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Paul Hazendonk - Steelyard High [SOSO54] Paul Hazendonk - Steelyard High [SOSO54]

Artist: Paul Hazendonk 
Title: Steelyard High
Genre: Deep House / Progressive House 
Label: SOSO
Quality: 320 kbps

Paul Hazendonk - Observer (Original Mix)
Paul Hazendonk - Steelyard High (Original Mix)
Paul Hazendonk - Theory of Mind (Original Mix)

Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent [CSR 029] Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent [CSR 029]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Rick Pier O'Neil 
Title: Ambivalent
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Clubsonica Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent (Desaturate 'Blurry' Remix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent (Ethereal Mist Remix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent (Juan Pablo Torrez Remix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - Ambivalent (Original Mix)

Witness45, Eleven Fly - Laserlight [USL001] Witness45, Eleven Fly - Laserlight [USL001]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Witness45, Eleven Fly
Title: Laserlight
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Unique Sense Lite
Quality: 320 kbps

Witness45, Eleven Fly - Laserlight (Original Mix)

Berni Turletti - Jerovia [MFR202] Berni Turletti - Jerovia [MFR202]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Berni Turletti
Title: Jerovia
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Majestic Family Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Berni Turletti - Jerovia (George Yammine Remix)
Berni Turletti - Jerovia (Original Mix)
Berni Turletti - Jerovia (Volkan Erman Remix)

Jeef B - Lost Together [ESM248] Jeef B - Lost Together [ESM248]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Jeef B 
Title: Lost Together 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Elliptical Sun Melodies
Quality: 320 kbps

Jeef B - Lost Together (Andrei Niconoff Remix)
Jeef B - Lost Together (Original Mix)

Andretta - Nomads [PTP024] Andretta - Nomads [PTP024]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Andretta 
Title: Nomads
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Pure Progressive
Quality: 320 kbps

Andretta - Nomads (Extended Mix)
Kolin Moar - Bermuda [385R003] Kolin Moar - Bermuda [385R003]
Music / Progressive House 23-04-2017

Artist: Kolin Moar 
Title: Bermuda 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: 385 Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Kolin Moar - Bermuda (Original Mix)
Beatport Easter Special 2017: Progressive House Beatport Easter Special 2017: Progressive House
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Easter Special 2017: Progressive House
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Jeremy Olander – Billinghurst (Original Mix) (07:36) 123bpm Fmin Vivrant
02. Sam Shure – Dumra (Original Mix) (08:08) 120bpm Dmin MUKKE
03. Brian Cid – Pluto (Original Mix) (06:40) 123bpm Gmin microCastle
04. Giorgia Angiuli – Now and Here (Vocal Version) (Oliver Schories Remix) (06:48) 124bpm A#min Click Records
05. Verche – Sparkling Water (Original Mix) (07:25) 101bpm Amin Sangria
06. Following Light, Razzer – Esc (Magnetic Brothers Remix) (07:33) 121bpm C♯min Inmost Records
07. Paul Feris – Ardour (Paul Hazendonk Remix) (08:33) 121bpm Amaj Jannowitz Records
08. Cristian R – Beach Rainbows (Matter’s Eternal Sunshine Remix) (08:47) 122bpm Emin Proton Music
09. Emi Galvan – Nothing Less (Quivver Remix) (08:03) 123bpm Amin Baroque Records
10. Subconscious Tales – Till It Begins (Monojoke Remix) (07:44) 120bpm Gmin Suffused Music
11. Luc Angenehm – Sendher (Simos Tagias Remix) (08:11) 122bpm Cmaj Proton Music
12. Xspance – Astronauts & Satellites (Audioglider Bleach House Remix) (06:57) 122bpm Dmaj Hydrogen
13. Roger Martinez – Pan-O-Rama (Cid Inc Remix) (08:06) 123bpm Gmin Replug
14. Ewan Rill – Heart (Erdi Irmak Remix) (08:34) 120bpm Dmaj Symmetric Records
15. Movement Machina – Soul Muse (Gai Barone Dub Mix) (07:54) 124bpm Bmin Mango Alley
16. Arthur Oskan – Claro (Original Mix) (08:14) 124bpm C#min EIN2
17. The Dealer, Space Motion – Push (Original Mix) (06:38) 126bpm Emaj Glasgow Underground
18. Lonya – Righteousness (Wally Lopez Remix) (07:42) 122bpm Cmin Asymmetric Recordings
19. Klangstof – Hostage (Sasha Remix) (09:50) 124bpm Cmaj
20. Khen – Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix) (07:19) 124bpm Dmin Lost & Found
VA - Paradise Deep House Vol 3 2017 [ERIJ0317] VA - Paradise Deep House Vol 3 2017 [ERIJ0317]
Artist: VA
Title: Paradise Deep House Vol 3
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House
Label: Erijo
Quality: 320 kbps

1. John Acquaviva & Manuel De La Mare – Sacrilicious (07:25)
2. Eriq Johnson – Stop Pushing Me (05:44)
3. JOBE – Revenant (07:39)
4. Alexey Emelyanov – The Moment (Tim Hanmann remix) (07:36)
5. Squicciarini – Hold On (06:29)
6. Mattia Pompeo – Aftermath (07:26)
7. Eddie M – Everything Is Grey (07:44)
8. Neonis – Qit (07:32)
9. Matan Caspi – Distant Muse (06:54)
10. Mattia Scolaro – Looking Back (08:00)
11. Modd – Attaxia (07:32)
12. Bompe – My Secret Crush (05:25)
13. Echonomist – Kubrick Thursdays (08:06)
14. House Hustler – Something Unreal (05:06)
15. Dave Pad – Rotary Body (07:36)
16. AOTOA – We Build This (04:24)
17. Anturage & Montechi – Celebration (06:57)
18. Bicycle Corporation – Everybody Wants A Swimming Pool (06:37)
19. Manu Riga & Mandy Jones – If Only (07:12)
20. Wyro & Robert Manos – No More (08:05)
21. Manuel Palmitesta – Corruption (07:04)
22. Andrea Rivi – Esotica (06:31)
23. Kush – Trigger (07:14)
24. Jacker Khan – Think I’m Jackin (04:51)
25. Sam Skilz – Seduction (06:34)
ZEFEAR - Hours [PLER108] ZEFEAR - Hours [PLER108]
Music / Progressive House 22-04-2017

Artist: ZEFEAR 
Title: Hours
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Pleasure Records
Quality: 320 kbps

ZEFEAR - Hours (Dub Mix)
ZEFEAR - Hours (Original Mix)

Download electronic progressive trance and progressive techno music

Any devotee of music can be asked: “What is Progressive house?”, and in 99% you’ll receive the affirmative answer “It is one of the subgenres of house music”. But only few know why it is so named, what are its features and history. So, let’s find it out together.

As we know, the house style originated in the 1980s in the clubs of Chicago, and it got its name from the club “Warehouse”, where DJ Frankie Knuckles fused disco-tracks and European synthpop. Progressive house emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mixmag” Dom Phillips was the first who used the term.

The popularity of this style was heavily influenced by the following factors:

1. Progressive dance music soundtracks were played in “Renaissance” and “Drum club” clubs in the mid 1990s;

2. Right away this style was caught and developed by the world famous DJs Sasha and John Digweed.

In the late 1980s House, as a genre of music, settled down in the club industry, especially in Great Britain. As a matter of course, progressive house started to develop and gained more and more fans. Many new DJs with their new ideas and perception appeared on the stage. Stirring tune and range from 120 to 130 beats per minute are the outstanding characteristics of this style.

Today progressive house is one of the most commercial and popular style of club music. This style is performed by the leading sound-producers of the world: Hardwell, W& W, Axwell, Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Rhythms of progressive house can be heard on the world best open-airs, including Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Ultra music festival, etc. With every passing day its popularity is growing. You can often hear Progressive house compositions in the live-sets of DJs of trance music.

Our web-portal offers you a wide range of music composition in progressive house, which you may download for free. More than thousand soundtracks are waiting for you.