Best minimal music — minimal techno and minimal house

NTFO's OFF Sonar Selection'17 NTFO's OFF Sonar Selection'17
Artist: VA
Title: NTFO's OFF Sonar Selection'17
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

NTFO - Dissolve (Original Mix)
Archie Hamilton, Enzo Siragusa - Ricochet (Original Mix)
NTFO - Trampoline (Original Mix)
Subb-an, Isis Salam - Self Control (Original Mix)
ICS - Mefisto (Original Mix)
Burnski - Circuits (Original Mix)
NTFO - Real Deal (Original Mix)
Gwilym Owen - Connect (Original Mix)
Tobi Neumann, Patrick Ense - ERTS (Original Mix)
Premiesku - In Sfera (Enzo Siragusa Remix)
Subb-an Summer Trax Subb-an Summer Trax
Artist: VA
Title: Subb-an Summer Trax
Genre: Deep House, House, Leftfield House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Subb-an, Isis Salam - Self Control (Original Mix)
Archie Hamilton, Enzo Siragusa - Transcend (Original Mix)
ZKY - No Sleep (Original Mix)
Cab Drivers - Correspondance (Original Mix)
Adam Shelton, Isis Salam - Only Now (Original Mix)
Subb-an - Island Fever (Original Mix)
Brawther - Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix)
Livio & Roby - Tidal Reshape (Original Mix)
Burnski - Callisto (Original Mix)
The Willers Brothers - Shimmy Shimmy (Original Mix)
Beatport Exclusives Only: June.05.2017 Beatport Exclusives Only: June.05.2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only: June.05.2017
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, House, Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Drum & Bass, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

GHEIST - Rufos (Original Mix)
V.v.K. - Polar Lights (Original Mix)
Joshua Schwarm - Slingshot (Original Mix)
Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo - Get Low (Minimal Mix)
Veerus - ARP (Original Mix)
Martin Eyerer, Philip Bader - The Student (Original Mix)
Andy Toth, Billy Love - Thrillseekers (Oliver Dollar & Matthew K Remix)
Pleasurekraft - Bellatrix (Original Mix)
Redlight - City Jams (DJ Deeon Remix)
Ryme Tyme, Killbox - Clickbait (Original Mix)
Rau.du - Raw Fields (Original Mix)
Trippin Jaguar - Arecibo (Zebra Centauri Remix)
Citizenn - To The Enlightenment (Original Mix)
Ben Hoo, Enzo Leep - Broken Connections (Original Mix)
Counrad - F1 (Original Mix)
Paul Angelo, Don Argento - Final Sentiment (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
Sincz - Ophelia (Original Mix)
Cristoph - Lost Witness (Original Mix)
Victor Polo - Smoke My Weed (Original Mix)
Harvard Bass - Girls (Original Mix)
Gene Farris, Riva Starr, Dennis Cruz - Play (Original Mix)
Mihalis Karakas Keep On Dancing Mihalis Karakas Keep On Dancing
Artist: VA
Title: Mihalis Karakas Keep On Dancing
Genre: Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Noone Costelo - D.R.U.G.S. (Benavid remix)
Laydee V - Vortex (Benavid Dub Remix)
Fausto Messina - Mariposita (Romeo D'Arret & Javier Gonzalez Remix)
CL-ljud - My Music (Original Mix)
Coracle - White Sand (Cales & Mr Hyde Sax Remix)
Larry Hyde - By My Side (Original Mix)
Theeor Moor - Progetto 4 (Original Mix)
Haste Drei - Mollikewl (Original Mix)
Optimal Chill State - Fifth Force (M!nks & Unknown Identity Remix)
Lauren Lo Sung - Trek (Original Mix)
Ellroy's June Top 10 Ellroy's June Top 10
Tech House / Minimal / House / Dj Charts 6-06-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Ellroy's June Top 10
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

David Herrero - Silver Town (Ellroy Remix)
wAFF - Hypnotised (Original Mix)
Manuel De La Mare - Rejoy (Dub Mix)
Danilo Schneider - Pitch Bend (Original Mix)
Tolstoi, Andsan - Contender (Original Mix)
Yvan Genkins - Slate (Original Mix)
Khaan, Tolstoi - Pull (Original Mix)
Artslaves - Four To 4 (Original Mix)
Basti Grub - Kaschki (Original Mix)
Nima Gorji - Look Back (Original Mix)
Beatport Exclusives Only: May.30.2017 Beatport Exclusives Only: May.30.2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only: May.30.2017
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Tech House, Progressive House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Leftfield House & Techno, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Audiojack, Kevin Knapp - Implications (Original Mix)
Visnadi, Matteo Bruscagin - Drps Classic (Guy J Remix)
Dino Lenny - Shoot Me to the Sky (Extended Mix)
DJ Boring - Winona (Original Mix)
Premiesku - In Sfera (Enzo Siragusa Remix)
Ziger - Purple Sky (Original Mix)
Clint Stewart - Shadows on the Wall (Original Mix)
Mikal - Broadwalk (Original Mix)
DLX - Uzumaki (Original Mix)
Quivver, Funk D'Void - Dual State (Original Mix)
Dubfluss - Kinetik (Original Mix)
Metodi Hristov - Facing Assault (Original Mix)
Joris Voorn - I Ran The Zoo (Digital Version)
Elliot Adamson - Still Workin' (Original Mix)
Tuff London - The Gospel Truth (Original Mix)
SHDW, Obscure Shape - Himmel Und Erde (Original Mix)
Maceo Plex - The Tesseract (Original Mix)
Visnadi, Matteo Bruscagin - Triptico (Original Mix)
Audion - Need Your Loving (Original Mix)
Marquis Hawkes - The Basement Is Burning (Original Mix)
Beatport Excusives Only: May.23.2017 Beatport Excusives Only: May.23.2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Excusives Only: May.23.2017
Genre: Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Drum & Bass
Quality: 320 kbps

Dubfluss - World (Original Mix)
Loris Brega - Tanhua (Original Mix)
Dyllon - Marcua (Original Mix)
Darocha, Touchtalk - Antidote (Original Mix)
Jelly For The Babies - Asgard (Deepsec and SIX Remix)
Matias Carafa - 2020 (Original Mix)
Ilya Gerus - Agava (Original Mix)
Valentino S - Neptune (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau - Neo (Original Mix)
Ali Whitticase - Nagiw (Original Mix)
Butch, C.Vogt - The Infamous (Palms Trax Smudge Mix)
Thomas Schumacher - On-Off (Inhale-Exhale) (Original Mix)
Danny Serrano - Thug Life (Original Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu - Focus (Steve Bug Remix)
Cause4Concern - Below The Horizon (Original Mix)
Edwin Oosterwal - Bleep (Original Mix)
Matthias Tanzmann - Coffee Clouds (Andhim Remix)
Lady Starlight - E2.2 (Original Mix)
Josh Brown - Junglist Bad Boy (Original Mix)
Bufi - El House Es Tu Idioma (Dave DK Remix)
Pig&Dan Summer is here 2017 Pig&Dan Summer is here 2017
Techno / Minimal / Dj Charts 26-05-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Pig&Dan Summer is here 2017
Genre: Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Dast (Italy) - Last Dancer (Original Mix)
Uakoz, Alex Lentini - Persistence (Original Mix)
Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan - Get Me On (Original Mix)
Etai Tarazi - Dusty (Original Mix)
Dast (Italy) - Sitting In The Sun (Original Mix)
Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan - So Good (Original Mix)
Veerus, Maxie Devine - Raccoon (Original Mix)
Pig&Dan - Hope (Original Mix)
Pig&Dan - Deliverance (Original Mix)
Pig&Dan - K-OS (Original Mix)
DeMarzo Start The Fire Chart DeMarzo Start The Fire Chart
Artist: VA
Title: DeMarzo Start The Fire Chart
Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Demarzo - Start The Fire (Original Mix)
Atjazz - Dirty Ride (Original Mix)
Collective Machine, Captain Knuckles, Figaraw - Hey Ya (Original Mix)
Gorkiz - Tribos (Original Mix)
Sean Branton - Juncture (Original Mix)
Marcelo Cura - Steelow (Original Mix)
Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo - El Mango (Original Mix)
Bas Roos - Ugly House (Original Mix)
Anna Reusch - My Own (M.In Remix)
Joshwa - Little Helper 278-4 (Original Mix)
Beatport AFEM AT IMS IBIZA 2017 Chart Beatport AFEM AT IMS IBIZA 2017 Chart
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport AFEM AT IMS IBIZA 2017 Chart
Genre: House, Dance, Techno, Progressive House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Ben Hoo - Reaching (Original Mix)
Sísý Ey - Mystified (Original Mix)
Anja Schneider - Changes (Original Mix)
Changing Shape - The Moment feat. Omid 16B (Original Mix)
Ridney - Sweetest Eye (Original Mix)
Freejak - Out of Breath feat. Martay M'Kenzy (Extended Mix)
Yotto - Marisa (Original Mix)
Talamanca - When the Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
Felix Cartal - Get What You Give (Extended Mix)
TEE MANGO - This Is Where I'll Stay With U

Electronic minimalist music on

Now, when visiting our web-site Techdeephouse, you’ll be able to find and download your favourite songs in Minimal Musiс style, and also to learn something about the history of this style, its peculiarities and uniqueness.

This style originated in the USA in the mid 1960s and the early 1970s of the XX century. Its main feature is that is was based on the simplest, rhythmic and melodious key cells, called “patterns”. These “patterns”, cells, are a set of simple rhythms and melodies, divided into quarters and placed repeatedly and evenly into a song with some slight variations and changes.

It is widely thought among professional musicians that the Minimal Style was created on defects of music from other genres. In other words, its composition is made on mistakes, thrown away from the other music styles. These mistakes were changed a bit, placed in patterns, quarters and then they are taken as a basis for a composition.

But the fathers of this style and its lovers do not care about this, since the main idea is that the soundtrack should be as less full as possible and the main emphasis is focused on the period between the beats, which creates an easy atmosphere of groove.

Today, this style didn’t loose its popularity; moreover, it is still developing and it gives the impetus for the development of many new styles. Now, this music, created from complex and persistent, floating passages that give the soundtrack moire music pattern, has no gravity center, which helps the listener completely become absorbed in it.

In this style of music different dynamics, rhythmic, speed are used. All main elements can be rough, awkward, soft and organic. In a word, anyone who likes club music can find in Minimal style their own special appeal. Moreover, many DJs-beginners start from this style, since Minimal style, like no other style, can teach you how to understand quarters and create an atmosphere of groove and understand the principles of creating music.