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Kintar, Dorian Craft - Absentina [SDM066] Kintar, Dorian Craft - Absentina [SDM066]
Music / House Yesterday, 16:07
Kintar, Dorian Craft - Absentina [SDM066]

Artist: Kintar, Dorian Craft  
Title: Absentina 
Genre: Afro House
Label: Sudam Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Kintar, Dorian Craft - Absentina (Original Mix)
Kintar, Dorian Craft - Tukana (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - Adivhaho [BSR005] Soul Fleva - Adivhaho [BSR005]
Music / House Yesterday, 16:06
Soul Fleva - Adivhaho [BSR005]

Artist: Soul Fleva
Title: Adivhaho
Genre: Afro House
Label: BrokenSoul Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Soul Fleva - Inspiration (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - Platform (Intro Track)
Soul Fleva - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - The Voodoo (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - Timbita (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - Unheard Voices (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva - We Spiritually Blessed (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva, Castra - Special Morning (Dub Mix)
Soul Fleva, Dave_Maf - Adivhaho (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva, DeepMeeSoul - World In a Small Room (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva, DJ B.S.Com, Simni Titi - Moyandi (Original Mix)
Soul Fleva, ZaiMarn - Shaker (Original Mix)

Triplo Max - Shadow Triplo Max - Shadow
Music / House Yesterday, 16:05
Triplo Max - Shadow

Artist: Triplo Max
Title: Shadow 
Genre: House
Label: Ultra
Quality: 320 kbps

Triplo Max - Shadow (Extended Mix)

Nick Lampos - Designed By Beauty [SUB401] Nick Lampos - Designed By Beauty [SUB401]
Techno / House Yesterday, 16:03
Nick Lampos - Designed By Beauty [SUB401]

Artist: Nick Lampos 
Title: Designed By Beauty 
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Subliminal
Quality: 320 kbps

Nick Lampos - Designed By Beauty (Extended Mix)

Audio Jacker - Go Down [DIVERSE002] Audio Jacker - Go Down [DIVERSE002]
Music / House Yesterday, 16:01
Audio Jacker - Go Down [DIVERSE002]

Artist: Audio Jacker 
Title: Go Down 
Genre: House
Label: Diverse Digital
Quality: 320 kbps

Audio Jacker - Go Down (Dub Mix)
Audio Jacker - Go Down (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker - Go Down (Percapella)
Audio Jacker - Go Down (Radio Mix)
Christos Fourkis - King of Castle [RETRO108] Christos Fourkis - King of Castle [RETRO108]
Music / House Yesterday, 16:00
Christos Fourkis - King of Castle [RETRO108]

Artist: Christos Fourkis 
Title: King of Castle
Genre: Afro House
Label: Retrolounge Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Christos Fourkis - King of Castle (Original Mix)

Kid Fonque - I Move To A Different Beat [0757572839049] Kid Fonque - I Move To A Different Beat [0757572839049]
Music / House Yesterday, 15:58
Kid Fonque - I Move To A Different Beat [0757572839049]

Artist: Kid Fonque
Title: I Move To A Different Beat 
Genre: House
Label: Stay True Sounds
Quality: 320 kbps

Kid Fonque - 2 Sides (Take 2)
Kid Fonque - Come On Down feat Ty
Kid Fonque - Move To A Different Beat feat Card On Spokes
Kid Fonque - Undefined
Kid Fonque - What I Do feat Nia Andrews (Take 2)

Narda - Samplegrino [DH009] Narda - Samplegrino [DH009]
Music / House Yesterday, 15:58
Narda - Samplegrino [DH009]

Artist: Narda 
Title: Samplegrino 
Genre: House
Label: Dobar House
Quality: 320 kbps

Narda - Samplegrino (Original Mix)
Narda - Samplegrino (Tom Bug Remix)
VA - Funk Ensemble, Vol. 2 [FUNKENSEMBLE2] VA - Funk Ensemble, Vol. 2 [FUNKENSEMBLE2]
Music / House Yesterday, 13:24

Artist: VA
Title: Funk Ensemble, Vol. 2
Genre: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ House
Label: Mood Funk Records
Quality: 320kbps

4Tek – House Crew (Original Mix) 5:42 /122bpm/ Gmin
Alessio Cala’ – Easy Fill (Original Mix) 6:26 /125bpm/ Dmin
Alessio Cala’ – Let’s Funk (Original Mix) 7:09 /126bpm/ Dmin
Alessio Cala’ – Slave To Funk (Original Mix) 4:24 /125bpm/ Amin
Alessio Cala’ – Soul Brain (Original Mix) 5:51 /122bpm/ Dmaj
Angelo Ferreri – Rectify (Original Mix) 6:11 /126bpm/ A#min
Angelo Scalici – Keep Hope Alive (Original Mix) 4:58 /124bpm/ Bmin
Angelo Scalici – Scratch Break (Original Mix) 7:07 /122bpm/ Bmin
Carlostella – Help Me (Original Mix) 6:01 /123bpm/ Gmin
Carlostella – Love Is Gonna Be (Original Mix) 5:43 /125bpm/ Amin
Cesar Del Val, Miguel Pose – Gloov (Original Mix) 6:34 /124bpm/ Emin
Cesar Del Val, Miguel Pose – Gloov (Soul B Remix) 6:25 /122bpm/ Amin
CEV’s – Cut Me Part.1 (Original Mix) 6:06 /127bpm/ Amin
CEV’s – Cut Me Part.2 (Original Mix) 6:21 /127bpm/ Bmaj
CEV’s – Disco Underground (Original Mix) 6:36 /126bpm/ Amin
Daniele Mistretta – Funky Party (Original Mix) 6:07 /126bpm/ Amin
Daniele Mistretta – Mau Mau (Original Mix) 5:53 /125bpm/ Cmin
Dave M.Sanchez – Ibiza Is… (Original Mix) 7:44 /125bpm/ Gmin
Disco Ball’z – Gangsta’z (Original Mix) 6:04 /124bpm/ D#min
DJ Romain, Angelo Ferreri – Beat That Big (Original Mix) 5:30 /122bpm/ Amin
DJ Tripswitch – Good Vibes (Original Mix) 7:33 /125bpm/ Amin
Doc Link – Move It (Original Mix) 6:24 /125bpm/ Amin
Ed The Spread – Millenium Shit (Original Mix) 5:45 /128bpm/ Dmin
El Funkador – Moovin & Groovin (Original Mix) 6:26 /126bpm/ Amaj
Esteban de Urbina – Name Of Love (Original Mix) 7:00 /120bpm/ Emin
Freaky Behaviour – Company Of One (Original Mix) 6:08 /126bpm/ Gmin
Freaky Behaviour – The Gift (Original Mix) 6:10 /126bpm/ Bmin
Funk Mediterraneo – Cavallo Pazzo (Original Mix) 5:28 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Funk Mediterraneo, Jorge B – Stay With Me (Original Mix) 5:50 /124bpm/ Emin
Funk Mediterraneo – Ruota Fortuna (Original Mix) 5:41 /126bpm/ A#min
Harvaro – Do You Remember (Original Mix) 5:13 /118bpm/ Cmin
Harvaro – I Know (Original Mix) 5:27 /118bpm/ Amin
Harvaro – In My House (Original Mix) 4:50 /120bpm/ G#min
Hiva – Ever Understand (Original Mix) 5:40 /124bpm/ Amaj
Hurlee – The Last Night (Original Mix) 6:53 /122bpm/ Bmin
Jack District, Sisto – Frenshie (Original Mix) 5:17 /123bpm/ Amin
Jack District, Sisto – Take A Ride (Original Mix) 5:30 /124bpm/ A#maj
JoBu – Dial My Number (Original Mix) 6:42 /125bpm/ A#min
Joris Dee – Da Disco Bang (Instrumental Mix) 5:52 /125bpm/ Amaj
Joris Dee – House Message (Original Mix) 6:36 /123bpm/ Dmin
Luca Sgarro – Love Your Sax (Original Mix) 5:44 /122bpm/ Amaj
Makson (PL) – Follow Me! (Original Mix) 6:48 /123bpm/ A#min
Mario Djust – Flashback (Original Mix) 6:19 /124bpm/ A#min
Mario Djust – What They Say (Original Mix) 6:50 /124bpm/ Cmin
Miguel Pose, Cesar Del Val – Gloov (Dj Bee Mucho Funk Remix) 7:02 /124bpm/ Amin
MVZZIK – Hook Em Up (Original Mix) 6:18 /125bpm/ Dmin
MVZZIK – My Hood (Original Mix) 6:03 /124bpm/ A#min
Narda – Strut (Original Mix) 6:35 /125bpm/ Bmin
Nick Nice – UnderGround Sound (Original Mix) 6:09 /126bpm/ Dmin
Nicola Nisi – Give Up (Original Mix) 5:21 /124bpm/ F#min
Pinto (NYC) – Can’t Be Beat (Original Mix) 5:56 /124bpm/ F#min
Pit Ahmeti – Hopa (Original Mix) 6:45 /122bpm/ Fmaj
Roberto Parisi – Rock Da House (Original Mix) 6:12 /124bpm/ Amin
Ruben Naess – Turn It Up (Original Mix) 6:04 /124bpm/ D#min
Scott Ducey – Running It Down (Original Mix) 6:20 /125bpm/ Amin
Sean Biddle – The Music Takes Control (Original Mix) 6:25 /125bpm/ Amin
Squirt D – And I Like It (Original Mix) 5:30 /125bpm/ Emin
Topa, Angelo Ferreri – Da Music So Funky (Original Mix) 5:41 /125bpm/ Amin
Topa – Get Ya Club On (Original Mix) 6:18 /127bpm/ Amin
Yakka – Those Days (Original Mix) 7:32 /124bpm/ Emaj
Lekind – Influences Vol.1 [RBD22] Lekind – Influences Vol.1 [RBD22]
Music / House Yesterday, 13:21

Artist: Lekind
Title: Influences Vol.1
Genre: House
Label: Robsoul Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Lekind – Don’t You Understand (Original Mix) 6:09 /125bpm/ Amaj
Lekind – Millennials (Original Mix) 6:09 /125bpm/ G#min
Lekind – Nina (Original Mix) 7:22 /122bpm/ Amaj
Lekind – On The Streets (Original Mix) 7:16 /124bpm/ Amin
Lekind – The Disco Step (Original Mix) 6:17 /123bpm/ D#min

At our web-portal you can always find the latest hits of House Music. Thanks to its unique rhythmic and structure this style has won millions of fans all over the world long time ago. Here you can always enjoy the music of your favorite DJs and composers.

House Music is a unique style, originated in 1984 in Chicago. Its fathers are Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence, who recorded “One and on”, using bass-synthesizer and drum-machine.

Interestingly, the composers and DJs, who wrote music in this style, in most cases they did this at home, which influenced the name of the style – House Music.

Electronic underground house music

The style of House music is very simple in its structure. It is characterized by repetitive 4/4 with 120-140 beats per minute. The second or strong quarter is always accentuated with a snare drum, it often reminds a slap of hands. On every eighth note you may clearly hear a sound of hi-hat stroke (type of drum cymbals). Very often you may hear some soft, discrete up notes of the synthesizer.

Bass line in House Music style, usually, is full of funk rhythmic patterns. These funk rhythmic patterns change every new quarter, adjusting accents on weak and strong beats. Today House music continues its development, so it’s not surprising that this genre is often combined with the other styles of music. This is why we can enjoy such kinds as electronic and underground house music.