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Velferd - The City That Drowned EP [FP058] Velferd - The City That Drowned EP [FP058]

Artist: Velferd 
Title: The City That Drowned EP
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Full Pupp
Quality: 320 kbps

Velferd - Never (Original Mix)
Velferd - The City That Drowned (Original Mix)
Velferd - Through the Valley (Original Mix)
In Season [MEOW008] In Season [MEOW008]

Artist: VA
Title: In Season 
Genre: House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Tech Hous
Label: Animal Language
Quality: 320 kbps

Das Kapital - Bend It (Original Mix)
Doctr - Heaven (Original Mix)
Donagrandi, Greg Van Bueren - Take Flight feat. Sean Declasse (Original Mix)
Eduardo Drumn - I'm Back (Original Mix)
Final Djs - Correlation (Original Mix)
Final Djs - Temptation (Original Mix)
I Know Karate - I Heart Cat Videos feat. Baby Gap (Original Mix)
Jean Bacarreza - Who Is Hanna (Original Mix)
JNS33 - Like That (Original Mix)
Kimik - Nunchaku (Original Mix)
Milkwish & Nytron - Always (Original Mix)
Monkeycat - Athos (Original Mix)
Monkeycat - Up In My Tree (Original Mix)
Papa Marlin - Funny Love (Original Mix)
Sjamsoedin - Switch On (Original Mix)
Titan Road - Who's Jack (Original Mix)
Uke & Kimik - Value Part (Original Mix)
Beauty Imperfection 3 [SCOM027] Beauty Imperfection 3 [SCOM027]

Artist: VA
Title: Beauty Imperfection 3
Genre: Deep House / Electronic / Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Suara
Quality: 320 kbps

Anchor Acres, Lorenzo Calvio, Jinadu - Changes Feat. Jinadu (Original Mix)
BOg - What Else Is There (Original Mix)
Bonar Bradberry - Barghest (Original Mix)
Curses - Spit On Your Grave (Original Mix)
Kiwi - Peter's Well (Original Mix)
Kris Davis - Acid String Funk (Original Mix)
Of Norway - Like A Sweet Dream Feat. Linnea Dale (Original Mix)
Patlac - Diffusion (Original Mix)
Roe Deers - Uno (Original Mix)
Sau Poler - Tool 004 (Original Mix)
Squire - Lonely Boy (Original Mix)
Volta Cab - Mermaids Dance (Original Mix)
XXXY - Sleepy Acid (Original Mix)
VA - The Vibe of Ibiza [TNRCOMP234] VA - The Vibe of Ibiza [TNRCOMP234]
Artist: VA
Title: The Vibe of Ibiza [TNRCOMP234]
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Tenor Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Jonse – Give You All My Love (Original Mix) 06:20 125bpm D#min
Deniz Reno, Patrick Podage – Love No More (Supacooks Remix) 07:24 122bpm A#min
Joon Davies – Do It (Club Mix) 08:52 123bpm Dmin
Ben Muetsch – Don't You Know (Original Mix) 06:54 120bpm Amin
Base On, Costantinne & Felten – Go Around (Original Mix) 07:08 122bpm Cmin
Sophisticated – Take the Groove (Original Mix) 04:42 124bpm D#min
JazzyFunk, Sharapov – Come to Me (Vijay & Sofia Remix) 05:19 122bpm Amin
Y3N0 – Why So Happy (Original Mix) 06:08 125bpm D#maj
Jacob A, Miqro – Get Up (Milkwish Remix) 05:00 123bpm C#min
Andy Bach, Gabriela Smith – Lose Control (Dub Mix) 05:42 120bpm Gmin
Rick Sanders – When It Rains (Original Mix) 07:44 120bpm A#maj
Beatamines – Bon voyage (Circle Of Life Remix) 07:56 122bpm C#min
Several Definitions – No Pretense (Original Mix) 08:54 123bpm Dmin
Oscar Ozz – Dream On (Paale Remix) 07:28 124bpm Fmaj
Rauschhaus – Mars (Original Mix) 06:25 122bpm Cmin
Ohmme – L'amour (Original Mix) 06:48 123bpm Amin
Ben Ashton – Hidden Whispers (Original Mix) 06:42 120bpm Gmin
Marek Hemmann – Chameleon (Original Mix) 09:47 126bpm Emin
Tom Novy – Dancing in the Sun (The Inaudibles' 3am Mix) 06:24 122bpm Gmin
Sons of Aiode – Mirage (Original Mix) 07:03 123bpm Dmin
Bjorn Wilke – Another Vibe (Original Mix) 06:41 122bpm F#min
Sinan Kaya – Untitled (Original Mix) 07:23 118bpm Gmin
Ensaime – Bring Me Back There (Original Mix) 07:44 120bpm D#maj
Flampino – Burn Me (Wave Crushers Ocean Remix) 06:43 120bpm Cmaj
AIMES - Smiling Faces [SPA030] AIMES - Smiling Faces [SPA030]
Artist: AIMES 
Title: Smiling Faces
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Spa In Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

AIMES - Smiling Faces (Alex Mallos Remix)
AIMES - Smiling Faces (Mordisco Remix)
AIMES - Smiling Faces (Original Mix)
AIMES - Smiling Faces (Rayko Remix)
VA - Deeper At Night Vol 18 [RH2COMP197] VA - Deeper At Night Vol 18 [RH2COMP197]
Artist: VA
Title: Deeper At Night Vol 18
Genre: House, Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: RH2
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Phonique – Feel What You Want (feat Rebecca – Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg remix) (06:12)
2. Alternative Kasual/Cahio & Diana Alencar – Wicked Game (feat Diana Alencar – Moe Turk remix) (05:00)
3. Mutiny UK & Steve Mac – Without You (feat Beth Cannon – Rob Made remix) (07:14)
4. Purple Disco Machine – Drumatic (original mix) (05:11)
5. Rober Gaez – Lay On You (Mark Lower remix) (06:07)
6. Ron Carroll – The Sermon (Qubiko remix) (08:00)
7. Shibumi – I Like That (original mix) (06:46)
8. Mila Falls – Can’t Let You Go (Kpd remix) (05:56)
9. Tony S – Broken (Angelo Ferreri remix) (06:03)
10. Dantiez Saunderson/KPD & AM2PM – Things You Do (original mix) (06:03)
11. Vanilla Ace & Adam Banks – That Music (original mix) (06:18)
12. Lexer – Sunshinerain (original mix) (05:05)
13. Digital DNK & Deep Sound Effect – Say Goodbye (feat Lenie – Wallie remix) (06:01)
14. Nuyorica & Bibek – Till The Darkness (original mix) (06:37)
15. Nico Pusch – Get Me (Lovra remix) (05:46)
16. Oriano – Get Down (original mix) (05:26)
17. CarolinaBlue & MisterSmallz – La Pasion (Desusino Boys remix) (07:20)
18. Deeper System – A Night In Chicago (Tibor Dragan remix) (06:29)
VA - Sunset Session [LEMANSCOMP268] VA - Sunset Session [LEMANSCOMP268]
Artist: VA
Title: Sunset Session
Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Future House
Label: Le Mans Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Ambassadeurs – Looking At You (feat C Duncan – Moods remix) (04:38)
2. Sophisticated – Take The Groove (04:42)
3. Godlips – Fly Away (Jako Diaz remix) (07:24)
4. Sons Of Maria – Surrender (06:10)
5. Arcade 82 – Circus Charlie (Jonse & Bengt Van Steegen remix) (06:11)
6. Alex Hook – No More Lies (feat Rene – Tosel & Hale remix) (07:48)
7. Croatia Squad – What Can U Do (06:08)
8. Deepso A – Have A Nice Play (05:10)
9. A2A – That’s What We Need! (Ibiza Rework) (06:02)
10. Me & My Toothbrush – Escape My Laws (06:02)
11. Alex Hook & Matvey Emerson – I Need Somebody (feat Rene) (06:16)
12. Marc Moosbrugger – Fina (04:37)
13. Lethal Legend – One Plus One (06:24)
14. Falko Niestolik & Dubtal3nt – Someday (feat Voyce – Sascha Kloeber remix) (06:44)
15. BONJ – Bernardo (DJ Monique remix) (07:12)
16. Fooh Funk – Be In Love (ChixUnigthed remix) (07:06)
17. Rafael Paste & Botteon – No Touch (05:38)
18. Rony Breaker – I Feel Loved (feat Jay Sebag – Cram remix) (05:03)
19. Miguel Campbell – The Music (MAM remix) (06:12)
20. Naturtalente – Manege (03:06)
21. LAAX – Karakal (06:19)
22. Ben Ashton – Got Me Thinkin (feat Philip Manning) (06:02)
23. Corne – Light Breeze (feat Cosmin Gherman) (04:42)
24. Banazonic – Close Your Eyes (07:08)
25. Groove Gecko – Pulp Fusion (05:06)
Ilya Santana - Electric Mind [RW041] Ilya Santana - Electric Mind [RW041]

Artist: Ilya Santana 
Title: Electric Mind
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco 
Label: Rare Wiri Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Ilya Santana - Electric Mind [James Rod Remix]
Ilya Santana - Electric Mind [Rayko Cosmic Western Remix]
Ilya Santana - Electric Mind
Poolside - Contact High Edits [DAN3] Poolside - Contact High Edits [DAN3]

Artist: Poolside 
Title: Contact High Edits 
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Label: Poolside
Quality: 320 kbps

Poolside - Gimme What You Got
Poolside - Groovin'
Poolside - Oh Honey
Poolside - Save Their Souls

Malandra Jr. - Dance Warriors [DFL025] Malandra Jr. - Dance Warriors [DFL025]

Artist: Malandra Jr. 
Title: Dance Warriors
Genre: Deep House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Malandra Jr. - Dance Warriors (Claudio Coccoluto Remix)
Malandra Jr. - Dance Warriors (Original Mix)
Malandra Jr. - Dance Warriors (Riva Starr Remix)

Almost all experts date the emergence of this style to 2002. It has to say thank you for its name to one popular music online-magazine Beatport, which in 2008 published a press-release on opening a new genre page on the website, where the following was reported: Beatport launches nu disco / indie dance genre page. Nu Disco is compositions and remixes that use samples from such music genres from the late 70s and mid 80s of the XXth century as Disco, Boogie, Cosmic, Balearic and Italo-disco, as well as Eurodicso, Electroclash.

Here you have a unique opportunity to download Nu-disco music for free and play it on our web-portal.

In the mid 2000s dance covers and remixes of the songs from the 1980s became very popular. Such super hits in Nu-disco genre topped the European, Australian and Japanese charts: vLolas Theme by Shapeshifters, Call on Me by Eric Prydz, Out of Touch by Uniting Nations, What a Feeling by Global Deejays, I will Be Ready - Sunblock. Peak of popularity of Nu-disco in Great Britain was in the middle of 2005, when two remixes of popular disco-composition Waiting For A Star To Fall entered top-10.

In 2002 Nu-disco genre found a new lease of life. It started to conquer the dance clubs of the North America and then straight to «Billbooard» charts. It owes its popularity to Justin Timberlake (composition «Take Back The Night»), Bruno Mars (Treasure), Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines). But the most popular hit in Nu-disco style, of course, is Get Lucky, Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell Williams and guitarist Nile Rodgers. «Get Lucky» topped the hit parade «Billboard Hot 100» for 5 weeks and became the main dance song of 2013.

Download popular compositions and new hits of «Nu-disco/indie Music» on our web-portal