
Title: False Claim
Label: Snatch!
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Green Velvet & Riva Starr – False Claim (Original Mix) 6:07
Green Velvet & Riva Starr – Viniz Is 5 (Original Mix) 6:40

Shigaki, Marzzano, Ingroove – Losing Myself [TTR002] Shigaki, Marzzano, Ingroove – Losing Myself [TTR002]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 13:24

Artist: Shigaki, Marzzano, Ingroove
Title: Losing Myself
Genre: Tech House
Label: Taturana Records
Quality: 320kbps

Shigaki, Marzzano, Ingroove – Losing Myself (GIOC Remix) 6:13 /125bpm/ D#min
Shigaki, Marzzano, Ingroove – Losing Myself (Original Mix) 6:15 /123bpm/ A#min
VA - Ibiza Sensations [CHRC038] VA - Ibiza Sensations [CHRC038]
Tech House / Minimal Yesterday, 13:20

Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza Sensations
Genre: Tech House/Minimal
Label: CrackHouse Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Arthur Martinelli – My Groove (Original Mix) 5:48 /128bpm/ Amin
Aseem – Timeless (Remix) 6:58 /120bpm/ Fmaj
Daniel Cuda – Revolution (Original Mix) 5:01 /125bpm/ Amin
David Caetano – Any Pleasure (Dave M.Sanchez Remix) 7:27 /121bpm/ Dmin
DJ Face Off – Vis (Original Mix) 6:24 /125bpm/ Dmin
DJ VKTR – The Beat (Original Mix) 6:19 /124bpm/ Gmin
GIVART – Agony (Original Mix) 7:02 /124bpm/ F#min
Groove Salvation – Rooftop (Vincenzo Tedesco Remix) 8:23 /123bpm/ D#maj
Harre – GrooveStreet (Original Mix) 6:43 /123bpm/ Bmin
HOOD (PE) – Keep The Beat Rockin’ (Original Mix) 7:15 /124bpm/ Amin
Intec – Skill Beer (Original Mix) 6:31 /125bpm/ Cmin
Kiko Losa – Tom Tom (Original Mix) 6:46 /124bpm/ Bmin
Kit Mason – Whispers (Original Mix) 7:12 /125bpm/ D#min
Liteweb – Nite Sand (Original Mix) 6:11 /124bpm/ Cmin
Marco Feel – The First Time (Original Mix) 6:41 /122bpm/ Dmin
Mavimusic – Clap Dance (Original Mix) 6:31 /125bpm/ Dmin
Max Hawkins – Dirty House (Original Mix) 6:16 /125bpm/ C#min
Melvin Reese – This Time Around (Original Mix) 6:02 /122bpm/ Emin
Nelson Reis – Release (Original Mix) 6:18 /127bpm/ Amin
Noise Tribe – Breaking The News (Original Mix) 6:16 /125bpm/ Cmin
NRKY & Numbers – Liquid Metal Man (Original Mix) 8:08 /123bpm/ Amin
Ntemos – Work.Consume.Die (Original Mix) 7:20 /122bpm/ Amin
Oner Zeynel, Eduardo Duka – Right (Original Mix) 6:26 /123bpm/ Fmaj
Puls’em – Perc and Ride (David Caetano Remix) 6:58 /124bpm/ Amin
Reno Allen – Mass Damage (Original Mix) 7:20 /124bpm/ Cmin
Staniz – Essential (Original Mix) 6:25 /122bpm/ A#min
Vazdra – La Atipica (Original Mix) 6:19 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Viktor I. – Running (Original Mix) 7:04 /125bpm/ Bmin
Dipà – Hot Shot EP [TLP081] Dipà – Hot Shot EP [TLP081]
Tech House / Minimal Yesterday, 13:19

Artist: Dipà
Title: Hot Shot EP
Genre: Tech House/Minimal
Label: Tulipe Records
Quality: 320kbps

Dipà – Doubleface (Giuseppe Fusco Remix) 5:40 /124bpm/ Amin
Dipà – Doubleface (Original Mix) 6:20 /124bpm/ G#min
Dipà – Hot Shot (Dub Mix) 6:45 /124bpm/ Emin
Dipà – Hot Shot (Marco Corcella Remix) 6:20 /124bpm/ Amin
Dipà – Hot Shot (Original Mix) 6:45 /124bpm/ Fmin
Sinner & James – Baby It’s U [CAT223639] Sinner & James – Baby It’s U [CAT223639]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 13:15

Artist: Sinner & James
Title: Baby It’s U
Genre: Tech House
Label: Delicious Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Sinner & James – Baby Its U (Original Mix) 6:28 /124bpm/ Amin
Sinner & James – Good Time (Original Mix) 6:39 /124bpm/ Amin
Marcelo de Almeida – Primavera EP [PR2018420] Marcelo de Almeida – Primavera EP [PR2018420]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 13:13

Artist: Marcelo de Almeida
Title: Primavera EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Piston Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Marcelo de Almeida – 18 Horas (Original Mix) 6:01 /124bpm/ Dmin
Marcelo de Almeida – Confessa (Original Mix) 7:16 /124bpm/ Amaj
Marcelo de Almeida – Primavera (Original Mix) 6:27 /124bpm/ Amin

JLeonel, Javitoh – And Shake [SL0143] JLeonel, Javitoh – And Shake [SL0143]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 13:11

Artist: JLeonel, Javitoh
Title: And Shake
Genre: Tech House
Label: Sousa-Label
Quality: 320kbps

JLeonel, Javitoh – And Shake (Original Mix) 6:14 /124bpm/ Bmin
JLeonel, Javitoh – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) 6:12 /124bpm/ Amaj
JLeonel, Javitoh – Give In Bass (Original Mix) 6:12 /125bpm/ Amin
SpexJam - Do It EP [SBD145] SpexJam - Do It EP [SBD145]
Tech House / Techno 18-07-2018

Artist: SpexJam 
Title: Do It EP
Genre: Tech House / Techno
Label: Snake Beat
Quality: 320 kbps

SpexJam - Do It (Original Mix)
SpexJam - Work It (Original Mix)
SpexJam - You Know Me (Original Mix)

Luca Lento - Get Snaked EP [SWM0082] Luca Lento - Get Snaked EP [SWM0082]
Music / Tech House 18-07-2018

Artist: Luca Lento 
Title: Get Snaked EP 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Sweet Milk Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Luca Lento - Get Snaked (Original Mix)
Luca Lento - Get Snaked (Paul Cart Remix)
Luca Lento - The Goers (Neshga Remix)
Luca Lento - The Goers (Original Mix)

Undercolors - Scooters EP [RDM167] Undercolors - Scooters EP [RDM167]
Tech House / House 18-07-2018
Artist: Undercolors
Title: Scooters EP
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Red Drum Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Undercolors - Elegance (Original Mix)
Undercolors - Scooters (Original Mix)
Undercolors - Sound Of Hell (Original Mix)

Tech house Music, sometimes just Tech, is a subgenre of dance music that emerged in the mid 1990s. As we can see it from the name, this music trend combines elements of Techno and House. You can download and play the compositions and hits in Tech house music style on our internet-portal for free.

Peculiarities of Tech music

In general, Tech House is characterized by deep rhythmic sound, “dull” basses and harmonious “metal” beat (usually it’s 125 and 135 beats per minute). The playback speed is a bit higher, than in traditional House style, but slower, than in the most Techno styles. Here we can see some similarity with Progressive style with its “soulful” deep-beat and techno elements.

Origin of Tech House, as a genre of music, is connected to the dance tech-floors of Detroit and Great Britain. This style gained its main features in the mid 1990s in the night-clubs of England, under the patronage of such famous DJs and producers as Mr.C, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Charles Webster.

In the early 2004 in the sets of European, more often German DJs, this style started to evolve to Pumping House and Electroclash. However, thanks to some special magazines that took such experiments in good part, Tech House described itself as a genre that could fuse smoothly with other trends of electronic music and save the whole industry from stagnation.

One of the milestones in the history of Tech House is, of course, remix by D.Ramirez of the composition “Yeah Yeah”, Bodyrox, in 2006. This remix achieved success by winning Music Awards “Best Audio Mix” and getting to the second place in music charts of Great Britain. The main popularizer of Tech House are also Derrick Carter and Stacey Pullen, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Ian Pooley and DJ Ramteam.