Levi - Vibes [PMR079]
Music / House 24-06-2015
Levi - Vibes [PMR079]
Artist: Levi 
Title: Vibes 
Genre: House
Label: PM Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Levi - Vibes (Original Mix)
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Greco (NYC) - Bring The Funk Back EP [CHR028] Greco (NYC) - Bring The Funk Back EP [CHR028]
Tech House / House 19-09-2015

Artist: Greco (NYC)
Title: Bring The Funk Back EP
Genre: Tech House / House 
Label: Criminal Hype
Quality: 320 kbps

Greco (NYC) - Bring The Funk Back (Black Girl / White Girl Bodywork Remix)
Greco (NYC) - Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix) 
Greco (NYC) - Workin (Heat Vibes Remix)
Greco (NYC) - Workin (Original Mix) 

VA - Mjuzieekal Education, Vol. 5 [MJUZIEEKALLP005] VA - Mjuzieekal Education, Vol. 5 [MJUZIEEKALLP005]
Tech House / House 16-09-2015

Artist: VA
Title: Mjuzieekal Education, Vol. 5
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Mjuzieekal Education Digital 
Quality: 320 kbps

ATFC – Bank Loan (Original Mix) 
Carl Hanaghan – Street Life (Original Mix) 
Dez Milito, Robert Feelgood – We Dance So Fine (Club Mix) 
Jay Santi – Hold On (Original Mix)
Kaa San – Give It Up (Original Mix)
Kaa San – Let You Go (Original Mix)
Kaa San – So High (Original Mix) 
Kaa San – Want Me (Original Mix) 
Manjit, The Lovely Laura – Give Me Vibes (Miky Falcone Remix) 
Nader Razdar – Day Or Day (Original Mix) 
RanchaTek – Rock The Mix (Original Mix)
RanchaTek, Stanny Abram – Satisfy (Original Mix) 
Rob Boskamp – Philly Groove (Original Mix) 
Sami Dee – Come To Me (Sami Dee’s Flamantic Mix)
Sami Dee – Shake Me Wake Me (Sami Dee’s Awakening Mix) 
Sami Dee – Take My Hand (Sami Dee’s AF023 Winning Mix) 
Sami Dee – U’re My Hero (Sami Dee’s Love Zone Remix) 
Tavo – Makes Me Feel (Club Mix) 
Ted Nilsson, Stuart Ojelay, Ethan Jay – Taking Over Me (Original Mix)
Tim Bailey – French Fries (Original Mix) 

Thomas Newson - Summer Vibes Thomas Newson - Summer Vibes
Music / House 17-08-2015

Artist: Thomas Newson 
Title: Summer Vibes
Genre: House
Label: Armada Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Thomas Newson - Summer Vibes
Kry Wolf - The Feels EP [YUM019] Kry Wolf - The Feels EP [YUM019]
Music / House 8-08-2015

Artist: Kry Wolf 
Title: The Feels EP
Genre: House
Label: Food Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Kry Wolf - Cosmic Vibes (Original Mix) 
Kry Wolf - Pushing Me (Original Mix)
Kry Wolf - The Feels (Original Mix) 
Awsm Summer Vibes Awsm Summer Vibes

Artist:  VA
Title: Awsm Summer Vibes
Genre: House / Disco
Label: Awesome
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Deepjack – Don’t Look Back (Trav & Volta Remix) (07:50)
02. Chriss DeVynal & Ref – Best Friend (07:59)
03. Richard Empire & We Go Deep – Breathe (feat. Kelli Leigh) (06:46)
04. Thomas Roberts – Midnight Star (Framewerk Remix) (06:45)
05. Hazem – Get Lost (07:20)
06. Stefano Damiani & Andrea Castello – I Don’t Worry (06:00)
07. En2ak – Cnt (Natum Remix) (05:19)
08. David Eye – Side Effects (06:19)
09. Santos & Mog – Breaking Silence (Club Mix) (06:35)
10. Deeparture (NL) – You Are Late (Dub Mix) (05:16)
11. Dave Brennan & Paul Donton – E-Motiv (Jay Tripwire Tonality Mix) (08:32)
12. Ruskaa – Expedition (04:52)
13. Man of Goodwill – Turnin’ Round (Mog 80’s Datadump Mix) (08:08)
MixBoy Wonder - Vibes EP [CPR01] MixBoy Wonder - Vibes EP [CPR01]
Music / House 28-06-2015
Artist: MixBoy Wonder
Title: Vibes EP
Genre: House
Label: Complex Records UK
Quality: 320 kbps

MixBoy Wonder - H.O.U.S.E (Original Mix)
MixBoy Wonder - This Is House (Original Mix)