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Patrick Hero – Voices in My Head [SNSF029] Patrick Hero – Voices in My Head [SNSF029]
Techno / House Today, 21:57

Artist: Patrick Hero
Title: Voices in My Head
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Sonusfield
Quality: 320 kbps

Patrick Hero – Tears in My Eyes (Original Mix) (7:15)
Patrick Hero – Voices in My Head (Original Mix) (7:38)

VA – Vibrant Vibeland #9 [ST242] VA – Vibrant Vibeland #9 [ST242]
Techno / House / Progressive House Today, 21:56

Artist: VA
Title: Vibrant Vibeland #9
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Soundteller Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Newcorp – Suns (Original Mix) (9:22)
Haus On Fire – Inner Voice (Original Mix) (6:41)
Fran Bianco, Maximo Gambini – Relative (Original Mix) (8:55)
Marway – Symptom (Original Mix) (6:48)
Bulk Beat – Sananga (Original Mix) (8:51)
Enchanted Kids – Dark Horse (Original Mix) (5:22)
Isaac Differding – Atlantis (Original Mix) (7:21)
Ricardo Piedra – The Legacy of the Galaxy (Original Mix) (8:31)
Robert Sancho – Remember Strong (Original Mix) (6:25)
Creative Machine – Blind Love (Original Mix) (8:24)
Cedren & Manu-l – Luna (Original Mix) (8:04)
Cowlam – Hydra (Original Mix) (6:36)
Adri Pacheco – Submissional Journey (Original Mix) (7:24)
Radiorobotek, Victor Fedorow – Side by Side (Original Mix) (10:38)
Bynomic – Illusion (Original Mix) (8:00)
Nothing But… Future House Selections, Vol. 02 [NBFHS02] Nothing But… Future House Selections, Vol. 02 [NBFHS02]
Music / House Today, 21:55

Artist: VA
Title: Nothing But… Future House Selections, Vol. 02
Genre: Future House
Label: Nothing But
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Yozo – Dancing in Heaven (Extended Mix) (4:22)
2. Vizin – Sex Shooter (Allen Wish & John Dish Remix) (5:20)
3. ESTERIKA – Splinters Of The Soul (Original Mix) (3:27)
4. Calibur – Rollercoaster (Original Mix) (3:25)
5. True Justice – Common Ground (Original Mix) (4:11)
6. Work Friends – Rock My (Original Mix) (2:53)
7. Alex Gözzel – W.H.E.T.U. (My Way To You) (Original Mix) (3:56)
8. NKNV – Think About You (Original Mix) (3:20)
9. Startron – Rudeboi (Original Mix) (3:39)
10. Will Fast – Turn On The Lights (Original Mix) (4:03)
11. humbl3 – All In My Head (Original Mix) (4:07)
12. Fonko – I’m Free (Original Mix) (4:39)
13. Dioniz – You (Original Mix) (4:26)
14. Lino (South Korea) – We Gonna Rock (Remix Extended) (4:03)
15. DJ Lucian, Geo – Spread The Love (Original Mix) (3:51)
16. TheElement – Inside The Light (Original Mix) (5:22)
17. Onesay, Yungenzy – Bubble Gum (Original Mix) (3:02)
18. iDiot8 – Nothing (Original Mix) (3:05)
19. Dstil – Big Bang (Original Mix) (3:40)
20. Jack Lack – Break Thru (Extended Mix) (4:15)
21. Crimson Phoenix – Defiance (Original Mix) (4:11)
22. No R – Delete Me From Folder (Original Mix) (3:05)
23. Jimmy Jim, Furkan Mert – No More Lies (Radio Mix) (2:58)
24. Edy Marron – Cinco (Original Mix) (3:38)
25. AVR – The Time (Extended Mix) (4:07)
Anunaku – Stargate EP [3024ANU1] Anunaku – Stargate EP [3024ANU1]
Music / House Today, 21:53

Artist: Anunaku
Title: Stargate EP
Genre: Afro House/Leftfield Bass
Label: 3024
Quality: 320kbps

Anunaku – Atlas4088 (Original Mix) 5:54 /128bpm/ A#min
Anunaku – Stargate (Original Mix) 6:08 /101bpm/ Bmin
Anunaku – Teleported (Original Mix) 6:17 /128bpm/ Amin
Michael Nowak – Supernatural Darkness [SM50] Michael Nowak – Supernatural Darkness [SM50]
Techno / House Today, 21:53

Artist: Michael Nowak
Title: Supernatural Darkness
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Sujet Musique
Quality: 320kbps

Michael Nowak – Addicted (Original Mix) 8:20 /124bpm/ Cmin
Michael Nowak – Supernatural Darkness (Original Mix) 6:11 /125bpm/ Amin
Blak Emoji, Larry Peace - Lust Love Above (The Remixes) [194491721541] Blak Emoji, Larry Peace - Lust Love Above (The Remixes) [194491721541]
Music / House Today, 16:50
Blak Emoji, Larry Peace - Lust Love Above (The Remixes) [194491721541]

Artist: Blak Emoji, Larry Peace
Title: Lust Love Above (The Remixes)
Genre: House
Label: Supa Qween Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Blak Emoji, Larry Peace - Lust Love Above (Larry Peace T&L Dub)
Blak Emoji, Larry Peace - Lust Love Above (Larry Peace T&L Mix)
Kek'star - Hands [CAT322970] Kek'star - Hands [CAT322970]
Music / House Today, 16:50
Kek'star - Hands [CAT322970]

Artist: Kek'star 
Title: Hands 
Genre: Afro House
Label: Azania Digital Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Kek'star - Hands (Original Mix)

Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia [BARN068D] Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia [BARN068D]
Music / House Today, 16:48
Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia [BARN068D]

Artist: Sofia Kourtesis
Title: Sarita Colonia
Genre: House
Label: Studio Barnhus
Quality: 320 kbps

Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia
Third Person, Intara - Evolution [TYC441] Third Person, Intara - Evolution [TYC441]
Techno / House Today, 14:50
Third Person, Intara - Evolution [TYC441]

Artist: Third Person, Intara
Title: Evolution
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Trippy Code
Quality: 320 kbps

Third Person, Intara - Evolution (Original Mix)
House / Dj Charts Today, 14:27

Artist: VA
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Arthur Baker – Higher Power feat. Lumina (Joeski Remix)
Brokenears – The Whistle (Original Mix)
Cavi – F The Disco (Original Mix)
Chris Stussy – Bad Memory (Original Mix)
Collin Priest – Falling For You (Original Mix)
Crvvcks – KOBM (Edit)
Disaia – Really
DJ Rose – How I Feel (Original Mix)
Endor – Pump It Up (Low Steppa Boiling Point Extended Remix)
Lisa Jane – We’re Rollin’ (Yes Baby! Extended Remix)
Mauri Fly – You Know
Mirko & Meex – My Time
Montel – Let’s Give It A Try (Original Mix)
Moon Rocket – Get The Funk (Re-Fix)
Moreno Pezzolato – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Peter Brown – Troubles (Richard Earnshaw Revision)
Scott Diaz, Shyam P – Holding On (Club Mix)
Todd Terry – Reaction (Extended Mix)
Tough Love – Around Feat. Manny (Extended Mix)
Will Easton – Kaleidoscope (VONDA7 Remix)
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At our web-portal you can always find the latest hits of House Music. Thanks to its unique rhythmic and structure this style has won millions of fans all over the world long time ago. Here you can always enjoy the music of your favorite DJs and composers.

House Music is a unique style, originated in 1984 in Chicago. Its fathers are Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence, who recorded “One and on”, using bass-synthesizer and drum-machine.

Interestingly, the composers and DJs, who wrote music in this style, in most cases they did this at home, which influenced the name of the style – House Music.

Electronic underground house music

The style of House music is very simple in its structure. It is characterized by repetitive 4/4 with 120-140 beats per minute. The second or strong quarter is always accentuated with a snare drum, it often reminds a slap of hands. On every eighth note you may clearly hear a sound of hi-hat stroke (type of drum cymbals). Very often you may hear some soft, discrete up notes of the synthesizer.

Bass line in House Music style, usually, is full of funk rhythmic patterns. These funk rhythmic patterns change every new quarter, adjusting accents on weak and strong beats. Today House music continues its development, so it’s not surprising that this genre is often combined with the other styles of music. This is why we can enjoy such kinds as electronic and underground house music.