Smutty and Funky, KBG – Hear On It EP [NFU158]
Music / Tech House 21-04-2016
Smutty and Funky, KBG – Hear On It EP [NFU158]

Artist: Smutty and Funky, KBG 
Title: Hear On It EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Not For Us Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Smutty and Funky, KBG – Hear On It (Original Mix) 
Smutty and Funky, KBG – Hear On It (Pandeo Remix)
Smutty and Funky, KBG – Hear On It (Red Weeller Remix) 

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Chiqito – Get Funky EP [FWR014] Chiqito – Get Funky EP [FWR014]
Music / Tech House 9-01-2016

Artist: Chiqito 
Title: Get Funky EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Forest Walker Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Chiqito – Get Funky (Original Mix)
Chiqito – Chiicks Cheecks (Original Mix)
Chiqito – Funk With Ya Brain (Original Mix)
VA - Best For Us 2015 [NFU150] VA - Best For Us 2015 [NFU150]
Deep House / Tech House 7-01-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Best For Us 2015 
Genre: Tech House / Deep House 
Label: Not For Us Records 
Quality: 320 kbps
A.Rossa – Take U Back (Original Mix) 
Axel K – GAG (Original Mix) 
Blurred – Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
BOK – De Miedo (Original Mix)
Caoak – Hold (Original Mix) 
Darocha – Deep Space (Original Mix) 
Diamn, Alternative Kasual – How Deeper (Original Mix) 
Dlc – Coffee (Original Mix)
Freed52 – Tunguska Flange (Casari Remix)
Gabriel Boni – Shake (Original Mix) 
Gabriel Carminatti – Feel Sensation (Original Mix) 
GIOC – Dirty Mind (Original Mix)
Hassio, Siwark – El Canto (Original Mix) 
Hector Moran – Shake The Apps (Original Mix) 
John Rise – Anubis (Original Mix)
Juan Ojeda – State 2 State (Original Mix) 
Kleber – Slaved (Original Mix) 
Lino & Manu – Hard Luck (Original Mix)
Lucas Arr – Pooler (Original Mix) 
Luna Ludmila – A Few More Hours (Original Mix)
Lyand – Primal (Original Mix) 
Lyand – Xone (Wender A., Rods Novaes Remix) 
Matteo Papacchioli – Andromeda (Umberto Pagliaroli Remix) 
Matteo Papacchioli – Andromeda (Wender A., Rods Novaes Dub Remix)
Millidiu – Scratcher (Original Mix)
Nepemora, Steven Gonlop – All That Matter (Original Mix)
Nik Ros – No Sleep (Wender A., Rods Novaes Remix) 
Nodek – Life won’t wait (Original Mix) 
Outway – You Know (Original Mix) 
Pandeo – Party Time (Original Mix) 
Rods Novaes, Wender A. – Esculacho (The Midnight Perverts & Delator Remix) 
Seeward – Sibilio (Original Mix)
Simone Burrini – Bitter Sweet (Smutty and Funky Remix) 
Simone Burrini – XL Low (Original Mix) 
Stark D – Spread Love (Original Mix)
Stival – Cheater (Dakar Carvalho Remix) 
Stival – Cheater (Original Mix)
Talash – Around You (Original Mix) 
Thule – Madafaca Nois (Kenny Ground Remix) 
Wender A., Rods Novaes – Esculacho (Raffa FL Remix) 
Hysteric Ego - Get Funky [DMOT041] Hysteric Ego - Get Funky [DMOT041]
Music / Tech House 30-11-2015

Artist: Hysteric Ego 
Title: Get Funky 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Deep Motion
Quality: 320 kbps

Hysteric Ego - Get Funky (Original)
Funky Fat - Funky Fat Remixes 1 Funky Fat - Funky Fat Remixes 1

Artist: Funky Fat 
Title: Funky Fat Remixes 1
Genre: Deep House / Nu Disco / Tech House
Label: Ganza powered by Skol Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Funky Fat - Gimme (Marcato & Tiny Toon Remix)
Funky Fat, Gabe - Gimme (Gabe Remix)
Funky Fat, Volkoder - Gimme (Volkoder Remix)

Greg. - Funky Beat [10092510] Greg. - Funky Beat [10092510]
Tech House / House 3-08-2015

Artist: Greg.
Title: Funky Beat
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Datenbits Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Greg. - Funky Beat (Original Mix)
Greg., Volodey - Funky Beat (Volodey Remix)
Roma KANT - Funky Beat [PR098] Roma KANT - Funky Beat [PR098]
Music / Tech House 21-07-2015
Artist: Roma KANT 
Title: Funky Beat
Genre: Tech House
Label: Prospection Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Roma KANT - Funky Beat (Original Mix)