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Poolside Miami 2017 Supercomps SUPERC365E Poolside Miami 2017 Supercomps SUPERC365E
Music / Progressive House 14-03-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Poolside Miami 2017 Supercomps SUPERC365E
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Supercomps
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Tritonal – Getaway (feat Angel Taylor – Jengi Beats remix) (03:40)
2. No Way Back – Minute (feat Sophia Black – extended mix) (04:22)
3. Diversion – Momentum (extended mix) (06:58)
4. Corderoy – Touch Your Face (extended mix) (04:48)
5. Audien – Eleven Eleven (extended mix) (07:48)
6. Tritonal, Ross Lynch & R5 – I Feel The Love (extended mix) (03:33)
7. Matt Fax – Circles (extended mix) (08:38)
8. Thomas Hayes – Show Me What It Feels Like (extended mix) (04:13)
9. LEVV – Collateral Damage (extended mix) (05:35)
10. LTN – Illusions (feat Nina Carr – Barzek remix) (06:37)
11. Axis – Over You (extended mix) (06:09)
12. Mangal Suvarnan – Long Way From Home (feat Dhanusha Gokul – extended mix) (06:05)
13. Juventa – Burning Sun (extended mix) (03:09)
14. Tritonal & Jenaux – Broken (feat Adam Lambert – Louis Vivet remix) (04:07)
15. Cuebrick & APEK – Safe (feat Linney – Aniello & Sodeep’s FTM remix) (04:15)
16. Noah Neiman – Make It So Good (extended mix) (04:18)
17. Diversion & Jennifer Rene – Wishing (extended mix) (07:09)
18. Eleven Fly & March 13 – Day Dream (extended mix) (05:43)
19. Juventa – Nothing But Less Than Three (extended mix) (07:03)
20. Jaco & Ease – Holding On (feat Lokka Vox – extended mix) (04:37)
21. Codeko – Afterglow (feat Ashton Palmer – extended mix) (05:05)
22. Matt Fax – Horizon (extended mix) (08:31)
23. Noah Neiman – Gasoline (feat Matthew Steeper – extended mix) (04:51)
24. Sollito & Seawayz – Alkyne (extended mix) (06:40)
25. Wrechiski & Danilo Ercole – So Long (extended mix) (05:33)
Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Remixes) [00602557468663] Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Remixes) [00602557468663]
House / Progressive House 13-03-2017

Artist: Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør 
Title: Never Ever (Remixes) 
Genre: Progressive House/House
Label: Universal Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Fur Coat Remix) 
Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (George Orb Remix) 
Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Hotel Garuda Remix) 
Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Sultan Shakes Re-Creation) 
Royksopp, Susanne Sundfør – Never Ever (Yotto Remix) 

Pauke Schaumburg – Numo [EIN2019] Pauke Schaumburg – Numo [EIN2019]

Artist: Pauke Schaumburg 
Title: Numo
Genre: Tech House/Progressive House 
Label: EIN2
Quality: 320 kbps

Pauke Schaumburg – Erus (Original Mix) 
Pauke Schaumburg – Numo (Original Mix) 
Pauke Schaumburg – Spirit (Original Mix) 

Beatport Must Hear Progressive: March 2017 Beatport Must Hear Progressive: March 2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Must Hear Progressive: March 2017
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Fabrik Way, Cosma Castiglia - New Heavens & New Earth (Original Mix)
MUUI - Relapse (Original Mix)
Mario Puccio - Utopia (Original Mix)
Digital Mess - Save Me (Artsever Remix)
Tuxedo - Orphan Black (Bablak Remix)
Amber Long, Oovation - Sohn (Original Mix)
Tone Depth - Palm Beach (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau - Shaman (Lake Avalon Remix)
Rauschhaus - The Resurrection of Ourselves (Simon Doty's Sights On Saturn Remix)
Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert - Haarp (Original Mix)
Beatport Exclusives Only: Mar.06.2017 Beatport Exclusives Only: Mar.06.2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only: Mar.06.2017
Genre: Progressive House / Deep House / Tech House / Leftfield House & Techno / Techno / Drum & Bass / Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Latmun - Everybody's Dancin' (Original Mix)
Ashwin Khosa - Mr. Incredible (Original Mix)
Mark Reeve - New Path (Original Mix)
MUUI - Relapse (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau - Shaman (Lake Avalon Remix)
The Mekanism - Traverse (Original Mix)
Vidaloca - Push It (Original Mix)
Sante Sansone - Big Gun (Original Mix)
Of Norway - Parallel Lines Meet At Infinity (Original Mix)
patraulea - Iupul Sfant (F.eht Remix)
Basti Grub, V!to, BAV - When Doves Cry (Original Mix)
SQL - Newborn (Original Mix)
Matteo Luis, HRRSN - Storm (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
Dirtyphonics - Teleportation (The Prototypes Remix)
Michael Klein - This Moment (Original Mix)
Francesca Lombardo - Remembrance (Laura Jones Remix)
Mall Grab - Pool Party Music (Original Mix)
Adriatique - Something In Between (Original Mix)
Carlo Whale - Meanwhile (Original Mix)
Waze & Odyssey - Down With Tha (Original Mix)
Solee March 2017 Goodies Solee March 2017 Goodies
Artist: VA
Title: Solee March 2017 Goodies
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Undercatt - Hana (Original Mix)
Marbert Rocel - Hold On (Deetron Dub)
Blind - Back Home (Alyne Remix)
Stereo Underground - Glacier Meadows (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories - Clancy (Original Mix)
Mind Against, Aether (DE) - Eclipse (Original Mix)
Solee - Ten (Wally Lopez Remix)
Animal Picnic, Aaryon - Tets (Original Mix)
Davide Randazzo - Dipping (Original Mix)
Aparde - Elias (Ryan Davis Re:Imagination)
Re.You Karma Chart Re.You Karma Chart
Artist: VA
Title: Re.You Karma Chart
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno, Tech House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Toto Chiavetta - Monkey Mind (Original Mix)
Ramon Tapia - Karma (Re.You Remix)
Radio Slave - Feel The Same (Original Mix)
Young Marco - The Best I Could Do (With What I Had) (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kaspar - Supine (Original Mix)
Alex Niggemann - Silhouettes & Sparks Feat. Hendrik Burkhard (Denis Horvat Remix)
Gonzo-Gonzo - Collage (Till Von Sein Remix)
Radio Slave - My Bleep (Roman Flügel Remix) - In My Arms feat. David Ennio Minor (Original Mix)
Rampa - The Touch (Original Mix)
MAS – a l’Antiboise [MNL105] MAS – a l’Antiboise [MNL105]

Artist: MAS
Title: a l’Antiboise
Genre: Techno/Progressive House
Label: MNL
Quality: 320 kbps

MAS – a l’Antiboise (Juliane Wolf Remix) 
MAS – a l’Antiboise (Original Mix) 

Hidden Gems, Pt. 2 [CR072] Hidden Gems, Pt. 2 [CR072]
Music / Progressive House 8-03-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Hidden Gems, Pt. 2 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Click Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Aemes – Long Island (Original Mix)
Graziano Raffa, Beat Syndrome – Synchro (Original Mix)
James Gill – Mind Bent (Original Mix) 
Kastis Torrau – Shaman (Lake Avalon Remix)
Malandra Jr. – Leopard 5 (Original Mix) 
Mark Hoffen – Life Is a Journey (Original Mix) 
NekliFF – Storm (Original Mix)
Shake Sofa – Constant Steps (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus – Theory Of Everything: Remixes [RM006] Rauschhaus – Theory Of Everything: Remixes [RM006]

Artist: Rauschhaus 
Title: Theory Of Everything: Remixes
Genre: Electronica/Progressive House
Label: Rhetorical
Quality: 320 kbps

Rauschhaus – Falling Into You (Zein Remix) 
Rauschhaus – The Resurrection of Ourselves (El Mundo Remix) 
Rauschhaus – The Resurrection of Ourselves (Simon Doty’s Sights On Saturn Remix)

Download electronic progressive trance and progressive techno music

Any devotee of music can be asked: “What is Progressive house?”, and in 99% you’ll receive the affirmative answer “It is one of the subgenres of house music”. But only few know why it is so named, what are its features and history. So, let’s find it out together.

As we know, the house style originated in the 1980s in the clubs of Chicago, and it got its name from the club “Warehouse”, where DJ Frankie Knuckles fused disco-tracks and European synthpop. Progressive house emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mixmag” Dom Phillips was the first who used the term.

The popularity of this style was heavily influenced by the following factors:

1. Progressive dance music soundtracks were played in “Renaissance” and “Drum club” clubs in the mid 1990s;

2. Right away this style was caught and developed by the world famous DJs Sasha and John Digweed.

In the late 1980s House, as a genre of music, settled down in the club industry, especially in Great Britain. As a matter of course, progressive house started to develop and gained more and more fans. Many new DJs with their new ideas and perception appeared on the stage. Stirring tune and range from 120 to 130 beats per minute are the outstanding characteristics of this style.

Today progressive house is one of the most commercial and popular style of club music. This style is performed by the leading sound-producers of the world: Hardwell, W& W, Axwell, Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Rhythms of progressive house can be heard on the world best open-airs, including Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Ultra music festival, etc. With every passing day its popularity is growing. You can often hear Progressive house compositions in the live-sets of DJs of trance music.

Our web-portal offers you a wide range of music composition in progressive house, which you may download for free. More than thousand soundtracks are waiting for you.