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Lord Leopard - Confusion EP [CAJ421] Lord Leopard - Confusion EP [CAJ421]
Tech House / House Yesterday, 23:01

Artist: Lord Leopard
Title: Confusion EP
Genre: House, Tech House
Label: Cajual
Quality: 320 kbps

Lord Leopard – Confusion (Original Mix) (7:26)
Lord Leopard – Barry’s Tone (Original Mix) (6:09)
Dj Cream - Face the Groove [RB191] Dj Cream - Face the Groove [RB191]
Music / House Yesterday, 22:57

Artist: Dj Cream
Title: Face the Groove
Label: Robsoul
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Dj Cream - Down With The Bass 06:40
Dj Cream - Mad Filter 06:09
Dj Cream - The Beauty & The Beat 05:57
Dj Cream - Deep Sight 06:50
VA - After Hours Miami 2018 [KSD374] VA - After Hours Miami 2018 [KSD374]
Music / House Yesterday, 22:55

Artist: VA
Title: After Hours Miami 2018
Genre: House
Label: Street King
Quality: 320 kbps

1. The Wig & Panooc – The Ahh Song (Superlover Remix) (5:18)
2. Dennis Ferrer & Mia Tuttavilla – Touched The Sky (Francesco Chiocci Equivocal Mix) (6:57)
3. Ananda Project & Mia Tuttavilla – Awareness (Kerri’s Dark Dub) (9:45)
4. Matt Tolfrey – Azibi (Original Mix) (5:36)
5. Doomwork – Sunshine and Mosquitos (Metodi Hristov Remix) (6:20)
6. From P60 & Lisa Shaw – Magic (Enoo Napa Remix) (6:10)
7. Wolf Story – Shadows (Original Mix) (7:27)
8. Lonya – Achromatic (Kastis Torrau Remix) (6:49)
9. James Benedict – All Around (Original Mix) (5:45)
10. Dirty Secretz – Deep Down Inside (Original Mix) (7:08)
11. Natural Angle feat. S-Class – Sweatbox (Original Mix) (6:29)
12. Sllash & Doppe – Almost Lost It (Original Mix) (6:01)
13. BALN feat. Arlekina – Power Of The Music (Original Mix) (6:26)
14. Hiver Laver – After Break (Original Mix) (7:40)
15. Chris Child & Inner Rebels – Tisci Shoes (Original Mix) (6:22)
16. JCMB – Stop! (Original Mix) (6:21)
17. B-Liv – Rhythm Comes Out (Original Mix) (6:00)
18. Rich Pinder feat. Marck Jamz – Check Your Status (Lex & Wood Remix) (6:56)
19. Joaquin Koen – Hausbit (Original Mix) (7:54)
20. Alvaro Smart – Blah Blah (Original Mix) (6:53)
21. Capej – Fortuda (Original Mix) (8:43)
22. Max Marinacci feat. Rescue Poetix – How brutal this love (Original Mix) (8:31)
23. Menkee – Mystic Whisper (Original Mix) (6:46)
24. Souled feat. Ashley Thomas – Cultureless (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Organ Dub Mix) (8:00)
25. Blaze – Seasons of Love (Original Afro Mix) (6:11)
26. Yass feat. Inaya Day – BRING IT UP (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Beat A Bella Mix) (5:22)
27. 95 North – Find A Way To Believe (95 North Club) (7:10)
28. The Scientists of Sound & Mara J Boston – Reason To Live (Original Mix) (6:33)
29. James John & Deon Nathan – OVER & OVER (KYLE KIM REMIX) (5:22)
30. Niko Favata & Mara J Boston – Deep inside Of Me (Original Mix) (7:06)
31. Federico d’Alessio & Giulio Bonaccio feat. Aaron K Gray – Reason (Federico d’Alessio Vocal Mix) (6:14)
32. Kerri Chandler feat. Wilma Beckford – Come Home (Kerris Mmmh Mix) (6:49)
33. Stephanie Cooke – Its Like Nothing (Reelsoul Remix) (6:11)
Music / House Yesterday, 17:45

Artist: Blestsoul  
Genre: House
Label: Hlokzen Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Blestsoul - Gratitude (Original Mix)
Blestsoul - Journey To Success (Original Mix)
Blestsoul - Joyful Days (Original Mix)
Blestsoul - Modimolle Village (Original Mix)

Dave Leatherman, HP Vince - Bring Me Joy [SKB010] Dave Leatherman, HP Vince - Bring Me Joy [SKB010]
Music / House Yesterday, 17:40

Artist: Dave Leatherman, HP Vince  
Title: Bring Me Joy 
Genre: House
Label: Smokin' Beat
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Leatherman, HP Vince - Bring Me Joy (Original Mix)

Tony Garcia - Goodfunk [SL03] Tony Garcia - Goodfunk [SL03]
Music / House Yesterday, 17:38

Artist: Tony Garcia 
Title: Goodfunk 
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Tony Garcia - Goodfunk (Original Mix)
Tony Garcia - Goodfunk (Romy Black Remix)

Lord Lulu - Devour You [KIESO158] Lord Lulu - Devour You [KIESO158]
Techno / House Yesterday, 17:38

Artist: Lord Lulu  
Title: Devour You 
Genre: House / Techno 
Label: Kieso Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Lord Lulu - Devour You (Original Mix)

B.Jinx - Let's Bang Tonight [FFR018] B.Jinx - Let's Bang Tonight [FFR018]
Music / House Yesterday, 17:37

Artist: B.Jinx  
Title: Let's Bang Tonight 
Genre: House
Label: Funkfire
Quality: 320 kbps

B.Jinx - Let's Bang Tonight (Original Mix)
Maria Angeli, KosmetiQ - Erotica EP [TPR020] Maria Angeli, KosmetiQ - Erotica EP [TPR020]
Tech House / House Yesterday, 17:34

Artist: Maria Angeli, KosmetiQ 
Title: Erotica EP
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: The Prison
Quality: 320 kbps

Maria Angeli, KosmetiQ - Erotica (Gefra, Ricky Tenaglia Remix)
Maria Angeli, KosmetiQ - Erotica (Original Mix)
Jakim - Bae [WLHM006] Jakim - Bae [WLHM006]
Music / House Yesterday, 17:34

Artist: Jakim 
Title: Bae 
Genre: House
Label: We Love House Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Jakim - Bae (Original Mix)

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At our web-portal you can always find the latest hits of House Music. Thanks to its unique rhythmic and structure this style has won millions of fans all over the world long time ago. Here you can always enjoy the music of your favorite DJs and composers.

House Music is a unique style, originated in 1984 in Chicago. Its fathers are Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence, who recorded “One and on”, using bass-synthesizer and drum-machine.

Interestingly, the composers and DJs, who wrote music in this style, in most cases they did this at home, which influenced the name of the style – House Music.

Electronic underground house music

The style of House music is very simple in its structure. It is characterized by repetitive 4/4 with 120-140 beats per minute. The second or strong quarter is always accentuated with a snare drum, it often reminds a slap of hands. On every eighth note you may clearly hear a sound of hi-hat stroke (type of drum cymbals). Very often you may hear some soft, discrete up notes of the synthesizer.

Bass line in House Music style, usually, is full of funk rhythmic patterns. These funk rhythmic patterns change every new quarter, adjusting accents on weak and strong beats. Today House music continues its development, so it’s not surprising that this genre is often combined with the other styles of music. This is why we can enjoy such kinds as electronic and underground house music.