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Alex Niggemann March Favs Alex Niggemann March Favs
Deep House / Techno / Dj Charts 2-03-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Alex Niggemann March Favs
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Redshape - Blink (Tunnel Mix)
Speaking Minds, Amarcord - Hit Me (Original Mix)
Tuff City Kids - Thorarium (Original Mix)
TVA, le visionnaire - Satellite (Original Mix)
DJ Koze - Nein König Nein (Original Mix)
Denis Horvat - Natural Causes (Original Mix)
Whitesquare - Traces To Nowhere (Original Mix)
Speaking Minds, Amarcord - Odissea (Original Mix)
Inigo Kennedy - Cathedral (Original Mix)
Eduardo De La Calle - Rhythmic soundscapes (Original Mix)
CamelPhat ‘PHATBOY’ Chart 2018 CamelPhat ‘PHATBOY’ Chart 2018

Artist: VA
Title: CamelPhat ‘PHATBOY’ Chart
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House, Dance
Release Date: 2018-02-26
Quality: 320 kbps

Will Easton – 18 Month Free Trial (Original Mix) (6:37)
Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix) (8:22)
ARTBAT – Prometheus (Original Mix) (7:51)
Waze & Odyssey – All Of Us (Original Mix) (7:09)
Denney – Hip House (Original Mix) (6:12)
Joseph Ashworth – Carmine (Original Mix) (7:29)
Digitalism – Utopia (Joris Voorn Remix) (6:09)
Bart Skils – Ocean Drive (Original Mix) (7:09)
Beton (Be) – Directions feat. Wevie Stonder (Original Mix) (6:12)

Beatport Exclusives Only Feb.20.2018 Beatport Exclusives Only Feb.20.2018

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only Feb.20.2018
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Melodic, Drum & Bass
Quality: 320 Kbps

Lo Shea – Iterations (Original Mix) 07:16 128bpm Amaj
Piem – Love Everyone (The Deepshakerz Remix) 05:58 124bpm Dmin
GHEIST – Versus (Original Mix) 07:07 124bpm G#min
ADR (UK) – Acid Riot (Original Mix) 06:46 123bpm Cmaj
Kevin McKay, Romanthony – Freaky Dancers (Extended Mix) 05:58 126bpm Bmaj
Matt Sassari – Ameno (Original Mix) 06:35 125bpm Dmin
Ataxia – Texas Is The Reason (Original Mix) 06:29 128bpm A#min
Dandi & Ugo, DJ Fly, Gianni S. – Carnival (Darkrow Remix) 06:17 122bpm Amin
Touchtalk – Drinks (Davina Moss Remix) 07:12 123bpm A#maj
Wasabi – Acid Love (Original Mix) 06:12 125bpm A#min
Nihil Young, Less Hate – Ayahuasca (Dave Wincent Remix) 06:29 125bpm Amin
Maztek, Aeph – The Dirt (Original Mix) 04:35 87bpm Fmaj
Bizen Lopez – Dub Reconnection (Original Mix) 07:06 123bpm Amin
Luixar KL – Undastad (Original Mix) 06:30 124bpm Amin
Rone White, Alessandro Di Ruggiero – Underground (Original Mix) 06:45 123bpm Amin
Kevin Yost – Too Shy (Original Mix) 08:08 124bpm A#maj
Za__Paradigma – Winter (Original Mix) 06:12 122bpm Amaj
Alexis Raphael – Throw Me Some Funk (Original Mix) 06:12 125bpm A#maj
Jey Kurmis – Vanstone (Original Mix) 06:40 125bpm Dmin
Wehbba – Eclipse (Original Mix) 07:08 127bpm Amin
Pleasurekraft Debut Album Chart Pleasurekraft Debut Album Chart
Techno / Electronic / Dj Charts 28-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Pleasurekraft Debut Album Chart
Genre: Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 Kbps

Bastinov – Wormhole (Original Mix) 05:30 130bpm Amin
Petter B – Driverless Pattern (Original Mix) 06:09 128bpm A#maj
Pleasurekraft – Corpse Reviver Number 1 (Original Mix) 07:15 126bpm Gmaj
Pleasurekraft – G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt) Part 2 ft. Casey Gerald (Original Mix) 06:01 125bpm A♯maj
Pleasurekraft – Interiors (Original Mix) 07:27 123bpm Cmaj
Pleasurekraft – Lagrange Point (Original Mix) 07:00 124bpm Cmin
Pleasurekraft – The Day The Earth Stood Still (Original Mix) 07:50 125bpm D♯min
Pleasurekraft – The Razor’s Edge (Original Mix) 07:21 125bpm A♯min
Spektre – Another Life (Original Mix) 06:22 128bpm Amaj
Tiger Stripes, Riva Starr – Sound of the Bettest (Original Mix) 06:16 125bpm Cmin
CamelPhat PHATBOY Chart CamelPhat PHATBOY Chart

Artist: VA
Title: CamelPhat PHATBOY Chart
Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Melodic, Techno, Progressive House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320 Kbps

ARTBAT – Prometheus (Original Mix) 07:51 124bpm D#maj
Bart Skils – Ocean Drive (Original Mix) 07:09 126bpm C#maj
BETON – Directions feat. Wevie Stonder (Original Mix) 06:12 124bpm Dmaj
Denney – Hip House (Original Mix) 06:12 124bpm Dmaj
Digitalism – Utopia (Joris Voorn Remix) 06:10 122bpm A#min
Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix) 08:22 123bpm Amin
Joseph Ashworth – Carmine (Original Mix) 07:29 124bpm C#maj
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix) 10:15 120bpm Fmaj
Waze & Odyssey – All Of Us (Original Mix) 07:09 124bpm G#maj
Will Easton – 18 Month Free Trial (Original Mix) 06:38 126bpm Fmin
Re.You Picks February Re.You Picks February
Deep House / Minimal / House / Dj Charts 28-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Re.You Picks February
Genre: Deep House, Afro House, Melodic, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 Kbps

Innellea – Escaping Nambaka (Original Mix) 07:12 120bpm Dmin
KingSfiso – Ilanga feat. Mbuso Khoza (Enoo Napa Travellerz Remix) 06:31 123bpm A#maj
Kunzima Theology – Meeting The Elders (Original Mix) 05:16 115bpm A♯min
Marcus Worgull – Skango (Original Mix) 05:39 122bpm Gmin
Pavel Zazulin – Show Me Where The Edge Is (Original Mix) 07:09 117bpm Bmin
Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, &ME – MBH (Original Mix) 05:58 120bpm Amin
Re.You, Floyd Lavine – Humanity (Original Mix) 05:44 123bpm A#min
Re.You, Floyd Lavine – Seamless (Original Mix) 06:48 122bpm Cmaj
RY X, Rampa – Bad Love (Rampa Remix) 07:20 124bpm D♯min
VIMES – Rudal (Neil Flynn Remix) 08:07 121bpm Gmaj
NTFO February 2018 Chart NTFO February 2018 Chart

Artist: VA
Title: NTFO February 2018 Chart
Genre: House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Bart van Rijn – Spyder (Rhadow remix) (8:08)
Ray Okpara – Sligerstai (NTFO Remix) (7:12)
FREE.D, Veronika Fleyta – Why DJ (Rhadow Remix) (6:51)
Seb Zito – House Fevor (Original Mix) (6:43)
Archie Hamilton – Dos Equis (Original Mix) (7:42)
Amberoom – Orchesis (Original Mix) (6:20)
Guti, Cristi Cons – Nuevo (Enzo Siragusa Remix) (6:40)
James Dexter – Trip (Original Mix) (6:27)
AZIMUTE – The Secret (Cristi Cons Remix) (11:34)
Adam Marshall – Core Dub (Original) (6:46)
VA – Figures & Echoes EP chart by Ilario Alicante VA – Figures & Echoes EP chart by Ilario Alicante
Techno / Dj Charts 22-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Figures & Echoes EP chart by Ilario Alicante
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Ilario Alicante – Atonal
Ilario Alicante – Figure of RA
Ilario Alicante – The Acid Runner
Ilario Alicante – The Eye Of Virgo
Ilario Alicante – Third Eye
Ilario Alicante – Virgo’s Echoes
Oscar Mulero & Inigo Kennedy – Catharsis
P.E.A.R.L. – Body Arched I
Ryan James Ford – Samenko Wardrobe
Truncate – WRKTRX 2

VA – Hector Couto January Top 10 by VA – Hector Couto January Top 10 by

Artist: VA
Title: Hector Couto January Top 10 by
Genre: Tech House/Deep House/House
Quality: 320 kbps

Ben Jones & Marck Jamz – Value Slap
Classmatic – Request
Emanuel Satie – One Love
Gruuve – 220814
Javi Lopez, Javi Bora – Fucking Hummer
Hauswerks – The Reed Dance
Manu Desrets, LondonGround – Pianeat
Rydim vs DJ Funk – Ghetto Booty (Jesse Perezs Cutler Ridge Booty Mix)
Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian – Back To The Future
Jay de Lys – Airmax
VA – February 2018 by NTFO VA – February 2018 by NTFO
Deep House / Techno / House / Dj Charts 22-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: February 2018 by NTFO
Genre: Deep House/Techno/House
Quality: 320 kbps

Adam Marshall – Core Dub(Original)
Amberoom – Orchesis
Archie Hamilton – Dos Equis
Azimute – The Secret (Cristi Cons Remix)
Bart van Rijn – Spyder (Rhadow remix)
FREE.D, Veronika Fleyta – Why DJ (Rhadow Remix)
Guti, Cristi Cons – Nuevo (Enzo Siragusa Remix)
Ray Okpara – Sligerstai (NTFO Remix)
Seb Zito – House Fevor

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On DJ CHARTS pages you can play and download music of top DJs for free. The tracks are selected according to the information from the leading world deep house music charts.

Unique charts of Beatport are very authoritative. This first-rate online-store of music, created by DJs, offers its customers the rating for each genre. At the end of the year they award Beatport Musik Awards.


One of the most prestigious techno music charts that estimates the popularity of DJs is American Billboard. The magazine has been giving the rating to musical artists since 1957. The main selection criteria are airtime at the radio stations, sales, including paid downloads in the internet, DJs’ playlists and number of YouTube views. There are tops of single songs as well as albums. Following the results of the sales the annual Bllboard Music Awards is given, which is as prestigious as a Grammy Award. Single songs as well as albums are rated.


British Magazine about club music and DJs. It was established by the representatives of trance music Paul Van Dyk,  Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto, however it gives its rating to all genres of club music. It has been published since 1991. Each year it issues the list of the Top-100 DJs. This rating is considered to be the most authoritative and it influences the development of club music in the world. It is published in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese and many other languages.

Resident Advisor

In the distant 2006 this Australian portal that posts daily updates on events in the world of dance music, offered its first rating, which included only 10 DJs. Today this rating is Top-100 of the best DJs in the world, who are rated not for their popularity but for their works and contribution to the development of club music. Producers as well as music lovers consider the opinion of Resident Advisor.

Chart of DJs, published by Forbes, is also interesting for many people, though, except the music, the estimation criterion is also the amount of money the DJ earned for the year.