Darkspin ft. Alex Grace - Open Water (Remix-pack)
Darkspin ft. Alex Grace - Open Water (Remix-pack)
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Incognet Alex Menco Essential Pack Vol.1 ACID WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX Incognet Alex Menco Essential Pack Vol.1 ACID WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX
Alex Menco is rising russian star, that makes really quality house, club house, bigroom house. 
We proud to present you 557 mb of fresh, prime-time, quality samples, combined in 10 construction kits.
We assure you that this pack will be one of the most usefull if you work in such styles as bigroom house, mainroom house, electro house, club house.
All the sounds are offered as 24bit WAV files and midi files which are key and tempo labeled at 128 BPM.

Download contains: 153 x 24-bit Wav loops (345 loops at 128 & 136bpm) + 27 Midi files. Download size: 557MB (unzipped)

* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• Progressive House
Sample Diggers In The Field Vol 1 WAV Sample Diggers In The Field Vol 1 WAV
In the field Vol 1 is a comprehensive sample library of field recordings, found sounds and SFX.

The sounds were captured from many locations around the world such as Mauritius, Greece, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

The sample library features many natural impact sounds that include smashes, crashes, drops, door bangs and creeks. The pack also includes sounds from nature such as bird song, oceans waves and long natural ambience recordings. Some of the samples are over a minute long and have many sounds within them that can be cropped out. You will also find animal samples, motors, traffic, household, water and a plethora of natural percussion sounds, which all can be used in music production, film and game audio.

There are 3 folders included in the pack. You get the raw recorded sounds that have only been levelled and faded, then you also get some produced SFX created from raw sounds and out-takes that were not included. As a bonus you also get 26 Sci FX.

There were a few different microphones used to capture the recordings in the library. Coil microphones are used to record interference from laptops, televisions, WIFI routers and any other electrical devices that gave off an interesting sound. Hydrophone and contact mics were also used to collect water sounds and unusual scrapes on metal and wood.

There are over 1.3gb of samples included, all recorded at 24bit, 44.1khz. All the files are named, so there easy to search in your favourite DAW or sampler.

The pack was created by sound designer and producer Danny Modular and the demo track was produced by Atma.


24 Bit Quality
178 Raw Found Sound Samples
26 Bonus Sci Fi SFX
18 Ambience Samples
6 Coil Mic Samples
24 Natural Impact Samples
5 Instrument Samples
8 Motor Samples
34 Object Samples
1 People Sample
2 Sports Samples
9 Water Samples
63 Produced Samples
The Raw samples contain
6 Animal Samples
5 Hydrophone Samples
2 Industrial Samples
11 Kitchen Samples
8 Nature Samples
6 Ocean Samples
20 Percussion Samples
10 Transport Samples
Camel Audio Water: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50 Camel Audio Water: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50
Water is overflowing with aquatic musical instruments, rippling pads, tidal soundscapes, rhythmic splashes, inventive water machines, and wave-like takes on traditional sounds - all with extensive remix variations for real-time performance.

Water features 150 presets and 530MB of samples including oceans, lakes and rivers, rain, thunderstorms, splashes, bubbles, seaweed, ice impacts, and more - resulting in a diverse collection of unique and highly musical sounds that are suited to a wide range of genres.

This release is part of a community effort to collect all official v1.50 soundbanks for the discontinued plugin Alchemy by CamelAudio.

This bank has been modified to remove all user data and will work with any legit copy of Alchemy 1.55. This bank will also work with Alchemy Player Expanded 1.55, released separately. All presets contain full browser tagging features.

This is not compatible with older releases of Alchemy and is not related to the older keyfile based soundbanks.

At the time of release, the collection is incomplete. Details of what's missing and how you can contribute are included in the download.
Echo Sound Works EDM Hats Vol 1 WAV KONTAKT MASSiVE SPiRE Echo Sound Works EDM Hats Vol 1 WAV KONTAKT MASSiVE SPiRE
We created a Hi Hat sample pack that is production ready. What started out as a pack that had more than 300 samples was shaved down to contain 150. We only wanted to include the absolute best.

The Hi Hat samples are broken down into categories: Closed, Open and Crash. We also made a custom Kontakt instrument that is velocity sensitive which means you can quickly program realistic hi hat patterns. 

• Hi Hat samples WAV 24 bit format (Closed, Open and Crash/Cymbal)
• 10 NI Massive Hi Hat Presets
• 5 Spire Hi Hat Presets
• 1 Kontakt Instrument
Alola Records Lost For Choice Complex Loops Vol.3 WAV Alola Records Lost For Choice Complex Loops Vol.3 WAV
ALFC003 Lost For Choice Complex Loops Vol 3 Advanced Producer Pack

With the series now on its third installment, Alola Records Omid 16B & Alex George have been hard at work creating the next Lost For Choice sample pack. 

This time the pack breaks down into 126 bass loops, 85 top loops, 44 mid loops and is topped off with 58 effects loops, combining into a more producer-ready format.

At 321mb in total, this pack builds on the precedent set with the second in the series, and stretches across techno, minimal and tech house.


• 126 Bass Loops
• 85 Top Loops
• 44 Mid Loops
• 58 Effects Loops

This pack contains 313 samples in total

Genres : Techno, Minimal, Tech House
RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 Drum Hits RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 Drum Hits
TR-909, 808, 707, 606, & 505 Drum Hits ALL-In ONE package. 898 drum hits from the TR Drum Machine Line have been meticulously recorded through a lot of vintage outboard gear including the Neve 1073, 1084, API 512s, Distressor, 1176, LA-3A, LA-2A, & more giving you the true samples and amped sounds. 

Making the RAW LOOPS TR-9to5 sample pack the last TR drum machine package you will ever need.

TR-909 – 307 Phat Punchy Kicks, Hi-Mid-Low Toms, Open & Closed Hats, Rims, Snares, Rides, Crashes, & More

TR-808 – 264 Massive Kicks, Hi-Low-Mid Toms, Open & Closed Hats, Rims, Snares, Rides, Crashes, Hi-Low-Mid Congas, Claves, & More

TR-707 – 124 Bass Drums, Cowbells, Claps, Open & Closed Hats, Hi-Mid-Low Toms, Rides, Snares, Rims, & Tambourines

TR-606 – 95 Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Hi & Low Toms, Closed & Open Hats

TR-505 – 108 Bass Drums, Claps, Open & Closed Hats, Crashes, Timbalas, Hi & Lo Congas, Toms, & Rims.

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 

• Electro House
• House
• Minimal
• Progressive House
• Tech House