Top songs of house music

Eliphino – Maelstrom [HYPE087] Eliphino – Maelstrom [HYPE087]
Techno / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Eliphino
Title: Maelstrom
Genre: Leftfield House & Techno
Label: Hypercolour
Quality: 320 kbps

Eliphino – Bubbling Glass (Original Mix) 4:34 /124bpm/ Amin
Eliphino – Eddy (Original Mix) 6:55 /134bpm/ Amaj
Eliphino – Maelstrom (Original Mix) 5:09 /124bpm/ Emaj
Eliphino – One Day (Original Mix) 4:23 /124bpm/ Amin

Katie Pride – Orisha [SPX022] Katie Pride – Orisha [SPX022]
Music / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Katie Pride
Title: Orisha
Genre: Afro House
Label: Suprematic
Quality: 320 kbps

Katie Pride – Orisha (Original Mix) 6:26 /120bpm/ Gmin
Joris Voorn – Nea Skioni [190296812255] Joris Voorn – Nea Skioni [190296812255]
Techno / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Joris Voorn
Title: Nea Skioni
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Global Underground
Quality: 320 kbps

Joris Voorn – Nea Skioni (Original Mix) 6:38 /128bpm/ Dmin
Nasca, Aetius Boutefoy, Aurelius Zon – Opium Remixes [UZ020] Nasca, Aetius Boutefoy, Aurelius Zon – Opium Remixes [UZ020]
Music / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Nasca, Aetius Boutefoy, Aurelius Zon
Title: Opium Remixes
Genre: Afro House
Label: Uzons Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Nasca, Aetius Boutefoy – Opium (Pt 2) (Aetius Boutefoy Remix) 8:09 /105bpm/ D#min
Nasca, Aurelius Zon – Opium (Pt 1) (Aurelius Zon Remix) 7:37 /121bpm/ G#min

Roman Flügel – Tracks On Delivery [SMLP1] Roman Flügel – Tracks On Delivery [SMLP1]
Techno / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Roman Flügel
Title: Tracks On Delivery
Label: Sister Midnight
Genre: Techno / House
Quality: 320 kbps

Roman Flügel – Pattern One
Roman Flügel – Pattern Two
Roman Flügel – Pattern Three
Roman Flügel – Pattern Four
Roman Flügel – Pattern 5
Roman Flügel – Pattern 6
Roman Flügel – Pattern 7
Roman Flügel – Pattern 8
Roman Flügel – Pattern 9
Roman Flügel – Pattern 10
Roman Flügel – Pattern 11
Roman Flügel – Pattern 12
Roman Flügel – Pattern 13
Roman Flügel – Pattern 14
Roman Flügel – Pattern 15
Roman Flügel – Pattern 16 (Unreleased Bonus)
Roman Flügel – Pattern 17 (Unreleased Bonus)

Caribou – Suddenly Remixes [SLANG50301] Caribou – Suddenly Remixes [SLANG50301]
Music / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Caribou
Title: Suddenly Remixes
Label: City Slang
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Caribou – Ravi (Shanti Celeste Remix)
Caribou – Sunny’s Time (Kareem Ali Remix)
Caribou – Sunny’s Time (Logic1000 Remix)
Caribou – Like I Loved You (India Jordan Remix)

Dan Only – Deciduous Dubs [DIRT128] Dan Only – Deciduous Dubs [DIRT128]
Music / House 24-10-2020

Artist: Dan Only
Title: Deciduous Dubs
Label: Dirt Crew
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Dan Only – Gateway Shuffle
Dan Only – Terraforming
Dan Only – It’s Inside You
Dan Only – Macrodose
James Organ, Pablo:Rita – Secrets [CRM242] James Organ, Pablo:Rita – Secrets [CRM242]
Techno / House 23-10-2020

Artist: James Organ, Pablo:Rita
Title: Secrets
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Quality: 320 kbps

James Organ – Secrets feat. Pablo:Rita (Original Mix) (6:31)
James Organ – Secrets feat. Pablo:Rita (Dennis Cruz Remix) (6:32)
James Organ – Moons Of Gaza (Original Mix) (5:39)
Renga Weh – Traces [MOD062] Renga Weh – Traces [MOD062]
Techno / House 23-10-2020

Artist: Renga Weh
Title: Traces
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo
Label: Magician On Duty
Quality: 320 kbps

Renga Weh – Traces (Original Mix) (6:43)
Renga Weh – Misery (Original Mix) (5:55)
Renga Weh – Face to Face (Original Mix) (7:00)
Renga Weh – Liquid Silk (Original Mix) (6:32)
Renga Weh – Back and Forth (Original Mix) (5:31)

ROWA, Sanoi – Celestial [TRAUMV246] ROWA, Sanoi – Celestial [TRAUMV246]
Techno / House 23-10-2020

Artist: ROWA, Sanoi
Title: Celestial
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Traum
Quality: 320 kbps

ROWA, Sanoi – Celestial (Original Mix) (7:38)
ROWA, Sanoi – Coria (Original Mix) (7:00)
ROWA, Sanoi – The Lights (Original Mix) (6:21)
ROWA, Sanoi – Celestial (Kellerkind Remix) (7:01)
ROWA, Sanoi – Coria (Out Of Sorts Remix) (8:40)
ROWA, Sanoi – The Lights (Florian Kruse Remix) (6:36)

At our web-portal you can always find the latest hits of House Music. Thanks to its unique rhythmic and structure this style has won millions of fans all over the world long time ago. Here you can always enjoy the music of your favorite DJs and composers.

House Music is a unique style, originated in 1984 in Chicago. Its fathers are Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence, who recorded “One and on”, using bass-synthesizer and drum-machine.

Interestingly, the composers and DJs, who wrote music in this style, in most cases they did this at home, which influenced the name of the style – House Music.

Electronic underground house music

The style of House music is very simple in its structure. It is characterized by repetitive 4/4 with 120-140 beats per minute. The second or strong quarter is always accentuated with a snare drum, it often reminds a slap of hands. On every eighth note you may clearly hear a sound of hi-hat stroke (type of drum cymbals). Very often you may hear some soft, discrete up notes of the synthesizer.

Bass line in House Music style, usually, is full of funk rhythmic patterns. These funk rhythmic patterns change every new quarter, adjusting accents on weak and strong beats. Today House music continues its development, so it’s not surprising that this genre is often combined with the other styles of music. This is why we can enjoy such kinds as electronic and underground house music.