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Leon Templaar - Serenity [GIR042] Leon Templaar - Serenity [GIR042]
Deep House / Electronic 14-01-2021
Leon Templaar - Serenity [GIR042]

Artist: Leon Templaar 
Title: Serenity 
Genre: Deep House/ Electronica
Label: Giraphone Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Leon Templaar - Serenity (Original mix)
Leon Templaar - Serenized (Original mix)
Leon Templaar - Stripped (Original mix) 

VIK - A Digital Stitch in Time [RRR027] VIK - A Digital Stitch in Time [RRR027]
Deep House / Electronic 14-01-2021
VIK - A Digital Stitch in Time [RRR027]

Artist: VIK 
Title: A Digital Stitch in Time
Genre: Deep House / Electronica
Label: Round Robin Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

VIK - A Digital Stitch in Time
VIK - Cycle of Grace 

Beatport Exclusives Only Week 53 Beatport Exclusives Only Week 53

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Week 53
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Organic House / Downtempo, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Indie Dance, Garage / Bassline / Grime, Tech House, Drum & Bass, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Sek — Reach Out (Original Mix) 6:25
Ray Mono — Lock Down 7:02
Deepcut — Ukiyo 5:31
BassBrothers — Funky Pills 4:28
Sergio Sergi — Let Me Go 6:45
Sven Tasnadi, Huxley — My Soul (Detlef Remix) 6:11
Savin — Feel That Way (Original Mix) 5:59
Alex Ranerro — Kali 6:51
Marco Vetters — Alone (Original Mix) 5:29
Nopopstar — Giving Up 7:25
Nosk — Deep Space 3:01
Adana Twins — The Day After Tomorrow 8:15
Charli Brix, Visages — Full Circle (DJ Marky Remix) 4:36
Rone White, Rowen Clark — Freak Machine (Original Mix) 7:03
M.F.S Observatory — Panner (Original Mix) 5:56
Dennis Quin, Karmina Dai — Chante (Original Mix) 5:05
Tom Wax — Everything You Need (Original Mix) 3:32
Superstrobe — Pressure (Original Mix) 3:59
DAYL — Wake Up 6:07
Andre Salmon, J Avila — Queen's View (Extended Mix) 5:03
Beatport The December Shortlist Leftfield House & Techno 2021 Beatport The December Shortlist Leftfield House & Techno 2021
Techno / House / Electronic / Dj Charts 14-01-2021

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport The December Shortlist Leftfield House & Techno 2021
Genre: Electronic / Leftfield House & Techno, Electronica, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
Quality: 320 kbps

Dan Curtin — Crazy Life 8:28
Gen-Y — Saturn Flow 4:45
Wladimir M. — Evil 6:56
Hodge — Sense Inversion (Facta & K-Lone Remix) 5:05
Hodge — Lanes (Anz' Hooover Remix) 5:03
Indio — Armenian Eyes (Album Version) 5:24
Minotaur Shock — Qat 6:17
James Welsh — Cold Land (Denham Audio Raw Mix) 4:34
Kollektiv Turmstrasse — Heimat (TSHA Remix) 5:35
Israel Vines — Path Correction 6:37
Art Was Art — Numerator 6:03
Brother Nebula — The Physical World 5:50
Ballet Mechanique — The Third Ear 7:55
DJ Deep — Swamps (Original Mix) 5:11
Echaskech — Slipstich 5:00
Eversines — Plooi 7:00
Subjoi — Bias 5:38
Aleksandir — Threshed 3:59
Cassius Select — Born to Defence 6:40
Bob Moses, ZHU – Desire – Remixes [RUG1150D6] Bob Moses, ZHU – Desire – Remixes [RUG1150D6]
Techno / House / Electronic 14-01-2021

Artist: Bob Moses, ZHU
Title: Desire – Remixes
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Dance / Electro Pop, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Label: Domino
Quality: 320 kbps

Bob Moses, ZHU – Desire (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix) (5:46)
Bob Moses, ZHU – Desire (Charlotte de Witte Remix) (7:52)
Bob Moses, ZHU – Desire (Solomun Remix) (6:17)

Lauren Lo Sung Work Chart Lauren Lo Sung Work Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Lauren Lo Sung Work Chart
Genre: Tech House, House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electronica, Garage / Bassline / Grime, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Piem, Lauren Lo Sung, Yemi Bolatiwa – Work (Lauren Lo Sung Extended Mix) (6:04)
DJ Steaw – Go Now (Original Mix) (6:11)
Highrise – Summertime Breeze (Original Mix) (5:04)
Nail – ME DUB (Remix) (6:51)
DJ Jes – Fight The Feeling (Original Mix) (6:59)
Rhadow – Notion (Original Mix) (6:40)
REda daRE, Djebali – MKF (Traumer Remix) (7:36)
Diwag – Orbit (Original Mix) (6:07)
Cuartero – Rare Garden (Original Mix) (5:47)
Eliphino – You Said That (Original Mix) (5:30)

Music / Electronic 13-01-2021

Artist: VA
Label: Al Gharib
Genre: Electronic
Quality: 320 kbps

Adam Rajab – Ya Beirut 01:37
Rune Bagge – Ajura 07:02
Kidä – Comet 04:02
ANTM – Arrows For Spirit 02:26
Oldyungmayn – Leh 02:48
MIRRORship feat Soho Rezanejad – Ezra 06:33
Alobhe – BB 05:06
Judas Mordache & Rise 1969 – Voodoo Breaks 06:26
DJ Plead – Busy Signal 04:26
Reptant – Tunnel Runner 08:08
Paàl – Paradise O 04:55
River Yarra – The Dream Takes Over 03:52
emkay – 6AM 05:07
Jaclyn Kendall – Ordered State 06:07
Whistleblower – A Glory of Ashes 03:23
119.286 – Billionaires Turned to Kobe Meat 05:10
Kev Koko feat Cressida & Instant Distant – HQ 76/77 05:17
DINA – Only Me 05:52
OMRANN – Triple Homicide 07:45
u.r.trax – U R THE FUTURE 06:32
Sentimental Rave – Unreleased Love 03:43
DJ Ali – Don’t Stop Dancing 07:29
Partiboi69 – Face Grind 04:12
Clair Bai – Moonlight Fantasy 06:26
Abu Zeinah – Maze of Reflected Images 05:05
Onleash – Creatine 04:58
Gabber Eleganza – Junonica 03:54
Slam Ross 1000 – Limbic System 04:12
Peachlyfe – 1000 Eyes 07:06
WAZY – Albi 06:39
DJ Ibon – Prepping for Hope 06:47
Rune Bagge – Tafil 08:30
TSHA – Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix) [ZENDNLS555D] TSHA – Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix) [ZENDNLS555D]
House / Electronic 13-01-2021

Artist: TSHA
Title: Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix)
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Electronic / House
Quality: 320 kbps

TSHA – Demba (Demi Riquisimo remix) (07:02)
TSHA – Demba (Demi Riquisimo remix – edit) (03:56)
TSHA – Demba (05:09)
Bicep – Sundial Bicep – Sundial
Music / Electronic 13-01-2021

Artist: Bicep
Title: Sundial
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Electronic
Quality: 320 kbps

Bicep – Sundial
Techno Tunnel January 2021 Techno Tunnel January 2021
Techno / Minimal / Electronic / Dj Charts 12-01-2021

Artist: VA
Title: Techno Tunnel January 2021
Genre: Electronica, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Download best new electronic music

Electronic Music is one of the most popular genres among young people, created with the help of electronic musical instruments and special technologies. Even though for the first time such instruments appeared in the beginning of the XXth century, the style itself settled down in the second half of that century. Today this genre consists of many style varieties. You can check it yourself on our web-portal techdeephouse.com, where you can buy good electronic music or download music of any genre for free.

The most famous and popular instrument of this genre is electric guitar, but many other instruments are also used: Hammond organ, telharmonium. Clean electronic music is made from the sounds of synthesizer, theremin and computer.

This genre emerged in the 1960s thanks to works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh and others. These artists generated their ideas on the basis of krautrock and Psychedelic rock, which was supposed to cause some surrealistic images in people’s imagination.

In the late sixties the first synthesizer Mini Moog was created. It immediately turned the electronic music lovers on. Even electronic guitars took a back seat. In most cases music in the seventies was created with keyboard synthesizer instruments.

In the end of the 80s there were three trends in Electronic Dance Music:

1. Background music without any steady rhythm and structured melody. It was called “ambient”. The founder of this style is Brian Eno, although many artists played this music earlier.

2. Electronic and instrumental-oriented. It is focused on the instruments, in other words, this style was created as a result of synthesizer pieces, which, in most cases, were dedicated to some space theme.

3. Focus on singing. This type differs from the other ones in clear sounds, rhythm and the presence of vocal accompaniment. The most popular group of this genre is Depeche Mode.

Lately, drum-machines started to appear, and live-music was gradually disappearing. In the 21st century original electronic music almost didn’t exist. It is supplemented with many other genres, which sometime makes it difficult even to list. Today such music in most cases is created on computers or with the help of remaking old compositions by adding something new to them. Combination of many genres can be found in the music of System 7, Delerium, Synaesthesia.