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Konstantin R.A – Dark Laughter [DDW034]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 11:11
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Artist: Konstantin R.A 
Title: Dark Laughter
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Dear Deer White
Quality: 320 kbps

Konstantin R.A – Dark Laughter (Original Mix)
Konstantin R.A – Long Journey (Original Mix)

Beatport Exclusives Only Oct.24.2016 Beatport Exclusives Only Oct.24.2016
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Oct.24.2016
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

jozif - Volcano (Mikey Lion's Frothing Lava Remix)
Sid Le Rock - Dive Bar (Original Mix)
RUFUS - Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)
Eats Everything - Veronica Electronica (Original Mix)
Dosem - Projection (Original Mix)
Kaiserdisco - SQ80 (Pleasurekraft remix)
Butane - Addicted (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - Simple Poetry (Original Mix)
Jozef K, Winter Son - Sacred Siren (Original Mix)
Climbers - Feel Good (Original Mix)
Miss Kittin, Dubfire - Dubfire's Ride (Original Mix)
Third Son - Climb to the Sun feat. Haptic (Darlyn Vlys Remix)
Krut, Robert Vasilev - Personal Space (Original Mix)
Ali Ajami, 3LIAS - Bring It Back (OC & Verde Remix)
Guy J - Algorithm (Henry Saiz Remix)
Max (Italy) - Soundcheck (Original Mix)
Bolumar - Minube (Original Mix)
Pappa Sierra - The Ghost of Oiwa (N'Pot Remix)
Kenny Hope - Manifest (Brandon Andrews Hypnotic Mix)
Sable Sheep - Lone Pines (Original Mix)
Hernan Cattaneo Sudbeat 100 Hernan Cattaneo Sudbeat 100
Artist: VA
Title: Hernan Cattaneo Sudbeat 100
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps
Guy J - Algorithm (Original Mix)
Guy J - Algorithm (Hernan Cattaneo & Graziano Raffa Remix)
Guy J - Algorithm (Henry Saiz Remix)
Quivver - What Am I Dreaming? (Original Mix)
Khen - Never Lose Your Innocence (Original Mix)
Mariano Mellino - St. Luke Reborn (Graziano Raffa Remix)
Tone Depth - Memory Man (Original Mix)
Beckers, D-Nox - Last Call (Original Mix)
Nature Of Music - Amsterdam (Original Mix)
Neil Quigley - The Sky Calls to Us (Original Mix)
Sasha's Fall 2016 Chart Sasha's Fall 2016 Chart
Artist: VA
Title: Sasha's Fall 2016 Chart
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Tech House, House, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps
RUFUS - Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)
Sasha - Vapour Trails (Kiasmos Remix)
Reinier Zonneveld - Megacity Servant (Original Mix)
Marc Romboy - Oblique Tendencies (Original Mix)
Several Definitions - Dark Triangles (Reset Robot Remix)
Michael Mayer, Barnt - Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen (Original Mix)
Gardens Of God - Ghost (Original Mix)
Boxed In - Forget (George FitzGerald Remix)
Dusky - Runny Nose (Original Mix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Soft Attack (Original Mix)
RUFUS – Innerbloom (Sasha Remix) [LNOE061] RUFUS – Innerbloom (Sasha Remix) [LNOE061]
Music / Progressive House 24-10-2016
  • 80

Artist: RUFUS 
Title: Innerbloom (Sasha Remix) 
Genre: Last Night On Earth
Label: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

RUFUS – Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)
Killer Tracks: Progressive House Killer Tracks: Progressive House
Progressive House / Dj Charts 22-10-2016
  • 0
Artist: VA
Title: Killer Tracks: Progressive House
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Bog - Hacienda (Original Mix)
SEQU3L - Still Moments in Everyday Life (Original Mix)
Orsen - Witching Hour (Donatello Remix)
Andre Lodemann - Last Exit (Original Mix)
Mattia Pompeo, Just Her - Dropped (Original Mix)
GHEIST - First Day (Original Mix)
Ri9or - When Frida Sings (Cid Inc Remix)
Daniel Curotto - Knowledge Is Power (Original Mix)
Jeremy Olander - Panorama (Original Mix)
Nick Stoynoff - Run Things (Navid Mehr Remix)
Michael A - Awakening (Matias Chilano Remix)
Thomas Gandey, Saccao - Ship Of Fools (feat. Thomas Gandey) (Florian Kruse Remix)
DP-6 - Reload (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
Kastis Torrau, Arnas D - Eye (Robert R Hardy Remix)
Kevin Di Serna, Ditian - Crystal Forest (Original Mix)
Donatello, Kastis Torrau - Ida (Original Mix)
Miraculum - Undelivered (Hot TuneiK Remix)
Plus Thirty, George Ledakis - Serendipity (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Khen - Never Lose Your Innocence (Original Mix)
Following Light - Substrate (Subandrio Remix)
One Opinion - Bright Matter [MNL092] One Opinion - Bright Matter [MNL092]
Music / Progressive House 21-10-2016
  • 40

Artist: One Opinion 
Title: Bright Matter
Genre: Progressive House 
Label: MNL
Quality: 320 kbps

One Opinion - Bright Matter (Original Mix) 
One Opinion - Bright Matter (Erich von Kollar Remix)
Max Freegrant, Referna – Give It One Back [FG200] Max Freegrant, Referna – Give It One Back [FG200]
Music / Progressive House 19-10-2016
  • 20

Artist: Max Freegrant, Referna
Title: Give It One Back 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Freegrant Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Max Freegrant, Referna – Give It One Back (Original Mix)
Max Freegrant, Referna – Give It One Back (Radio Edit)

Cairn – Casting Shadows [ESH010] Cairn – Casting Shadows [ESH010]
Music / Progressive House 19-10-2016
  • 40

Artist: Cairn
Title: Casting Shadows
Genre: Progressive House 
Label: Emergent Shores
Quality: 320 kbps

Cairn – Breeze (Original Mix) 
Cairn – Casting Shadows (Original Mix) 
Cairn – Time Goes By (Original Mix)
Cairn – In Another Life (Original Mix)

Halloween Floor Fillters: Progressive House Halloween Floor Fillters: Progressive House
Progressive House / Dj Charts 19-10-2016
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Artist: VA
Title: Halloween Floor Fillters: Progressive House
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Guy Mantzur - Children With No Name feat. Kamila (Original Mix)
Jeremy Olander - Roots (Henry Saiz Remix)
Black 8 - Sinai (Original Mix)
GMJ, Matter - Atoms (Rich Curtis Remix)
Subandrio - Black Box Between (Original Mix)
Cornucopia - Mountains of the Moon (Original Mix)
Boris Brejcha - Sad But True (Original Mix)
Marc DePulse - Nothing Toulouse (Paul Nolan Remix)
Paul Hamilton - Technique (Original Mix)
Markus Kavka - Holy Moly (Original Mix)
Rafa'EL, K Nass - Distant Embers (Danny Lloyd Remix)
Tech D - Moonwalk (Original Mix)
Jos & Eli - Reflection(Feat. Ellie Ka) (Original Mix)
Andrea Cassino - De Los Alpes a Los Andes (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Platunoff - Primavera (Jamie Baggotts Remix)
Christian Smith - Subzero (Album Mix)
Arno Mueller - Construction (Original Mix)
Robert R. - Fade In My Dreams feat. Amber Long (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau, Arnas D - Take Over (Navid Mehr Remix)
Quivver - Feel It (Ben Coda Remix)
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Download electronic progressive trance and progressive techno music

Any devotee of music can be asked: “What is Progressive house?”, and in 99% you’ll receive the affirmative answer “It is one of the subgenres of house music”. But only few know why it is so named, what are its features and history. So, let’s find it out together.

As we know, the house style originated in the 1980s in the clubs of Chicago, and it got its name from the club “Warehouse”, where DJ Frankie Knuckles fused disco-tracks and European synthpop. Progressive house emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mixmag” Dom Phillips was the first who used the term.

The popularity of this style was heavily influenced by the following factors:

1. Progressive dance music soundtracks were played in “Renaissance” and “Drum club” clubs in the mid 1990s;

2. Right away this style was caught and developed by the world famous DJs Sasha and John Digweed.

In the late 1980s House, as a genre of music, settled down in the club industry, especially in Great Britain. As a matter of course, progressive house started to develop and gained more and more fans. Many new DJs with their new ideas and perception appeared on the stage. Stirring tune and range from 120 to 130 beats per minute are the outstanding characteristics of this style.

Today progressive house is one of the most commercial and popular style of club music. This style is performed by the leading sound-producers of the world: Hardwell, W& W, Axwell, Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Rhythms of progressive house can be heard on the world best open-airs, including Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Ultra music festival, etc. With every passing day its popularity is growing. You can often hear Progressive house compositions in the live-sets of DJs of trance music.

Our web-portal offers you a wide range of music composition in progressive house, which you may download for free. More than thousand soundtracks are waiting for you.