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Purple Disco Machine Hypnotized Chart Purple Disco Machine Hypnotized Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Purple Disco Machine Hypnotized Chart
Genre: Nu Disco / Disco, House, Indie Dance, Electronica, Dance
Quality: 320 kbps

Diplo, SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix (Extended)) (7:24)
Weiss – First Sight (Extended) (6:03)
Disco Incorporated – Makusa (Groover Vocal Mix) (6:30)
Michael The Lion – Know This (Original Mix) (7:28)
Mind Enterprises, Purple Disco Machine – Mont Blanc (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (Extended) (8:04)
Donny Rotten – Only U (Original Mix) (4:15)
Billy Cobham, Novecento – Over (Boris Dlugosch & Cassara Remix) (7:06)
Diana Ross – Love Hangover (Eric Kupper Remix) (3:48)
Metronomy – Whitsand Bay (Myd Remix) (4:54)
Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants – Hypnotized (Extended Mix) (5:46)

Mòo & Jo – Munuli [MOBILEE227] Mòo & Jo – Munuli [MOBILEE227]
Music / Electronic 7-05-2020

Artist: Mòo & Jo
Title: Munuli
Genre: Electronica
Label: Mobilee Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Mòo & Jo, Awen – Munuli (Original Mix) (9:15)
Mòo & Jo, Awen – Munuli (Instrumental) (9:14)
Mòo & Jo – Expand (Original Mix) (7:58)

Somethin’ Sanctified – Mutual Feelin’ [NEEDW078] Somethin’ Sanctified – Mutual Feelin’ [NEEDW078]
Music / Electronic 7-05-2020

Artist: Somethin’ Sanctified
Title: Mutual Feelin’
Genre: Electronica
Label: Needwant
Quality: 320 kbps

Somethin’ Sanctified – MutuaI FeeIin’ (Original Mix) (7:06)
Somethin’ Sanctified – Ding ‘n DingIe (Original Mix) (6:42)
Somethin’ Sanctified – Brassic (Original Mix) (8:18)
Somethin’ Sanctified, Grace & Badlove – Esencia (Original Mix) (6:15)
Sam Junk - What Is Me [IDT007] Sam Junk - What Is Me [IDT007]
Techno / Electronic 7-05-2020

Artist: Sam Junk
Title: What Is Me
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: In Depth Tunes
Quality: 320 kbps

Sam Junk - What Is Me (Original Mix)
Sam Junk - What Is Me (Jack Carter Remix)
Sam Junk - The Last Afterhour (Original Mix)
VA - F....U Corona [LMKA087] VA - F....U Corona [LMKA087]

Artist: VA
Title: F....U Corona
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Afro House, Melodic, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
Label: La Mishka
Quality: 320 kbps

Exei - Ornament (Original Mix) 06:27 112bpm Dmin
Alessa Khin - Solo Moon (Extended Mix) 05:48 116bpm Dmin
Sunchain - Santiago (Kay Aka Khalil Touihri, Karben Remix) 07:00 120bpm Dmin
Lunaar - Sinda (Original Mix) 07:04 120bpm Fmaj
Mabbu - Mogadishu (Original Mix) 07:04 120bpm Dmin
LevyM - The Journey (Afro Main Mix) 07:32 120bpm Gmin
Ruslan Cross, Yves Eaux - Parabola (Original Mix) 06:57 122bpm D#min
Mazai - Kowloon Beat (Paul Hamilton Remix) 07:02 123bpm Amaj
MEANDROID - Ubud (Xico Remix) 07:48 123bpm Emaj
Nassim Ghribi - Parallel Universe (Original MIx) 08:15 126bpm Bmin
Maxxim - The Depth of the Soul (Original Mix) 07:08 122bpm Gmaj
Leo N - Safari (Original Mix) 07:32 120bpm A#maj
Nopopstar, 2JOHN'S, Eugene Jay - Don't Preach Me (Extended MIx) 07:28 122bpm Fmaj
Maxxim, La Mishka - Venus (Original Mix) 06:30 120bpm Amin
Eclept - Atom (Original Mix) 07:52 120bpm Dmaj
Sasha Epstein - Cobra (Original Mix) 08:01 122bpm Dmin
VA - Love To Live [REB045CD] VA - Love To Live [REB045CD]

Artist: VA
Title: Love To Live
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Lounge / Chill Out, Deep House, Indie Dance
Label: Rebirth
Quality: 320 kbps

Robytek, Antena, Shield - The Pyramids (Sunset Mix) 03:27 96bpm Fmin
Chromatic Filters - Third Comb Beach (Original Mix) 05:53 110bpm Gmaj
Emanuel Satie, Billy Cobham - Don't Forget To Go Home (Nicolosi Ambient Mix) 04:32 170bpm Amin
Dolphin Boy - Don't Stop (Ashley Beedle's Mavis Re-Edit) 06:08 94bpm A#maj
Bocca Grande - Procedere (Short Mix) 04:05 110bpm Cmin
Nufrequency, Ben Onono - Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix Cut) 04:37 110bpm Fmin
Ruby - Anna (You Get The Best Of Me) (Shield Re-Edit) 06:07 113bpm D#maj
A:xus - Suite Disappointment (Reprise) 04:01 121bpm A#min
Tracey Thorn, Tevo Howard - Without Me (Ron Trent's Music And Power Reprise) 07:06 120bpm Amin
Daze Deten - Keep Us Warm (Original Mix) 07:04 120bpm Bmin
Butch, C.Vogt - The Infamous (Original Mix) 08:19 124bpm Dmin
Adriano Filippucci - The Day After (Reprise) 03:39 128bpm Gmin
Nufrequency, Shara Nelson - Go That Deep (Charles Webster Reprise) 05:30 164bpm Fmaj
Wallflower - Say You Won't Ever (Original Mix) 03:05 117bpm Emin
Square Mode - The Wheel (Original Piano Reprise) 04:45 124bpm Amin
Butch, C.Vogt - Bliss (Reprise) 05:19 120bpm Emin
Paolo Mantini - Surfing The Clouds (Reprise) 04:34 120bpm Amin
Silky Sunday, Snoux - Friend (Reprise) 04:53 123bpm Amin
Blue Mondays - Dig It, Understand It (Gigi Masin Remix) 05:31 117bpm Gmin
Paolo Mantini - Next Generation (Pépé Bradock's Braccio DOco Della Villa-Beonis Pianissimapella) 03:32 174bpm A#min
VA - Blue Marlin Ibiza Night & Day, Vol. 12 [SMILAXX451DIG] VA - Blue Marlin Ibiza Night & Day, Vol. 12 [SMILAXX451DIG]

Artist: VA
Title: Blue Marlin Ibiza Night & Day, Vol. 12
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Afro House, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Smilax Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Superpitcher - Yves (Original Mix) 19:41 84bpm Fmin
Soulwax - Close to Paradise (Original Mix) 07:06 105bpm Emin
Canson - Kolumbus (Original Mix) 08:05 111bpm Gmaj
Kotelett, Zadak - Siwa (Original Mix) 07:24 113bpm A♭maj
Tunnelvisions - Guava (Original Mix) 03:30 112bpm Gmin
Be Svendsen - Andromeda (Original Mix) 06:52 114bpm Cmin
Yovav - Caribbean Zen Mode (Gerd Janson's Remix) 06:54 117bpm Cmaj
Laolu, Mr Raoul K - Djougou Yah feat. Ahmed Sosso (Original Mix) 06:44 119bpm Bmin
Abrão - Aguas Sagradas do Ganges (Original Mix) 05:16 118bpm Emaj
El Mundo - Tesejerague (Original Mix) 08:31 116bpm Emin
Lorenzo Dada - Skeleton Key (Original Mix) 06:05 108bpm Emin
Various Artists - Continuous Mix CD 1 Day (Original Mix) 63:25 127bpm Bmaj
Pete Tong, John Monkman - Aurora (Chaim Remix) 06:04 120bpm Gmaj
Anja Schneider - All I See (Original Mix) 06:12 124bpm Amin
Joeski - I Want You feat. Liberty (Disco Mix) 07:09 123bpm D♭maj
Mathias Schober - And Life Turns (Original Mix) 06:37 118bpm E♭min
Kieran Apter - The Mirror (Original Mix) 07:42 120bpm Dmaj
Pale Blue - You Stopped Dying (Original Mix) 06:02 120bpm A♭maj
Stereocalypse - Blue Dome Escargot (Original Mix) 06:27 120bpm Fmin
Dennis Ferrer - Right Thing feat. Ben Westbeech (Instrumental) 06:52 123bpm Bmin
Visnadi - Mago Bmba (Original Mix) 05:53 120bpm E♭min
Klunsh - Hayu Marka (Original Mix) 07:24 122bpm Bmaj
Acid Pauli - Jeanne (Axel Boman Remix) 08:36 123bpm B♭min
Eagles and Butterflies - The Last Dance (Sunrise Remix) 07:52 123bpm Fmin
Barbara Tucker, Plaster Hands - Follow Me (Mauro Ferrucci & Tommy Vee Dub Mix) 06:39 126bpm Fmin
Various Artists - Blue Marlin Ibiza Night & Day, Vol. 12 (Continuous DJ Mix) 73:24 121bpm Fmin
Jon Hopkins – Meditations Jon Hopkins – Meditations
Music / Electronic 7-05-2020

Artist: Jon Hopkins
Title: Meditations
Label: Domino
Genre: Electronic
Quality: 320 kbps

Jon Hopkins – 1/1 Singing Bowl (Ascension) (20:53)
Jon Hopkins – 1/2 Singing Bowl (Ascension) (Excerpt) (04:30)
Ela Minus - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. [RUG1097D1] Ela Minus - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. [RUG1097D1]
Techno / Electronic 7-05-2020
Ela Minus - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. [RUG1097D1]

Artist: Ela Minus 
Title: they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. 
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Domino
Quality: 320 kbps

Ela Minus - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. (Original Mix)

Introspektro - Autumn [BLV7332831] Introspektro - Autumn [BLV7332831]
Music / Electronic 7-05-2020
Introspektro - Autumn [BLV7332831]

Artist: Introspektro 
Title: Autumn
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Crosswalk Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Introspektro - Autumn

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Electronic Music is one of the most popular genres among young people, created with the help of electronic musical instruments and special technologies. Even though for the first time such instruments appeared in the beginning of the XXth century, the style itself settled down in the second half of that century. Today this genre consists of many style varieties. You can check it yourself on our web-portal techdeephouse.com, where you can buy good electronic music or download music of any genre for free.

The most famous and popular instrument of this genre is electric guitar, but many other instruments are also used: Hammond organ, telharmonium. Clean electronic music is made from the sounds of synthesizer, theremin and computer.

This genre emerged in the 1960s thanks to works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh and others. These artists generated their ideas on the basis of krautrock and Psychedelic rock, which was supposed to cause some surrealistic images in people’s imagination.

In the late sixties the first synthesizer Mini Moog was created. It immediately turned the electronic music lovers on. Even electronic guitars took a back seat. In most cases music in the seventies was created with keyboard synthesizer instruments.

In the end of the 80s there were three trends in Electronic Dance Music:

1. Background music without any steady rhythm and structured melody. It was called “ambient”. The founder of this style is Brian Eno, although many artists played this music earlier.

2. Electronic and instrumental-oriented. It is focused on the instruments, in other words, this style was created as a result of synthesizer pieces, which, in most cases, were dedicated to some space theme.

3. Focus on singing. This type differs from the other ones in clear sounds, rhythm and the presence of vocal accompaniment. The most popular group of this genre is Depeche Mode.

Lately, drum-machines started to appear, and live-music was gradually disappearing. In the 21st century original electronic music almost didn’t exist. It is supplemented with many other genres, which sometime makes it difficult even to list. Today such music in most cases is created on computers or with the help of remaking old compositions by adding something new to them. Combination of many genres can be found in the music of System 7, Delerium, Synaesthesia.