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In The Remix: Minimal In The Remix: Minimal
Minimal / Dj Charts / Exclusives 1-12-2016
Artist: VA
Title: In The Remix: Minimal
Genre: Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps
Enzo Leep, Tripio X - Sumeria (Hernan Bass Remix)
F.eht - Spatiu (Dani Labb Remix)
DJ Red - Raw Cacao (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
PRT Stacho - Love Of An Angel (Luixar KL Remix)
Ian Tribb - Mistery People (Rich Forever Remix)
Nici Frida - Moments Like These (Ordinary Subject Remix)
Phonotrip - Modern Jazz (Darkrow Remix)
Daniel Sanchez - Pearled Into Droplets (Nima Gorji Remix)
Battric & MIVU - Kika (Rich. Remix)
Paul S, Antony Pl - Kaoss (Marian Mitroi)
Gruuv' - Renacer (Trentz Remix)
CK, Sergio Del Lago - How I Deep (Nik Giovanelli Remix)
Cerillo - Screamin (German Luque Remix)
Joseph Krause - Illusioni Perdute (Luixar KL Remix)
Tom Langusi - Hologram (Nici Frida Remix)
Carmelo Gargaglione - File e dispositivi (Manuel De Lorenzi Stripe Remix)
Stephan:us - Frammenti (Manna From Sky Remix)
Mike Teknii - Mid Range (Peppe Markese & Profano Remix)
Giuseppe Cennamo - Keep on Searching (Nukem remix)
Guanlong - Ideas Growing (David San Remix)
Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.28.2016 Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.28.2016
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.28.2016
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House, House
Quality: 320 kbps
Beatport Must Hear Minimal November 2016 Beatport Must Hear Minimal November 2016
Minimal / Dj Charts 29-11-2016
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Must Hear Minimal November 2016
Genre: Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps
Ray Okpara rayrays winterpicks16 Ray Okpara rayrays winterpicks16
Artist: VA
Title: Ray Okpara rayrays winterpicks16
Genre: Tech House, Minimal, Deep House, House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps
Ranacat - Graveyard Shift (Original Mix)
Andre Diaz - What's Going On (Ray Okpara Remix)
Nhan Solo - Brothers Keepers (Original Mix)
Marko Nastic - Watery Feeling (Nico Maxen Remix)
Mobius Strum, Gonzo-Gonzo - El Cayuco (Original)
Ray Okpara, Rick Sanders - Discotool (Original Mix)
Customer - A Little Respect (Original Mix)
David Pher - Guiterra Sin Cuerdas (Okain Remix)
Monsieur Georget - Conique Tribute (Original Mix)
Ray Okpara - Epos (Original Mix)
Ellroy Winter Meltdown Beatport Chart 2016 Ellroy Winter Meltdown Beatport Chart 2016
Tech House / Techno / Minimal / Dj Charts 24-11-2016
Artist: VA
Title: Ellroy Winter Meltdown Beatport Chart 2016
Genre: Tech House, Minimal, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps
Ellroy - Sentinel (Original Mix)
Ekkohaus - Unsound (Original Mix)
DJ Lion, Tomy Wahl - Switch To Acid (Ellroy Remix)
LetKolben - Metamorphosis (Improved Mix)
Cheise - 001 (Nice 'N Trick Remix)
Ellroy - Drone (Original Mix)
Gianluca Caldarelli - Soho Music (Reelow Remix)
Alisonn - Odamo (Original Mix)
Bronxy - Let's Go Jack (Original Mix)
Juan Atkins, Moritz Von Oswald - Merkur (Original Mix)
Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.21.2016 Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.21.2016
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.21.2016
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive House, Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps
Sasha - Rivaldo (Original Mix)
Chris BC - Special Clouds (Freak the Disco Remix)
Dlc - Aroma (Original Mix)
HNQO - Wrong Play (Original mix)
Danny Serrano - Begin Again (Original Mix)
Dimitri Nakov, BVision - El Dorado (Original Mix)
Andrea Bertolini, Valerio Vaudano - Improvvisazione #24 (Original Mix)
N'Pot - Redemption (Original Mix)
Drastic Duo, Giuseppe Biondo - Stop The Rock (Neverdogs Remix)
Lehar - The White Diary (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau, Arnas D - Down So Long (featuring Shane Blackshaw) (Dmitry Molosh Dub Mix)
Pryda - Choo (Original Mix)
Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch - Sheeple (Original Mix)
Rrose - Arc Unknown (Original Mix)
Reset Robot - A Thousand Billion Photons (Original Mix)
Monkey Safari - Verso (Original Mix)
Shaded (LA) - Yoyoyo (Original Mix)
Marc Maya - She Is Back (Original Mix)
Outway - Sunny Land (Original Mix)
Richie Steedman - Chance It (Original Mix)
Arika, Roi Okev - Eden (Original Mix)
Martin Eyerer December 2016 Chart Martin Eyerer December 2016 Chart
Techno / Minimal / Dj Charts 21-11-2016
Artist: VA
Title: Martin Eyerer December 2016 Chart
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps

Martin Eyerer, Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm - Get Down (Original Mix)
Pan-Pot & Martin Eyerer - Consequence (Original Mix)
Martin Eyerer, Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm - Ok Cool (Original Mix)
Cj Jeff - Army of One (Paul Ursin Remix)
Moby - Go (Tiger Stripes Black Lodge remix)
Stephan Hinz - Phantom Move (Original Mix)
Ronnie Spiteri - Underwater (Original Mix)
Dachshund - Another Step (Original Mix)
Petar Dundov, Gregor Tresher - Differentiator (Original Mix)
The Junkies - Revolution (Original)
Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.14.2016 Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.14.2016
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Nov.14.2016
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Drum & Bass, Dance
Quality: 320 kbps
Alix Perez - The Raven (Original Mix)
Capa (Official) - Accelerate (Original Mix)
J.A. Layos - Perseverancia (Original Mix)
Moby - Natural Blues (Coyu Remix)
Mondkrater - Illusion (Hush & Sleep Remix)
ATTLAS - Blood Work (Extended Mix)
Julian Rodriguez - Real Dreams (Original Mix)
Marcus Sur - In The Night (Eekkoo Remix)
Mr Doxx, Lu George - Hunters (Original Mix)
Hen Greca - Nobsh (Original Mix)
N-Telekia - Many Ways (Original Mix)
Felix Sanchez, Manuold - Darkonia (Tom Langusi Remix)
N'to - Starlings (Henry Saiz Remix)
Jinadu, Raw District - Taking You Down (Animal Trainer Remix)
Marko Nastic, Medu - Octagon Layout (Mene Remix)
2pole - Rose (Original Mix)
Mike Teknii - Mid Range (Peppe Markese & Profano Remix)
Compuphonic - My Love (Original Mix)
Autistic, Dimmish - Restless Shoes (Original Mix)
Beno-San - Iceland (Original Mix)
Hidden Gems Pt 1 Hidden Gems Pt 1
Tech House / Minimal 15-11-2016
Artist: VA
Title: Hidden Gems Pt 1
Genre: Minimal / Tech House
Label: Click Records
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Ed Ed – Chinx
02. Malandra Jr – Rhino
03. Lake Avalon – This & More
04. Anii – Children Of The Trees
05. Talul & HRRSN – New Home (dub version)
06. Jos & Eli – Back Home (Casual Affair remix)
07. Erly Tepshi – Lost In Dreams
08. Andrea Arcangeli – Sogno (vocal mix)
Ibiza Techno Anthems Vol 1 Ibiza Techno Anthems Vol 1
Tech House / Minimal 15-11-2016
Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza Techno Anthems Vol 1
Genre: Minimal / Tech House
Label: High Pro-File Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Mladen Tomic – Parthenon
02. Matt Holliday – Godforsaken (Rise And Fall remix)
03. Maxime Dangles – Fokal (Sian's Telescopic remix)
04. Snezerisch – Synth From Unknown
05. Eipies – Personal Techno
06. Luke Garcia & Th3 Oth3r – Ellipse (Nicone remix)
07. Casseopaya – Overdose (Alexander Maier & Marius Lehnert Presents AlmaMALE's 2016 remix)
08. Dani Giro – True Love
09. Glen – Manzarek
10. Castiblanco – Moonshine
11. Chris Von B. – Ruthless
12. Illuminated Mind – Clouds
13. Digital Sound System – Structure
14. Claudio Masso – Mushrooms
15. Andy Still – Reincarnation
16. Abib Djinn – Alliance Du Desert
17. Miguel Alcobia – The Beast
18. Ryan Dupree & Kollektiv Klanggut – Movement
19. Ivan Valls – Essential
20. Jene C – Saturday Morning
21. Javi Lago – Balkan
22. Audio Wall – Petrus
23. David Arias & Riven Benavi – Sound Of Gravity
24. Luiza Berg – Tie Dye
25. Doctor Boom – Antiwar

Electronic minimalist music on

Now, when visiting our web-site Techdeephouse, you’ll be able to find and download your favourite songs in Minimal Musiс style, and also to learn something about the history of this style, its peculiarities and uniqueness.

This style originated in the USA in the mid 1960s and the early 1970s of the XX century. Its main feature is that is was based on the simplest, rhythmic and melodious key cells, called “patterns”. These “patterns”, cells, are a set of simple rhythms and melodies, divided into quarters and placed repeatedly and evenly into a song with some slight variations and changes.

It is widely thought among professional musicians that the Minimal Style was created on defects of music from other genres. In other words, its composition is made on mistakes, thrown away from the other music styles. These mistakes were changed a bit, placed in patterns, quarters and then they are taken as a basis for a composition.

But the fathers of this style and its lovers do not care about this, since the main idea is that the soundtrack should be as less full as possible and the main emphasis is focused on the period between the beats, which creates an easy atmosphere of groove.

Today, this style didn’t loose its popularity; moreover, it is still developing and it gives the impetus for the development of many new styles. Now, this music, created from complex and persistent, floating passages that give the soundtrack moire music pattern, has no gravity center, which helps the listener completely become absorbed in it.

In this style of music different dynamics, rhythmic, speed are used. All main elements can be rough, awkward, soft and organic. In a word, anyone who likes club music can find in Minimal style their own special appeal. Moreover, many DJs-beginners start from this style, since Minimal style, like no other style, can teach you how to understand quarters and create an atmosphere of groove and understand the principles of creating music.