2wired - Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich [10101081]
Music / Electronic 29-12-2015
2wired - Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich [10101081]

Artist: 2wired 
Title: Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich
Genre: Electronica
Label: Bluelectro
Quality: 320 kbps

2wired - Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich (Heimcomputermischung Version)
2wired - Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich (Maximal Version)
2wired - Mein Heimcomputer Und Ich (Radio Edit)

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Beata - Maria Magdalena [RP047-X 01] Beata - Maria Magdalena [RP047-X 01]
Music / Electronic 14-11-2015

Artist: Beata 
Title: Maria Magdalena 
Genre: Electronica
Label: Zebralution
Quality: 320 kbps

Beata - Maria Magdalena (K.C. Nightline Club Mix)
Beata - Maria Magdalena (The Force 124BPM Radio Mix)
Beata - Maria Magdalena (The Force Extended Edit)
Beata - Maria Magdalena (The Force Radio Mix)

Radio Citizen - The Night & The City [SK310CD] Radio Citizen - The Night & The City [SK310CD]
Music / Electronic 22-09-2015

Artist: Radio Citizen 
Title: The Night & The City
Genre: Electronica
Label:  Sonar Kollektiv
Quality: 320 kbps

Radio Citizen - Shores
Radio Citizen - Clouds
Radio Citizen - Radio Days
Radio Citizen - Peace
Radio Citizen - Rise
Radio Citizen - Trip
Radio Citizen - Phone
Radio Citizen - Sleep
Radio Citizen - Last Delight
Radio Citizen - Near & Far
Radio Citizen - Schatten
Radio Citizen - Stars
Radio Citizen - Gute Nacht
Ralf-E - Tarantino's Way [SSS 002] Ralf-E - Tarantino's Way [SSS 002]

Artist: Ralf-E
Title: Tarantino's Way
Genre: Electronica / Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Soul Sound System
Quality: 320 kbps

Ralf-E - Tarantinos Way (Long Version)
Ralf-E - Tarantinos Way (Short Version)
Ralf-E, Jesse Lee Davis - All I Wanna Do (Radio Edit)

The Dibasi - B Sides The Dibasi - B Sides
Music / Electronic 16-08-2015

Artist: The Dibasi
Title: B Sides
Genre: Electronica
Label: AMAdea Records
Quality: 320 kbps

The Dibasic - Are You Ready (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Atom (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Barium (Radio Mix)
The Dibasic - Close Up (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Come On Baby (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - District 4 (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Elated Sun (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - I Need You (Radio Edit)
The Dibasic - Is Broken (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Let It Flow (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Passage Of The Night (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Pure Evil (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Rain Or Shine (Mix)
The Dibasic - Rolling Down (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Scream Alert (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Sleepovers (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - State Of Happiness (Mix)
The Dibasic - The Heartbeat (Mix)
The Dibasic - Through Time (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Time To Say Goodbye (Radio Edit)
The Dibasic - Turn It On (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Wild Forest (Original Mix)
The Dibasic - Work Hard (Radio Edit)
The Dibasic - You Are Mine (Edited)
The Dibasic, Courtney Hyan - Limitless (Original Mix)
The Dibasic, End Of Ever - Spinning (Remix)
The Dibasic, Stick Up Boys - I Dont Care (Original Mix)

Bogdanl - No Sin [811868 690902] Bogdanl - No Sin [811868 690902]
Music / Electronic 26-06-2015
Artist: Bogdanl 
Title: No Sin 
Genre: Electronica
Label: Blue Pie Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Bogdanl - I Dont Remember (Original Mix)
Bogdanl - No Sin (Instrumental Mix)
Bogdanl - No Sin (Radio Edit)
Bogdanl - Pressure (Radio Edit)
Bogdanl - Sometimes (Original Mix)
Bogdanl - Take Me There (Original Mix)
Odille, Ed Is - Praise - Radio Edit [MDF20153] Odille, Ed Is - Praise - Radio Edit [MDF20153]
Music / Electronic 25-06-2015
Artist: Odille, Ed Is
Title: Praise - Radio Edit
Genre: Electronica
Label: Minifunk
Quality: 320 kbps

Odille, Ed Is - Praise Feat. Odille (Radio Edit)