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OXIA Summer charts OXIA Summer charts

Artist: VA
Title: OXIA Summer charts
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Dee Montero - Voyager (Original Mix)
Oxia - Instinct (Original Mix)
SIS - Danzan (Original Mix)
Hauswerks - After Dark (Original Mix)
Ohmme - Fashion (Original Mix)
Collective States - Blue Snaggletooth (Original Mix)
Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo - Aint Trippin (Original Mix)
Tiger Stripes - Dunjacka (Original Mix)
Wally Lopez - Sneakerhead ((Gorge Remix))
Iuliano Mambo - Tornado (Stefano Parenti Remix)
Tucci - Broken Circuit EP [PGR142] [WAV] Tucci - Broken Circuit EP [PGR142] [WAV]
Music / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: Tucci
Title: Broken Circuit EP
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Play Groove Recordings
Quality: WAV

Tucci – Broken Circuit (Original Mix) (06:37)
Tucci – Broken Circuit (Sebastian Ledher, Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero Remix) (05:44)
Tucci – Fly Beat (Original Mix) (06:21)
VA - Mark Slee Plays 7V [7VC012] VA - Mark Slee Plays 7V [7VC012]
Deep House / Minimal / Electronic 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Mark Slee Plays 7V
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Seven Villas
Quality: 320 kbps

Nikita Great – Russwans 06:59 bpm
Pablo Bolívar, Ben Preisinger – Rainy Dawn Lights 08:12 bpm
Pablo Bolívar – Vibrations 06:42 bpm
information ghetto – Romantic Balance 07:57 bpm
Jose Vizcaino – Long Life to the Underground 06:27 bpm
Pablo Bolívar, Dactilar – The People We Like 06:41 bpm
Tigerskin, Alfa State – Slippery Roads (Pablo Bolivar Remix) 07:23 bpm
Juan Deminicis – Fractals 06:29 bpm
Jose Vizcaino – Release (Mark Slee Remix) 06:42 bpm
Usmev – River of Dreams 07:28 bpm
SpecDub, bdtom – Queens (Forteba Remix) 07:16 bpm
Marshall Watson – When Snow Becomes Memories 04:36 bpm
Mark Slee – Plays Seven Villas (Continuous DJ Mix) 69:17 bpm
VA - Dream Mood Part 6 [DRM049] VA - Dream Mood Part 6 [DRM049]
Tech House / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Dream Mood Part 6
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Label: Dream Mode
Quality: 320 kbps

Da Rua – Tudesi (Original Mix) 05:23 125bpm A#min
Blaque – Vex (Original Mix) 06:41 125bpm Gmin
Riko Forinson – Artist Name (Original Mix) 06:30 122bpm Amin
Alejandro Cuestas – Nevoie De Mine (Original Mix) 08:02 120bpm A#min
Martin Wunderlich – What U Feel (Original Mix) 08:48 120bpm A#maj
Central Beat – Connected (Original Mix) 06:56 122bpm Emaj
Julio M – I Try (Original Mix) 08:23 124bpm Amin
Posada – Max Payne (Julio Garces Remix) 06:42 118bpm Gmin
Peshka – Accomodation (Original Mix) 10:24 123bpm Fmaj
Woobtech – Iear (Original Mix) 07:21 124bpm Amin
NFNT – Preciosa (Original Mix) 05:20 123bpm Amin
Paul Haro – Motion (Izzie Seven Remix) 06:31 122bpm Amaj
ShelO – Surely (Original Mix) 09:03 122bpm Amin
Cristian Cerio – Alt X Control (Unluck Remix) 06:30 123bpm D#min
K.epler – Dear Stephanie (Original Mix) 06:49 122bpm Bmin
VA - La Vida Compilation, Vol. 4 [SD020] VA - La Vida Compilation, Vol. 4 [SD020]
Music / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: La Vida Compilation, Vol. 4
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Saint & Dont Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Pheek – 1000 Times (Original Mix) 09:17 124bpm Amin
Rosebud, Coriesu – Alive (Original Mix) 06:52 126bpm Amin
Amo – Toyz (Original Mix) 07:00 128bpm Amin
Odette – Megoria (Original Mix) 08:49 125bpm Gmin
Re-Light – Ensenada (Original Mix) 07:12 122bpm Cmin
Giancarlo Puigbo – Portrait Of Us (Original Mix) 06:36 126bpm Dmaj
Zepovek, Alejandro Cuestas – Chifa (Original Mix) 07:33 123bpm Amin
Yateme – Mars (Original Mix) 09:25 123bpm Amin
Jos Lok – Verstajem (Original Mix) 10:23 124bpm Gmaj
Ruslan – Spacetravel (Original Mix) 08:19 126bpm Emin
Christian Campos – International Machine (Original Mix) 07:06 125bpm Amin
VA - Ibiza 2018 Chichi Music [CH19IBZ] VA - Ibiza 2018 Chichi Music [CH19IBZ]
Tech House / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza 2018 Chichi Music
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Label: Chichi Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Andrew Azara – Jam (Original Mix) 05:12 bpm
Antonino Pace – Vibering (Original Mix) 07:28 bpm
Arche – Feel (Original Mix) 07:12 bpm
Deetech – The Line (Original Mix) 07:32 bpm
Eddy Malano – Wat (Original Mix) 06:53 bpm
Emanuele Rada – You Know Da Name (Original Mix) 05:59 bpm
Federico Apadula, Lissen Two – Funkadelic (Original Mix) 06:45 bpm
Francesco Romano – Rock Da Drum (Original Mix) 05:40 bpm
Giuseppe Sileno – Beat (Original Mix) 05:19 bpm
Niko Freij – Funky Day (Original Mix) 06:14 bpm
Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero – Strong Beat (Original Mix) 06:45 bpm
Va - Va 01 [KKY001] Va - Va 01 [KKY001]
Deep House / Tech House / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Va 01
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Kooky Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Clefomat, Cyd – Not Involved (Original Mix) 06:02 128bpm F#min
Cyd, Clefomat – Brash (Original Mix) 06:41 130bpm Amin
Daniele Kama – Las Tunas (Original Mix) 07:36 120bpm Amin
Friedrich Becker – Jovìca (Original Mix) 08:50 125bpm Amin
Gogan – Fanciful (Original Mix) 06:58 125bpm Amin
Mariusz Kryska – Simply Game (Original Mix) 07:17 124bpm Amaj
Schrill – Sunset (Original Mix) 07:10 126bpm Amin
VA - WARM V.A. VOL.5 [PHS050] VA - WARM V.A. VOL.5 [PHS050]
Techno / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: WARM V.A. VOL.5
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno
Label: Phobos Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Berlanga, Dustin Holtsberry, Dustin Holtsberry, Berlanga – Miedo (Original Mix) 06:42 bpm
Lampe – Little Mouse (Original Mix) 05:30 bpm
Carbon – Daydreamer (Original Mix) 08:45 bpm
Rosper – Waiting (Original Mix) 07:42 bpm
Overheads – Decisive (Original Mix) 06:10 bpm
Le Son Du Placard – Batucada (Original Mix) 06:12 bpm
Sasho Derama – Healing Horn (Original Mix) 07:00 bpm
Christian Hornbostel – Unconventional Investigation (Original Mix) 07:37 bpm
Hc Kurtz – Growl (Original Mix) 06:13 bpm
Monococ – The Haunt (Original Mix) 06:46 bpm
Hory Doly – Guilty (Original Mix) 07:12 bpm
Erase Me – Elements (Original Mix) 06:02 bpm
Suspect One – Dosierungssperre (Original Mix) 06:48 bpm
Cristian Martin – Uncertain Future (Original Mix) 07:52 bpm
Luis M – Chandra (Original Mix) 07:26 bpm
Lützenkirchen – No Playground (Original Mix) 06:41 bpm
Bulaklak – Upside Down (Original Mix) 06:27 bpm
Frederic Stunkel – Sandclock (Original Mix) 06:15 bpm
Martin Kinrus – Remove (Original Mix) 06:16 bpm
Vasco UG – Enough Pills (Original Mix) 06:46 bpm
Momo Dobrev – Nothing (Original Mix) 06:08 bpm
Peter Groskreutz – TnT (Original Mix) 05:45 bpm
Breger – Towards (Original Mix) 07:34 bpm
Cosmin Horatiu – Nocturn (Original Mix) 07:24 bpm
Damien Fisher – Deranged (Original Mix) 06:43 bpm
Elmar Strathe – Ultragroove (Original Mix) 06:33 bpm
Florian Frings – Hoax (Original Mix) 08:59 bpm
Folic State – Shredder (Original Mix) 07:01 bpm
James Hopkins – Moon Freeze (Original Mix) 07:15 bpm
Massive Moloko, Zoltan Stadler, Massive Moloko & Zoltan Stadler – Mosaic (Original Mix) 08:25 bpm
Sascha Ciccopiedi – Dig Down (Original Mix) 08:19 bpm
TiM TASTE – Elephant (Original Mix) 07:17 bpm
VA - World Cup Russia 2018, Essential Tracks Collection [CBK345] VA - World Cup Russia 2018, Essential Tracks Collection [CBK345]
Tech House / Techno / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: World Cup Russia 2018, Essential Tracks Collection
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Minimal
Label: Cubek Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Dasero – Lift Me Up (Original Mix) 07:52 bpm
Michael Breniac Obeten, Shiro – Garij (Shiro Remix) 07:39 bpm
Arseniu – Eruptions (Original Mix) 08:54 bpm
Human Robot – Omega Byte (Original Mix) 08:14 bpm
Monotalk, Tacuba – Cill Or Dancing (Tacuba Remix) 06:44 bpm
Der Held – Pale Mind (Original Mix) 06:29 bpm
Glaucoman – Inka Surfers (Original Mix) 06:49 123bpm
Mosh T – Black Clouds (Original Mix) 06:50 bpm
Twill (Tunisia) – Esmeralda (Original Mix) 08:15 bpm
Kemp & Thompson – Down To Da Floor (Original Mix) 07:19 bpm
Hugh Crundwell – Craxy Waxy (Original Mix) 05:09 bpm
Peter Lewis, Jacknroll – Bass (Original Mix) 06:42 bpm
K.N.D. – Deep View (Original Mix) 05:21 bpm
Jackstraw – All Right (Original Mix) 06:13 bpm
Brown Bull – Touch The Music (Original Mix) 06:37 bpm
Loschen & Dunkel – Bacteria (Original Mix) 08:48 bpm
Mariano Santos, Alfons Bang – Friends Connection (Alfons Bang Remix) 07:09 bpm
Yura Axe, Mtech – Police (Mtech Remix) 07:20 bpm
Tech House / Minimal 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Label: Creepy Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Gianluca Rattalino – Rock The Discotheque (Original Mix) 06:08 bpm
Svan Gianz – Smash It (Original Mix) 05:25 bpm
DJ Entwan, Dan Corco – Dream Team (Original Mix) 07:17 bpm
Juan Eres – A Time (Original Mix) 06:22 bpm
Franco BA – Congas (Original Mix) 06:45 bpm
Mauro Vetter – Boogie Let’s Rock (Original Mix) 06:53 bpm
erik chico – Sybarite Flow (Original Mix) 07:29 bpm
TecHouzer – Valhalla (Original Mix) 05:20 bpm
Malocello – Something to Me (Original Mix) 06:00 bpm
Francesco Romano – Call Nova (Original Mix) 08:19 bpm
Aday Hernández – Gravity (Original Mix) 05:55 bpm
Santech – Shut Up (Original Mix) 07:02 bpm
Phraa! – Piano Acid (Original Mix) 07:56 bpm
Roberto León – Bad Habits (Original Mix) 07:02 bpm

Electronic minimalist music on

Now, when visiting our web-site Techdeephouse, you’ll be able to find and download your favourite songs in Minimal Musiс style, and also to learn something about the history of this style, its peculiarities and uniqueness.

This style originated in the USA in the mid 1960s and the early 1970s of the XX century. Its main feature is that is was based on the simplest, rhythmic and melodious key cells, called “patterns”. These “patterns”, cells, are a set of simple rhythms and melodies, divided into quarters and placed repeatedly and evenly into a song with some slight variations and changes.

It is widely thought among professional musicians that the Minimal Style was created on defects of music from other genres. In other words, its composition is made on mistakes, thrown away from the other music styles. These mistakes were changed a bit, placed in patterns, quarters and then they are taken as a basis for a composition.

But the fathers of this style and its lovers do not care about this, since the main idea is that the soundtrack should be as less full as possible and the main emphasis is focused on the period between the beats, which creates an easy atmosphere of groove.

Today, this style didn’t loose its popularity; moreover, it is still developing and it gives the impetus for the development of many new styles. Now, this music, created from complex and persistent, floating passages that give the soundtrack moire music pattern, has no gravity center, which helps the listener completely become absorbed in it.

In this style of music different dynamics, rhythmic, speed are used. All main elements can be rough, awkward, soft and organic. In a word, anyone who likes club music can find in Minimal style their own special appeal. Moreover, many DJs-beginners start from this style, since Minimal style, like no other style, can teach you how to understand quarters and create an atmosphere of groove and understand the principles of creating music.