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Motivee – Grooving Block / Disco Beat [MOOVED022] Motivee – Grooving Block / Disco Beat [MOOVED022]
Music / Tech House 13-06-2018

Artist: Motivee
Title: Grooving Block / Disco Beat
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Motivee – Grooving Block (Original Mix) 6:10 /0bpm/ Gmaj
Motivee – Disco Beat (Original Mix) 6:02 /122bpm/ Fmaj
Kassier – Icon [WLR064] Kassier – Icon [WLR064]
Music / Tech House 13-06-2018

Artist: Kassier
Title: Icon
Genre: Tech House
Label: Welcome! Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Kassier – Icon (Original Mix) 7:44 /124bpm/ Dmin
Kassier – Poison Arrow (Original Mix) 7:36 /124bpm/ Amin
VA – Sasha – Fabric 99 [FABRIC197] VA – Sasha – Fabric 99 [FABRIC197]
Deep House / Tech House 13-06-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Sasha – Fabric 99
Label: Fabric
Genre: Deep House/Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

01a – Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes (Ambient Acapella)
01b – Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix)
02. Marbert Rocel – I Wanna (Heitzberg Theorem Club Edit)
03. Kora (CA) – Ovo
04. Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe
05a – Indigo – Sunrise
05b – Close – My Way (feat. Joe Dukie)
06. DJ Hell – Guede (Joyce Muniz Terror + Natur Remix)
07. Ghosts On Tape – Nature’s Law (Jus-Ed Remix)
08. Whitesquare – Abraxas
09. Crowdpleaser – After Rhône 2013
10. Exercise One & Mathew Jonson – Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd
11. Sasha – Smoke Monk (Fabric Mix)
12. Objekt – Needle & Thread
13. Jono Ma & Dreems – A Love Trance Mission From NK To 7s
14. Efdemin – Acid Bells (DJ Koze Mix)
16. Carl Craig – At Les (Antigone Remix) (feat. Francesco Tristano, Les Siècles & François-Xavier Roth)
17. Baile – Amae (Sasha Fabric1999 Remix) (feat. Felicia Douglass)
FormatB – Humpy & Crumpy EP [FMKDIGI055] FormatB – Humpy & Crumpy EP [FMKDIGI055]
Music / Tech House 13-06-2018

Artist: Format:B
Title: Humpy & Crumpy EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Formatik
Quality: 320kbps

Format:B – Crumpy (Original) 5:33 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Format:B – Humpy (Original) 6:54 /125bpm/ Gmaj
OXIA Reset To Zero Chart OXIA Reset To Zero Chart

Artist: VA
Title: OXIA Reset To Zero Chart
Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, House
Quality: 320 kbps

dOP - A Night in Sausalito (Deetron Remix)
Oxia - Sydmel (Original Mix)
Circle Sky - The Light (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
Doc Martin, Joeski - Loveland feat. Lillia (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Oxia - Reset (Original Mix)
Joey Daniel, Eder Alvarez - Trippy Phase (WAFF Remix)
Oliver Schories - Relief (Gorge Remix)
La Fleur - Outbreaker (Original)
Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo - Raindrops (Original Mix)
Oscar L - Monster Tube (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo Summer Heat Chart Franky Rizardo Summer Heat Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Franky Rizardo Summer Heat Chart
Genre: Tech House, Afro House, House, Deep House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Leftfield House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Franky Rizardo - Tempo (Original Mix)
Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r - Argul (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo - I'm Feelin (Original Mix)
Johnny Fiasco - Kalimba (Original Mix)
DJ Senior Vasquez - Don't Touch the Ground (Original Mix)
J.C. - Vertigo (Original Mix)
Max Chapman - Body Jack (Get My Swerve On) (Franky Rizardo Remix)
Sinfol - Exhale (Original Mix)
Ben Sterling - Ciao (Original Mix)
Franky Rizardo - Revoke (Original Mix)
DJ Cream - Down With The Bass (Original Mix)
Fabio Genito - The Deepness (Drums)
Paco Wegmann - Yakuza (Original Mix)
Skinnybit - Give It Up (Original Mix)
Rhoowax, Iglesias - Keep On Dancin' (Original Mix)
Ray Okpara charts 080618 Ray Okpara charts 080618

Artist: VA
Title: Ray Okpara charts 080618
Genre: House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Christopher Lawrenz - Latin Sol (Luca Doobie Remix)
Ray Okpara - Kuta (Original Mix)
Rui Da Silva, Missing Beats - Kismet_tool_9 (Original Mix)
Ray Okpara - Tough Flang (Original Mix)
Ray Okpara, Bunte Bummler - Now (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrenz - So Dia (Original Mix)
David Gtronic - Effugere (Rich NXT Remix)
Marko Nastic - Structure (Original Mix)
Mobius Strum - Pampa Liberiana (Original Mix)
Armand Van Helden - Flowerz feat. Roland Clark (Original Mix)
David Keno 5 Years Mother Recordings Chart David Keno 5 Years Mother Recordings Chart

Artist: VA
Title: David Keno 5 Years Mother Recordings Chart
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, House
Quality: 320 kbps

David Keno - Moonshine (Original Mix)
Simion - Feeling Good (Original Mix)
David Keno - Don´t Stop (Original Mix)
Mat.Joe - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
David Keno - Ananas (Original Mix)
Dilby - Kickin It (Original Mix)
David Keno - Youth (Original Mix)
Nhan Solo - Tell You (Original Mix)
Superlover - Dynamite (Original Mix)
Robosonic - Icke Und Sie (Original Mix)
Marian Mueller, Erlenbrunn - Black Out Sun [TTPD051] Marian Mueller, Erlenbrunn - Black Out Sun [TTPD051]
Tech House / Minimal 13-06-2018

Artist: Marian Mueller, Erlenbrunn
Title: Black Out Sun
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Twin Town Productions
Quality: 320 kbps

Marian Mueller, Erlenbrunn - Black Out Sun (Original Mix)
Marian Mueller, Erlenbrunn - Black Out Sun (Radio L.S.D.)
M!NT - Derek Foreal [OI0011] M!NT - Derek Foreal [OI0011]
Music / Tech House 13-06-2018

Artist: M!NT
Title: Derek Foreal
Genre: Tech House
Label: Outside In Records
Quality: 320 kbps

M!NT - Derek Foreal (Original Mix)

Tech house Music, sometimes just Tech, is a subgenre of dance music that emerged in the mid 1990s. As we can see it from the name, this music trend combines elements of Techno and House. You can download and play the compositions and hits in Tech house music style on our internet-portal for free.

Peculiarities of Tech music

In general, Tech House is characterized by deep rhythmic sound, “dull” basses and harmonious “metal” beat (usually it’s 125 and 135 beats per minute). The playback speed is a bit higher, than in traditional House style, but slower, than in the most Techno styles. Here we can see some similarity with Progressive style with its “soulful” deep-beat and techno elements.

Origin of Tech House, as a genre of music, is connected to the dance tech-floors of Detroit and Great Britain. This style gained its main features in the mid 1990s in the night-clubs of England, under the patronage of such famous DJs and producers as Mr.C, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Charles Webster.

In the early 2004 in the sets of European, more often German DJs, this style started to evolve to Pumping House and Electroclash. However, thanks to some special magazines that took such experiments in good part, Tech House described itself as a genre that could fuse smoothly with other trends of electronic music and save the whole industry from stagnation.

One of the milestones in the history of Tech House is, of course, remix by D.Ramirez of the composition “Yeah Yeah”, Bodyrox, in 2006. This remix achieved success by winning Music Awards “Best Audio Mix” and getting to the second place in music charts of Great Britain. The main popularizer of Tech House are also Derrick Carter and Stacey Pullen, Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler, Ian Pooley and DJ Ramteam.