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Mirko Hirsch – Power Of Desire Mirko Hirsch – Power Of Desire

Artist: Mirko Hirsch 
Title: Power Of Desire
Genre: Disco
Label: Zyx
Quality: 320 kbps

Mirko Hirsch – Mr. Hyde
Mirko Hirsch – Video Night (feat. Trans-X)
Mirko Hirsch – Remember September
Mirko Hirsch – Lady Mystery (feat. Heaven42)
Mirko Hirsch – Fire & Ice
Mirko Hirsch – In Your Eyes (feat. Ira of Etolie Vipe)
Mirko Hirsch – The Power of Desire
Mirko Hirsch – I’m Your Doctor
Mirko Hirsch – Take Me
Mirko Hirsch – Agent of Love
Mirko Hirsch – TV Screen
Mirko Hirsch – Save Me (Just for Tonight) (feat. Elen Cora)
Mirko Hirsch – Forever Tonight
Mirko Hirsch – Fire (Original Version)
Mirko Hirsch – Love on the Run (Single Mix)
VA - Voyage Sauvage VA - Voyage Sauvage

Artist: VA
Title: Voyage Sauvage
Genre: Disco
Label: Emerald & Doreen
Quality: 320 kbps

The Sweeps – Here It Comes (Blackmod Remix) 
go nogo – New Folks (Go Satta One Blood Remix) 
Go Satta – Caramel (Acid Washed Remix) 
3MF – Move (Elektromekanik Remix) 
Disco Doubles – Breakthrough (feat. G.RIZO)
David Garcet – How Do You Know (The Note V Remix) [feat. Klangschwester]
Extrapillow – When Light Came (Georges Guelters Remix) 
dilig0 – Stronger (Mikael Fas Remix) 
Headpocket – Swift (The Beat Broker Nylon Dub) 
Romin – Breathe (A Copycat Remix) 
Tunnelvision – Goodnight Moon (Statickman Remix) 
3MF – Dance Is My Religion (Irregular Disco Workes Remix) 
Eons Away – Swell (Jaytor’s Hipster Armageddon Remix)
Dalo – Romance with Lonely 
Karan & Shivil – In the Sky (Headpocket’s Pegasus Remix) 
Keenhouse – Time (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Remix) 
Room of Ego – Silk (Dalo Remix) 
Lunar Twin – Champagne (Haioka Remix) 
Noise In Dreams – All I See Is You (feat. KnowKontrol) 
Jerry Bouthier – Voyage Sauvage (Continuous Mix) 

VA - The 12 VA - The 12" Album

Artist: VA
Title: The 12" Album
Genre: Disco
Label: Fresh Up
Quality: 320 kbps

BBII – Tropical Laser Fantasy – Extended Version 
DMX Krew – Do it All Nite – Extended Version 
Ike N Mike – White Chinos – Full Length Version 
BBII – An Evening At Bunsley Hall – Extended Version 
DMX Krew – That Wild and Freaky Robot Funk – Long Version 
Yellow Peril Disco Group – Bamboo Disco – Extended Version 
Ike N Mike – Logic Family – Extended Remix 
DMX Krew – Didnt I? -12 
Fresh Up Players – Blip Culture – Long Version
Ike N Mike – Star Epoch – Extended Remix 
BBII – Car Chase – Rhodes Version 
DMX Krew – Galaxy Love – Instrumental
Ike N Mike – Owning Up – Extended Mix 

VA - Future Disco 2015 VA - Future Disco 2015

Artist: VA
Title: Future Disco 2015
Genre: Nu Disco 
Label: Miami Mainstage
Quality: 320 kbps

BONVIVANT, Fly Emirates & Kelly Holiday – Senses (90’s Eurodance mix) 
Amun Holiday, Epic Animals & Kelly Holiday – High (90’s Trance mix) 
Angela Burciaga, Daath & Kelly Holiday – Catwalk (minimal electronica mix)
Trendsetter, Art Basel & Crimean Kid – Ase of Base (Futuristic Disco Remix)
Kelly Holiday, Zheng He & DJ Burciaga – Happy Hours (Chinese EDM mix) 
Mark Holiday, Your Father & Olympian – Futuristic Disco Ball (Futuristic Disco Radio edit) 
Kelly Holiday, Cora Burciaga & Wickedson – Then Summer Comes (original Dance mix) 
Trendsetter, Mark Holiday & Stay Gold – Yonce, Partition (Electro POP mix) 
Sergio Luka, Big Holiday & Chris Ozstriker – Clockwork (minimal electronica mix) 
Parnassus, Kelly Holiday & Crimean Colossus – Tokyo Disco Future (original dance mix) 
Royal Mile, DJ Trendsetter & Rave Generation – Hit It Hard (Future Disco House mix) 
Get Futuristic, Gustav Grays & Goldheart – All You Got (Futuristic Dance mix) 
Goldswag, Kelly Holiday & Mark Magic – New World (Futuristic Dance mix) 

Breakbot – Get Lost [91318] Breakbot – Get Lost [91318]

Artist: Breakbot 
Title: Get Lost
Genre: Disco
Label: Ed Banger Records / Because Music 
Quality: 320 kbps

Breakbot – Get Lost (Original Mix)
Breakbot – Back for More (Original Mix)
Fred Falke – Alpha Fred Falke – Alpha

Artist: Fred Falke 
Title: Alpha
Genre: Disco
Label: Mercury Music Group
Quality: 320 kbps

Fred Falke – Radio Days (feat. Shotgun Tom Kelly) 
Fred Falke – It’s a Memory (feat. Elohim & Mansions On The Moon) 
Fred Falke – All of My Love
Fred Falke – Crepuscule 

Wolfram - United 707 EP2 [DFA 2503DIG1] Wolfram - United 707 EP2 [DFA 2503DIG1]

Artist: Wolfram 
Title: United 707 EP2
Genre: Disco
Label: DFA US 
Quality: 320 kbps

Wolfram – United 707 (Lipelis remix)
Wolfram – United 707 (Simoncino remix)
Wolfram – United 707 (Simoncino Forest remix)

Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer - Stereo Love [FCL164] Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer - Stereo Love [FCL164]

Artist: Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer 
Title: Stereo Love
Genre: House / Indie Dance
Label: Future Classic 
Quality: 320 kbps

Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer – Avocado Galaxy (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer – Tip Pit (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer – Shakes (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin & Balkanizer – Avocado Moon (Original Mix)

Croatia Squad – Going South [ETR291REUP] Croatia Squad – Going South [ETR291REUP]

Artist: Croatia Squad 
Title: Going South
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Enormous Tunes
Quality: 320 kbps

Croatia Squad – Going South (Original Mix)
Saccao, West.K, Liz Kretschmer – Don’t Call Me [SAK013] Saccao, West.K, Liz Kretschmer – Don’t Call Me [SAK013]

Artist: Saccao, West.K, Liz Kretschmer
Title: Don’t Call Me 
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Sakura Music 
Quality: 320 kbps

Saccao, West.K, Liz Kretschmer – Don’t Call Me (Mark Lower Remix)
Saccao, West.K, Liz Kretschmer – Don’t Call Me (Original Mix)

Almost all experts date the emergence of this style to 2002. It has to say thank you for its name to one popular music online-magazine Beatport, which in 2008 published a press-release on opening a new genre page on the website, where the following was reported: Beatport launches nu disco / indie dance genre page. Nu Disco is compositions and remixes that use samples from such music genres from the late 70s and mid 80s of the XXth century as Disco, Boogie, Cosmic, Balearic and Italo-disco, as well as Eurodicso, Electroclash.

Here you have a unique opportunity to download Nu-disco music for free and play it on our web-portal.

In the mid 2000s dance covers and remixes of the songs from the 1980s became very popular. Such super hits in Nu-disco genre topped the European, Australian and Japanese charts: vLolas Theme by Shapeshifters, Call on Me by Eric Prydz, Out of Touch by Uniting Nations, What a Feeling by Global Deejays, I will Be Ready - Sunblock. Peak of popularity of Nu-disco in Great Britain was in the middle of 2005, when two remixes of popular disco-composition Waiting For A Star To Fall entered top-10.

In 2002 Nu-disco genre found a new lease of life. It started to conquer the dance clubs of the North America and then straight to «Billbooard» charts. It owes its popularity to Justin Timberlake (composition «Take Back The Night»), Bruno Mars (Treasure), Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines). But the most popular hit in Nu-disco style, of course, is Get Lucky, Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell Williams and guitarist Nile Rodgers. «Get Lucky» topped the hit parade «Billboard Hot 100» for 5 weeks and became the main dance song of 2013.

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