Dubz, SimzTek - The Truth [DBR221]
Music / House 10-03-2016
Dubz, SimzTek - The Truth [DBR221]

Artist: Dubz, SimzTek
Title: The Truth
Genre: House
Label: Disco Balls Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Dubz, SimzTek - Don't Leave (Original Mix)
Dubz, SimzTek - The Truth (Original Mix)

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Tech House / House 26-02-2016

Artist: Dubz, SimzTek 
Title: Shakin / Trouble
Genre: House / Tech House 
Label: DRUM Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Dubz, SimzTek - Shakin (Original Mix)
Dubz, SimzTek - Trouble (Original Mix)
Busy P – TSUGI Hors Série 12 – Hope You’ll Go Mental On That Mix [TSUGI] Busy P – TSUGI Hors Série 12 – Hope You’ll Go Mental On That Mix [TSUGI]
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Artist: Busy P
Title: TSUGI Hors Série 12 – Hope You’ll Go Mental On That Mix
Genre: House
Label: Tsugi
Quality: 320 kbps

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Truth Be Told - Hypa EP [RR037] Truth Be Told - Hypa EP [RR037]
Tech House / House 9-10-2015

Artist: Truth Be Told
Title: Hypa EP
Genre: Tech House / House
Label: Resonance Records 
Quality: 320 kbps

Truth Be Told - Hypa (Max Chapman Remix) 
Truth Be Told - Hypa (No Artificial Colours Re-fix)
Truth Be Told - Hypa (Original Mix) 
Truth Be Told - Imaged (Original Mix) 
Jekyll - Class Of 95-96 [UDZ059] Jekyll - Class Of 95-96 [UDZ059]
Music / House 7-09-2015

Artist: Jekyll
Title: Class Of 95-96
Genre: House
Label: Urban Dubz Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Jekyll - 1995 (Original Mix)
Jekyll - 1996 (Original Mix)

Barnett, Coloccia - Weld [BLACKEST042] Barnett, Coloccia - Weld [BLACKEST042]
Music / House 1-07-2015
Artist: Barnett, Coloccia
Title: Weld
Genre: House
Label: Blackest Ever Black
Quality: 320 kbps

Barnett, Coloccia - Agate Cross (Original Mix)
Barnett, Coloccia - AM Horizon (Original Mix)
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3Kstatic - The New Truth (expanded Edition) [DPR 860] 3Kstatic - The New Truth (expanded Edition) [DPR 860]
Music / House 26-06-2015
Artist: 3Kstatic
Title: The New Truth (expanded Edition)
Genre: House
Label: Dpulse Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

3Kstatic - Anger Feeds The Flame (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - As It Collapses It Will Spin Faster (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - Cut A Way Out (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - Design & Practice Ambush (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - French Lick (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - Inventing A World In Which Things Turn Out Differently (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - It Isnt Always Wrong (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - Look At That Picture (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - Not As It Seems (Original Mix)
3Kstatic - The New Truth (Voiceless Version)
3Kstatic - Urlauten (Instrumental Edit)
3Kstatic - Zenith Stratosphere (Original Mix)