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Nay Jay - Ocean Drive / When Love Comes [ESM264] Nay Jay - Ocean Drive / When Love Comes [ESM264]
Music / Progressive House 12-08-2017

Artist: Nay Jay 
Title: Ocean Drive When Love Comes
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Elliptical Sun Melodies
Quality: 320 kbps

Nay Jay - Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
Nay Jay - When Love Comes (Original Mix)

Sirup Deep Anthems Zurich 2017 Sirup Deep Anthems Zurich 2017
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Sirup Deep Anthems Zurich 2017
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Sirup Music Switzerland
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales
02. EDX – Make Me Feel Good (radio edit)
03. Croatia Squad – Street Dance (Short edit)
04. Kyle Watson & Popartlive – Sink Deep
05. Lavelle Dupree – Want U Babe
06. Chuna & Bjorn Maria – Jack In The Box (Kellerkind remix)
07. Raul Mendes – Over Me (Radio mix)
08. Sovi & Rimsky – Starlight (feat Tony Tonite – Matvey Emerson remix edit)
09. Stil & Bense – Jojo (original mix)
10. Agua Sin Gas & Antoine Clamaran – Feel So Good
11. Swallow Bass – Got Me For Life
12. Ad Brown – Don't Wanna Wait (Radio Club mix)
13. Disco Dice – What A Feeling (Radio mix)
14. Fort Arkansas – The Passion (Radio mix)
15. Heiken – California (Radio mix)
16. Francesco Parla – Without You (Radio mix)
17. Norwood & Hills – I Might Feel
18. Jack Stereo – I Believe
19. Troste – Cresta
20. Frey – Fly Girls (Nhan Solo remix)
Clinique Sampler Part 100 Clinique Sampler Part 100
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Clinique Sampler Part 100
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Clinique Sampler
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Adnan Jakubovic – Vinh Ha Long (original mix)
02. Alex Philipp & The Florist – Biomatic (The Florist remix)
03. Di Rugerio & One Million Toys – Red Moon (One Million Toys remix)
04. DP-6 & Artfaq – Reload (Artfaq remix)
05. Felipe Michan & Emiliano Demarco – Fantasia (original mix)
06. Hansgod – Indian Way (original mix)
07. Kay-D – Evening Spell (original mix)
08. Owersound – Galaxy (original mix)
09. Platunoff & Subandrio – Sudoku (Subandrio Global Mission mix)
10. Tim Robert – Wild Like (original mix)
Artist Choice 052 Storyteller (2nd Selection) (unmixed tracks) Artist Choice 052 Storyteller (2nd Selection) (unmixed tracks)
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Artist Choice 052 Storyteller (2nd Selection) (unmixed tracks)
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Spring Tube AC
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Stephen J Kroos – Ornithine (original mix)
02. Portofino Sunrise – Be Alive (original mix)
03. Stephen J Kroos – Numb (Forteba remix)
04. Gate 44 – Jack (original mix)
05. Monojoke – Deceitful (Forerunners remix)
06. Stephen J Kroos – Pluviophile (original mix)
07. Anthony Mea – Talk To Me (Ronfoller remix)
08. Jaybeetrax – She Is There (original mix)
09. Telekollektiv – Robot Noir (Da Funk's Jack Off Rework)
10. Da Funk – You Got Me (Kobana remix)
11. Hernan Cerbello – Reborn (original mix)
12. Ewan Rill & Avenax – Lotos (vocal mix)
13. Controlwerk – Watchtower (original mix)
14. Storyteller – Early Morning Rush (original mix)
15. Storyteller – Artist Choice 052 (2nd Selection) (continuous DJ mix)
Artist Edition (Ewan Rill Remix) Artist Edition (Ewan Rill Remix)
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Artist Edition (Ewan Rill Remix)
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Majestic Family
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Esthetique – Mental Reflex
02. Vid Marjanovic – Burning Eyes
03. Reiklavik – Guarana
04. Losless – La Jaag
05. Marc Pollen – Wrong (feat Dewi)
06. Atlantis Ocean – Melbourne
Aethereal Sampler 003 Aethereal Sampler 003
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Aethereal Sampler 003
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Aethereal
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Stergios – Katharsis (Shifted Reality remix)
02. Traupf – Silence Of Ambitions
03. Rogier – Perpetual State (Deepsec Innermost Trave remix)
04. Difstate – Moments With You (Serge Landar Deep mix)
05. Leo Baroso – Aurora (Greg J & Yohmss remix)
06. Stergios – Syllables (Franco Tejedor remix)
07. Alex Morelli – Mrs. Filiger (Allan Mcloud remix)
08. Rogier, Stage Van H – Planet Earth (TEELCO remix)
09. GAR – Restricted Sphere (Rogier remix)
10. Blue Cell – Padavia (Yuriy From Russia remix)
11. Revkin – Lullaby
12. Serge Landar – Illusions
13. Ricardo Piedra – Starglaze
14. Nikko Mavridis – Airscape (Stage Van H Oxygen mix)
15. Stergios & Giorgos Vouzos – Serenade (Rogier remix)
Dance For Peace Vol 1 (Finest Deep House Tunes)
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Dance For Peace Vol 1 (Finest Deep House Tunes)
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Karmahouse
Quality: 320 kbps

01. After Sunrise – Balearic Dreams
02. Buben – Standards And Values
03. Lifeserzh – Believe In Yourself
04. Dany Cohiba – Africans In Detroit
05. Maksim Biserov – Mussels
06. Svendaq – Invitation
07. Dany Cohiba – Klajpiano
08. Tom Appl – Two Days
09. George Freeman/Alex Plug – Machaou (Alex Plug dub mix)
10. Poenitsch & Jakopic – Return To You (Sherlock Dope & NOA remix)
11. Matthias Freudmann – Lights
12. DJ Enne – Stand Up
13. Stephane Lumiere – Hello
14. JVasion – Distance Burning
15. Nova Casa – Backspin
16. The Renroc – Police
17. Otamoo – Recap
18. Jay Frog/DJ Blackstone – Somebody's Watching Me (DJ Blackstone Big mix)
19. Luc Forlorn – Healthy Outlook
20. Squire – Under A Bridge
21. Hyenaz/Dfumh – Hyenaz Vs Dfumh (remix)
22. Julian Maier-Hauff – Deepsong
23. Zulu Natives – We Need A Music (extended mix)
24. Larry Scottish – Never See (extended mix)
25. Kobes – On The Sun (extended mix)
26. Cotton Animals – Rescue (extended mix)
27. Clownfish – Clouds
28. Murano meets Toka – Take It Or Leave It (Sunrise radio edit)
29. Hubinek & Sperbel – What A Morning (Rich Vom Dorf remix)
30. Fitch N Stilo – Stand Up (radio edit)
Armada Trice Ibiza 2017 Armada Trice Ibiza 2017
Music / Progressive House 11-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Armada Trice Ibiza 2017
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Armada Trice
Quality: 320 kbps

01. W&W – Put EM Up (extended mix)
02. Qulinez – Boys Don't Cry (extended mix)
03. Arston – Fools (Asketa extended remix)
04. Thomas Gold – The Chant (extended mix)
05. Galavant X Kheela – Good Love
06. Marcus Schossow – Lionheart (feat The Royalties STHLM – Light Age remix)
07. DubVision – Fall Apart (extended mix)
08. Manse X Frank Pole – A Little Bit Closer (feat Jason Walker – extended mix)
09. Carl Nunes – White Dress
10. Marcus Schossow – Lionheart (Supernatet & The Royalties STHLM remix)
11. Maurice West – Love & Money (extended mix)
Framewerk - Sonorous (Remixes) [CH097] Framewerk - Sonorous (Remixes) [CH097]

Artist: Framewerk 
Title: Sonorous (Remixes) 
Genre: Deep House / Progressive House 
Label: Capital Heaven
Quality: 320 kbps

Framewerk - Sonorous (Adventure Tale Remix)
Framewerk - Sonorous (Dole & Kom Remix)
Framewerk - Sonorous (Fluida Remix)
Framewerk - Sonorous (John Glassey Remix)

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Any devotee of music can be asked: “What is Progressive house?”, and in 99% you’ll receive the affirmative answer “It is one of the subgenres of house music”. But only few know why it is so named, what are its features and history. So, let’s find it out together.

As we know, the house style originated in the 1980s in the clubs of Chicago, and it got its name from the club “Warehouse”, where DJ Frankie Knuckles fused disco-tracks and European synthpop. Progressive house emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mixmag” Dom Phillips was the first who used the term.

The popularity of this style was heavily influenced by the following factors:

1. Progressive dance music soundtracks were played in “Renaissance” and “Drum club” clubs in the mid 1990s;

2. Right away this style was caught and developed by the world famous DJs Sasha and John Digweed.

In the late 1980s House, as a genre of music, settled down in the club industry, especially in Great Britain. As a matter of course, progressive house started to develop and gained more and more fans. Many new DJs with their new ideas and perception appeared on the stage. Stirring tune and range from 120 to 130 beats per minute are the outstanding characteristics of this style.

Today progressive house is one of the most commercial and popular style of club music. This style is performed by the leading sound-producers of the world: Hardwell, W& W, Axwell, Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Rhythms of progressive house can be heard on the world best open-airs, including Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Ultra music festival, etc. With every passing day its popularity is growing. You can often hear Progressive house compositions in the live-sets of DJs of trance music.

Our web-portal offers you a wide range of music composition in progressive house, which you may download for free. More than thousand soundtracks are waiting for you.