Deep Souls - Modulation [DSR004]
Music / Deep House 5-04-2016
Deep Souls - Modulation [DSR004]

Artist: Deep Souls
Title: Modulation
Genre: Deep House
Label: Deep Suite Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Deep Souls - Aim Is Not To Sweat (Original Mix)
Deep Souls - Jouska (Original Mix)
Deep Souls - Modulation (Original Mix)

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Artist: VA
Title: Super Boom, Volume 01 
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Label: Beats Life Records
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Andrez Madera - Notes Due (Original Mix)
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Title: Modulations EP
Genre: Arma
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Quality: 320 kbps

Vakula – Modulation 01
Vakula – Modulation 02
Vakula – Modulation 03
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Dead-Tones - Lost Souls (Evans Remix)
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Missperception - Infinite Souls [OSR 1500005] Missperception - Infinite Souls [OSR 1500005]
Music / Deep House 14-11-2015

Artist: Missperception 
Title: Infinite Souls 
Genre: Deep House
Label: One Shoe
Quality: 320 kbps

Missperception - Infinite Souls (Original Mix)

VA - Open Bar Music – 8 Years Vol. 2 [OBM527] VA - Open Bar Music – 8 Years Vol. 2 [OBM527]
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Artist: VA
Title: Open Bar Music – 8 Years Vol. 2
Genre: House / Deep House
Label: Open Bar Music 
Quality: 320 kbps

9 Lives – If This World Were Mine (Original Mix) 
Angel Manuel – Can U Feel It (Original Rework Mix)
Hugh Cleal – Touch (Original Mix) 
Imaani Brown – The Waters In My Eyes (Original Mix) 
Inner Souls – Satisfy (Booker T Main Mix)
Javi Lopez – Keep On (Original Mix)
Kenquo – Stuck In A Finished Dream (Original Mix)
Oscar P – The Love Track (Original Mix) 
Oscar P, C. Scott – The Message (Time Machine Edit) 
Oscar P, MJ White, Rocco – The Energy (Rocco Vision Mix) 

The Same Old Souls - House Thangs [OSCR 077] The Same Old Souls - House Thangs [OSCR 077]
Music / Deep House 9-09-2015

Artist: The Same Old Souls 
Title: House Thangs 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Oh So Coy Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

The Same Old Souls - Health Benefits (Original Mix)
The Same Old Souls - House Thangs (Original Mix)
The Same Old Souls - Known Better (Original Mix)