Motor City Drum Ensemble – Selectors 001 [DKMNTLSLCTRS001CD]
Music / Deep House 14-04-2016
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Selectors 001 [DKMNTLSLCTRS001CD]

Artist: Motor City Drum Ensemble 
Title: Selectors 001 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Dekmantel
Quality: 320 kbps

Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ Slym Fas – Luv Music
Motor City Drum Ensemble – House Of Jazz – Hold Your Head Up
Motor City Drum Ensemble – 20 Below – A Lil Tribute To The Moody Black Keys
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Risque III – Essence Of A Dream
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Licky – African Rock
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raphael Green – Don’t Mess With The Devil
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Ahzz – New York’s Movin (instrumental)
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Bill Deal – Freak N Freeze

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Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Zauberbohne EP [COPY005] Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Zauberbohne EP [COPY005]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno 23-02-2016

Artist: Konfetti Klub Ensemble
Title: Zauberbohne EP
Genre: Deep House / Tech House / Techno
Label: Copycow
Quality: 320 kbps

Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Zauberbohne (Original Mix)
Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Feuerstraat (Original Mix)
Breger, Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Die Bowle (Breger Cocktail)
Folic State, Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Feuerstraat (Folic State Remix)
Konfetti Klub Ensemble, Rodrigo Gallardo – Zauberbohne (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)
VA - Los Angeles City Beat [WIR053] VA - Los Angeles City Beat [WIR053]
Music / Deep House 28-01-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Los Angeles City Beat
Genre: Deep House
Label: White Isle Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Sebastien Delattre – Electric Sound (Original Mix)
Dominique Dalamont – Summer Night (Summertime Mix)
Filter Beats, Sonya Lorentz – Voice Star feat. Sonya Lorentz (Original Mix)
Damian Johnson – Hours Hours (Soullovers Mix)
Bamboo Rhythms – Pushing On (Man on the Moon Mix)
Norman Green – Moon People (Original Mix)
Franky Mandragora – Any Time (Deep Massive Mix)
Robert Gordon, Victor Goldman – On and On (Robert Gordon’s Vocal Mix)
St. Tropez Deep Ensemble – The God Within (Funk da Bass Mix)
Magic City – Only You Only You (Happy Flute Mix)
Frank Wasser – Rock This (Natural Mind’s Club Mix)
Blue Terrace – Sophia (Pianistic Deep Mix)
Anthony Smith – Stellar Light (Club Mix)
Deep Night Beats – Night Beats (Deep Loop Mix)
Piano Lovers – A Night at the Copacabana (Original Mix)
Fifth Avenue’s Ensemble – The Prospect of Free Love (Original Mix)
Wong Setong – Won High in the Sky (Hong Kong’s at Night Mix)
Tommy Martelli, Old School Bros – Be Better You (Tommy Martelli Remix)
Xavier Dextor – Walk Lights (Sun Avenue Mix)
Jeff Playa – Ibiza Night (Original Mix)

VA - Vision Of Love 2 [EXS003] VA - Vision Of Love 2 [EXS003]

Artist: VA
Title: Vision Of Love 2
Genre: Electronic / Tech House / Deep House
Label: Exotic Series
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Alex Hentze – Waking UP (COMA remix) 7:12
02. Roche – Stillhope 6:46
03. Bajka/Autodeep – Freedom Dove (Ripperton remix) 9:12
04. Bonobo – First Fires (feat Grey Reverend – Maya Jane Coles remix) 5:52
05. Four Tet/Martyn – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours At Fabric dub) 8:01
06. Danza Macabra – In For It (feat Diyala – Matthew Herbert’s For It mix) 8:15
07. Evropa – Axis 7:11
08. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Space Cadets 5:52
09. Frunk29 – Slowdilla (Vakula remix) 5:12
10. Omar Santis – Stark Champagne 6:10
11. Snuff Crew – Love Hurts (Morning Factory remix) 6:44
12. Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother – Dance With Us 6:26
13. Chris & Antanas – Afrikaan Donce (Mr G’s Payback remix) 7:21
14. REJEKTS – Strung Out In Reno (Brett Johnson dub) 5:29
15. Mono & Lootbeg – About You 7:06

NRVS LVRS - City Lights Remixes [GGL014] NRVS LVRS - City Lights Remixes [GGL014]
Deep House / Electronic 3-12-2015

Artist: NRVS LVRS 
Title: City Lights Remixes
Genre: Deep House / Electronic
Label: Green Gorilla Lounge
Quality: 320 kbps

NRVS LVRS - City Lights (Sleight Of Hands Remix) 
NRVS LVRS - City Lights (Pezzner Remix)
NRVS LVRS - City Lights (Pezzner Remix Dub)
NRVS LVRS - City Lights (Tone Of Arc Remix) 
NRVS LVRS - City Lights (Lucas Hulan & Petr Braun Remix)

VA - My Classic Tech House [PUSH048] VA - My Classic Tech House [PUSH048]
Deep House / Tech House 26-11-2015

Artist: VA
Title: My Classic Tech House
Genre: Deep House / Tech House
Label: Push Communications
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Abe Duque – Disco Lights – Original Mix
02. Laven – Reach – Alte Schule Acid Instrumental
03. Art of Tones – Call The Shots – Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix
04. ADNY – Never Leave You – Original Mix
05. Transcendence – Magique Noir – Original Mix
06. Jam To It Again – Aquarius – Original Mix
07. Steve Bug – At The Front – Original Mix
08. Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal? – Extendedsight Version
09. Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions – Original Mix
10. Springboard – Make Some Noise – Noisy Mix
11. Wulf n’ Bear – Raptures Of The Deep – Original Mix
12. D.H.S. – House Of God – Phonique Remix
13. Traffic Signs – I Like Your Booty – Original Mix
14. Hakan Lidbo – Televinken – Original Mix
15. Superlova – All Night – Stephan Grieder and The Persuader Remix
16. Donnacha Costello – Stretching Time – Original Mix

VA - Rebirth Sessions Robytek [REB034CD] VA - Rebirth Sessions Robytek [REB034CD]

Artist: VA
Title: Rebirth Sessions Robytek
Genre: Nu Disco/Deep House
Label: Rebirth
Quality: 320 kbps

Adriano Filippucci – The Day After (Robytek Remix)
Ajello – Moody Bang (Tensnake Remix)
Akra – Pure (Lake People Remix) 
Nufrequency – Fallen Hero Feat. Ben Onono (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Blaze – Season Of Love (Robytek Vs Shield Re-Edit) 
Bocca Grande – Procedere (Morgan Geist Remix) 
Corrado Bucci – Brooklyn (Original Mix) 
Freaks, 012 – Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 
Gregorythme – Drum Machines (Original Mix) 
James Teej – Spending Life (Ripperton’s Hyperlove Dub)
Los Updates – Close The Door (Shield Re-Edit) 
Mr Gone – Do For Love (Radio Slave Remix) 
Robytek, Shield – Brass (Original Mix)
Shield, Robytek – Downtown Soul (Ale Ghidini Remix) 
Stretch Silvester – Faith (Faze Action Remix) 
System Of Survival – Blueglass (Original Mix) 
UND – Fox In The Box (Telespazio Remix)