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Beatport Summer Sounds: Electronica / Downtempo Beatport Summer Sounds: Electronica / Downtempo
Electronic / Dj Charts 8-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Summer Sounds: Electronica / Downtempo
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

Laurel Halo - Moontalk (Original Mix)
Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen (Original Mix)
Oldman Talkin' - Magnetic Eyes (Original Mix)
Beautiful Swimmers - Primo (Original Mix)
Carmen Villain - Planetarium (Gigi Masin Remix)
Prins Thomas, Bj?rn Torske - Kappe tre (Original Mix)
Smerz - Blessed (Original Mix)
Session Victim - Thermal Explorer (Original Mix)
Bastiengoat - I Guess This Must Be Love (Original Mix)
Hippie Priest - Umbrella Keeper (Original Mix)
Bambooman - Whispers feat. Elsa Hewitt (Original Mix)
Pantha Du Prince - You What? Euphoria! (Ambient Version) (Original Mix)
Floating Points - Lucerne Valley (Original Mix)
Monic - Deep Summer (Burial Remix)
Jack Peoples - Song 05 Vocal (Original Mix)
Pasechnik - Secrets Of The Summer [ZEBRA362] Pasechnik - Secrets Of The Summer [ZEBRA362]
Music / Electronic 8-08-2017

Artist: Pasechnik 
Title: Secrets Of The Summer
Genre: Electronic
Label: Zebra 40
Quality: 320 kbps

Pasechnik - Secrets Of The Summer (Original Mix)
Pasechnik - Your Walking (Original Mix)

Uper Acid Band - Sahara [CV059] Uper Acid Band - Sahara [CV059]

Artist: Uper Acid Band 
Title: Sahara
Genre: Deep House / Electronic / Tech House /  Techno
Label: Chronovision Ibiza
Quality: 320 kbps

Uper Acid Band - Sahara (JP Chronic 'Mirage' Remix)
Uper Acid Band - Sahara (Mikolai Remix)
Uper Acid Band - Sahara (Original Mix)
Uper Acid Band - Sahara (WeROne Remix)
Uper Acid Band - Shaman (Original Mix)
Digital Sin - Mask Up [BINARYTRAX009] Digital Sin - Mask Up [BINARYTRAX009]
Music / Electronic 7-08-2017

Artist: Digital Sin 
Title: Mask Up 
Genre: Electronic
Label: Binary Trax
Quality: 320 kbps

Digital Sin - Crash The System (Original Mix)
Digital Sin - First Responder (Long Edit)
Digital Sin - First Responder (Original Mix)
Digital Sin - Le Frencho (Original Mix)
Digital Sin - Mask Up (No Escape)
Digital Sin - Payload (Original Mix)

VA - The Age Of Love, Vol. 11 [TRETCOMP345] VA - The Age Of Love, Vol. 11 [TRETCOMP345]
Artist: VA
Title: The Age Of Love, Vol. 11
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Electronica
Label: Tretmuehle
Quality: 320 kbps

Arno Mueller, Marius Lehnert – Dagoo (Original Mix) 06:47 122bpm Amin
Beatamines – Bon voyage (Circle Of Life Remix) 07:56 122bpm C♯min
Ben Ashton – Hidden Whispers (Herr Vogel Remix) 07:36 122bpm Dmin
BONDI – Those Days (Original Mix) 08:01 120bpm A♯maj
Boss Axis, Label Mou – Meant to Be (Ben Ashton Remix) 06:36 123bpm Amin
Carsten Rausch – Every Now and Then (Original Mix) 06:26 123bpm Emin
Fabs# – A Simple Thing (Heinrich & Heine Remix) 06:54 122bpm Emin
Felix Cage – You Don't Know Me (Original Mix) 06:38 122bpm Dmin
Formel – Bayamo (Original Mix) 07:38 122bpm Cmaj
Guido Nakatomi – Strobocop (David Martzz Remix) 07:16 126bpm Cmaj
I am Frost – Noom (Original Mix) 08:26 125bpm Amaj
J Diesel – Automatic (Original Mix) 09:48 125bpm Emin
Mellowtron – Forest Tumblr (Original Mix) 06:37 121bpm Fmaj
Morgan Le Fay CH – Checkout (Original Mix) 06:26 120bpm Gmin
Nicolas Hannig – No Sleep (Original Mix) 07:32 122bpm Fmin
Sebastian Fleischer – Where Is the Music (Cliff de Zoete Remix) 07:33 125bpm Dmaj
Solee – Jonalu (Oliver Lieb Remix) 08:26 126bpm A♯min
Soukie & Windish – Steppenkarpfen (Original Mix) 07:50 124bpm Amin
Stonehouse – Dance By You (Original Mix) 08:16 124bpm Fmaj
Zusammenklang – Dr. Who (Original Mix) 06:43 123bpm Amaj
VA - Bar 25 - Zeitgeist [BAR2555Z] VA - Bar 25 - Zeitgeist [BAR2555Z]
Artist: VA
Title: Bar 25 - Zeitgeist
Genre: Deep House, Electronica, Tech House
Label: Bar 25 Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan – Acid Revisited (Original Mix) 07:48 123bpm Dmaj
Agents of Vibe – Rollout (Original Mix) 08:39 121bpm Gmin
Autotune, Dirty Paul – True Lights (Original Mix) 07:36 123bpm Fmaj
Benno Blome, Daniel Dreier – Breaking Through (Fish Eye Collective Remake) 07:53 122bpm Amaj
BONDI – Fight For Peace (Original Mix) 05:21 114bpm Dmin
Click Click, Sense Of Sun – Around 6 O'Clock (Original Mix) 07:08 120bpm Dmin
DKA – Paranoia (Original Mix) 07:16 120bpm Amin
Fish Eye Collective, Paul Schal, Robert Owens – It's About Time (Original Mix) 08:35 120bpm Amin
Frivolous – For The Message (Don Ramon & San Marco's Don't Stop Mumble Mix) 06:59 122bpm Amin
Guido Schneider – Transformation (Original Mix) 13:58 124bpm A♯min
Joy Wellboy – Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix) 08:30 121bpm Bmin
Korsakow – Red Sugar (Original Mix) 04:54 108bpm Gmaj
Kotelett & Zadak – Siwa (Original Mix) 07:24 113bpm D♯min
Madmotormiquel, Moodmachine – Curveball Kimono (Original Mix) 07:42 119bpm G♯min
Matt John – She's Durch (Super Flu's Stormy Road) 06:49 122bpm Cmaj
Nico Stojan – Use Your Wings (Original Mix) 08:58 120bpm Amin
Oceanvs Orientalis – Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) 09:05 114bpm Amin
Pier Bucci – Dos Mundos (Original Mix) 08:39 120bpm Gmaj
Pilocka Krach – Discolight (Acid Pauli Remix) 05:16 118bpm A♯maj
Strolch – Kati Yake (Original Mix) 09:03 162bpm F♯maj
The Cheapers – The Black Bell (Original Mix) 08:05 123bpm Emaj
Tilman von Stieglitz – My Arrangements (Original Mix) 07:11 120bpm Amin
Wareika – In Dieser Stadt (Original Mix) 07:07 115bpm Gmin
VA - Deep in the Ocean [ER+ERCOMP010] VA - Deep in the Ocean [ER+ERCOMP010]
Deep House / Electronic 5-08-2017
Artist: VA
Title: Deep in the Ocean
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Er + Er
Quality: 320 kbps

Aero Manyelo – Mooki (Original Mix) 06:23 116bpm Bmaj
Bedouin – Bufo (Original Mix) 08:38 108bpm Bmin
BehrEllips – The Forgotten People feat. Crazy White Boy (Original Mix) 05:30 120bpm A♯maj
Ben Hoo – Blueshift (Original Mix) 07:53 122bpm A♯min
Bruce Loko – The Arkenstone of Thrain (Original Mix) 07:52 122bpm Amaj
Card on Spokes, Jazzuelle – Circles feat. LUMA (Original Mix) 07:31 120bpm F♯min
Dakar – I've Got That Feeling (Dance Spirit's Breakbeat Dub) 08:16 124bpm A♯min
El Mundo, Satori (NL) – Secret Places (Original Mix) 07:25 122bpm Cmaj
George Vala – 11:41 (Original Mix) 06:31 123bpm A♯min
In Colour – Unfold (Original Mix) 06:20 123bpm Fmin
Jazzuelle – Music of the Spheres (Original Mix) 07:15 120bpm D♯min
Kostakis, Ryan Murgatroyd – Shamandrums (Original Mix) 06:24 120bpm Cmin
M.A.N.D.Y. – Hi End feat. Nonku Phiri (Original Mix) 02:45 105bpm Amaj
Reboot – Indigo Moods (Original Mix) 06:34 125bpm Dmin
Reboot – Piece of Cake (Original Mix) 03:53 114bpm F♯maj
Reboot – Timelive (Original Mix) 04:05 114bpm C♯min
Tantsui – Planet of the Apes (Original Mix) 06:34 122bpm Cmaj
Vincent Casanova – The Endless Interior (Original Mix) 08:06 120bpm Amin
VA - S E C O N D C I R C L E [CC022] VA - S E C O N D C I R C L E [CC022]
Artist: VA
Title: S E C O N D C I R C L E
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Label: Constant Circles
Quality: 320 kbps

Giorgia Angiuli – Deep Moan (Original Mix) 05:52 123bpm Bmin
HedUbble, Mr Herbert Quain – The Night (To Find Another Place Version) 07:44 110bpm Fmaj
Jinadu, Konvex & The Shadow, Mainro – The Minute After (Day Vocal Edit) 08:11 123bpm Dmin
Joal – The Subsequence (Original Mix) 07:34 124bpm Cmin
Just Her, Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go (Original Mix) 07:34 122bpm C♯min
Nandu, Tyra – Love You Til The End (Original Mix) 05:20 118bpm Cmin
Radeckt – Coffin View (Original Mix) 07:31 124bpm Cmaj
Slow Hearts – Sub 37 (Original Mix) 09:16 118bpm Amin
UNDERHER – Blow (Original Mix) 07:00 128bpm A♯maj
Yost – The Final Stage (Original Mix) 06:27 119bpm F♯min
Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Chameleon EP [TRAUMV213] Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Chameleon EP [TRAUMV213]
Techno / Electronic 5-08-2017

Artist: Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic 
Title: Chameleon EP
Genre: Electronic / Techno
Label: Traum
Quality: 320 kbps

Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Chameleon (Original Mix)
Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Ikaruna (Original Mix)
Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Lucky Seven (Original Mix)

Sorrow - The Twelve [INSP032] Sorrow - The Twelve [INSP032]
Music / Electronic 4-08-2017

Artist: Sorrow
Title: The Twelve
Genre: Electronic
Label: Inspected Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Sorrow - Frumoasa (Original Mix)
Sorrow - Sheol (Original Mix)
Sorrow - The Twelve (Original Mix)

Download best new electronic music

Electronic Music is one of the most popular genres among young people, created with the help of electronic musical instruments and special technologies. Even though for the first time such instruments appeared in the beginning of the XXth century, the style itself settled down in the second half of that century. Today this genre consists of many style varieties. You can check it yourself on our web-portal techdeephouse.com, where you can buy good electronic music or download music of any genre for free.

The most famous and popular instrument of this genre is electric guitar, but many other instruments are also used: Hammond organ, telharmonium. Clean electronic music is made from the sounds of synthesizer, theremin and computer.

This genre emerged in the 1960s thanks to works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh and others. These artists generated their ideas on the basis of krautrock and Psychedelic rock, which was supposed to cause some surrealistic images in people’s imagination.

In the late sixties the first synthesizer Mini Moog was created. It immediately turned the electronic music lovers on. Even electronic guitars took a back seat. In most cases music in the seventies was created with keyboard synthesizer instruments.

In the end of the 80s there were three trends in Electronic Dance Music:

1. Background music without any steady rhythm and structured melody. It was called “ambient”. The founder of this style is Brian Eno, although many artists played this music earlier.

2. Electronic and instrumental-oriented. It is focused on the instruments, in other words, this style was created as a result of synthesizer pieces, which, in most cases, were dedicated to some space theme.

3. Focus on singing. This type differs from the other ones in clear sounds, rhythm and the presence of vocal accompaniment. The most popular group of this genre is Depeche Mode.

Lately, drum-machines started to appear, and live-music was gradually disappearing. In the 21st century original electronic music almost didn’t exist. It is supplemented with many other genres, which sometime makes it difficult even to list. Today such music in most cases is created on computers or with the help of remaking old compositions by adding something new to them. Combination of many genres can be found in the music of System 7, Delerium, Synaesthesia.