Lukado & HiddenL - MIDNIGHT KING [MK19]
Music / Deep House 16-05-2019
Lukado & HiddenL - MIDNIGHT KING [MK19]
Lukado & HiddenL - MIDNIGHT KING [MK19]

Artist: Lukado & HiddenL
Genre: Deep House
Label: Audio Kingz
Quality: 320 kbps

Lukado & HiddenL - I See Fire In Your Eyes (Midnight Flame dub) 
Lukado & HiddenL - Kings Forbidden Technique (Midnight Bass Mix)
Lukado & HiddenL - One Thousand Drum & Curry (Midnight Groove Mix) 
Lukado & HiddenL - Space Odessey (Bonus Mix)
Lukado & HiddenL - Tale Of The Midnight King (Midnight dub) 
Lukado & HiddenL - Timeless (Midnight Deep Mix)

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Title: First Defence
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Midnight Special - Dirty Sanchez (05:57)
Midnight Special - Cranium (06:49)
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Lukado, HiddenL - Mid Walk [MD18] Lukado, HiddenL - Mid Walk [MD18]
Music / Deep House 17-01-2018

Artist: Lukado, HiddenL 
Title: Mid Walk 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Audio Kingz Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Lukado, HiddenL - Mid Walk (Original Mix)