Alvr - Prelife [10099612]
Music / Electronic 30-11-2015
Alvr - Prelife [10099612]

Artist: Alvr 
Title: Prelife
Genre: Electronica
Label: E-Project
Quality: 320 kbps

Alvr - Prelife (Original Mix)

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Majeure - Union Of Worlds [PURR0063] Majeure - Union Of Worlds [PURR0063]
Music / Electronic 30-10-2015

Artist: Majeure 
Title: Union Of Worlds 
Genre: Electronica / Electronica
Label: Constellation Tatsu
Quality: 320 kbps

Majeure - Appalachian Winter Blues (Original Mix)
Majeure - Overmind (Original Mix)
Majeure - Physis (Original Mix)
Majeure - Posthuman (Original Mix)
Majeure - Unimara (Original Mix)
Majeure - Union Of Worlds (Original Mix)

Lido, Santell - The Passion Project [79702] Lido, Santell - The Passion Project [79702]
Music / Electronic 30-10-2015

Artist: Lido, Santell 
Title: The Passion Project
Genre: Electronica
Label: Pelican Fly / Because Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Lido, Santell - Pillows (Original Mix)
Lido, Santell - Saved By You (Outro) (Original Mix)
Lido, Santell - WTFIMP (Interlude) (Original Mix)

Cams - Tentative Steps EP [EDGSPECIAL 020] Cams - Tentative Steps EP [EDGSPECIAL 020]
Music / Electronic 14-09-2015

Artist: Cams
Title: Tentative Steps EP
Genre: Electronica
Label: Electronica
Quality: 320 kbps

Cams - 120 (Original Mix)
Cams - Sa Ku Rah (Original Mix)
Cams - Tentative Steps (Original Mix)
Cams - The Fog (Original Mix)

The Camonbears - Break Out The Cheeze [VT 014] The Camonbears - Break Out The Cheeze [VT 014]
Music / Electronic 9-09-2015

Artist: The Camonbears
Title: Break Out The Cheeze
Genre: Electronica
Label: Viking Trance
Quality: 320 kbps

The Camonbears - Fideio (Original Mix)
The Camonbears - Lets Get Cracking (Original Mix)
The Camonbears - Project 3 (Original Mix)
The Camonbears - Slunkt Up (Original Mix)
The Camonbears - Speknicox (Original Mix)
The Camonbears - Twiddly Bits (Original Mix)

Nuage - Neida [PMC 145] Nuage - Neida [PMC 145]
Music / Electronic 27-08-2015

Artist: Nuage
Title: Neida
Genre: Electronica
Label: Project Mooncircle
Quality: 320 kbps

Nuage - Best Mistake (Original Mix)
Nuage - Haunting (Original Mix)
Nuage - Neida Feat. Olga Maximova (Original Mix)
Nuage - Nulla (Original Mix)
Nuage - Overflow Feat. Olga Maximova (Original Mix)
Nuage - Spring Ghosts (Original Mix)
VA - COMPOST 500 Hidden Gems [CPT5005] VA - COMPOST 500 Hidden Gems [CPT5005]
House / Electronic 1-08-2015

Artist: VA
Title: COMPOST 500 Hidden Gems
Genre: Electronica / House
Label: Compost
Quality: 320 kbps

Beanfield – Freund Clone (Original Mix)
Blimp! – 4:30:00 – 4:45:15 Am (Original Mix)
Christian Prommer – Where You Gonna Go (feat. Kim Sanders) (Original Mix) 
Jean-Paul Bondy – Cold Reformer (John Tejada Remix)
Lukas Bohlender – Club Château (Original Mix
M.C.D. – Dadawo (Original Mix) 
Move D – Hurt Me (Original Mix) 
Phreek Plus One – Bikini (Original Mix) 
Quintus Project – Night Flight (Psychemagik Remix) 
Robinn – The Game Is Now Over (feat. Nathaniel Pearn) (Cocolores Dub Mix)
The Family Tree – Hang On To Your Pride (Vocal Version) 
Truby Trio – Galacia (Zero DB Remix) 
Wei-Chi – Faces And Places (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 
Zwicker – I Get My Kicks At Nighttime (Lexx Dub)