Nepro & Mattjax - Gaming (Remix-pack)
Nepro & Mattjax - Gaming (Remix-pack)
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Orange Free Sounds Rain Sounds WAV Orange Free Sounds Rain Sounds WAV
An interesting fact – Rain Sounds are among „most wanted” sound effects on whole www.

Rain sound has positive effects on human mind.
Soothing sounds of rain are very relaxing and helps you to calm down when nervous or stressed in any way.
Rain sounds for sleeping – one of the best ways to quickly enter deep, relaxing sleep.

It can be used in movies industry, gaming industry, for therapeutic purposes (sound therapy)… but we consider it’s best to choose what suits you the best.

Recording rain sounds is not a simple task as it looks. Recording equipment is not waterproof normally – if getting wet, you will have to wait a couple of days before it functions properly again.
To spare you problems, we recorded and published real rain sounds.

Sounds in this "Rain Sounds” Pack are not "foley sound effects”, i.e., rain sounds simulated and recorded in studio, but "real organic healthy rain”.
Real nature sounds, recorded in all four season of the year.
All sounds are loopable, so you can listen to it endlessly (if you like).

Recording Equipment

Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder and microphone Neumann km 184 i

Technical details

Author: Orange Free Sounds
Inside "Rain Sounds”pack: 12 sounds
Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16 bit samples