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Jochen Pash - Karuna [BMS013] Jochen Pash - Karuna [BMS013]
Music / Deep House 4-08-2015

Artist: Jochen Pash
Title: Karuna
Genre: Deep House
Label: Body Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Jochen Pash - Karuna (Original Club Mix)
Jochen Pash - Karuna (Original Vox Mix)
Dave Ortiz - Baby [117] Dave Ortiz - Baby [117]
Music / Deep House 4-08-2015

Artist: Dave Ortiz 
Title: Baby
Genre: Deep House
Label: Unison Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Ortiz - Baby Feat.Sara Ortiz (Original Mix)
Dave Ortiz - Be A Funky (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Mephobia Daniel Meister - Mephobia
Deep House / Techno 4-08-2015

Artist: Daniel Meister 
Title: Mephobia
Genre: Deep House / House
Label: Metronomo Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Daniel Meister - Biggest And Buggest (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Mephobia (Instrumental Mix)
Daniel Meister - Mephobia (Original Mix)

Gaffar - Photo [DJ 030] Gaffar - Photo [DJ 030]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: Gaffar 
Title: Photo 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Maxdubs
Quality: 320 kbps

Gaffar - Photo (Original Mix)
Gaffar - Roc&Lia (Original Mix)
Gaffar - Svet Kamil (Original Mix)
JackLNDN - All I See [UL 6334] JackLNDN - All I See [UL 6334]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: JackLNDN 
Title: All I See
Genre: Deep House
Label: Ultra
Quality: 320 kbps

JackLNDN - All I See (Original Mix)

Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Mixes) [NIPNT026] Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Mixes) [NIPNT026]
Deep House / House 3-08-2015

Artist: Lost Vegas
Title: Hypnotising (Instrumental Mixes)
Genre: Deep House / House
Label: Nip N Tuck Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Extended Mix)
Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Extended Mix)
Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Numatic Dub)
Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Numatic Vocal Mix)
Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Instrumental Radio Mix)
Lost Vegas - Hypnotising (Radio Mix)
Lost Vegas, Numatik - Hypnotising (Numatik Dub Mix)
Lost Vegas, Numatik - Hypnotising (Numatik Vocal Mix)
Jaytor - Take You High [EDR 108] Jaytor - Take You High [EDR 108]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: Jaytor 
Title: Take You High 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Emerald & Doreen Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Jaytor - Take You High (Original Mix)
Jaytor, Di Rugerio - Take You High (Di Rugerio Remix)
Jaytor, Elias PLM - Take You High (Elias PLM Remix)
Jaytor, Hot Shakes! - Take You High (Hot Shakes! Remix)
Jaytor, Minas Portokalis - Take You High (Minas Portokalis Remix)
Jaytor, Muted Minds - Take You High (Muted Minds Remix)
Jaytor, PCP - Take You High (PCP Remix)
Jaytor, Zacharias Tiempo - Take You High (Zacharias Tiempo Remix)
Jeremy Stott - Equinox - Single [EDM15217] Jeremy Stott - Equinox - Single [EDM15217]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: Jeremy Stott
Title: Equinox - Single
Genre: Deep House
Label: The EDM Network
Quality: 320 kbps

Jeremy Stott - Equinox (Original Mix)

Jon Hatter - You Are The One [SPOT 012] Jon Hatter - You Are The One [SPOT 012]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: Jon Hatter 
Title: You Are The One
Genre: Deep House
Label: Spot Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Jon Hatter - You Are The One (Original Mix)
Joseph Christopher - Devotion [100943 31] Joseph Christopher - Devotion [100943 31]
Music / Deep House 3-08-2015

Artist: Joseph Christopher
Title: Devotion
Genre: Deep House
Label: Dakota West Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Joseph Christopher - Devotion (Extended Classic Mix)
Joseph Christopher - Devotion (Joseph Dakota Bump&grind Remix)
Joseph Christopher, Lovetwisted - Devotion (Lovetwisted 80s Are Back Remix)
Joseph Christopher, Simon Lucca - Devotion (Simon Lucca Devotional Remix)

Our web-portal offers you only high quality deep house music. This is a unique style, which sprang into popularity all over the world, with a very interesting history. Now, when visiting our website, you can listen to your favorite songs of the highest quality.

Deep house music mp3s free downloads.

Deep house is a unique genre of music that originated in the late 1980s. The father of it became the old and good house and gospel. When these two styles were combined, some new music emerged. It couldn’t leave the dance music lovers cold.

From the very beginning deep house fused the elements of soul, funk and jazz with some touches of electronic music. Firstly, they took and recorded the main idea, tempo and music itself based on the old chord progressions, which were played on electronic organ. Development of Detroit techno and American garage gave special impetus to this music style.

Difference from the other genres of music

The main difference from the other similar styles of that time was that deep house was jazzier, this style was very rich and at the same time more minimalistic, if compared to techno. Very strong and unique structure of this music style resulted in the fact that in the mid 1990s deep house differed from all other house-styles and became more popular year after year, attracting a lot of followers and fans of this style of music.

Today we can mention a wide range of prominent artists who contributed to the development of the deep house style: Eric Kupper, Larry Heard, Kevin Yost and more. Each year new albums are released and the music itself is played on the dance-floors with ever increasing frequency.

Deep house found its own individual and outstanding style, but it also became a kind of music that many people love. The main feature of Deep House is that it perfectly matches live professional voice and has lively tunes. The music itself is pleasant to hear, full of soft and harmonious melodies.