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Charun - Immaculacy [BLV5197040] Charun - Immaculacy [BLV5197040]
Music / Electronic 11-08-2018

Artist: Charun
Title: Immaculacy 
Genre: Electronic
Label: Space Sound
Quality: 320 kbps

Charun - Immaculacy (Original Mix)
Music / Electronic 10-08-2018

Artist: Synthek
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Auxiliary
Quality: WAV

Synthek – Breathe and Surrender (Original Mix) (04:23)
Synthek – Duality (Original Mix) (06:32)
Synthek – Harmony (Original Mix) (07:03)
Synthek – Mantra (Original Mix) (05:18)
Synthek – Process Recall (Original Mix) (06:30)
SIS Danzan Charts July 2018 SIS Danzan Charts July 2018

Artist: VA
Title: SIS Danzan Charts July 2018
Genre: Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, House, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

1Click – Running Down Again feat. Sting (Ninetoes Extended Remix) 05:51 126bpm Amin
Ame – 119 BPM (Jimi Jules & Jesaya +4 BPM Update) 05:24 123bpm D#min
Bedouin – Turn the Tides (12″ Mix) 07:53 118bpm Bmin
Behrouz – Where Are You Now (Original Mix) 08:09 126bpm Cmin
Powel – Doorbell Symphony (Original Mix) 06:52 121bpm Bmin
Rey & Kjavik – Ulima (SIS Remix) 10:06 121bpm Dmin
Sabb – Full Moon Tale Feat. DAVI (Roy Rosenfeld Remix) 08:14 122bpm Amin
SIS – Crossing Bridges (Ezikiel Remix) 10:24 125bpm Amin
SIS – Danzan (Original Mix) 08:34 122bpm F♯min
Uner, Alex Kennon – Wonderland (Original Mix) 05:55 122bpm Amin
Adam Port Do You Still Think Of Me Charts Adam Port Do You Still Think Of Me Charts

Artist: VA
Title: Adam Port Do You Still Think Of Me Charts
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Techno, House, Funk / Soul / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Afro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Adam Port – Do You Still Think Of Me? (Original Mix) 08:45 121bpm Amaj
Adam Port – Roots Edit (Original Mix) 06:52 119bpm F#maj
D.Y.A, Kalyma – Operator (Original Mix) 06:01 121bpm A#min
Fango – Gea (Original Mix) 06:05 100bpm Gmaj
Kris Davis – Dew (Original Mix) 05:28 120bpm D#min
Krystal Davis – So Smooth (Kon Extended Hit N Run Mix) 07:19 118bpm Emin
Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, JUNIORAKWETY – Elongi feat. Junior (Original Mix) 08:56 119bpm Dmin
Petar Dundov – Dalmatina (Original Mix) 08:58 118bpm Gmaj
Sworn Virgins – Fifty Dollar Bills (Original Mix) 07:10 125bpm Fmaj
Thomas Pizzini – Flash (Original Mix) 06:22 117bpm C#min
Till Von Sein – Don (Original Mix) 06:15 124bpm Amin
Black Loops August Heat Chart 18 Black Loops August Heat Chart 18

Artist: VA
Title: Black Loops August Heat Chart ’18
Genre: Deep House, House, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

Black Loops – Like A Feather (Original Mix) 06:25 124bpm Cmin
Chris Stussy – Boogie Trippin (Original Mix) 06:13 124bpm Amaj
Circulation – Sincerely (Creation Mix) 07:38 125bpm Emin
Deep Choice – Childeren Trip (Original Mix) 06:36 123bpm Amin
Diy – Rump Funk (Original Mix) 06:04 124bpm Cmin
DJ Cream – Deep Sight (Original Mix) 06:50 127bpm A♯maj
James Pepper – King Henry (Original Mix) 05:25 125bpm A#min
James Pepper – Lover (Black Loops Remix) 06:31 124bpm Amin
James Pepper – Lover (Carlo Remix) 07:52 123bpm Amin
Morenas – Somnambulism (Original Mix) 05:55 118bpm Dmin
Alex Galvan - Into The City EP [RNGDS003] Alex Galvan - Into The City EP [RNGDS003]

Artist: Alex Galvan 
Title: Into The City EP 
Genre: Deep House / Electronic / Tech House
Label: RNGDS Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Galvan - Into The City (Alex Arnout Remix)
Alex Galvan - Into The City (Original Mix)
Alex Galvan - Young (Original Mix)
Alex Galvan - Young (Roderic Remix)

Beatport Summer Sounds Electronica / Downtempo 2018 Beatport Summer Sounds Electronica / Downtempo 2018
Electronic / Dj Charts 8-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Summer Sounds Electronica / Downtempo 2018
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Afro House
Quality: 320 kbps
Sasha, BAILE - Amae (Sasha fabric1999 Mix)
Adam Port - Roots Edit (Original Mix)
George FitzGerald - Burns (Moby Remix)
Chicola - If He Thought You Ever Changed Your Mind (Johannes Brecht Remix)
Zazou, Landhouse - La Paz (Xique-Xique Remix)
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist (Roman Fluegel Remix)
Toto Chiavetta - The Core (Original Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick - In Excess (Original Mix)
Javier Orduna, Mâhfoud, Mâhfoud & Javier Orduna - Secret (Original Mix)
Uner, Alex Kennon - Wonderland (Original Mix)
Prins Thomas, Bugge Wesseltoft - Bar Asfalt (Original Mix)
LT - Mesosphere (Original Mix)
Thor Rixon - 371 (Original Mix)
Kolsch - Loreley (Original Mix)
Timothy Clerkin - Divisive (Original Mix)
Mees Salomé - Sap (Original Mix)
Justin Maxwell - Sunshine (John Tejada Remix)
The Swan and The Lake, Emil Svane Breum - São Paolo (Original Mix)
Karim Maas - Lizzard King (Original Mix)
Deepchord - Immersion II (Original Mix)
VA – Waves in the Box [LTC003B] VA – Waves in the Box [LTC003B]
Music / Electronic 8-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Waves in the Box
Genre: Electronica
Label: Labo T
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Teho – Space Explorers (Original Mix) (9:38)
2. Ceas – Minea (Original Mix) (7:55)
3. Aalson – Castle (Original Mix) (7:10)
4. Mashk – Ho’oponopono (Original Mix) (5:29)
5. Max TenRoM – Volt (Original Mix) (8:53)
6. Minorah – Escale (Original Mix) (7:27)
7. Axom – Brake (Original Mix) (6:51)
Mees Salomé - Big Thoughts Like Elephants [FOA032] [WAV] Mees Salomé - Big Thoughts Like Elephants [FOA032] [WAV]
Deep House / Techno / Electronic 8-08-2018

Artist: Mees Salomé
Title: Big Thoughts Like Elephants
Genre: Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Filth on Acid
Quality: WAV

Mees Salomé – Natural (Original Mix) (07:14)
Mees Salomé – Letting Go (Original Mix) (02:59)
Mees Salomé – Just Thoughts (Original Mix) (03:31)
Mees Salomé – Like A Flock Of Birds In The Sky (Original Mix) (03:20)
Mees Salomé – Maybe (Original Mix) (07:52)
Mees Salomé – Children Of Men (Original Mix) (07:17)
Mees Salomé – Crybaby (Original Mix) (02:57)
Mees Salomé – Only (Original Mix) (07:25)
Mees Salomé – Athereal (Original Mix) (06:35)
Mees Salomé – Slipping (Original Mix) (07:29)
Mees Salomé – Unseen (Original Mix) (07:45)
Mees Salomé – Sap (Original Mix) (04:05)
VA - Mark Slee Plays 7V [7VC012] VA - Mark Slee Plays 7V [7VC012]
Deep House / Minimal / Electronic 7-08-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Mark Slee Plays 7V
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Seven Villas
Quality: 320 kbps

Nikita Great – Russwans 06:59 bpm
Pablo Bolívar, Ben Preisinger – Rainy Dawn Lights 08:12 bpm
Pablo Bolívar – Vibrations 06:42 bpm
information ghetto – Romantic Balance 07:57 bpm
Jose Vizcaino – Long Life to the Underground 06:27 bpm
Pablo Bolívar, Dactilar – The People We Like 06:41 bpm
Tigerskin, Alfa State – Slippery Roads (Pablo Bolivar Remix) 07:23 bpm
Juan Deminicis – Fractals 06:29 bpm
Jose Vizcaino – Release (Mark Slee Remix) 06:42 bpm
Usmev – River of Dreams 07:28 bpm
SpecDub, bdtom – Queens (Forteba Remix) 07:16 bpm
Marshall Watson – When Snow Becomes Memories 04:36 bpm
Mark Slee – Plays Seven Villas (Continuous DJ Mix) 69:17 bpm

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Electronic Music is one of the most popular genres among young people, created with the help of electronic musical instruments and special technologies. Even though for the first time such instruments appeared in the beginning of the XXth century, the style itself settled down in the second half of that century. Today this genre consists of many style varieties. You can check it yourself on our web-portal techdeephouse.com, where you can buy good electronic music or download music of any genre for free.

The most famous and popular instrument of this genre is electric guitar, but many other instruments are also used: Hammond organ, telharmonium. Clean electronic music is made from the sounds of synthesizer, theremin and computer.

This genre emerged in the 1960s thanks to works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh and others. These artists generated their ideas on the basis of krautrock and Psychedelic rock, which was supposed to cause some surrealistic images in people’s imagination.

In the late sixties the first synthesizer Mini Moog was created. It immediately turned the electronic music lovers on. Even electronic guitars took a back seat. In most cases music in the seventies was created with keyboard synthesizer instruments.

In the end of the 80s there were three trends in Electronic Dance Music:

1. Background music without any steady rhythm and structured melody. It was called “ambient”. The founder of this style is Brian Eno, although many artists played this music earlier.

2. Electronic and instrumental-oriented. It is focused on the instruments, in other words, this style was created as a result of synthesizer pieces, which, in most cases, were dedicated to some space theme.

3. Focus on singing. This type differs from the other ones in clear sounds, rhythm and the presence of vocal accompaniment. The most popular group of this genre is Depeche Mode.

Lately, drum-machines started to appear, and live-music was gradually disappearing. In the 21st century original electronic music almost didn’t exist. It is supplemented with many other genres, which sometime makes it difficult even to list. Today such music in most cases is created on computers or with the help of remaking old compositions by adding something new to them. Combination of many genres can be found in the music of System 7, Delerium, Synaesthesia.