HNQO, Lazarusman, Cotry – The Rain [WRG 015]
Music / House 30-12-2015
HNQO, Lazarusman, Cotry – The Rain [WRG 015]

Artist: HNQO, Lazarusman, Cotry 
Title: The Rain 
Genre: House
Label: Warung Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

HNQO, Cotry – Waterfall (Original mix) 
HNQO, Lazarusman – The Rain (Original mix) 

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Todd Terry – The Best Of Freeze Records Vol. 1 [INHR516] Todd Terry – The Best Of Freeze Records Vol. 1 [INHR516]
Music / House 16-12-2015

Artist: Todd Terry
Title: The Best Of Freeze Records Vol. 1 
Genre: House
Label: Freeze
Quality: 320 kbps

Todd Terry – Put Your Hands Together
Todd Terry – Desire – What I Want
Todd Terry – Work Your Butt
Todd Terry – Rock That Groove
Todd Terry – Tonite
Todd Terry – Dance With Me
Todd Terry – Rain
Todd Terry – Jumpin’
Todd Terry – Oh My God
Todd Terry – I Feel It (Can You Party)
Todd Terry – Shine II Dawn
Todd Terry – When You Hold Me
Todd Terry – Nitty Gritty
Todd Terry – Lil Crash
Fracus & Darwin - Diversions [HUAACD 006] Fracus & Darwin - Diversions [HUAACD 006]
Music / House 11-12-2015

Artist: Fracus & Darwin
Title: Diversions
Genre: House
Label: Hardcore Underground
Quality: 320 kbps

Fracus & Darwin - Believe In Something (feat Jenna)
Fracus & Darwin - Break These Records (Original Mix)
Fracus & Darwin - Collide (feat Sarah Clanton)
Fracus & Darwin - Heart On Fire (Original Mix)
Fracus & Darwin - Join Us Now (feat Pearl Blue)
Fracus & Darwin - More Than I Can Take (feat Rowetta)
Fracus & Darwin - Musics Hypnotising (Original Mix)
Fracus & Darwin - No Matter What (feat Poison Rain)
Fracus & Darwin - Only One Of Me (feat Drew Flanagan)
Fracus & Darwin - Roar (Original Mix)
Fracus & Darwin - Stepmania (Original Mix)

Djently - Summer Rain [NER063] Djently - Summer Rain [NER063]
Music / House 2-12-2015

Artist: Djently 
Title: Summer Rain
Genre: House
Label: No Ego Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Djently - Summer Rain (Instrumental Mix)
Djently - Summer Rain (Original Mix)

Till Von Sein - Precious Remixes [SUOL062] Till Von Sein - Precious Remixes [SUOL062]
Music / House 18-10-2015

Artist: Till Von Sein 
Title: Precious Remixes
Genre: House
Label: Suol
Quality: 320 kbps

Till Von Sein - Booty Angel Feat. Kid Enigma (Barck & ComixXx Remix) 
Till Von Sein - It’s All In The Spirit Feat. Russoul (Tanner Ross Remix) 
Till Von Sein - Like Air Feat. Meggy (Joyce Muniz Remix) 
Till Von Sein - One Feat. Lazarusman (Luke Solomon’s Body Mix) 
Till Von Sein - The Manifest Feat. Mr. V (Pablo Fierro Remix) 

KLar, Kenny Bizzarro - Music Rain [GGR 026] KLar, Kenny Bizzarro - Music Rain [GGR 026]
Music / House 7-09-2015

Artist: KLar, Kenny Bizzarro 
Title: Music Rain 
Genre: House
Label: Get Groove Record
Quality: 320 kbps

KLar, Kenny Bizzarro - Music Rain (Original Mix)

Funkemotion - Get Here [LSR062] Funkemotion - Get Here [LSR062]
Music / House 16-08-2015

Artist: Funkemotion
Title: Get Here
Genre: House
Label: LoveStyle Records 
Quality: 320 kbps

Funkemotion - Get Here (Original Mix)
Funkemotion - Get Here (DJOKO & Prune Flat Remix)
Funkemotion - Get Here (Jokki Dub Mix)
Funkemotion - Autumn Rain (Original Mix)