Dennis Quin – Continuous EP [SIMBLK063]
Music / House 2-04-2016
Dennis Quin – Continuous EP [SIMBLK063]

Artist: Dennis Quin 
Title: Continuous EP
Genre: House
Label: Simma Black
Quality: 320 kbps

Dennis Quin – Believe In You (Original Mix) 
Dennis Quin – Continuous (Original Mix) 
Dennis Quin – Stress Test (Original Mix) 
Dennis Quin – What Do You Say (Original Mix)

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VA - Simma Black Presents Miami 2016 [SIMBLKC009] VA - Simma Black Presents Miami 2016 [SIMBLKC009]
Tech House / House 23-03-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Simma Black Presents Miami 2016
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Simma Black
Quality: 320 kbps

86deep – Don’t Have 2 Be (Original Mix) 6:02
Alex Ranerro – Rough (Original Mix) 6:21
Deep City Soul – Sexy Time (Original Mix) 5:59
Dennis Quin – All That Crap (Original Mix) 5:23
DJ Cameo – Where The Party At? feat. Junction 13 (Original Mix) 4:05
Ensall – Do My Thing (Original Mix) 6:54
Fabio Bacchini – No Time (Original Mix) 5:36
Fabio Bacchini – What Ya Gonna Do (Original Mix) 5:32
Franky Rizardo – Knock Out (Original Mix) 6:30
Franky Rizardo – Speakerbox (Franky Rizardo Remix) 5:38
Gold Teeth – OMG (Original Mix) 4:57
Greco (NYC) – SubTale (Original Mix) 5:38
Greco (NYC), Matteo Rosolare – Say Goodbye (A Lister Remix) 5:33
Hackney Polo Club – Babylon Shall Fall (Original Mix) 4:58
Henry St. Social – Believe (Original Mix) 6:31
Henry St. Social – Discotek (Original Mix) 6:21
Henry St. Social – Front Door (Original Mix) 7:04
Henry St. Social – Without You (Original Mix) 7:48
Jakkin Rabbit – R U Boyz Ready (Original Mix) 5:06
Jason Bye – Subways (Want More Remix) 6:51
Robosonic – 1UP feat. Jeru The Damaja (Genghis Clan Remix) 4:24
Jr. Quijada, Paul Najera – One Of Us (Original Mix) 7:00
Jr. Quijada, Paul Najera – Sirens (Original Mix) 7:48 n
Kafzon – Likit (Original Mix) 5:50
Kisch, Leela D – Next To Me feat. Leela D (Original Mix) 5:52
Kort, Elementary – What We Need feat. Jessica Wilde (S.Chu Remix) 6:30
Robosonic – Free Flow feat. KRS-One (Club Dub) 6:10
Kyle Watson – Super Fly (Original Mix) 6:19
Kyle Watson – Three Wobs (Original Mix) 6:27
Low Steppa – Drums Rockin (Original Mix) 5:53
Low Steppa – Noodles (Original Mix) 5:57
Lupe Fuentes – House Flavour (Original Mix) 7:56
Luvstuff – RenC (Original Mix) 5:32
Made By Pete – Hood Rats (Original Mix) 7:30
Made To Move – From The Soul (Original Mix) 6:34
Mad Villains – The Club (Original Mix) 6:07
Mad Villains, JECK, Mad Villains X Jeck – The One (Original Mix) 6:19
Majesty – All Night (Original Mix) 6:29
Majesty, Victoria S – Cryin’ feat. Victoria S (Original Mix) 5:59
Malachi – Breathe As (Original Mix) 6:30
Man Without A Clue – Noise (Original Mix) 7:21
Matteo Floris – Footjob (Original Mix) 6:38
Maur – Ride (Original Mix) 6:01
Mike Millrain – Signs (Original Mix) 5:53
Mike Millrain, Golf Clap – Forget The Past (Original Mix) 6:00
Patty Kay – Green Eyes (Original Mix) 6:00
Ringbaan, Ovis – Click Clack (Original Mix) 5:27
Riya, Roska – Seen What You Did feat. RIYA (Majora Remix) 6:20
Robosonic – 1UP feat. Jeru The Damaja (Bot Remix) 5:19
Roska – Hover (Herbert’s Craft Dub) 5:12
Scott Diaz – Set The Tone (Original Mix) 7:22
Sebb Junior, Golf Clap – Something That You Feel (Original Mix) 5:50
Skapes – Hit It (Original Mix) 5:58
Skapes, Ke-An – Feel It (Original Mix) 5:43
Soledrifter – I’ll Show U Nasty (Original Mix) 5:51
Soul Asylum – Who Do You Love (Full Intention Remix) 5:58
Soul Divide – Straight Up (Original Mix) 6:01
Taiki Nulight, Low Steppa – Nose Powder (Original Mix) 4:58
Tian Karl – Show You (Original Mix) 6:29
Tommy Vercetti – I Miss You (Tommy Vercetti Remix) 7:02
Tyroneous Funk – Fat Cat (Original Mix) 4:02
Tyroneous Funk – Is It Real Son (Original Mix) 5:16
Tyroneous Funk – The Boom (Original Mix) 5:53
Xandl – Base (Original Mix) 4:30

Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Remixes) [RR027] Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Remixes) [RR027]
Tech House / House 17-02-2016

Artist: Vidaloca & Piem 
Title: Changes (Remixes) 
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Rhythmic Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Dennis Ramoon Remix) 
Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Gabe Ramos Remix) 
Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (James Meid Remix) 
Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Kevin G & Mr. Lekka Rework) 
Vidaloca & Piem – Changes (Original Mix)

VA - DJ E-Clyps Presents Simma Black (Volume Six) [SIMBLKC006] VA - DJ E-Clyps Presents Simma Black (Volume Six) [SIMBLKC006]
Music / House 29-10-2015

Artist: VA
Title: DJ E-Clyps Presents Simma Black (Volume Six) 
Genre: House
Label: Simma Black
Quality: 320 kbps

Animist, Moshun – The Beast (Original Mix) 
As I Am – Trouble In The World (Sebb Aston Remix) 
Barry Obzee, Reza – Be There (Original Mix) 
Catchment – Aku Aku (Original Mix) 
Catchment – Turn Up (Original Mix) 
Coeus, Kactuz – Real House (Original Mix, Bonus Track)
Craig Chambers – Fight For Your Love (Original Mix, Bonus Track) 
DeeAfro – Feeling The Vibe (Original Mix)
Dennis Quin – Wicked Love (Original Mix) 
DJ E-Clyps – Shake (Original Mix) 
DJOKO, Rich Pinder – Pop & Snare (Original Mix) 
Elisabeth Troy, Martin Ikin, Low Steppa – About Time feat. Elisabeth Troy (Original Mix) 
Emeskay – Play On (Original Mix, Bonus Track)
Ke-An, Skapes – I Ain’t Gonna (Original Mix) 
Kinky Movement – We Were Free (Kinky Movement Dub) 
Low Steppa – Troubles (Original Mix) 
Low Steppa – Wrongun (Original Mix, Bonus Track)
Marcellus Wallace – Take 2 (Original Mix)
Marcellus Wallace, Kango, Tache – Open Your Mind (Original Mix, Bonus Track) 
Marc Spence – Dr. Kyro (Original Mix) 
Mezzo – Need U (Original Mix) 
Mezzo – One People (Original Mix)
Patty Kay – STYM (Original Mix, Bonus Track) 
Pretty Criminals – My House Baby (Original Mix) 
Soledrifter – Go Again (Original Mix)
Ste E, S. Jay – Don’t Know Why (Original Mix)
Wayne Dudley – Don’t Stop To This (Original Mix) 
VA – DJ E-Clyps Presents Simma Black (Volume Six) (Continuous DJ Mix)

Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome - Groovy Days EP [SAFE033] Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome - Groovy Days EP [SAFE033]
Deep House / House 14-10-2015

Artist: Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome 
Title: Groovy Days EP
Genre: Deep House / House
Label: Safe Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome - One Of Those Days (Original Mix) 
Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome - Move (Original Mix) 
Dennis Ihm, Thabo Getsome - Groove (Original Mix) 

VA - Ibiza Selected By Jeremy Bass [VAMSAMP047] VA - Ibiza Selected By Jeremy Bass [VAMSAMP047]
Music / House 21-09-2015

Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza Selected By Jeremy Bass
Genre: House
Label: Vamos Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Kenji, Federico Scavo – Never Give Up (Original Mix) 
Branchie – Dreams (Original Mix) 
Dennis Quin, Roog – Donngo (Peter Brown Remix) 
DJ Kone, Marc Palacios – She (Original Mix)
Gianni Ruocco, Jeremy Bass – Get Up (Original Mix)
Jeremy Bass, Branchie – Flauta Magica (Original Mix) 
Kid Shakers – I Belong (Original Mix) 
Lawrence Friend, Reza, Barry Obzee – It’s The Underground (Original Mix) 
Lizzie Curious, Modium – Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
Loko – Let Yourself Go (Original Mix) 
Paul Sheep, Aad Mouthaan – Wave Attack (Original Mix)
Rio Dela Duna, LT Brown – I Gotcha Back feat. LT Brown (Terry Lex Mix) 
Robbie Taylor – What You Think (R.O.N.N. (aka Ron Carroll) Chicago Jack Mix)
Roby Rob, Terry Lex – Virus (Original Mix)
Xavi Alfaro – Put Em Up (Jeremy Bass Remix)

Funkerman - Foolish Game (Remixes) [CYFI034R] Funkerman - Foolish Game (Remixes) [CYFI034R]
Tech House / House 3-09-2015

Artist: Funkerman 
Title: Foolish Game (Remixes)
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Can You Feel It Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Funkerman - Foolish Game feat. J.W. (Rene Amesz Remix)
Funkerman - Foolish Game feat. J.W. (Roog & Dennis Quin Remix)