The Offspring - Come out and play Multitrack (OGG)
The Offspring - Come out and play Multitrack (OGG)
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Sample Diggers Guitar Synth Scapes WAV Sample Diggers Guitar Synth Scapes WAV
The Sounds - Guitar Synth Scapes is a pack of wide ranging eclectic buried treasures.

Think Brian Eno, Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp meeting Aphex Twin on a dark night! Everything on this pack is created by playing guitar. Most of what you hear in this pack is the result of re-­modelling the sounds of the guitar strings. This results in highly unique sounds including strings, drums, oscillator synths, bass synths and pads. Most of this has been achieved by using Roland’s V guitar system (including the vintage VG8 and the more modern VG99). The styles in the pack range from thematic and spacey ambience to funk rock bass, drums and World Music. Some bespoke samples specifically designed and created to be triggered by the guitar have been made for this pack. These include a Panart Hang Drum and a Hammered Dulcimer. The Roland GR1 which is the very first sampled synth is also used.

The Music - This pack is Harmonically and Rhythmically rich and has a variety keys and tonal centres. The vast majority of the loops are in common time but there is enough polyrhythmic content to use in other time signatures. There is also an added bonus of free time one shot samples, ranging from the sublime to the bizarre!

This pack is perfect for producers working in film and game audio, it’s also a great addition to any producer wanting to add depth to compositions.

Check out the demo track and download the taster, we are sure you will like what you hear. Guitar Synth Scapes is available to buy NOW!


24Bit 44.1Khz
32 Ambience Loops
35 Drum Loops
19 Hang Loops
16 VG99 Synth Loops
23 Bass Loops
19 Dulcimer Loops
22 VG Guitar Loops
19 VG Violin Loops
13 Bonus One Shots

Coldplay The Scientist Multitrack [Remix Pack] Coldplay The Scientist Multitrack [Remix Pack]
Coldplay - The Scientist - Multitrack Folder :

01 The Scientist - Kick.wav
02 The Scientist - Drums.wav
03 The Scientist - Bass.wav
04 The Scientist - Guitar.wav
05 The Scientist - Vocals.wav
06 The Scientist - Keys.wav
07 The Scientist - Additional Instruments.wav
Coldplay Viva La Vida Multitrack [Remix Pack] Coldplay Viva La Vida Multitrack [Remix Pack]
Coldplay - Viva La Vida - Multitrack Folder :

01 Viva La Vida - Kick.wav
02 Viva La Vida - Drums.wav
03 Viva La Vida - Bass.wav
04 Viva La Vida - Guitar.wav
05 Viva La Vida - Vocals.wav
06 Viva La Vida - Keys.wav
07 Viva La Vida - Additional Instruments.wav
P5 Audio Young Ambition Southern Hip Hop Loops ACID WAV AIFF REX-DISCOVER P5 Audio Young Ambition Southern Hip Hop Loops ACID WAV AIFF REX-DISCOVER
These loop sets are for you hustlas out there striving to live your dreams and ambitions. Inspired by Young Jeezy, TI, 2 Chainz and other southern husltas, this set brings you nearly 170 individual loops all designed to inspire your very own young ambition sound track. If you're a baller, you need to sound like one! These royalty free loops will help make that happen! 

This product features:

10 multitrack southern Hip Hop music loop sets with nearly 170 separated individual loops total.
Inspired by the hit tracks of Jeezy, TI, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and other southern style artists.
Includes all of the separates for multitrack drums, brass, dirty south synths, brass, fx, guitar and more!
100% Royalty FREE for your commercial music production.
All tempos and key signatures are provided for easy use.
Formatted for Acid Loop WAV 16bit, REX2, Apple Loop.
Future Loops Soul 77 WAV REX Future Loops Soul 77 WAV REX
Future Loops presents Soul 77 - Hip Hop & RNB Kits a deluxe collection of soul drenched construction kits in WAV & REX formats.

Soul 77 - Hip Hop & RNB Kits brings you a super fresh and silky set of samples , loops and kits that are deeply immersed in a 70\'s Soul & Funk infusion with a sexy , irresistible vibe!

From funked guitars , rusty keys or mellow strings to groovy basslines, crispy drums or dramatic pianos , Soul 77 is equipped with over 500 top notch sounds that will make your soulful side shine through in your next Hip Hop & RNB tracks!

All 100% Royalty-Free , here\'s what you\'ll find inside :


Full Mix Drums 
Multitrack Drum Loop Elements



Kicks , Snares , Claps , Hats ..Each Construction Kit includes valuable Drum One-Shots !

With a diverse sound selection & bursting with creativity and inspirational content , Soul 77 is a must-have collection of instrumental elements that will delight all Hip Hop and RNB producers that are looking to add a distinctive 70\'s flavor to their productions !

In total you will find 548 Samples & Loops:

458 WAV Loops
90 WAV Drum One Shots

335 REX Loops
Big Fish Audio South American Construction Kit Pak MULTIFORMAT-PAD Big Fish Audio South American Construction Kit Pak MULTIFORMAT-PAD
Big Fish Audio is proud to present this collection of original South American music. These kits are a taste of the musical culture of various regions of South America. Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile are some of the countries represented here. These construction kits include instruments such as chekere, cajon, piano, congas, drums, bass, guitar, bandoneon, charango, sikus and more. Over 400 megabytes of material are included in WAV, REX, and Apple Loop formats as well as our included RMX installer for quick access to theses loops in Stylus RMX. Feel the rhythm and passion of South American culture in these traditional loops.

Seven construction kits are included in four formats: WAV,REX,Apple Loops,and RMX. Each kit contains a main mix to preview the elements of the kit and each loop individually broken out for your use. A total of 414 MB of material are found on this product with 165 MB of content found in the WAV format.

Instruments Included: piano, bass, bandoneon, charango, quena, sikus, guitar, guitar bordoneo, guapeo, cajon, drums,cajita,quijada,cajon,and chekere