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Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings [IDWT001] Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings [IDWT001]
Music / House 19-02-2017

Artist: Chaos In The CBD 
Title: Accidental Meetings
Genre: House
Label: Invisible Spectrum
Quality: 320 kbps

Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings
Chaos In The CBD – North Pole Cafe
Chaos In The CBD – United Identities
Chaos In The CBD – Distorted Fields
Flashback – The Flashback EP [YYR131] Flashback – The Flashback EP [YYR131]
Music / House 19-02-2017

Artist: Flashback 
Title: The Flashback EP
Genre: House
Label: Yes Yes Records 
Quality: 320 kbps

Flashback – Cause I’m (Original Mix) 
Flashback – Horoscopes (Original Mix) 
Flashback – My Tribe (Original Mix) 
Closing Tracks: House Closing Tracks: House
Techno / House / Dj Charts 18-02-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Closing Tracks: House
Genre: House, Leftfield House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Ataxia - Acid Overlook (Terrence Parker & Merachka Instrumental Remix)
Ross from Friends - Gettin' It Done (Original Mix)
Mr. Beatnick - Church Street Blues (Original Mix)
Manuel Fischer - Forellus (Original Mix)
BRTS - Tell Me (Raw) (Original Mix)
Shanti - Nu4him (Original Mix)
Matt Saint - Still Dreaming (Original Mix)
Lauri H - Grapefruit (Original Mix)
Panthera Krause - Twerk It (Original Mix)
DJ Pierre, Rio Lathario - Thousand Finger Housebeat (Original Mix)
New Jackson - Electric Blue (Original Mix)
Full Intention - Keep Pushing (Original Mix)
Dawson - Magic (Original Mix)
Homework - Raw Groove (Original Mix)
Roog, Dennis Quin - Igohart feat. Berget Lewis (Original Mix)
Marquis Hawkes - Zapper Buesky (Original Mix)
Catz 'n Dogz - It's Happening (Original Mix)
Mr Joe - Vector Groove (Original Mix)
Around7 - Kiwi Kawi (Original Mix)
The Black Madonna - He Is the Voice I Hear (Original Mix)
Midland - Final Credits (Original Mix)
Till Von Sein’s February Charts Till Von Sein’s February Charts
Artist: VA
Title: Till Von Sein’s February Charts
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Keenarf - Bring Me Down feat. Jinadu (Till Von Sein Remix)
Stereo MC's - Changes (Adam Port Remix)
Afroschnitzel - Generation Why (Original Mix)
Dam-Funk - Break Out (Original Mix)
Saliva Commandos - Space In-Between (Original Mix)
Till Von Sein - Forever (Original Mix)
Oma Nata - Alone Together (Original Mix)
Illan Nicciani, Marwan Sabb - Aya Baba (Nandu Remix)
Memoryman (Aka Uovo) - Dance Track (Original Mix)
Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (Original Mix)
Taron-Trekka – Magic Edition [FATLP016] Taron-Trekka – Magic Edition [FATLP016]
House / Electronic 18-02-2017

Artist: Taron-Trekka
Title: Magic Edition 
Genre: House/Electronica
Label: Freude Am Tanzen Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Taron-Trekka – Black Magic (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Bower (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Bug & Fred (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Consoli (Original Mix)
Taron-Trekka – Distance (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Feel One (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Free Me (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Magnetic (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Monofile (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Purple Magic (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Red (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Segelboot (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Trsnumak (Original Mix) 
Taron-Trekka – Yellow Magic (Original Mix) 

Avon Stringer – The Re-Up EP [PID081] Avon Stringer – The Re-Up EP [PID081]
Music / House 18-02-2017

Artist: Avon Stringer
Title: The Re-Up EP
Genre: House
Label: Play It Down
Quality: 320 kbps

Avon Stringer – El Swayze (Original Mix)
Avon Stringer – Get A Move On (Original Mix) 
Avon Stringer – Love Will Call (Original Mix) 

Reno Wurzbacher – Breeze EP [GPM375] Reno Wurzbacher – Breeze EP [GPM375]
Deep House / House 18-02-2017

Artist: Reno Wurzbacher
Title: Breeze EP
Genre: Deep House/House
Label: Get Physical Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Reno Wurzbacher – Breeze (Original Mix) 
Reno Wurzbacher – Have a Dream (Original Mix) 
Reno Wurzbacher – Home (Original Mix) 
Reno Wurzbacher – House Is … (Original Mix) 

Marquis Hawkes – Sweet Temptation [AUS112D] Marquis Hawkes – Sweet Temptation [AUS112D]
Music / House 17-02-2017

Artist: Marquis Hawkes 
Title: Sweet Temptation
Genre: House
Label: Aus Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Marquis Hawkes – Eivissia 
Marquis Hawkes – The Burning Light
Marquis Hawkes – Zapper Buesky 

Minimono – Let’em Come [RB173] Minimono – Let’em Come [RB173]
Music / House 17-02-2017

Artist: Minimono 
Title: Let’em Come
Genre: House
Label: Robsoul
Quality: 320 kbps

Minimono – Let Em Come
Minimono – Know Is Fonk
Minimono – Estroverso
Minimono – Junior

Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Kitsune: Right Thang [K250] Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Kitsune: Right Thang [K250]
Music / House 17-02-2017

Artist: Human Movement & Eliot Porter 
Title: Kitsune: Right Thang
Genre: House
Label: Kitsune
Quality: 320 kbps

Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Right Thang 
Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Right Thang (Tregs Remix) 
Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Right Thang (TACHES Remix) 
Human Movement & Eliot Porter – Right Thang (Human Movement Re-Suss) 

At our web-portal you can always find the latest hits of House Music. Thanks to its unique rhythmic and structure this style has won millions of fans all over the world long time ago. Here you can always enjoy the music of your favorite DJs and composers.

House Music is a unique style, originated in 1984 in Chicago. Its fathers are Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence, who recorded “One and on”, using bass-synthesizer and drum-machine.

Interestingly, the composers and DJs, who wrote music in this style, in most cases they did this at home, which influenced the name of the style – House Music.

Electronic underground house music

The style of House music is very simple in its structure. It is characterized by repetitive 4/4 with 120-140 beats per minute. The second or strong quarter is always accentuated with a snare drum, it often reminds a slap of hands. On every eighth note you may clearly hear a sound of hi-hat stroke (type of drum cymbals). Very often you may hear some soft, discrete up notes of the synthesizer.

Bass line in House Music style, usually, is full of funk rhythmic patterns. These funk rhythmic patterns change every new quarter, adjusting accents on weak and strong beats. Today House music continues its development, so it’s not surprising that this genre is often combined with the other styles of music. This is why we can enjoy such kinds as electronic and underground house music.