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Beatport Secret Weapons Deep House September 2017 Beatport Secret Weapons Deep House September 2017
Deep House / Dj Charts 17-10-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Secret Weapons Deep House September 2017
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Andy Compton – Mind over Matter feat. Tenisha Edwards (Original Mix) 07:18 127bpm Amin
Audiofly & Patrice Bäumel – Atacama (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) 07:44 124bpm D♯min
Braunbeck – Virtual Life (Original Mix) 07:53 122bpm D#maj
Bunús – Guinney (Original Mix) 08:11 125bpm Fmin
Dave Seaman – Voodoo Disarray (And.Id Remix) 06:10 125bpm Amin
Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard, TheGround – Homeless Hearts (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 06:43 123bpm D#min
FYI Chris – Oort Cloud (Original Mix) 06:03 122bpm Amin
Gab Rhome – Mount Fuji’s Romance Federation (Original Mix) 06:40 119bpm F#min
Gemini Brothers – Jovial (Original Mix) 06:35 120bpm Amin
JULENN – Bip Go Deep (Original Mix) 06:47 124bpm F♯min
Kadebostany – Mind If I Stay (Ante Perry Remix) 06:26 120bpm Dmin
Luvless – Shifting 06:08 122bpm Amin
Nic Fanciulli – The Perfect Crime feat. Guy Gerber (Original Mix) 06:02 122bpm Amin
Peter Pardeike – Sanguine (Original Mix) 07:34 122bpm D#maj
Primitive Trust – Day One (Original Mix) 04:58 124bpm Amin
Rancido – Lagos (Original Mix) 07:27 118bpm Dmin
Sebastien Leger – Jer (Original Mix) 08:57 122bpm F#min
Tensnake – Cielo (Original Mix) 06:24 121bpm Fmin
Tim Engelhardt, BOg – Why Should (Original Mix) 08:31 122bpm 
Toto Chiavetta – Analog Suite (Original Mix) 07:34 123bpm G#maj
VA - Suara Showroom 31 [SS31] VA - Suara Showroom 31 [SS31]

Artist: VA
Title: Suara Showroom 31
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Progressive House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Suara
Quality: 320 kbps

1. ME & Her – Starburst (Original Mix) (7:30)
2. Lee Van Dowski, DFKTX – Low End (Original Mix) (7:53)
3. D-Nox & Santiago Franch – Radio Moscow (Original Mix) (7:26)
4. David Granha – The Liver (Original Mix) (7:25)
Reblok - Forever Lost EP [TOT014] Reblok - Forever Lost EP [TOT014]
Deep House / House 17-10-2017

Artist: Reblok
Title: Forever Lost EP
Genre: House, Deep House
Label: Totoyov
Quality: 320 kbps

Reblok – Forever Lost (Original Mix) 6:44 /126bpm/ F#maj
Reblok – Arctic Landscape (Original Mix) 6:37 /126bpm/ Fmaj
Reblok – Arctic Landscape (Andrey Loud Remix) 6:54 /126bpm/ Cmin
Reblok – RBLK (Original Mix) 6:12 /126bpm/ Gmin
Adventure Tale - Here Comes The Sun [MYR248A] Adventure Tale - Here Comes The Sun [MYR248A]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Adventure Tale
Title: Here Comes The Sun
Genre: Deep House
Label: Manyoma
Quality: 320 kbps

Adventure Tale - Here Comes The Sun (Original Mix)
Adventure Tale - Mariia (Original Mix)

Chrono - Moodificated EP [DMZ015] Chrono - Moodificated EP [DMZ015]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Chrono
Title: Moodificated EP 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Dimiz Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Chrono - Moog Mood (Original Mix)
Chrono - The Lust For Life (Original Mix)
Chrono, Fakir (SRB) - Throwback (Original Mix)
Adham Zahran - Afterjam [MANU160] Adham Zahran - Afterjam [MANU160]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Adham Zahran 
Title: Afterjam 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Manuscript Records Ukraine
Quality: 320 kbps

Adham Zahran - Afterjam (Original Mix)
Adham Zahran - Ice To Heal (Original Mix)

Blaq Owl - The God's Of House Music [BOM061] Blaq Owl - The God's Of House Music [BOM061]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Blaq Owl 
Title: The God's Of House Music 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Blaq Owl Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Blaq Owl - The God's Of House Music (Original Mix)
Blaq Owl - Weekend Special (Original Mix)

J.Sono - Dark Thoughts EP [MOK049] J.Sono - Dark Thoughts EP [MOK049]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: J.Sono
Title: Dark Thoughts EP
Genre: Deep House
Label: Mokujin Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

J.Sono - Dark Thoughts (Original Mix)
J.Sono - In Your Mind (Original Mix)
J.Sono - Stealth (Original Mix)

Alex Ozhogin - My Wave [AZBD042] Alex Ozhogin - My Wave [AZBD042]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Alex Ozhogin
Title: My Wave 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Azbuka Deepa
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Ozhogin - My Wave (Original Mix)
Alex Ozhogin - Under The Hood (Original Mix)

Yence505 - The Smell Of Summer Rain [VHR033] Yence505 - The Smell Of Summer Rain [VHR033]
Music / Deep House 17-10-2017

Artist: Yence505 
Title: The Smell Of Summer Rain 
Genre: Deep House
Label: VAH Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Yence505 - Dadadrum (Original Mix)
Yence505 - Far Away (Original Mix)
Yence505 - The Smell Of Summer Rain (Original Mix)

Our web-portal offers you only high quality deep house music. This is a unique style, which sprang into popularity all over the world, with a very interesting history. Now, when visiting our website, you can listen to your favorite songs of the highest quality.

Deep house music mp3s free downloads.

Deep house is a unique genre of music that originated in the late 1980s. The father of it became the old and good house and gospel. When these two styles were combined, some new music emerged. It couldn’t leave the dance music lovers cold.

From the very beginning deep house fused the elements of soul, funk and jazz with some touches of electronic music. Firstly, they took and recorded the main idea, tempo and music itself based on the old chord progressions, which were played on electronic organ. Development of Detroit techno and American garage gave special impetus to this music style.

Difference from the other genres of music

The main difference from the other similar styles of that time was that deep house was jazzier, this style was very rich and at the same time more minimalistic, if compared to techno. Very strong and unique structure of this music style resulted in the fact that in the mid 1990s deep house differed from all other house-styles and became more popular year after year, attracting a lot of followers and fans of this style of music.

Today we can mention a wide range of prominent artists who contributed to the development of the deep house style: Eric Kupper, Larry Heard, Kevin Yost and more. Each year new albums are released and the music itself is played on the dance-floors with ever increasing frequency.

Deep house found its own individual and outstanding style, but it also became a kind of music that many people love. The main feature of Deep House is that it perfectly matches live professional voice and has lively tunes. The music itself is pleasant to hear, full of soft and harmonious melodies.