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Sound Quelle, Referna – Esalia [SILKM201] Sound Quelle, Referna – Esalia [SILKM201]
Deep House / Acapella 5-01-2019

Artist: Sound Quelle, Referna
Title: Esalia
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House
Label: Silk Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Sound Quelle & Referna – Esalia (Original Mix) (5:22)
Sound Quelle & Referna – Arlea (Original Mix) (5:11)
Sound Quelle & Referna – Lauria (Original Mix) (5:50)
Alel – Morse Ep [NAT590] Alel – Morse Ep [NAT590]
Tech House / Techno / Acapella 3-01-2019

Artist: Alel
Title: Morse Ep
Genre: Tech House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Natura Viva
Quality: 320 kbps

Alel – Last Orbital (Original Mix) (8:05)
Alel – Asturia (Original Mix) (7:52)
Alel – Miles Away (Original Mix) (7:32)
Alel – Connection (Original Mix) (6:33)
Kapibara – Irukandji [ATMEP053] Kapibara – Irukandji [ATMEP053]
Music / Acapella 28-12-2018

Artist: Kapibara
Title: Irukandji
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Atmosphere Records
Quality: 320kbps

Kapibara – Irukandji (Original Mix) 7:17 /126bpm/ Bmin
Kapibara – Narwal (Ivan Masa Remix) 7:28 /121bpm/ Fmaj
Kapibara – Narwal (Original Mix) 7:09 /124bpm/ Fmin

Platunoff – Space Shaded [CLR306] Platunoff – Space Shaded [CLR306]
Music / Acapella 24-12-2018

Artist: Platunoff
Title: Space Shaded
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Clinique Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Platunoff – Another Dimension (Original Mix) 8:07 /122bpm/ Fmaj
Platunoff – Space Shaded (Original Mix) 7:05 /122bpm/ Fmaj

VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 11 [DEFACD11D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 11 [DEFACD11D]
Music / Acapella 13-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 11
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Director's Cut Accapella) 7:46
Pirupa - Party Non Stop (Accapella) 3:35
Nick Curly - Underground (Accapella) 2:22
Tensnake, Syron - Mainline feat. Syron (Accapella) 3:33
Yousef, Alexander East - Think Twice feat. Alexander East (Accapella) 5:28
Rampa, Meggy - Everything feat. Meggy (Accapella) 5:26
Kings Of Tomorrow, April - Fall For You feat. April (Sandy Rivera's Classic Accapella) 4:01
Flashmob, Laila Walker - Pieces feat. Laila Walker (Accapella) 1:22
Pete Tong, S.Y.F. - Dawn feat. S.Y.F. (Accapella) 5:15
Kings Of Tomorrow - Let Me Tell You Something (Sandy Rivera & C. Castel's Accapella) 5:33
Stefano Ritteri - Nothing Stays The Same (Accapella) 2:57
Nick Curly - Piano In The Dark (Accapella) 4:08
Franky Rizardo, Tess Leah - The End feat. Tess Leah (Accapella) 4:36
Copyright, Ann Saunderson - Stronger feat. Ann Saunderson (Accapella) 4:58
Kings Of Tomorrow, April - It's Only You feat. April (Sandy Rivera's Original Accapella) 4:53
Oscar G - I Want Your Love (Accapella) 5:37
Solo, Syron - Home Is Where It Hurts feat. Syron (Accapella) 2:00
Solo, Syron - Home Is Where It Hurts feat. Syron (Boom Boom Tool) 2:40
Leon (Italy), Toky - Rock Me feat. Toky (Accapella) 3:38
Kort, Janai - Give In feat. Janai (Accapella) 6:24
Copyright, Andre Espeut - Lifted feat. Andre Espeut (Accapella) 5:05
Pablo Fierro - I Want It (Accapella) 4:03
Sandy Rivera, Alisa Fedele - Avenue feat. Alisa Fedele (Accapella) 5:01
S.Chu, Mila Falls - Oh My feat. Mila Falls (Accapella) 5:53
James Talk, Cari Golden - Ain't That The Way feat. Cari Golden (Accapella) 6:23
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 10 [DEFACD10D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 10 [DEFACD10D]
Music / Acapella 13-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 10
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

Intruder (A Murk Production), Jei - Amame feat. Jei (Accapella) 5:24
Mowgli, Amber Jolene - Back In The Day feat. Amber Jolene (Accapella) 4:15
Kings Of Tomorrow, Elzi Hall - Show Me feat. Elzi Hall (Accapella) 4:13
Ray Foxx, Lovelle - La Musica (The Trumpeter) feat. Lovelle (Accapella) 6:06
Franky Rizardo, Divine Essence - Time feat. Divine Essence (Accapella) 4:57
The Shapeshifters - Only You (Accapella) 3:03
Chocolate Puma, Colonel Red - Destiny feat. Colonel Red (Accapella) 3:42
ATFC - This Is Not A Test (Accapella) 4:45
Mitomi Tokoto, Shurakano - Music feat. Shurakano (Norman Doray Accapella) 4:48
DJ Rae - Another Day (James Talk & Ridney Accapella) 6:06
The Shapeshifters, C-Dock - Nothing But Love For You (Accapella) 3:33
Franky Rizardo, Tess Leah - On My Own feat. Tess Leah (Accapella) 4:50
DCopyright, Tasita D'mour - You Got Me feat. Tasita D'Mour (Accapella) 6:20
Lisa Shaw, ATFC - Walk Away feat. Lisa Shaw (Accapella) 3:51
Imaani, Kort - Insomnia feat. Imaani (Accapella) 4:16
Guy Robin, Amba Shepherd - Heaven Or Hell feat. Amba Shepherd (Accapella) 6:36
Xakosa, Rick Collins - Heaven Only Knows feat. Rick Collins (Accapella) 5:16
Ray Foxx - Butterflies (Accapella) 4:50
Stuffa, David A Tobin - Proof feat. David A Tobin (Accapella) 2:55
Deep Fiction - Love It Like I Do (Accapella) 5:45
Kevin Hedge (blaze), Rick Galactik (DJN Project) - Follow Your Heart feat. Rick Galactik (DJN Project) (Accapella) 8:18
Micky More, Angela Johnson - Too Late feat. Angela Johnson (Accapella) 5:26
Bishop, Brancaccio - 16 Bit Love (Accapella) 5:46
Federico Scavo - Let You Down (Accapella) 5:05
Lego - El Ritmo De Verdad (Accapella) 2:51
VA – BC2 Winter 2018 [BC2235] VA – BC2 Winter 2018 [BC2235]
Music / Acapella 10-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: BC2 Winter 2018
Genre: Progressive House
Label: BC2
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Agustin Vitale – s.o.s. (GSEP Remix) (9:00)
2. Agustin Vitale – Wasn’t Waiting for This (The Real Xperience Remix) (8:07)
3. Alec Araujo, Cryptic Realms – Katharsys (Jackie Mayden Remix) (7:40)
4. Bob the Groove – Eternal Blue (Original Mix) (8:27)
5. Bob the Groove – Morning Chills (Original Mix) (8:56)
6. Christopher Hermann – Fake Reflection (Armandhe Remix) (9:20)
7. Christopher Hermann – Fake Reflection (Ri Za Remix) (7:36)
8. Cristian Serrichio – Naturanza (Arno & Dirisio Remix) (9:07)
9. Cristian Serrichio – Naturanza (Original Mix) (6:40)
10. Cryptic Realms, Alec Araujo – Katharsys (Original Mix) (8:40)
11. Donda – I’m Just a Guy (Alejo Demian Remix) (7:24)
12. Donda – I’m Just a Guy (Fabri Lopez Remix) (8:23)
13. Eli Spiral – Sol One (Original Mix) (8:35)
14. Eli Spiral – Sol One (Willscape Remix) (7:44)
15. Enlusion – Calignosity (Galexis Remix) (7:56)
16. Enlusion – Wintergrasp (Dyo Atoma Remix) (5:57)
17. Gians – Mad Effect (Rudy Crystal Remix) (8:18)
18. Gians – The Great Escape of John and Mary (Luciano Scheffer Mix) (8:20)
19. GSEP – Through the Clouds (Edvard Hunger Remix) (6:18)
20. GSEP – Through the Clouds (Ingo Vogelmann Remix) (8:47)
21. GSEP – Through the Clouds (Original Mix) (7:26)
22. Hidden & Deaden, Pedro Capelossi – Pianepic (Original Mix) (8:36)
23. Jacob Singer – Tat Tvam Asi (Original Mix) (7:46)
24. Juan Sapia – Cibola (Gaston Ponte Remix) (8:33)
25. Juan Sapia – Kings of Tomorrow (Imran Khan Remix) (7:22)
26. Julian Nates – Endless Lives (Original Mix) (7:44)
27. Julian Nates – In the Cosmos (Original Mix) (7:12)
28. Kay aka Khalil Touihri – Illusion of Choice (Bablak Remix) (7:16)
29. Kay aka Khalil Touihri – Illusion of Choice (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) (8:35)
30. Marea Neagra – Caminos (Mønje Remix) (8:32)
31. Marea Neagra – Caminos (Original Mix) (6:56)
32. Martin Tolosa – Emphasis (Torby Jay Remix) (6:27)
33. Martin Tolosa – Sunbright (Julian Nates Remix) (7:20)
34. Martin Tolosa – Sunbright (Original Mix) (8:03)
35. No One Name, Other Side – Pasado Olvido (MiraculuM Remix) (7:46)
36. Other Side, No One Name – Pasado Olvido (Russlan Jaafreh Remix) (7:58)
37. Plu-Ton – Space Crusaders (Montw Remix) (7:56)
38. Plu-Ton – Space Crusaders (Original Mix) (8:10)
39. Russlan Jaafreh – Chemtrails (Cherry Remix) (6:23)
40. Russlan Jaafreh – Chemtrails (Soulfinder Remix) (8:36)
41. Spintribe – Composite (Enertia-Sound Remix) (7:02)
42. Spintribe – Composite (Original Mix) (7:20)
43. TasZ – I Owe You (Volkan Erman Remix) (6:56)
44. TasZ – I Owe You (Zed White Remix) (7:50)
45. TD – Hello Space (Hasith Modular Mix) (7:50)
46. TD – Hello Space (Julian Rodriguez & Nico Cerban Remix) (9:04)
47. Vaxio – Trapped Inside (Franzis-D Remix) (7:36)
48. Vaxio – Trapped Inside (Original Mix) (7:06)
49. Volkan Erman – Black Shadow (Matteo Monero Remix) (6:47)
50. Volkan Erman – Black Shadow (Sam Scheme Remix) (6:24)
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 14 [DEFACD14D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 14 [DEFACD14D]
Music / Acapella 7-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 14
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

Anabel Englund - London Headache (Accapella) 4:04
Crookers, Mike City - Get My Mind Right feat. Mike City (Accapella) 5:04
Sonny Fodera, Janai - You & I feat. Janai (Extended Mix Accapella) 4:56
Mr. G, blondewearingblack - Precious Cargo feat. blondewearingblack (Vocal Mix Accapella) 4:09
Kiddy Smile - Let A B!tch Know (Accapella) 5:17
ATFC, Hannah Williams - No Victim Song feat. Hannah Williams (Accapella) 4:58
Alex Mills, Chris Lorenzo - Sleep Talk feat. Alex Mills (Accapella) 4:51
Fusion Groove Orchestra, Steve Lucas - If Only I Could feat. Steve Lucas (Accapella) 5:28
Sure Thing - Hold You Tight (Accapella) 4:31
Sam Divine, Curtis Gabriel, Nat Conway - Confessions feat. Nat Conway (Accapella) 5:31
Joeski, E-Man - Clap Yo Handz feat. E-Man (Accapella) 2:41
Janet Rushmore - Joy (Accapella) 4:46
Manny, DJ Cameo, Junction 13 - Morning Rain feat. Manny (Accapella) 5:10
Sonny Fodera, Shannon Saunders - Over This feat. Shannon Saunders (Extended Mix Accapella) 6:30
Crookers, Kym Mazelle - A Place In My Heart feat. Kym Mazelle (Accapella) 4:41
S-Man, Harry Romero, Melisa Whiskey - Searching feat. Melisa Whiskey (Accapella) 6:17
Arnold Jarvis, Benji Candelario, Nina Lares - Higher (Accapella) 4:10
Sísý Ey - Do It Good (Larse Accapella) 3:53
Tonja Dantzler - In And Out Of My Life (DJ Tool) 1:08
Tommy Bones - Aisha (Accapella) 2:23
Shuya Okino, Navasha Daya - Still In Love feat. Navasha Daya (Accapella) 4:38
Nick Hussey, Rachel McFarlane - Let Nothing (Accapella) 3:54
Fred Everything, Jinadu - Searching feat. Jinadu (Accapella) 2:56
Josh Butler, Kerrie-Anne - On The Edge feat. Kerrie-Anne (Accapella) 4:08
Meleka, Man Without A Clue - Bless Her Soul feat. Meleka (Accapella) 3:56
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 13 [DEFACD13D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 13 [DEFACD13D]
Music / Acapella 7-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 13
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

Sonny Fodera, Yasmin - Feeling U feat. Yasmin (Deep Mix Accapella) 4:22
Kings Of Tomorrow, April - Burn So Deep feat. April (Sandy's Deep Burn Accapella) 4:03
Mystic Bill - U Won't C Me (Accapella) 5:12
DJ S.K.T - Dirty (Accapella) 3:30
Coyu, Cari Golden - Profound Pleasure feat. Cari Golden (Accapella) 6:00
Crookers, WILLS - Withdrawals feat. WILLS (Accapella) 4:34
Kenny Bobien, Jose Burgos - Everyday feat. Kenny Bobien (Accapella) 5:37
Mr. V, Louie Vega, SanXero - Let's Freak feat. Mr. V feat. Louie Vega (Freak-A-Pella) 4:06
Will Clarke, Rhea - Spandex feat. Rhea (Accapella) 5:00
Lisa Shaw, Lovebirds - Holdin On feat. Lisa Shaw (Lovebirds 808ies Matrix Accapella) 4:24
Lydia Rhodes, Tommy Bones - Put It On You feat. Lydia Rhodes (Accapella) 4:18
The New Sins - Lights Down (Accapella) 4:08
Terrence Parker - Pentecost (Terrance Parker's Acts 2-1 Accapella) 5:09
The Black 80s - Give Me Something (Accapella) 6:40
Wolf + Lamb - After We're Gone (Accapella) 4:25
KPD, LaRae Starr, Dantiez - Place Called Home feat. LaRae Starr (Accapella) 4:52
Casamena - Dance Mutha (Accapella) 6:57
The Shapeshifters, River - It's You feat. River (Accapella) 4:54
Wallflower - Say You Won't Ever (Accapella) 2:43
Kutiman, Karolina - Music Is Ruling My World feat. Karolina (James Fox Accapella) 7:50
Terrence Parker, Merachka - Open Up Your Spirit feat. Merachka (Accapella) 7:17
Miguel Migs, Meshell Ndegeocello - What Do You Want feat. Meshell Ndegeocello (Accapella) 4:32
Jem Cooke, Cristoph - Slowly Burning feat. Jem Cooke (Accapella) 5:15
Shadow Child, Eli & Fur - Seeing is Believing (Accapella) 4:12
Joeski, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor - Get It Right feat. Shawnee Taylor (Accapella) 3:47
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 8 [DEFACD08D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 8 [DEFACD08D]
Music / Acapella 7-12-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 8
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

The Shapeshifters - She Freaks (Accapella) 5:29
Sandy Rivera, DJ Rae - Hide U (Accapella) 3:33
Rasmus Faber, Alf Tumble, Candi Staton - Wilder Side feat. Candi Staton (Accapella) 5:09
4Th Measure Men - 4 You (Accapella) 1:06
Chocolate Puma, Colonel Red - Back Home feat. Colonel Red (Accapella) 3:12
Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory, The Serafim Crew - Paris Luanda feat. The Serafim Crew (Accapella) 1:01
DJ Gregory, Sidney Samson, Dama S - Dama s Salon feat. Dama s (Accapella) 2:45
Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory, Dama Pancha, DJ Mankila - Vem Rebola feat. Dama Pancha feat. DJ Mankila (Accapella) 4:17
Copyright, Shovell - Kama Yeah feat. Shovell (Accapella) 6:04
Copyright, Imaani - Nobody feat. Imaani (Accapella) 6:31
Copyright, Imaani - Nobody feat. Imaani (Tool) 3:41
Sergio Flores, Joy Malcolm - Give It Back feat. Joy Malcolm (Accapella) 7:14
Mike Dunn, The Md X-Spress - Feel The Muzik (Accapella) 4:17
Mike Dunn, The Md X-Spress - Feel The Muzik (Loopapella) 1:10
Olene Kadar, D-Low - Baby Keep It Up feat. D-Low (Accapella) 5:33
Sandy Rivera, Virus J - Put Your Hands Up (JoeySuki Accapella) 4:22
Nathan G, Giom - World Go Round (Accapella) 1:24
Julien Jabre - Vicious Circle (Accapella) 6:40
Michael Canitrot - Desire (Accapella) 5:30
Yass - Losing Control (Accapella) 5:45
Stafford Brothers, Juan Kidd, DJ Rae - I Gave You Everything feat. Rae (Accapella) 3:30
The Normalites - The Sun Rising (Accapella) 4:28
Jerk House Connection, Akram Sedkaoui - Each & Every Day (Life Goes On) feat. Akram Sedkaoui (Accapella) 7:10
Alton Miller, AMP Fiddler - When The Morning Comes (Accapella) 5:42
Danism - Love The Way (Accapella) 2:22
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Music industry is the only element, consisting of many genres, trends and manners of performance. It is impossible to single out one genre, which was the basis and foundation for formation of music. But not every modern trend can boast a centuries-old history of formation, development and popularization.

Among the main modern categories of music performance we can single out one genre — Acapella. Interpretation and formation of the term Acapella took place in the middle of the XVIIth century. The emergence of this genre happened in the result of high level of religiousness and popularity of the church. Live performance in the spacious halls of the church caused a furor among the audience. The term Acapella meant any choral and vocal performance without any use of musical instruments. Initially, such limits were imposed due to the absence of professional musicians and instruments. Rapid development of this genre got closer to the end of the nineteenth-twentieth century due to choral performance in theater and folk festivals.

In modern performance Acapella music is gaining new popularity after its decadence related to emergence of new genres in the 1970 of the last century. In many cases Acapella music can be heard in theaters, folk concerts, choral performance of troupes and ensembles. Many modern pop-artists welcome this genre despite its specific limits. Actually, DJs use Acapella music and with the help of already completed sounds they create a new mix. The use of voice processing often helps combine the melody, rhythm of electro music and Acapella.

Already completed soundtracks are popular on festivals and parties. If earlier one was supposed to find an artist to process the mix, now it is less time-taking and ready records can be used. Combination of characteristics of pop, electro music and Acapella created a new, very popular concept, which helped to introduce it to bigger audience.

Popularity of Acapella music in electronic style was caused by its specific character and wide differentiation of the genre, because this music is used in dance industry, where completed mixed soundtracks are used.

Here, on the pages of our internet-portal you may look through the diversity of this specific Acapella genre and download the chosen melody for free. Electronic Acapella music is a range of styles, which take the material for their work from many other trends, and this is the preferential audience.