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VA – BPM001 Mixed By Art Department [NO19CD005] VA – BPM001 Mixed By Art Department [NO19CD005]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 11:14

Artist: VA
Title: BPM001 Mixed By Art Department
Label: No.19 Music
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Oskar Offerman – You Said Party I Said Maybe (dub) (01:14)
Oskar Offerman & Edward – What Have We Become (original mix) (06:41)
Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis – Lonely Stars In Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti remix) (09:53)
Tenwalls – Requiem (original mix) (07:30)
Deetron – Character (original mix) (06:42)
Deniz Kurtel – Deepression (original mix) (06:50)
Boris Horel – Wild Combinations (original mix) (08:18)
Baikal – Why Don’t Ya (Ripperton remix) (14:04)
Louie Fresco – Arabian Sexcapade (original mix) (07:30)
Art Department – Sun Comes Up (Mind Against 909 remix) (07:10)
Eric Volta – Love Your Illusion (original mix) (09:18)
Marcus Worgull & Pardeike – Lenoix (original mix) (07:37)
Eric Volta feat Gretz – Blood Burgundy (My Eyes Are Open) (original mix) (08:50)
BPM Continuous DJ Mix (Mixed by Art Department) – 76:40

Volen Sentir – Part 3 – Vdol Po Rechenke [SMR10P3] Volen Sentir – Part 3 – Vdol Po Rechenke [SMR10P3]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 11:13

Artist: Volen Sentir
Title: Part 3 – Vdol Po Rechenke
Label: Shanti Radio Moscow
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Volen Sentir – Vdol Po Rechenke (Original Mix) 7:20 /122bpm/ Fmin
Glitech Pavel – Back Again [Q245] Glitech Pavel – Back Again [Q245]
Deep House / Minimal Yesterday, 11:13

Artist: Glitech Pavel
Title: Back Again
Label: Quanticman Records
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Glitech Pavel – Back Again (Horatio Remix) 6:01 /123bpm/ A#min
Glitech Pavel – Back Again (Original Mix) 5:51 /123bpm/ Amin
Glitech Pavel – Conditioned (Original Mix) 6:27 /124bpm/ Amaj
Glitech Pavel – Spoken Words (Original Mix) 7:28 /120bpm/ A#maj

Antidadope – Dream [DPB057] Antidadope – Dream [DPB057]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 11:12

Artist: Antidadope
Title: Dream
Label: Deep Bear
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Antidadope – Dream (IDEN Remix) 5:02 /123bpm/ D#min
Antidadope – Dream (Original Mix) 5:27 /123bpm/ D#min
VA - 5 Years Of Blast Records [BLC003] VA - 5 Years Of Blast Records [BLC003]
Deep House / Progressive House Yesterday, 11:12

Artist: VA
Title: 5 Years Of Blast Records
Label: Blast Records
Genre: Progressive House/Deep Hous
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Tone, Hreez, Simon Romano – Back In Time (Extended Mix) 4:59 /128bpm/ Gmaj
Alex Tone, Joan Westgate, Joe Manina – Nothing Is Real (Extended Club) 6:24 /122bpm/ Gmin
Alex Tone, Joe Manina – Don’t You Mind (Felix & Gianx Remix) 4:34 /124bpm/ Gmin
Alex Tone, Joe Manina – Green Light (Dynatronic Phase Crew Remix) 5:23 /125bpm/ C#maj
Alicia, Maxim Leity, Leomeo – The Only Way Is Up (Oscar Velasquez Remix) 7:50 /128bpm/ Bmaj
Attilson, Dr. DD, Felipe Romero – Habemus Jerba (Jasper Remix) 5:50 /128bpm/ A#min
BSJ, Joe Manina – You Try Hard (Original Mix) 5:55 /124bpm/ D#min
Conga Deep – All Nylon (Extended Mix) 5:06 /125bpm/ Amin
Conga Deep – Babarabatiri (Original Mix) 6:08 /125bpm/ Dmin
Conga Deep – Camarera (Extended Mix) 5:44 /125bpm/ F#min
Conga Deep – Cameroon (Extended Mix) 5:49 /125bpm/ G#min
Conga Deep – Mambo Jambo (Extended Mix) 5:27 /126bpm/ Fmaj
Eddy.T – Vagabundos (Original Mix) 5:54 /128bpm/ Amin
Edwin Geninatti – Your Own Groove (Original Mix) 5:45 /127bpm/ Bmin
emane, Terry Starr – Olé (Joe Manina & Simone Casula Mix) 5:55 /126bpm/ A#min
Groovenerd – The Cup (Original Mix) 6:07 /125bpm/ Gmin
Hreez, Jordy Elise – Only You (Extended Vocal Mix) 5:28 /128bpm/ Cmin
Igor Neves – Way Back (Extended Mix) 4:48 /128bpm/ A#min
Jacklin Jones – I’ll Be Around (Original Mix) 5:20 /123bpm/ Cmin
Jacklin Jones – Like This (Original Mix) 5:17 /123bpm/ Dmin
Joe Manina – I Don’t Care (Extended Mix) 4:54 /120bpm/ G#maj
Joe Manina – Like A Virgin (Club Mix) 4:33 /122bpm/ D#min
Joe Manina – Old Man (Original Mix) 6:33 /123bpm/ Gmin
Joe Manina, Alex Tone – London Symphony (Original Mix) 6:43 /128bpm/ Gmin
Joe Manina, Alex Tone – Season Of Love (Extended Mix) 5:21 /128bpm/ Emaj
Joe Manina, BSJ – No Trouble (Original Mix) 6:24 /125bpm/ C#min
John Fish – Get Down (Original Mix) 5:02 /125bpm/ Emin
John Fish – In My Sky (Original Mix) 5:34 /125bpm/ D#min
Leomeo – Lucky Star (Alan Capetillo Remix) 5:45 /128bpm/ Emin
Leomeo – When Will I Be Famous (Emrock Deep Remix) 6:27 /122bpm/ Cmin
Leomeo, Cyril G. – Muscles (Leomeo Funkadelic Mix) 5:48 /124bpm/ A#min
Leveg – Kunda (Original Mix) 5:45 /125bpm/ A#min
Max de Rose – Wind Of Peace (Original Mix) 5:51 /123bpm/ Cmaj
Pato’s Groove – A Coroa De Ouro (Joe Manina, Antonio Manero Spaziani Extended Mix) 4:44 /125bpm/ Amin
Pato’s Groove – Bahia (Joe Manina, Antonio Manero Spaziani Extended Mix) 4:28 /125bpm/ G#min
Pato’s Groove – Bantuè (Joe Manina, Antonio Manero Spaziani Extended Mix) 5:32 /125bpm/ C#min
PhatNoize – Discorrida 2K13 (Original Mix) 5:38 /128bpm/ Fmaj
Seibaz, Simon Romano – Until The Music Stops (Extended Mix) 4:56 /128bpm/ Emaj
Simone Casula, Joe Manina – A New Dimension (Original Mix) 4:45 /125bpm/ Cmin
Simone Casula, Joe Manina – Do It (Original Mix) 6:20 /125bpm/ A#min
Lost Desert, Amari, Mike Tohr – Hunter [TNT003] Lost Desert, Amari, Mike Tohr – Hunter [TNT003]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 11:11

Artist: Lost Desert, Amari, Mike Tohr
Title: Hunter
Label: Tale & Tone
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Lost Desert, Amari – Hunter feat. Adomas (Original Mix) 7:46 /122bpm/ F#min
Lost Desert, Mike Tohr – Innercity Playground (Original Mix) 7:48 /121bpm/ Emin
Alex Dimou, Lazarusman – Tot EP [RBL048] Alex Dimou, Lazarusman – Tot EP [RBL048]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 01:59

Artist: Alex Dimou, Lazarusman
Title: Tot EP
Genre: Deep House
Label: Rebellion
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Dimou, Lazarusman – Alex Dimou – Tot (Original Mix) (7:08)
Alex Dimou, Lazarusman – Alex Dimou – Constellation feat. Lazarusman (Original Mix) (6:52)
Alex Dimou, Lazarusman – Alex Dimou – Define (Original Mix) (6:15)
Lost Desert – Hunter [TNT003] Lost Desert – Hunter [TNT003]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 01:58

Artist: Lost Desert
Title: Hunter
Genre: Deep House
Label: Tale & Tone
Quality: 320 kbps

Lost Desert – Amari, Lost Desert, Adomas – Hunter feat. Adomas (Original Mix) 7:46
Lost Desert – Mike Tohr, Lost Desert – Innercity Playground (Original Mix) 7:48
Edu Yattah – Silent Light [TRX002] Edu Yattah – Silent Light [TRX002]
Deep House / Minimal / Progressive House Yesterday, 01:56

Artist: Edu Yattah
Title: Silent Light
Genre: Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Edu Yattah – Shamana (Original Mix) 7:33 /121bpm/ Amin
Edu Yattah – Cherokee (Original Mix) 8:01 /119bpm/ Amaj
Edu Yattah – Where Are You Now? (Original Mix) 7:41 /121bpm/ Cmaj
Edu Yattah – Try Again (Original Mix) 7:41 /120bpm/ Cmin
Kollektiv Ost – Power EP [MUKKE023] Kollektiv Ost – Power EP [MUKKE023]
Deep House / Tech House Yesterday, 01:55

Artist: Kollektiv Ost
Title: Power EP
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Label: MUKKE
Quality: 320 kbps

Kollektiv Ost – Power (Original Mix) 5:32 /123bpm/ Amaj
Kollektiv Ost – Power (Sascha Braemer Remix) 6:48 /123bpm/ Dmaj
Kollektiv Ost – Never (Original Mix) 5:28 /123bpm/ Gmaj

Our web-portal offers you only high quality deep house music. This is a unique style, which sprang into popularity all over the world, with a very interesting history. Now, when visiting our website, you can listen to your favorite songs of the highest quality.

Deep house music mp3s free downloads.

Deep house is a unique genre of music that originated in the late 1980s. The father of it became the old and good house and gospel. When these two styles were combined, some new music emerged. It couldn’t leave the dance music lovers cold.

From the very beginning deep house fused the elements of soul, funk and jazz with some touches of electronic music. Firstly, they took and recorded the main idea, tempo and music itself based on the old chord progressions, which were played on electronic organ. Development of Detroit techno and American garage gave special impetus to this music style.

Difference from the other genres of music

The main difference from the other similar styles of that time was that deep house was jazzier, this style was very rich and at the same time more minimalistic, if compared to techno. Very strong and unique structure of this music style resulted in the fact that in the mid 1990s deep house differed from all other house-styles and became more popular year after year, attracting a lot of followers and fans of this style of music.

Today we can mention a wide range of prominent artists who contributed to the development of the deep house style: Eric Kupper, Larry Heard, Kevin Yost and more. Each year new albums are released and the music itself is played on the dance-floors with ever increasing frequency.

Deep house found its own individual and outstanding style, but it also became a kind of music that many people love. The main feature of Deep House is that it perfectly matches live professional voice and has lively tunes. The music itself is pleasant to hear, full of soft and harmonious melodies.